Connor’s Senior Year Ch. 01

Big Tits

This story is a spin-off of “A Week On The Lake,” featuring a character from that story called Kaylee, but more specifically, it’s about a character from the forthcoming sequel to “A Week On The Lake” called “Another Week On The Lake.” In that story, there is a side character named Connor, and this is about some of adventures he has after his time at the lake with our friends from that story. This story makes a couple of references to the Lake stories, but it should stand on its own without having to read those.

This story contains group sex and incest, and future chapters will contain male bisexual scenes.

Thanks for reading.


* * * * *

“I am really going to miss this cock,” Kaylee groaned before sucking my rod back into her mouth.

Dual sensations of pleasure and disappointment washed over me as I lay back against the headboard of Kaylee’s bed while she worked my hard shaft with her tongue and sucking lips. My girlfriend was leaving me. Okay so maybe we had never officially declared ourselves involved in a relationship, nor had we ever told each other anything involving the “L” word. But it had been an almost indescribable summer of sexual awakening for me at the hands of this gorgeous girl a year older than me. Kaylee had gone to high school with my sister, although they’d not been particularly close until the later part of their senior year more than a year ago now. Martha and Kaylee had been drawn together as friends over their shared passion for, of all things, the local library.

Desperately low on funding, the town library had been propped up and then saved by a committee of high school kids, led by Kaylee and Martha. I had never understood my sister’s love of books, and had no interest in helping with the fundraising efforts until Kaylee had started to show up at the house for strategy meetings. Now there was a cause I could get behind. At the time she’d been an exotic and virtually unapproachable senior, a year older than me but two years ahead and too beautiful to even think about approaching, even if she didn’t seem to ever have a boyfriend. On the contrary, her dedication to her studies had been well-known among the student body, and her frequent rejections of brave young men asking for dates had taken on a legendary status of its own. So when Martha and Kaylee joined forces to save our town’s dilapidated little public library, I was more than happy to feign concern and join in the effort, if it allowed me at least to come within Kaylee’s radius.

Save the library they did, in spite of my lackluster efforts. They solicited donations and grants from businesses and well-to-do families from all over town, most of whom were rightly horrified to discover the state of the library’s budget. After the initial burst of fundraising led by Martha and Kaylee, the town pulled together to make sure that such financial hardships never threatened the library again, passing town resolutions to fund and even expand the library for another ten years. Martha and Kaylee had won. I was genuinely proud of my sister, even if an afternoon in the library was one of the least interesting things I could ever imagine. And while I had frequent opportunity to bask in Kaylee’s presence that spring before they graduated, I never worked up the nerve to approach her.

After the library was saved, Kaylee and Martha remained friends, but they were now both busy high school graduates with summer jobs and preparations to make before leaving for school in the fall. My opportunities to chase Kaylee around more or less disappeared, and besides, I had my own summer job and my friends to keep me busy. Beach trips and the movies and mini golf on Saturday nights.

My best friends were Megan and Leo. We’d been in and out of the same classes since middle school, when Megan had moved to town and nearly imploded the best-friends balance that me and Leo had cultivated since first grade. After a rocky start of mutual crushes on the new girl, we’d become a three-headed threat of mischief, pranks and frequent detentions. We had a few other friends who we spent that last summer before junior year with, a few of whom were in sexual relationships, which had begun to shake the foundations of our three-way friendship. Seventeen and jacked up with hormones while our friends had begun dating and having sex, the tension between me, Leo, and Megan had begun to rise.

But none of us had chosen to act on it, and once school started again, we were all too busy trying to pass our classes, let alone sports and extra-curriculars, to make any moves in any direction that might upset the balance of our friendship.

Kaylee exploded back into my life shortly after the end of school. She was back from her first year of college, and had struck up again her friendship with Martha, but there was something clearly different about Kaylee now. Maybe it was the year away at college, but gone was the quiet, bookish girl from the spring of the library fight. Kaylee, nineteen now and even more gorgeous than ever, was playful and flirty and outgoing in ways that I’d never seen before, and it even seemed bursa eskort bayan to be rubbing off on my sister. Fresh off her own freshman year, Martha had returned to us with a bit of a wild side, and I’d been stunned the first time she threw a party when our parents were away for the weekend. It was at this party that things had begun between me and Kaylee. That story alone would fill up more pages than I’m prepared to dedicate to it right now, but it had been the start of the summer I would never forget. The summer that was now coming to an end.

