Confronted with Homophobia Pt. 09


Robert reached over and grabbed my cock, he stroked me till I blew all over the kitchen cabinets, his cock still in high gear, he was holding back he would fill my hole good. Robert grabbed my hips for leverage, then the assault on my hole happened. The man was a machine, he slammed his cock in, then gently for a few then hard till his cock tightened, his balls retracted, his cock a fire hose filling my hole full of his milky white semen.

Robert collapsed on my back, the man wiped out from pounding me so hard, I stood him up and pushed him to the island, I got on my knees and took the mans cock in my mouth, his cock semi erect, covered in his white cum, ass juice and lube. Robert hardened immediately, he grabbed my head and fucked my mouth like never before, his strokes long the man made me gag a few times.

His cock quickly shot its third load in my mouth, my ass dripping his seed on the kitchen floor. I grabbed a rag and wiped the floor and headed for the shower, Robert was spent, he had no more to give me, he collapsed on the bed he was done. I quickly showered when I came out Robert was asleep.

I covered him up and went to start breakfast, Robert slept for another hour or so, he came into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.

I grabbed him and kissed him, he held his head to my chest, dam I was madly in love with this man, Robert and I stood there for about five minutes.

“Coffee Babe?” I asked him.

“Yes please sorry I fell asleep Tom I was so wiped out from what we had just done here in the kitchen.” Robert told me.

“Never apologize for being tired, you need sleep you go sleep, you need a kiss or a hug anytime.” I said to him handing him a coffee.

We sat had coffee I had breakfast ready I only had to make toast and eggs.

“So what shall we do today Tom?” Robert asked me.

“Actually I thought we could take the SUV and go pick up your Dad and bring him over for a visit.” I suggested.

“Really Tom are you sure?” Robert asked me.

“Yes of course I would like to get to know the man, get to hear more stories of when you were a wee lad.” I said laughing.

“Tom that would make the mans day, mine as well, call the home tell them we will be taking him out for dinner, so they know we will be there. Lets eat then we can get in the shower and we can head over there.” I said kissing him.

Robert held me, nice and tight to him.

“Thank you for all this gaziantep escort Tom, I really do Love you so much.” Robert said his eyes welling up with tears.

“I Love you too, so so much.” I said to him.

Robert and I stopped and picked up flowers, then on to the home, we got a wheel chair and got him dressed up, in the chair and out the door. I let the man sit in the front seat, Robert would drive so they could see what we had planned for his Dad’s outing.

We drove by the home he grew up in, it was run down, ready to collapse, seems they would be building condos on that site soon. Robert pulled in the drive, you could see the memories flooded back to them both.

“I’m so sorry Son for how I treated you growing up, I was always mad at someone, or something, I was mean to you and your Mother, for that Son I apologize. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for being so miserable to you both.” Roberts Dad told him in tears.

“Dad I forgave you years ago, no need to bring it all back up, but thank you for being honest and admitting to me how badly you treated both me and Mom.” Robert said his eyes welled up with tears.

Robert slowly backed out of the drive, on to the next stop on our tour. It had been a very long time since the last time he and his Dad had visited his Mom’s grave together. We parked getting his Dad in the chair, we made our way, flowers in hand, yes yellow roses. This was so healing for them both, they cried they laughed, Robert introduced me to his Mom as his boyfriend, it was weird and good at the same time.

Our next stop not one filled with tears, a local ice cream shoppe they visited on Friday nights, we would have a cone then head home. We got his Dad in the house the man needed a much deserved nap, we got him settled in to the spare bedroom, the man out like a light in seconds. Robert and I both needed a nap as well, and something else but we would save that for later.

We had a nice dinner, then got his Dad back to the home, we stayed for a bit to get him settled, the outing had taken it out of him, but he looked so happy relaxed.

“Thank you Son for today you have no idea how much I loved every second being with you and Tom, you boys made an old mans day today.” His Dad told him pulling in Robert for a hug.

“I love you so much Son, I could not have asked for a better Son than the one I have right here, So very proud of you Robert.” His Dad told him in tears.

Robert held his Dad as they both cried it out.

“Love you too Dad, best day we have had in such a long time.” Robert told him.

