Corporate Growth


Matt’s heart started racing the instant the elevator doors opened. It was Mr. Roberts’ private elevator. Any time the head of an organization this large stopped in for a visit was cause enough for anxiety, but Matt had more reason than others to be nervous. He wished most of the accounting department hadn’t already left for the day and tried not to look guilty.

“Hard at work?” Mr. Roberts’ smile told Matt all he needed to know. His personal assistant and shadow, Bruce, stood casually to the side, cutting off any hope of escape. Not that running would do any good if they were on to him. His only hope was trying to talk his way out of this one.

“I like to be thorough,” Matt said, smiling back.

Mr. Robert’s smiling face was cold. “Oh, I’m well aware of that. That’s actually why I’m here. I have a…special…project I need your help on,” he said, motioning for Matt to follow. The young man tried not to shake as he pushed in his chair and fell in line with Bruce trailing behind him. He felt like he was marching to the electric chair. “You’ve got quite the impressive resume. Master’s in finance by the time you were 23? Head of a department this size by 28?” Mr. Roberts turned and looked Matt up and down over his shoulder. “Still find time to work out? You’ve got drive.”

Matt wished he was hearing the CEO sing his praises under different circumstances, but he still felt a swell of pride. He’d always excelled at just about everything. He’d gone to college on both academic and athletic scholarships, being one of those rare individuals gifted with both brains and body. If he couldn’t think his way out of a jam, his model-caliber looks could usually charm his way out. Something told him this wasn’t going to be one of those situations.

Mr. Roberts’ tone shifted. “What I can’t understand is how you thought you’d get away with it.” Matt wished he’d ran for it after all as the doors slid shut. He was so focused on his boss that he didn’t notice Bruce getting close behind him until he felt the pinch on his neck.

“Ow! What the hell?!” He spun angrily and saw the stocky man holding an empty syringe gun in his hand. “What is this?!” He stepped forward but the surprisingly quick Bruce shoved him back against the wall. Matt had always been curious about the boss’s constant companion. He looked to be about Matt’s age, but the other man’s dark complexion and beefy build made it hard to tell. It was clear that “bodyguard” must have fallen under Bruce’s other duties given how strong and fast he was. Matt tried to move again but couldn’t, and not because of the other man’s arm. His head was starting to spin and his feet were rooted in place. He couldn’t even tell if the elevator was moving any more.

Mr. Roberts turned and looked Matt up and down with the same smile. “It’s not even that you stole from me that bothers me. It’s that you were so sloppy about it. I thought you were better than that. So much potential wasted,” he sighed. “Still, you have other uses.” Matt was aware enough to catch the sharp look in Mr. Roberts’ eyes.

The frozen man tried to speak, but not even his mouth would respond. All Matt could do was go wide-eyed when Mr. Roberts casually reached down, undid his fly, and fished the sizeable rod from his briefs. Matt wasn’t ready for the electric sensation Mr. Roberts’ hand sent through him. His cock clearly wasn’t as frozen as the rest of him as it was already rock hard. “You’re impressive all around,” Mr. Roberts said as he wrapped a hand around Matt’s throbbing pole. The young man couldn’t do anything but look back and forth between Mr. Roberts and Bruce while he stood in the elevator with his dick sticking out. He was aware that this was clearly the result of whatever they’d stuck him with, but more and more he could only focus on the men in front of him.

Matt was used to sizing up guys in locker rooms. Usually his above average endowment and lean, fit body put him above the rest. This was different. He wasn’t sizing the men up as competition. He was looking at them the way he looked at the third floor receptionist. He’d never noticed how handsome Mr. Roberts was. He knew his boss was in his early 40s, but it was hard to tell that by looking. He still had a full, thick head of brown hair above his tanned, unwrinkled face, and based on how he filled out his fitted suit, he was still in impressive shape.

“Looks like it’s working.” Matt was only dimly aware of Bruce’s deep voice as the other man spoke for the first time.

“Was there ever any doubt?” Mr. Roberts grabbed Matt’s cock and pulled him out of the elevator into his private penthouse office. Walking out of the small box into the spacious room was enough to shock Matt slightly back to his senses. He’d heard stories about the luxurious office, and they hadn’t been wrong. Wall to wall windows looked out over the sprawling city and it was filled with plush leather and mahogany furniture that cost more than Matt’s house. He tried to Sakarya Escort speak again, but still his voice wouldn’t respond. “You know the company motto, Matt. We don’t let things go to waste around here. You may not have had the potential we’d hoped for in your previous position, but you’re the perfect candidate to help with one of our research projects.”

