Corrupting The Uncorruptable Youth


This will be a short one but it certainly was a provocative and enjoyable experience.

Katie is the 22 years old daughter of my neighbor Amy whom I’ve written about in the past.

Well, it began when Katie came home from college on summer break. She’s a gorgeous young lady with dark hair and eyes. While her bust seems to be still developing, what she does have is quite ample. She’s a little chubby overall but with a cute wiggly, shaky kind of butt that sets her off nicely.

While I was reading the paper on my patio one morning, Katie wondered over to say hello.

“Hi, Mr. Cleve, mind if I join you?”

“Have a seat, Katie. Care for some freshly brewed coffee?”

“That would be nice. “

So I put the paper down and poured her a cup.

She was wearing a little two-piece outfit that accentuated her girlish figure.

As she played with her cup, I got the impression she had something on her mind.

“So Katie how’s school? Sticking with marine biology?”

“Oh yeh, we were out on the school’s boat last month doing some field work and trying to get some sun. “

” I really need to get more rays. “

“More of a tan than you already have, Katie?”

“I’ve been tanning at school. “


“Yeh, the girls dorm has a tanning bed and we all take turns using it. “

“Wanna see?”

And with that she pulled her top off and showed me her sweet little titties.

“You’re lovely, honey. ” The nipples stood out stiff in the morning air as she jiggled her breasts innocently.

What was she doing?

“And look at this. “

She pulled off her bottoms and I was greeted with the whole show. Her hips swayed from under tiny waist and and her pubic mound swelled beneath her soft hairy bush.

“Now Katie, I appreciate the fact that you want to show off your great tan but don’t you think you should cover up a little?”

“Oh, I’m just nervous and wanted to break the ice. Besides, I trust you. You’re not like those other old fuddy, duddies around taksim esc here. And mom said you were harmless. “

Old fuddy, duddies?

What is this chick talking about?

Well, anyways, the sight of this cute little coed prancing around naked made everything all right… I forgave her.

“Mr. , Cleve, would you do me a favor?”

Here it comes!

“Well, it’s my boyfriends birthday today and I want to be perfect for him. “

“You certainly look perfect to me, Katie. “

“Oh, what I mean is… “

“Yes, Katie?”

“Well, I want to be really perfect for him. You know, perfect… like a new born baby. “

“I think I’m beginning to get the picture. “

“Yeh, and I know you can do a much better job than I could. “

“Just what are we talking about?”… I teased

“I want you to shave my little vagina and get all the hair off. “

By now, my cock had begun to swell and Katie had noticed the bulge in my pants.

With that she reached over and patted my cock, “Please Mr. Cleve, I promise to be a good girl and do whatever you say. I just need to have my pussy perfect for tonight. “

She had me. No body could turn down that kind of offer.

“Okay, Katie!”

“Let me go inside and grab some stuff and I’ll be right back. I need the light and it will be easier to shave you out here. “

“Anything you say, Mr. Cleve. “

Ah! Mr. Cleve is about to manipulate and shave this little girl’s cunt. I’ll be very gentle, even subtle. This harmless old fuddy duddy is about to have some fun.

Katie was still sitting on the edge of the picnic table when I came back out, sort of leaning back on her outstretched hands, legs spread slightly. Her pussy and breasts on display for me.

I pulled a chair up to the table and dropped the towel, razor and lather on the ground.

“Are you ready, honey?”

“Yes, Mr. Cleve. “

“Okay, well a… stand up in front of me… and be a good girl. “

“Yes, Mr. Cleve. “

“Now put your left foot kağıthane esc up on to the seat. Yes, that’s good.

Spread your legs a little more and push out your cu… vagina so I can begin. “

“You can it a cunt, Mr. Cleve, if I can call you Bob”

“Okay Katie, stick out your cunt for me and let me have a look. “

She shifted around as I instructed and stuck out her pussy.

“Like this, Bob?”

I breathed in her sweet youthful pussy. I wanted to give it a little kiss, the clitoris was especially enticing… but I refrained.

“That’s perfect, Katie. “

I began to lather her cunt up, being careful to slide my finger just inside those pouting lips as I started from her mound to the bud of her ass.

“Whoooo… that tickles”

“Just be still girl, you don’t want your clit nicked, do you?”

She calmed down as I began to remove her hair. She wiggled a little when I tugged at her pussy lips, while shaving around her clitoris.

It looked like a tiny pink tongue peeking out from between the folds.

Young girls snatches are so meaty. I just love the way they puff up when they are massaged.

I fooled around with her slit and clit more than I needed to. Sliding my finger up and down her crack was just too sweet.

“All most done, Katie. Turn around and bend over so I can check your ass. “

“I’m not going to let him fuck me in the ass, Bob… but if you say so”

She bent over and I pulled her ass cheeks apart for inspection.

What a tiny little puckered up hole… and her cunt… well that looked really good too.

No hair here… yet. Time will change that.

I slapped her hard on the ass and told her she was fine down there.

“Thanks, Bob. I feel so clean and fresh. “

She twirled around and stood up on her toes looking at me.

Her eyes twinkled as she said,

“Let’s try it out! Take your pants off and let me play with you a little. “

“Okay Katie, here goes nothing.

I stripped off my çapa esc pants and shirt.

“Now what?”

“Sit in your chair, Bob, and I’ll come over to you. “

So I sat back down and in a flash Katie had scampered up over my lap putting her legs

over the arms of the chair.

I looked down to see her freshly shaved pussy suspended inches away from the tip of my pulsing cock.

“I’m not trying to tease you, Bob, but I’m a virgin and want Tommy to be my first. “

So what is she doing with her pussy, a cocks length away from being impaled.

“I just want to stick it in a little and get a feel for it. You’re bigger than Tommy so I’m not sure how much I can get in before hitting my hymen. “

“Try a couple of inches, Katie. “


She had to spread her lips with her fingers to get me in… then slowly lowered herself.

She was a strong girl and had no problem maintaining that depth while balancing herself with her arms.

The lips of her pussy twitched at the head of my cock as she looked into my eyes and spoke.

“I’m soooo… lovin this, Bob.

Ooooh… you feel so good.

I could just drop all the way down on your lovely cock… would you mind if I just gave you a hand job? Pleeeease?”

and leaned in… her nipples grazing my chest.

I wanted to explode into that sweet little cunt but managed to hold back.

“Okay Katie, I understand. “

She smiled and eased herself off my cock. She got down between my legs and took hold of my shaft while kneeling back on her butt.

She stroked me good and long… slow and tenderly.

All the while looking at me and saying how gentle I was with her.

As I swelled in her hand, she knew I was cumming, so she put her mouth over the head of my cock and sucked… stroking me up and down until I spurted into her warm mouth… and then… sucked me dry.

What a pleasant way to spend the morning. I told Katie that I would write a story about what happened and post it with Literotica.

“Oooooo… that would be soooooo… nice… let me parade around for you and see if an old fuddy duddy can get it up again. “

I did!

Yes, I did!

Any comments are appreciated.



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