“Tom thank you for everything you have done for me today, and how happy you make my Son here, I have never seen the man looking so good or so happy in a very long time, again Tom thank you and Love you too Son.” Roberts Dad told me .

“You’re most welcome Sir, glad you enjoyed the day, look forward to many more with the three of us.” I told his Dad.

Robert and I headed home he and I both back to work the next day, I looked forward to him and I spending our last night off alone. On the drive home Robert drove of course, he had this look I could not explain. He looked euphoric, so happy he and his Dad had finally patched up their differences, he turned to me his eyes welled up with tears.

“Babe whats wrong?” I asked him as he pulled the SUV to the shoulder of the road.

“Tom I can’t drive right now.” Robert told me.

Robert got out of the car and came to my door, he pulled into my chest, he was all out crying. I held him till he got himself under control.

“Robert are you okay Babe?” I asked him. He and I embracing on the side of the road.

“Tom I have never been so happy in my entire life, today was a day I could have only dreamed of, being with my Dad, being with the man I love with all my heart and soul. Tom I really do Love you so very much.” Robert told me.

“Robert you know I Love You too don’t you Babe?” I asked him.

“Yes Tom I know but it’s still so hard to believe sometimes.” Robert said to me, leaning in for a kiss.

I got Robert in the SUV, unbuckled his pants, slid his zipper down, his cock straining to bust out of his jeans. I pulled his cock out of his underwear taking it deep inside my mouth, I swallowed the mans tool deep then out till only the knob was on my lips, he would not last long , his balls stirred, his cock swelled, Robert grabbed my head and fed me his huge tool, his cock exploded so much white creamy cum, I greedily swallowed every last drop.

Robert sat there he was spent I left his cock out, I tied his seat belt, kissed him, held the kiss, then I got in the car, once home I opened the door for him, unbuckled his seat belt, held him close to me.

“Babe I Love you so much.” I told him staring deep in his eyes.

“Love you too Tom.” He and I kissing in the garage.

“Tom you and I never had sex in the garage yet.” Robert said to me pushing up against the car.

Robert dropped to his knees tearing at my shorts to get them off, Robert took my semi erect penis deep into his mouth, the man would be deep throating soon, he sucked me the way I liked it done, he held my cock deep in his mouth his hand stroking my cock as he took it deep in his mouth. Within minutes my balls were ready to explode, I soon fed him what he desired.

My cock shot more and more cum, who knew he and I had so much to spill. Robert stood his cock still out of his pants from the blow job on the side of the road, his cock rock hard. I took his cock in my mouth I lathered him up, then spit in my hand and wet my hole. The man needed no more information he knew what I wanted what I needed so badly.

I was bent over the side of the SUV Robert positioned his cock to my hole, my greedy hole soon swallowed him up, his cock tight inside me, it felt so right. Robert gave it to me, my hole would be sore but satisfied. His staying power lasted so much more now, Robert was rough and gentle, then when he was close his strokes were harder, his cock would go right through me, his cock would come out of the other side of me.

Roberts orgasm like no other, he was a wild man, he held my hips in his tight grip, his cock pounded my hole, the man needed to cum and my ass would be his outlet. I grabbed my own cock it flopped while he used my ass, I stroked a few strokes my cock shooting the side of my SUV with my own semen.

Robert pulled my hips in tighter, I would have marks on my hips his grip so hard, his cock pistoned my ass, his balls finally sending out it’s load to be injected deep into my hole. Roberts whole body convulsed as his balls drained into my hole, he finally collapsed on me, myself holding onto the SUV to keep me up.

Roberts cock slowly slipped free from my ass, his cum dripping down my legs , my own cock dribbling the remains of the load I had just deposited on the side of my Suv. Robert turned me around, pinned me to the Suv, kissed me, his lips tender, the kiss held in place till he pulled back enough to tell me.

“I Love You Tom Matthews.” Robert told me.

“I Love You Too Robert Miller.” I told him kissing him.

Robert and I got the car cleaned off, wiped the cum off the garage floor heading in for a shower. We would have a quiet night him and I snuggled up on the couch alone, he and I both tired from the day and what we had just done in the garage.

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