Corey and Noah Ch. 06


Noah and I spent many of the weekends following the skinny dipping incident, sleeping over at each-others houses. I still wasn’t completely comfortable with Noah sleeping at my place, so I usually tried to think of some elaborate way to get us both out of the house day and night. The third weekend after our trip to the beach, the two of us took a bus up to Nelson Bay and climbed Tomaree Mountain on Saturday afternoon, stayed on a random beach Saturday night, and went window shopping on Sunday morning.

When I slept over at Noah’s house in contrast, we spent much of our time in his bedroom. We watched movies, read comics, played board games, and even ‘borrowed’ Noah’s fathers Walkman one night.

I cherished these weekends more than I had probably ever cherished anything in my life. The whole week, from Monday to Friday (though usually difficult as it was), I was thinking of what we would get up to after the bell rang on Friday afternoon. Along with everything else however, school was also a fair bit easier. Noah would come and find me in the library every couple of days and we would simply spend the whole lunch hour annoying the librarian as much as possible without getting kicked out. I often wondered why Noah would dare to meet me in such a public place in the school. Then I supposed, the library could hardly be called public. Only a handful of students ever went anywhere near the place. Noah probably thought that the chances of his footy, swimming and surfing mates ever setting foot in the library was very fine indeed.

Our footy training was also becoming more intense. Our first game was only a week away and I would have to admit that I was slightly nervous. I could practice with around twenty other guys sure, that was no big deal. The game however would attract whole families, fans of the sport and many other people that I would probably know from school.

It was with these nerves that I held the last practice match before the first game on a Tuesday evening. I started practice no problem, despite the disappointing fact that Noah hadn’t turned up. It was after fifteen minutes when we were practicing tacking with punching bags that I gave up any hope that he would show. I was a bit upset, but my team was alright enough to get along with. No-one hated me at least, despite the fact that they were maybe a bit more ‘manly’ then I was used to.

When the practice ended, the team headed for the change rooms. It had been a particularly muddy field owing to the rain that had fallen for most of the day. I was just thinking about how difficult it might be to get all the mud out of my thighs when I heard running water. gaziantep escort I looked up and saw what I suspected. Nathan, one of the more unembarrassed members of the team was standing under the shower-head in his footy gear. I wouldn’t really have been surprised, but I had never seen the showers being used before. When some of my teammates stepped into the large square of shower heads too, I decided that I may as well join them and get all of the mud out of the cracks.

Realising it was heated, I stepped under a warm stream of water and watched as most of the team left, mainly due to the large honking sound coming from outside indicating that impatient family members were waiting in their cars. I remained with four other guys, one of them being the short, blonde haired Nathan which at this point had taken his shirt off. Lachlan to my right followed, as did Tom to my left.

I had to think for a moment whether it was appropriate to take my shirt off as well. Of course it was, I had just never been exposed to communal showers before. So I shrugged and pulled my shirt over my head as the guys talked about our chances in the match on Saturday.

‘We’ll fucking smash them ay.’ Nathan said, ‘Plough them good.’

‘Like I did to your mum’s pussy last night?’ Tom smirked as Lachlan laughed.

‘Fuck off man.’

‘I’d so go there, she has the best rack.’ Lachlan said, staring almost into space.

‘I said, “fuck off”.’ Nathan said, though he was smiling.

It was with a certain amount of shock at this moment that I realised that Noah was pulling his shorts down and (my heart skipped a beat) he was suddenly fully naked. A boner sprang in my shorts immediately as Tom started to lower his shorts as well.

‘Fuck yeh, remember that time,’ said Tom, ‘when his mum was laying on her bed naked when we were like thirteen, and we watched her sleep for ages. Fucking hell, I still wank over that.’

‘You’re fucking sick man.’ Lachlan said, laughing hysterically.

I was still glancing at the two dicks only metres from me. Nathans wasn’t small, but it was flaccid. His pubic hair damp, his balls hanging low in the warm water. Tom and Lachlan on the other hand, seemed to be struggling to hold back boners in all the talk of Nathans mum.

‘Look!’ Nathan burst out suddenly, ‘Look at you two sicko’s with fucking boners!’

My dick was so hard, it was threatening to burst out of my shorts, so I decided that while two other guys had boners, there was good cover to reveal that I had one. So, I pulled my shorts and undies off and let the warm water hit my naked body. My dick sprang up, pointing towards the ceiling. It took a moment before Nathan noticed.

‘Fuck, and you Corey. You guys are horny fucking dogs.’ Nathan laughed, pointing at each of our dicks individually, ‘I’m getting the fuck out of this sausage-fest.’