Matt’s mind was racing. He was trying to fight the overwhelming lust suddenly coursing through him, but the fear and panic he felt at being frozen and exposed wasn’t helping. Mr. Roberts was circling him in a slow, predatory fashion. Matt was almost certain that whatever was about to happen would be worse than jail.

Mr. Roberts stopped circling and undid Matt’s pants. The frozen man’s heart started racing, but whether from fear or anticipation he couldn’t tell. The small black boxer briefs went next, causing Matt’s already throbbing cock to surge at the feeling of Mr. Roberts’ hands running down his solid legs. His long, thick rod stuck out from underneath the shirt that Mr. Roberts slowly unbuttoned.

“I imagine this is difficult for someone like you. You’re used to always being in total control, aren’t you?” The last button was undone, exposing Matt’s washboard stomach and sculpted pecs. Even in his frozen state Matt felt his face flush with embarrassment at having his built, smoothly shaven body totally on display. “And my research shows you were quite the ladies man, so this…” Mr. Roberts stepped around behind to slowly pull the loose shirt free, his hands running down Matt’s thick, solid upper arms, causing the frozen man to shudder. “…must be a new experience.”

“I think he’ll do just fine,” Bruce said from behind.

Matt broke out in goosebumps when Mr. Roberts ran a hand along his defined pecs and down to his ripped, solid abs. “Of course he will! But results don’t come without a price. And I’m sure Matt here has had plenty of opportunities to use this thing. At least it will still look impressive, even if you aren’t using it.” Matt definitely didn’t like what he heard, but he loved the sensation. Mr. Roberts’ large, strong hand on his cock should have been a turn off. He was used to soft, dainty fingers wrapping around it, but if he weren’t frozen he’d be whimpering from pleasure.

“I’m sure you’re curious about what’s happening, Matt.” The naked man felt even more exposed when he was led over to one of the wall-sized windows. He knew he was too high up for anyone to see him, but it only added to his embarrassment. “There are a lot of people down there in that city with a lot of money. One of those people expressed an interest in a very specific product. We think we’ve got a working formula and you’re the lucky one that’s going to prove that. Don’t worry, I have the utmost faith in our lab, so the results shouldn’t be fatal.” Matt heard the word “fatal” from a distance. His attention was fading in and out as he had trouble focusing.

“You’ve been injected with a potent mix of nanites, physical enhancers, hormones, and DNA agents. Simply put, your brain and body are being rewired and rebuilt to the buyer’s specifications.” Mr. Roberts pulled out a tablet and read from the screen. “Current stats: Six foot two, one hundred and eighty pounds, six percent body fat. Symmetrical features. Brown hair, brown eyes. IQ 118. Heterosexual.” Mr. Roberts tapped the screen a few times and held the tablet so Matt could see it. The frozen man watched in horror as the picture on the screen started changing. His proportional, sculpted pecs started puffing outwards like balloons being inflated. They went from impressive, to prominent, to impractical. They grew so large that Matt wondered if he’d be able to clap his hands, or even keep from tumbling forward. His latter concern was addressed when his lower half started expanding to compensate. His perky, solid cheeks lifted upwards, forming an almost ninety degree angle from his lower back, before filling out. And out. And out.

First he watched them push outwards from his body until they almost formed a shelf, then they started puffing outwards at the sides until it looked like he had two basketballs strapped to the back of his legs. His quads had widened significantly to compensate, devouring the gap between his lean thighs and taking his lower half from toned to thick. His new waist seemed almost curvy. Instead of his prominent “V” shape, Matt’s torso melted inwards from the round, bulbous pecs, before flowing outwards at his meaty new thighs and ass. His arms and shoulders had grown as well, but nowhere near as much as his pecs or bouncing new cakes. His face shifted with the rest of him, his jaw becoming almost comically square while his lips filled out and his nose shrank down. His eyes went from brown to a bright, sparkling blue. Matt was horrified. The picture on the screen kept morphing back and forth between chiseled and handsome to a ditzy, exaggerated gym bunny that didn’t look anything Adapazarı Escort like him.