I moaned again at Kaylee’s efforts. Over the summer, her ability to take more and more of my cock into her mouth had gradually increased. I was bigger than any guy she had ever been with, and my week with her on the lake had led me to understand that it was no small feat. That night at the party, all those weeks ago, she’d only managed a little less than half of my length. Now she had a little more than three quarters of it, deep-throating my fat cock head as she sucked.

“I’m going to miss you too, Kaylee,” I groaned. Some of the women I’d been with at the lake might have had better cock-sucking skills than Kaylee, but she was my first, and her presence itself was what I was going to miss. It was the right call for us to part as friends, rather than boyfriend and girlfriend. But it was still going to be tough for me to go back to a normal high-school life without her and our daily sexual exploits with her friend Jill and Jill’s boyfriend Tommy.

Kaylee released my cock from her sucking mouth and slowly stroked her saliva around the tightly stretched skin of my shaft. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. Her gorgeous naked c-cup tits swung delightfully beneath her as she crawled up over my body and pressed her lips to mine, her luxurious brown hair falling over my face as we kissed and pressed our naked bodies together.

I wasn’t her first, but she was mine, and we both knew it. It was time for me to go my own way, because she’d already been going hers. Our relationship was a summer vacation, short, but vibrant and at times explosive. She’d introduced me to a world of sexual adventure I’d never imagined possible.

“Fuck me, Connor,” Kaylee said. “Jill and Tommy will be here soon and I want Jill to suck your cum out of my pussy.”

* * *

A few days after Kaylee left, school began.

Megan was waiting outside my house with her backpack slung over one shoulder and she grinned up at me as I bounded down the porch.

“Ready to get this over with?” she asked.

“It’s one hundred and eighty days, Meg,” I said. “I don’t think there’s any getting it over with.”

“Fine, smart-ass” she said, slapping my shoulder as we set off toward Leo’s house. “Let’s get today over with then. I think I might be too horny to sit in classrooms all day, but I guess we’ll see how it goes.”

I stopped in my tracks and spun to look at one of my two best friends. Her signature lock of dark hair covered her left eye, the rest of it pulled back into a pony tail. “Excuse me?”

“What?” she demanded. “I’m not allowed to be horny? Just because you got to spend all summer getting your brains fucked out by Kaylee doesn’t mean you’re the only one around here with a libido!”

“Don’t you have an outlet for that extra energy?” I looked at her and grinned.

“Yeah, my vibrator’s great and everything,” she said, “but I think I’m going to wear the fucking thing out at this rate. I had three orgasms this morning and somehow all I can still think about is cock.”

“Jesus, Meg!”

“Oh get over it,” she teased. “If you and Leo can be 24-7 pervs then so can I.”

She had a point there. But suddenly the idea of my voluptuous best friend pleasuring herself was impossible not to think about. And since Kaylee had left, my own outlet for sexual frustration had gone away, leaving self-gratification as my only recourse. Megan claimed three orgasms this morning. I’d only managed two.

* * *

Normally I would have the house to myself at this time of the afternoon. Mom and Dad both had office jobs that kept them out of the house until six on most nights, and I’d taken advantage of that fact this summer with Kaylee and Jill and Tommy. We always had our bathing suits back on by five-thirty, appearing to our work-weary parents as though we’d spent the whole day jumping in and out of the pool and drinking lemonade. Those things were usually true, but we did most of it naked and there was a good amount of sucking and fucking to go with it.

But after bidding Megan and Leo a good night after our first day of school and walking the last hundred or so yards to my house alone, I found both Mom and Dad’s cars parked in the driveway. I found Mom and Dad bustling about the house, dressed in casual summer clothes instead of office attire.

“How was your first day of senior year?” Mom asked as she finished putting away the dishes from the dish washer. It was the end of August, and the weather had not yet begun to even think about the slow transition of summer into fall. Mom had worked up a sweat cleaning bursa merkez escort the house, and I couldn’t stop my eyes from dropping to her incredible cleavage and the beads of sweat that were randomly rolling down those epic slopes.

