I hear it all the time.  “As soon as you walked into the room, I knew.”Or, “I took one look at you and I knew.”Here’s a popular one.  “It was written all over your face.”This is the type of thing I hear afterward, after I have swallowed his ejaculate, after his cock has been re-holstered.  “Dude, you just looked so hungry.”It’s true.  I am weak.To be fair to myself, he has to fit a certain profile.  Prominent, polished shoulders, ropes in the arms.  In short, lean, hard, and hairless.  Nubile is a good word.  No fatties thank you.  If he fits the description and he is shirtless or sleeveless, my eyes will find him. Very often they notice me and put on a little show, the stroke of a shoulder here, a mini-flex there.  By this time I will have an erection.  I have cultivated a number of fruitful acquaintances this way.The car is a popular venue.  I prefer the back seat because while I am down on the dude it is easier for him to reciprocate if he so chooses. But sometimes I get nothing back and must masturbate when he is gone.  By now I know that I do this because I have no choice.  I am drawn like a magnet.I wake up Saturdays with a smile because Danny will cut the grass.  I watched him from the window; shorts, sneakers, no shirt, sweat pouring from a perfect torso.  When he was done we chatted in the garage, my hand on his shoulder. He was a recent high school graduate and had a cute girlfriend.  I squeezed his bicep, savoring the firm fibers beneath the skin.  My mouth went to the hollow of his clavicle to partake of the little puddle of sweat.  He said, “Mr. Pratt, can this be the last time?” “Of course Danny, of course.”  In spite of this exchange we both knew that in exactly one week he would be standing in this garage awaiting me, awaiting his just pleasure. When my knees hit the cement floor I went to work.  I had to be relatively quick about it because my wife Cindy was inside watching TV. He was only nineteen but he was a big boy and I knew how to make him bigger.  I knew that he liked to have his hole gently tickled.  He liked his balls held Kuşadası escort with feathery fingertips.  He loved it when I got  underneath and nibbled his sack.  I brought the tip of my tongue slowly up along the underside of his cock, stopping just behind the swollen head.  Ah the frenulum, mother of all sweet spots.  I pressed my lips against it and sucked, moving the tip of my tongue around in a circular motion.  I knew what was coming next.  His reaction was predictable.  He said, “Mr. Pratt. Oh, Mr. Pratt.”He was close to tears when I finished him off.  He came with a long groan, “Mr. Praaaatt.”  He disappeared quickly, as he always does, no doubt wracked with guilt. And I, with a raging, dripping erection, hurried into the house.  I guided Cindy into the bedroom where I immediately deduced that I was much too far along for a fuck.  I was all worked up over Danny and wouldn’t have lasted five seconds inside the woman. Naked in the bed, I knelt beside her at crotch level and buried my face into the wet, fertile delta.I was so horny (damn you Danny) that I worked like a mad man.  Whimpering, moaning, she reached down and began stroking me.  I now knew that I was about to blow.  As luck would have it, we went off at the same time.  Her orgasm seemed intense and lengthy.  And mine?  It felt like I unloaded a full quart.  Indeed, as I joined Cindy at the head of the bed her hand and fingers were dripping.  There were streams of cum on her wrist and forearm.  She licked cum from her arm and said, “I feel so guilty.  I was on my ass watching the tube while you were building up this huge load just for me.”Her lower lip quivered and I said, “It’s okay, Babe.  I’m sorry we didn’t…””Fuck?”  Sucking a finger she said, “I’ll fuck your brains out tonight, Babe.  I owe you.”  She pushed a dripping finger into my mouth.  I rolled the dollop of cum over my tongue and said,” Hmmm. Mushrooms, old mushrooms with a pinch of salt.””And a hint of nutmeg,” she said and we both laughed.She went back to the movie she’d been watching Kuşadası escort bayan as I lay there with my guilt. My copious ejaculation was not a result of desire for my wife of six years but for my hot, well hung little lawn boy. I liked Cindy. But she loved me intensely.  Recently she said she was blessed, honored by my fidelity.  Of course she was drunk at the time but it left a nagging knot in my gut.  I wondered if an oversexed bisexual, male or female, could ever be a good and faithful spouse.A little later in the summer I encountered a guy in the Walmart parking lot.  He was wearing the appropriate uniform, which is to say a super tight tank top.  His body was perfect and he knew it.  As I scanned his neck, shoulders and shapely arms I felt my cock stir.  When our eyes met he said, “My car or yours?”I had a full erection when I climbed into his front seat.  He was one of these guys who liked to drive around while he got serviced.  He was chatty; he couldn’t shut up.  He was also obsessed with his dick, and for good reason – he was enormous.  I’d never seen anything like it in length.  The shaft was like a rolling pin with veins as thick as pencils. But the huge gleaming head was the real show stopper.  I wasted little time going to work as he babbled away.He said, “It shocked you, didn’t it?  I could tell.  Listen, it shocks everybody.  Everybody especially loves the knob, the dome, the crown.  No man, the CO-RO-NA. Guys, chicks, my wife, they worship my corona.  Wait till you see how fat it gets, dude.  It swells up like a fucking tomato.  I wish to God I could blow myself.”He wasn’t lying.  His cock filled my mouth so that my tongue had almost nowhere to go. I’m very good at tongue-swirling but his corona was almost an impediment.  At one point he said, “Hey watch the teeth buddy.”  Indeed my mouth was so full that my teeth had nowhere to hide.  This cock would take some getting used to.”That’s the problem with being so big,” he said.  “I get nicked by teeth a lot.  At first it can be hot, like bodrum escort bayan little tiny needles y’know?  But after a while it hurts.  Some chicks have little mouths – I just say never mind, Babe, finish me with your hand.  They like that better anyway because they get a better view of the one-eyed monster.”  Here he erupted in laughter.It wasn’t my best effort but I got the job done.  He liked it when I called him Corona Joe. Afterward he surprised me by stopping in an alley to give me a hand job.  Guys can surprise you with nice hand jobs, probably because they get plenty of practice on themselves.  This one was sweet because, as I came, I was fondling his hard, varnished arms.Every Tuesday night, when Cindy thought I was out with friends, I hooked up with Corona Joe.  It worked out well until he started getting weird.  One night he told me about his new favorite place; the rest stop area out on Route Nineteen.”The dudes out there, man, they worship me.  I’m royalty.  They fight over me.  Guess what they call me?””Corona Joe?””No.  Dr. Cock.  I’m a god.  I’m the Cock God.  Of course, who can blame them?”As I bent over his crotch I felt an unusual heat radiating off of his erection.  “Jesus Christ,” I said, “is that your cock?  You’ve got your own personal furnace.””It gets like that sometimes, man. This is the hottest cock in the state… probably anywhere.  Hah, be careful not to burn your tongue.”When I opened my mouth wide he said, “I’d rather you didn’t start out that way, dude. I’d like you to to just kiss it for a while.  You know, as a sign of respect.”I went along with him because I was really horny and because his hand jobs were getting better each week.  I was also curious about the heat coming off of this thick, red radiator.  Indeed, when my lips met that heater my cock leaped.  I could feel it leaking onto my thigh. When I finally had that hot globe in my mouth he said, “Last night a chick blew me while I drove around and she did not totally gobble it all.  It left a stain on the seat.  My wife is very suspicious, so make sure you get it all.”I nodded my head.  He laughed and said, “Gobble gobble.”When I finally got my mouth around that throbbing knob I experienced a wild thrill with its heat against my tongue, cheeks, the roof of my mouth.  It was beating furiously, pounding pounding, and I felt my own cock pounding in tandem with it.

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