Conquering Angel


A soft breeze blows through the open window, drifting over you as you sleep soundly, a smile curving your lips as you dream. You stretch, nude form barely visible in the moonlight and move as if to turn over, but you can’t. Your eyes fly open, heart racing as you try to move your body but your wrists and ankles are tied down to the bed. You struggle, intent only on getting free, your eyes moving frantically around the room, wondering what is happening and how you ended up this way, that’s when you notice the figure standing in the shadows of the room.

A soft feminine laugh stops you cold. “Stop fighting so, you won’t get free until I decide to let you go.”

You howl in anger, pulling at your bonds, “what the fuck is going on?”

I turn on the light, moving closer to the bed, velvet cape billowing around me as I walk, “my, such language, I’ll have to do something about that.”

“Don’t worry about my language, bitch, who are you and what is going on?”

A sharp slap lands across your face, my palm connecting with your jaw as I lean over you, hissing, “first things first, don’t ever speak to me that way. You are my entertainment for the evening, I’ve been watching you, wondering just what a delightful toy you’d make, and tonight I intend to find out, boy”

You shake your head as if confused, “your entertainment? What the hell could I do to entertain you in this position?” I slide a finger down your chest, watching as your eyes follow my movement, my nail raking over your nipple as I reply, “I’ll be entertained watching you squirm like a bitch in heat.” You tug at your cuffs, eyes spitting fire as you glare at me, “let me go now.”

My fingers capture your hard nipple, twisting it sharply as I lean close looking directly into your eyes, “No.” You squeal, gasping at the sharp pain in your nipple, eyes going wide as you realize there is no way to get free. I slide my palm down your chest, familiarizing myself with your body as you stare blankly, a feeling of helplessness crowding you.

I stand, walking slowly to the foot of the bed, removing my velvet cape to reveal a black merry widow molded lovingly to my form, matching stockings and stiletto heels. I place my cape over a nearby chair, reaching into the bag I brought with me to remove a few items before walking back over to the bed. You gape at the picture I make, red hair glowing in the light, pale creamy skin contrasting with the black of my outfit, stuttering, “you’re beautiful, could have anyone, why are you doing this to ME?

I pick up a tube of lubricant, opening it carefully and squeeze some out onto my fingers, rubbing it between my palms, “I am doing this to you because I want to. It’s that simple. I enjoy having you helpless and hearing your pleas.” You shake your head disgusted, “that’s psycho, normal people don’t get off on that bitch.”

I lean over you, grasping your semi-erect cock in my greased palm, “this sick Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort psycho has you by the balls, so I’d watch your mouth if I were you, boy. And you get off on it, otherwise your cock wouldn’t be jumping in my hand.”

You bluster, “what man wouldn’t be hard with a woman touching his cock?”

I ram a lubed finger against your tight asshole, hearing you squeak as you feel me invading you, voice pleading with me “nooo, please no, sTOP.” I laugh deviously, thrusting my finger rapidly into your tight hole, gripping your cock in my hand, “well, well your cock is still hard with my finger in your ass, I guessed right, you are a slut.” You pant, shaking your head side to side as if to make my words disappear, “stop, I’ll do anything, please!”

“Oh, you’ll do anything, alright, anything I want,” I purr. I reach down, picking up a butt plug, and hold it up to you, “this is going to fill you up and stretch you just right for what I’ll use later.” You writhe on the bed, trying to get away from my evil intentions as I push the plug against your rosebud, watching your ass expand around the plug. Tears stream down your face, your eyes, wide and beseeching, “please don’t do this to me, I won’t tell anyone you broke in, please just go.” I flick my finger over the remote to the vibrating plug, turning it on low, laughing coldly as your eyes go wide with the vibrations spreading through your body. “aaaaggghhh,” you squeal, eyes glazing as the plug presses against your insides, tears rolling down your cheeks.

I slap your cock hard, “stop being such a wimpy pussyboy.” You whimper as my palm strikes your cock over and over, the pain in your cock mingling with the surprising pleasure in your stretched ass. Your head thrashes on the bed, your voice breaking as you implore me to stop beating you. I land one more stinging blow to your cock, squeezing your balls between my fingers, as I turn the plug up to medium, the tremors flooding your body. You blink rapidly, “ohhhhgod.” I tug your balls, “that’s ohhh Goddess slut. Say it.”

You close your eyes, sighing deeply, whispering, “ohhhhhhh Goddess.”

I nod approvingly, turning the vibrating plug back down to low, then pick up a bright pink ribbon, tying it around the base of your engorged cock. “Pink really is your color, princess.” You gasp, the sight of the pink ribbon around your shaft making you flush, and the name princess echoing in your head. You start to protest, sputtering, “I’m not…” trailing off at the cold look I give you. “You are learning. In time you won’t protest anything. You’ll accept it because its what I choose.”