It’s not like I had never noticed that my mom was exceptionally well endowed of course. It’s just that for some reason this summer, she’d been a lot less shy about showing them off. I’d never seen her wear a bikini before this summer, and by this point I’d seen her in at least three different ones. Right now she wore a button up white sleeveless shirt that was tied between her her breasts instead of buttoned over them. I could clearly see the edge of the light blue bra cups that struggled to hold in her prodigious melons with their glistening sheen of sweat.

“Hello! Earth to Connor!” Mom said with a laugh. “First day of school?”

“Oh yeah,” I shook my head and tore my gaze away from my mother’s chest. Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with me? “Yeah it was alright I guess. No detentions yet.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “If you can make it to the end of September without one, I think I’ll talk to Dad about getting you your own car.”


“Sure,” she said with a shrug. “You’re eighteen now, and I know you’ve been saving, but maybe Dad and I can help you out. As long as you maybe try to take school a little more seriously this year of course.”

I grinned and offered Mom a shrug of my own. “We’ll see. So what gives? Why are you and Dad running around like you’re getting ready for the family Christmas party?”

“Your Dad’s new boss and his wife are coming over for dinner tonight, and your Dad wants to make a good impression. Will you be alright fending for yourself? Your Dad’s going to grill, so we’ll be on the patio mostly.”

“Sure, Mom,” I said, accidentally letting my eyes drop to her cleavage again. Jesus she has some amazing tits. Fuck! Cut that shit out, you goddamn perv!

I hurried back to my room and was horrified to discover the prominent bulge in my pants. Had that been there while I was talking to Mom? I dropped my backpack on my bed and took my clothes off, thinking a good hard jerk in the shower might calm me down a little. Staring at my own mother’s tits. Jesus.

Instead, as I stroked my long hard cock in the shower, I thought of Megan and her vibrator and tried to imagine what my busty best friend looked like naked on a bed with a vibrator pressed against her pussy.

* * *

I was delighted to find a text from Kaylee when I got out of the shower and even more delighted to see it was a naked selfie. Broken off our relationship might have been, but Kaylee was certainly not closing the door on other types of fun. It looked like she was in her dorm room, standing in front of a body-length mirror that must have been hung on the back of the door, because behind her I could see two beds, two desks, and the general clutter of two nineteen-year-old girls. Kaylee held her phone in one hand and cupped one of her perfect tits in the other. “How was your first day, Big Fella?” read the accompanying message.

I dropped my towel and my cock sprang up hard and strong in front of me again. “Big Fella” almost certainly referred to my uncommonly large member, which had grown erect again at the sight of Kaylee’s nudity. I turned to a forty-five degree angle from the bathroom mirror and snapped a photo of myself to send back to her, my cock pointing straight up in the air and my balls dangling beneath it.

“Fuck I miss that beautiful cock,” read her response.

“I wish I could bend you over this counter and fuck you senseless,” I typed back.

“I would cum so fucking hard.”

“I just cummed in the shower, but you’ve got me ready to go again. You’re so fucking sexy.”

“Have you managed to nail any sweet senior year pussy yet?”

“Lol. It’s only the first day. How about you?”

“Are you really asking if I’ve gotten laid? Do you really want to know?”

I stopped and pushed down the flutter in my stomach that started at the implicit admission that Kaylee was having sex with people besides me.

I typed again. “I loved watching you get fucked when we were at the lake. I’d love to hear about your adventures now that you’re back at school.”

“Good. Then you and I can trade stories from now on. But you only get a story from me once I get a story from you. Your mission is to get fucked. With that gigantic cock it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Mission accepted. Later, Kay.”


* * *

That night I saw my parents having sex. With two other people.

I was horny as hell after my text exchange with Kaylee, but I pulled on some clothes and flattened my cock against my stomach with the waist band of my boxer briefs in order to try to keep it hidden under my clothes when I went downstairs to forage something for dinner.

I could see my parents and another couple, no more than five years younger than my parents’ forty years enjoying a dinner of steaks and salad and red wine bursa sınırsız escort bayan on the patio by the pool. Mom had changed her clothes, now wearing a tight black dress that hugged her hips and dipped low in the front to show off her amazing cleavage. The other woman, Dad’s new boss’s wife, was dressed nearly identically. Her hips weren’t as generous as Mom’s and her boobs clearly not as big, but they were still nicely displayed, peaking over the top of her strapless dress. Her hair was a sunny blond, in contrast with Mom’s almost black. Dad and his boss both wore shorts and button-up short-sleeve shirts, with more buttons undone than done.