“There are some non-visible stats as well. Homosexual, docile, and,” Mr. Roberts made a tut-tut noise and shook his head, “not very smart, I’m afraid. We anticipate the process to only take a a few days,” Mr. Roberts said as he set the tablet aside. “And as you can see, you won’t look anything like you do now. I’m sorry to say, Matt, your old life is over. You’re going to have an unfortunate accident, but from what I understand you don’t have too many people that will miss you.” He tapped the screen on his watch and Matt felt a weight lift from his shoulders. He blinked and realized he could turn his head.

“No! You can’t do this! Just turn me over to the police! I’ll pay your money back, I still have…”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Mr. Roberts said firmly. “You should have thought about all of this before you stole from me. You knew the risks.”

“But…” Matt looked down at his naked body, his face panic-stricken. “You can’t just change someone! You’re a monster! A fucking monstuuuhhhhhnnnnn…” Matt groaned with pleasure when Mr. Roberts reached out and grabbed his solid pole. Despite his angry protests, the only thing Matt felt when he looked at his tormentor was a desperate lust. “What…what did you do to me…” he panted, his chiseled pecs heaving.

“That bit about homosexual? The easiest part was rewiring your brain. It’s a bit terrifying how easy it is, actually. Once you know what to target it’s a simple matter to program in a replacement. You’re a fit, virile young man. A few small, electrical roadblocks and all those pheromone receptors and pleasure centers get rerouted. A few more and they get amplified, to the point where you can take a heterosexual male with a healthy sex drive and make him painfully attracted to other males. It doesn’t even matter what they look like. Things as subjective as attraction have been taken out of it. Your body now responds on a reflex level the second it picks up on a male scent. Whether that’ll level out at all we’re not sure, but as I’m sure you’re experiencing right now, the sensation can be quite intense.”

Matt tried to wrap his brain around what he’d just heard. If his boss was telling the truth, and his body certainly seemed to think he was, he’d just been turned into an oversexed gay guy. He couldn’t help but think back to all the men he’d tormented over the years. Given his impressive looks, there had been no shortage of men hitting on him over the years. He’d rarely resort to violence, but he was never kind when it happened. Now he was practically drooling over the thought of being touched by another man. His eyes were glued to the crotch of Mr. Roberts’ expensive pants and he couldn’t stop thinking about his boss’s hand wrapped around his aching dick.

Mr. Roberts laughed as Matt gasped and panted, trying to speak. “Fortunately for you, I owe Bruce here a reward for his assistance in all this.”

Matt turned and saw that Bruce had removed his suit jacket and was pulling his tie free. He actually licked his lips when the burly man started unbuttoning his shirt, exposing a beefy, hairy chest and a solid, furry stomach. His broad shoulders and wide, thick arms looked almost ape-like on his shorter, stocky body, but all Matt wanted was to feel them wrapped around him.

“He IS a pretty one,” Bruce whistled, walking up to Matt and squeezing each of his solid pecs. The naked man stood a few inches taller, but seemed small when compared to Bruce’s primal masculinity. “So, straight boy,” he said with a condescending grin, “you want me to lose these pants?”

Matt practically grunted his response. “Yes!”

Bruce undid the button with a stout finger. “What’ll you give me?”

“Anything! Whatever you want!” Matt was distantly aware that he was begging another man to undress for him. He knew he should have been mortified at his behavior, but there was no room left in his brain for anything other than his unyielding attraction. He was so desperate it actually hurt.

“How about you do it?” Bruce laughed when Matt practically lunged forward. The young man’s shaking hands fumbled with the zipper and he had to try a few times to tug the tight slacks down Bruce’s wide, hairy thighs.

“UUUhhhnnnn…” Matt whimpered at the sight of Bruce’s stuffed, red jockstrap and the hairy, ample globes it left exposed. He’d never been so turned on in his life.

“Not so fast,” Bruce said, slapping Matt’s hand away when he reached for the jock. “Use your mouth for this. If I feel your hands, you don’t get anything.”

Matt dropped to his knees and pressed his face against Bruce’s firm, furry muscle gut. It took all of his willpower not to reach up and grab the other man’s large cheeks. His thin lips fumbled with the elastic waistband, but just as he started to get a grip, Bruce bucked his hips. The jock was pulled free and Serdivan Escort the stuffed pouch bounced against Matt’s face. The musky smell and the sensation of the other man’s large package against his skin was overwhelming. He tried again and again but Bruce kept his hips moving, grinding the pouch into Matt’s face over and over. Matt’s mouth caught the bouncing pouch between his lips but he could never quite get a grip.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” Bruce chided. “Maybe you’ll have better luck with the back?” He turned around and let Matt fumble with his mouth at the base of his spine. Just when Matt was about to get a grip, Bruce bent forward and pressed backwards, swallowing Matt’s face between his large, hairy cheeks.