I saunter around the bed, holding a bright blue vibrator and nipple clamps, and climb on the bed straddling your waist, bare pussy rubbing against your stomach as I use you for a chair. You breathe deeply, eyes glued to the curls between my thighs, feeling my juices trickle onto your hot skin. Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort I rub my fingers over your nipples, pinching them and placing the nipple clamps on you, adjusting it so that they are barely on your hard little nubs. You squirm, your sensitive nipples pinched by the clamps, as I twist and turn them, causing you to groan. “Such sensitive nipples you have slut, you like having me play with them don’t you, especially when you can keep your eyes glued to my cunt.” You nod slowly, wriggling when I sharply tug your nipple, “pleaseee Goddesss, that hurts so.” I grin wickedly at you, working both of your nipples, “good, I want it to hurt, I just love hearing you beg.”

You whimper softly as my fingers turn the clamps, tightening them just a bit more. I slide up and down your stomach, covering you with my juices before shimmying up your body until my pussy is directly over your mouth. You unconsciously hold your tongue out, and I ask “want a taste of me, pussyboy?” Your eyes snap open at the first drop of my nectar on your lips, a moan leaving you as you trace your tongue over your lips tasting me. I pick up the blue vibrator, turning it on to low, and sliding it between my damp thighs, spreading my pussy, then slipping the shaft deep inside. I moan softly, my hips thrusting to meet the fake cock as I drive it deeper inside my aching sex. I slide my right hand through your hair, tugging the strands, as I fuck my pussy with my left hand, “your mouth is just watering for another taste isn’t it?” You open your mouth, tongue making licking motions as you squirm on the vibrating plug buried in your ass, “let me taste you.” I grip your hair tighter, “ask nicely, ‘Miss Angel may I lick your pussy’ would be a better way to ask for what you want.”

You whisper softly, “Miss Angel, may I please lick your pussy?”

I grind down onto the vibe, pussy clamping around the shaft, moaning as I feel the vibrations deep inside. “No. You have to earn the right to lick my pussy, slut.” I cry out as my orgasm hits, pussy spasming around the vibe, juices dripping from my overheated sex. You can do nothing but watch as I shudder with pleasure, your own body trembling with sensation overload from the plug in your tight ass, the clamps on your nipples, and the ribbon wrapped tightly around the base of your throbbing cock. I open my eyes, scooting down your body, pulling the vibe from my pussy as I hold your gaze, “does the wanton little bitch want to taste Angel’s juices?”

You blush furiously, wanting to deny that you are a bitch and that you want to taste my essence, yet you find yourself saying, “yes, please Miss Angel.”

I smile at you, “open wide.” You open your mouth, anticipating the feel of my pussy against your lips, instead having the vibrator pushed between your lips. “Suck like a good little slut for me.” You mumble around the offending vibrator, not wanting to have it in your Kadıköy İranlı Escort mouth, but the flavor of my juices fill your mouth and you start sucking the shaft, twirling your tongue around it, wanting to get every drop of my honey.

I slide off the bed, watching you intently as I walk over to my bag, reaching in to pick up a strap-on. Your eyes get huge as you see me fasten it on and walk back over to you, your head shaking wildly as you try to protest. I stare deeply into your eyes, taking possession of you with my gaze, as I pull the plug from your hole with a loud plop. You gag around the vibrator in your mouth, trying to scream at me to stop, wriggling as you feel the tip of my fake cock press against your anus. My hand slides around your cock, fingers grasping and pulling your erection as I drive my hips forward, burying the dildo into your ass. You squeal, cheeks sunken as you suck the shaft deeply, your ass clamping around the dildo as I thrust into you. “Squeal for me, pet, move that ass back, c’mon you know you want it, fuck me back whore.”

You grunt, cheeks aching around the vibe as your mind shuts down, your body taking over with its desires, filling your mind with nothing but the need for release. You push your ass back onto the dildo, panting heavily as my hand slides up and down your pulsing cock, other hand reaching up to tug your nipple clamps off, then pulling the ribbon from the base of your shaft. You scream out as the blood rushes back into the aching buds, my hips rotating as I push the dildo deep into your ass, growling “come for me slut, come while I make you mine.” You bite down on the blue jelly shaft, your cock spurting with cream, ass squeezing the dildo as you come violently, your entire body shaking with the tremendous release. You pant heavily, mouth going slack as your pulse thumps wildly in your throat. I pull the dildo from your ass, the loud pop echoing in the room, your eyes closing as you try to catch your breath. I reach up, removing the vibrator from your mouth, watching you closely while you come down from the high. You try to keep your eyes open, but you are so exhausted from the fear and strength of your orgasm that you fall right to sleep.

I chuckle softly as your eyes drift closed, busying myself with putting the toys away, and releasing you from the cuffs; removing all traces of my visit from the room. I walk back over to the bed, sitting down beside you to leave a surprise, before leaning over to brush a kiss against your lips. I leave as quietly as I arrived, my presence wiped from the room. You wake to the sun flooding the room, squinting your eyes against the glare as you blink, thinking the events of the night had all been a dream. You sit up, swinging your legs over the side of the bed, feeling tenderness in your bottom. You shake your head disbelieving, “no, it was a dream!” You stumble into the bathroom to splash cold water on your face to try and wake up, gasping at what you see in the mirror, written in black permanent ink around your right nipple the words, ‘Angel’s Slut’. You moan softly, every detail rushing back to you, your cock twitching with the memories, and you know you will look forward to your Dark Angel’s return.

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