They were dressed for a summer Saturday night on this Wednesday evening in August. I nuked a frozen burrito and grabbed a soda to take back up to my room to get working on my homework. If Mom was serious about helping me get a car, I should at least try to hold up my end of the deal for the first day.

Nearly two hours later I returned to the kitchen to get some water and almost dropped my empty burrito plate onto the tile floor when I looked out onto the patio. The table had been cleared, and the chairs were empty, but a little farther beyond, down by the other end of the pool, my parents and their guests occupied what was basically a patio sofa. A wicker frame with a waterproof padded seat cushion upon which sat Dad and his boss, both naked, while riding their prominent hard cocks were Mom and the boss’s wife, except that Mom was on the boss’s cock and the blond wife was riding Dad’s.

I gazed in awe at the two bouncing sets of tits pointed in my direction, as both women rode their fuck-partners facing out. Mom’s tits were even more amazing naked, big round globes of flesh bouncing and heaving on her chest as she moved herself up and down on a fairly big cock. I could see her pussy clearly, and Dad’s boss’s cock disappearing into it over and over again. My own cock was rock-hard again in seconds, and I indulged briefly in the pleasure I took from observing that I was considerably bigger than either of them, although Dad’s cock was probably only two inches shorter than mine, at least from what I could see when it wasn’t buried balls-deep in the gorgeous blond’s pussy.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered as I grasped and rubbed my cock through my shorts. “Oh my god.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Mom’s glorious tits. I found myself day-dreaming about sliding my cock up and down between them while she pressed them together. I imagined myself slowly easing my thick fuck-pole into her tight pussy. Oh fuck I need to stop this. They might see me any second.

I left the kitchen and started back toward my bedroom until I thought of the downstairs bathroom with its window that looked out onto the pool. From in there with the light off there would be almost no way they could see me unless they knew to look for me. I found that if I sat on the lid of the toilet seat and looked out just over the window sill, I could watch unobtrusively as my parents enjoyed themselves with another couple. I’d seen things like this at the lake with Kaylee, and even participated several times, swapping partners with Jill and Tommy, Katrina and Tyler, Roger and Jess. And especially that night with Eva and Will.

I pulled my cock out of my shorts, stroking it as I watched the bouncing of Mom’s tits. I watched them change positions, moving from fucking to sucking to fucking and back again. My balls were almost ready to boil over when my phone vibrated in my pocket and startled me enough that I almost fell off of the toilet seat.

It was the perpetual group text I always had going with Megan and Leo.

Megan: What are you assholes up to?

Leo: Watching porn, obviously.

Me: My parents are having sex with my Dad’s boss and his wife on the patio right now.

Megan: Pics or it didn’t happen.

I smiled. There was probably just enough light left that I could get a pretty amazing shot from where I sat. But even as I currently invaded my parents’ privacy by watching them fuck, putting it into my phone and sending it out to my friends seemed to be pushing it.

Me: I’m not taking a picture. But I bet you could make it over here before they’re done. They’re going at it like crazy.

Leo: Are you fucking kidding me?

Me: I swear. No bullshit. They are literally fucking on the patio.

Megan: I’ll be right there.

This was going to be interesting.

* * *

I let Megan and Leo in through the front door, hushing them to keep it down unless they wanted to blow the whole thing. Megan was only about three blocks away and Leo was just one more beyond her. They arrived a little sweaty from rushing over on foot in the heat of the evening, and I led them up the stairs instead of to the bathroom. The view from Martha’s empty bedroom wouldn’t be as good, but it would be easier for all three of us to see.

Any doubts Megan and Leo may have had were dispelled when I indicated that they should look out the window and down to the right. By this time, Mom was bent over at the waist with her elbows on the arm of the outdoor sofa while Dad held onto her hips and fucked her hard from behind. Every few strokes of his big cock, he smacked her luscious ass with the palm of his hand. Right in front of them, the boss threw his head back in delight as his wife sucked his cock and Mom’s huge tits swung just inches from his face.

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