With that, Nathan left the room while myself, Lachlan and Tom laughed.

‘Well, his mums really fucking hot.’ Tom said, smirking at me, ‘Her tits so big and round. They’re just perfect!’

‘What about Emily Vance.’ Lachlan said, his and Tom’s dicks now as erect as my own, ‘Remember that time Tom that we were dared to peek through her bedroom window and she was being fucked by her cousin or something? That was so hot, the way her ass jiggled while he was fucking her…’

Lachlan trailed off as the three of us stood quite still, our hands each unconsciously closed around our cocks. In the moments it took me to realise this, my hand was already moving up and down my shaft, along with Lachlan and Toms.

Lachlan stood with his legs spread apart and his eyes closed. His legs were spread far enough in fact for his balls to dangle freely between them. With every couple of strokes of his dick, Lachlan bent his knees a little before standing upright again, and I realised when his hand began to speed up, so did the jerking movement of his legs. Tom on the other hand had his back almost turned on me so I couldn’t really make out if his eyes were closed or not. The thing I saw most clearly however was his blonde haired ass clenching with every quickened stroke Tom made.

I was wanking without even realising what I was doing. The feeling in my dick was so good that I was aware of nothing else at all except the pleasure. My eyes were completely fixated, moving between the image of Lachlan’s dick and Tom’s ass in front of me. The two were speeding up rapidly. I even had to, slow down so that I didn’t cum too quickly. I wanted to wait; to watch them cum.

Lachlan was the first. He started to moan quite loudly as his legs jerked uncontrollably, his balls slapped between his asshole and his dick. He was sweating and his face was screwed up as he shot his load across the tiled floor. As he slowed to a pant, I was speeding up. My orgasm was coming closer, as I knew Toms was. Tom was also rotating his hips. His ass clenched more than ever, and just as I felt the wave of unbelievable orgasm wash over me, I heard a soft, ‘Oh fuck,’ and watched as cum shot from Toms dick onto the shower walls, as well as from my own dick.

After a couple of minutes of silence, and washing ourselves a little shamefully, Lachlan said, ‘Fuck guys, I feel better after that!’

‘Shit yeh.’ Tom agreed, nodding, as he dried himself off.

I on the other hand, had to dry and dress myself as quickly as possible, before the immediate flaccidness of my cock after cumming wore off and I got another boner.

‘I’ll see you on Saturday guys.’ I said, trying to make my voice as normal as possible, as if what we had just done was no big deal.

It was dark when I got out of the change rooms, with the clouds covering the stars and moon above. I had just started the walk home when I heard a voice behind me.

‘Oi, Corey.’

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust before I realised that it was Reece crouching in the bushes, apparently waiting for me.

My heart fell. I hadn’t spoken to Reece since I sucked him off at the pool a few weeks ago. Quite frankly, I preferred not to speak to him after that.

‘Yeh, what do you want?’ I asked, rather ruder then I intended.

Reece didn’t say anything for a moment. He simply kneeled there, shivering. Then, with a pang of panic, I realised that Reece was on the verge of tears.

‘What’s wrong man?’ I asked, my fear subsiding a little bit.

‘I-‘ Reece said after another moments silence, his voice shaking, ‘I saw Nathan when he left the change rooms and he told me what you, Tom and Lachlan were doing. He-he thought it was funny and I laughed too but-but w-when he left I-I-‘

Then, just like that, Reece’s eyes filled with tear. I looked around me to check that we weren’t being overheard before kneeling down to become level with Reece.

‘You can tell me man, I won’t say anything.’ I said with pity.

‘I-I wanted to-to s-see you na-naked.’ Reece gulped, his dark haired head falling in apparent shame, ‘I ca-can’t stop thi-thinking about y-you.’

It was so bizarre to see this rather muscly young man shaking all over, his face wet, his lip trembling.

‘How do-do you d-do it Corey?’ he asked after a moment’s silence, for I didn’t really know what to say, ‘Ho-how do yo-you handle bei-being a fag-faggot?’

It felt as if Reece had slapped me in the face. Though it was dark, my face reddened considerably and the knees I was kneeling on weakened.

‘I don’t really think about it I guess.’ I said truthfully.

Reece didn’t say anything for a while. It seemed he was trying to comprehend the situation he was in, ‘I shouldn’t b-be gay. I do-don’t want t-to be.’

And with that, Reece collapsed to the ground and curled up into a ball; waves of tears streaming from his eyes; his painfully yelps renting the night air.


Authors Notes:

Sorry for the lateness guys, I was moving houses and had my internet disconnected for three painful weeks. Hope you enjoy the story, and keep those comments coming!

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