Matt should have been disgusted. He should have wanted to vomit at the salty taste and sour smell of having his face buried in another man’s ass. Instead, his tongue darted out as if it had a mind of its own.

“Using his tongue already,” he heard Bruce say. The stocky man whistled and wriggled his hips. “The ladies must have loved it when you went down on them if you did it like this.”

Matt swelled at the compliment and renewed his tongue’s assault on Bruce’s hole until the other man turned and pulled it away. The sight of Mr. Roberts watching brought him back to reality. He’d just been frantically eating out another man’s ass while his boss looked on. “Oh god…I…I…uuunnnmmmm…” he broke off in another pained whimper when he saw the tent in Bruce’s jock.

“Alright, for real this time. I’ll make it easy,” Bruce said, his burly arms crossed over his furry pecs.

Matt shuffled forward on his knees and gripped the elastic waist in his teeth and pulled, causing Bruce’s thick, solid cock to spring free, slapping him in the face. Matt rubbed his cheek against it before working the jock further down. His tongue ran along Bruce’s hairy, meaty thigh as he inched the underwear free bit by bit.

“There you go!” Bruce wagged his hard cock in front of Matt’s pleading eyes as he stepped free of the jock at his ankles. “Oh, straight boy, if you could only see yourself. On your knees, begging for another man’s cock in your mouth. Bet you never thought you’d do that, huh?” He reached down and tousled Matt’s hair. “So what’s the deal? You want me to fuck that mouth of yours?”

“Yes! Yes!” Matt practically hopped up and down on his knees. He sighed and shivered when Bruce pressed the thick head against his eager lips.

“Open up,” Bruce commanded, shoving himself inside.

“MMMMMMMMmmmmmm!” Matt tensed and came as soon as Bruce’s wide cock hit his tongue. He spasmed and sprayed load after load, never letting go of the solid organ in his mouth. Even after his impressive eruption, his stiff cock barely softened. He fought his gag reflex, swallowing as much of Bruce’s pulsing cock as he could fit in his mouth.

“He’ll be…great at…this…” Bruce sighed.

“Move him over to the couch. Let’s see how he can multitask.” Matt heard Mr. Roberts speak but was too caught up in his lust to register the words. All he could focus on was keeping Bruce’s warm, oozing cock in his mouth while he shuffled over. When the other man had to pull out so Matt could hop up on the couch he practically impaled his mouth on Bruce the second he could. He felt Mr. Roberts’ fingers gliding down his back and grabbing his ass, and he purred at the sensation of his boss’s strong hands, not at all expecting the solid pole that was suddenly shoved inside him.

“OOOOOHhhhhhhOOOHhhh!” He screamed around the cock in his mouth and tried to lift his head, but Bruce held it in place. All Matt could do was writhe helplessly while he was filled from both ends, surprised that the pain he felt from his boss’s rough thrusting was nowhere close to the electric pleasure that was shooting through him. It was like all of his pleasure centers were firing at once. Every nerve in his body lit up as a wave of ecstasy pulled him into oblivion.


“MMMMmmm…” Matt groaned and stretched as he came to. He blinked against the bright sunlight, confused. His body was sore, but he felt content and satisfied. He was face down on a couch that he didn’t recognize in a room that was equally unfamiliar. It wasn’t until he lifted himself up on his elbows that he realized he was naked.

“I wondered how long you’d be out.” Mr. Roberts’ sudden voice jolted Matt upright. He blushed as the final memories of his pounding ran through his head.

“Wha…oh god…it wasn’t a dream…” Matt tried not to stare as he looked at his boss’s chiseled body in nothing but a small black speedo. Mr. Roberts was in just as good of shape as himself, an impressive feat for someone that was almost twenty years his senior. There wasn’t a muscle out of place or an extra ounce of fat, and the bulge in the small speedo was ample. Matt’s cock immediately hardened, betraying him.

The older man laughed at Matt’s obvious embarrassment. “Afraid not. Things look to be progressing quite well.”

Matt stared down at himself, grabbing his chest. Already his pecs were larger. They protruded out farther and Matt’s nipples had shifted to the sides as the growing slabs of muscle expanded.

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