Cousin Visits My Hotel


I love fucking my cousin. She is so hot… small tits… soft downy pussy… and she sucks cock great. She is tall and thin… maybe 120 lbs, and small tits, very small. And she is tight. Which is incredible as she has had two children. She loves her tits sucked and bitten and she loves it when I cum on them.

It makes me hard thinking about her.

The last time we got together she met me at the hotel I was staying at for a conference. She showed up at my room dressed to the nines. She was wearing a low cut blouse, short skirt, heels, the works. She walked into my room and I got instantly horny. As soon as the door shut we embraced and kissed passionately. I could feel my heart racing and hers too. I could feel her heat building as our tongues danced in our open mouths.

But she wouldn’t let me do anything, not until we had dinner. “I get dinner first tonight,” she said, “then you can eat whatever you like.”

We ended up having dinner in the hotel restaurant. It felt like we were on a date. We sat in a dimly lit corner of the dining room. She was so sexy. The way she was dressed, her perfume and her whole manner were extremely sensual. The more we talked, the more I looked at her the hornier I got. She was quite aware of the affect she was having on me. She tortured me so, with touches, suggestive conversation, and body language that teased me mercilessly. She played footsy with me, then massaged my hard cock with her bare foot. This went on görükle escort bayan throughout the dinner.

Finally, dinner was over and we headed back to the room.

The door had not even closed and we attacked each other. She was just as horny as I was. We started making out and I began removing her clothes. Thats when I discovered her lace thong, bra and garters. She had told me just putting on this set of underwear gets her wet and can even make her cum at times.

I just pushed her back on the bed and dove between her legs. I started to eat her right through her thong. She was soaked, her pussy juice was running out of her. I moved the thong aside and licked at her cunt, trying to drink up her sweet moisture. Then, as I licked her juices and her clit, I pushed 2 fingers deep inside of her. I worked my fingers in and out of her fine cunt. I started to feel her pussy muscles clamp on my fingers and then I pushed a cream soaked finger up her ass (she REALLY likes that).

That did it, she started to cum… her cunt clamped tight on my fingers and her juices just gushed out of her. I worked on her even harder, as she continued to cum multiple times I realize that I couldn’t take much more. I pulled my fingers out of her, dropped my pants and mounted her right then. She was in the midst of her 2nd or 3rd orgasm when I drove my hard cock right to her depths in one thrust.

Her eyes popped wide open and she made a umph sound. altıparmak eskort She grabbed me and started to deep kiss me like no other. Deep, hot wet kisses. Her tongue trying to reach down my throat. Then she starts this chant, “fuck me … fuck me … fuck me” and she starts cumming again.

We started ripping off each others remaining clothes at this point as I pounded her hot sopping cunt. I got her tits free and began sucking and biting on them. I would suck hard on the nipple then bite the end of it. She would respond with a deep gutteral moan each time. She reached behind and started playing with my balls and ass, teasing my asshole with one of her fingers. Then she pushed 2 of her own fingers up her own ass. I could feel them against the underside of my cock.

We fucked like that for a few more minutes, then I backed off and took the rest of her clothes and mine off. She then got on her hands and knees and I took her doggie style. My cock goes so deep in her this way, I just love the feel of it. Every thrust caused her to “umph, umph, umph” as I fucked her hard and deep this way. As I did this I worked a finger into her ass.. she was pinching her nips and fingering her clit.

She pulled away and rolled to her back, spread he legs wide and told me, “Fuck me hard, I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I knew what she wanted. I started to stroke the full length of my cock in and out of her pussy. nilüfer escort I would be buried deep and then pull all the way out to the tip, then thrust it back in. I would give and take every inch of my 8 inch cock. Over and over I continued, as fast as I could. I could start to feel my cum rising.

Here was my beautiful cousin, lying beneath me, her legs spread wide and me giving her long strokes of my hard cock. I was just about to loose it, I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

Then I felt her cunt grab my cock and contract so hard that she literally pushed me out of her. I had never experienced such a forceful contraction of a pussy before. She started to shake violently in the throws of an immense orgasm. Actually several. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth open like she was screaming but no sounds came forth.

I started to cum.

The first shoot smacked her cunt, then I pulled up to try to get to her mouth. No way. The 2nd burst exploded and flew over her head and smacked the headboard. The next caught her square in the face, as did the next two explosions from my cock. Then finally I hit her tits. My cock pulsated six or seven more times spewing streams of cum each time over her tits and belly. I bet I shot a dozen times, I don’t ever remember cumming that hard or that much at one time.

Finally I collapsed next to her. I pulled her still shaking body close to me. We layed their, recovering for nearly a half hour.

Her first movements were to scoop up some of the cum covering her tits and lick it off her fingers. She then fed me some of my cum too. I licked it off her fingers and then licked it all off her body. I shared it to her when I kissed her.

This was the start of the second round, but that’s another story.

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