Confessions of a Titman


Hi, my name is Mike, I have a girlfriend of about a year now, and I really love her. But there is one obsession that I can’t shake…my obsession with big tits.

Not that my girlfriend isn’t beautiful, she is. But I obsess about big bouncy boobs in my head all the time. This is story is about how I quenched my obsession with huge mammaries.

I’m a twenty-one year old college student in the US. Whenever I walk around campus or am out at the bars I can’t help but be mesmerized by the busty girls I saw. Not to pat myself on the back, but girls pay attention to me when I look at them. I can usually elicit a giggle or a blush when I’m caught ogling a pair of big, round melon-like tits. That’s where my girlfriend comes in, she’s an awesome girl, but only has about a 36B bust.

Whenever I could I would always look at big boob porn sites on the internet. And as I said before, there wasn’t a pair of big knockers that escaped my gaze. In other words, big tits are an obsession with me.

One day I was out at a party. It was a great time, but there was this one girl there that caught my eye. Her name was Kristin, and we had been friends throughout college. She was about 5’6″ probably weighed about 150 or 160. Eighty of those pounds though had to be in her bra. She was a slender girl with skinny arms and a slender but shapely butt, hips and legs. The most prominent of her features were her tits though.

Whenever I talked to her it was a constant battle to not let my gaze wander down to the ample cleavage that she always displayed. I always snuck a few looks though, and kartal escort those peeks I took at her magnificent, proud chest fueled many masturbation sessions.

I would fantasize about putting my rock hard cock in between her huge, soft pillowy tits and pounding away at them. The thought of her quivering tit flesh encasing my manmeat stimulated me to cum many times when I masturbated.

At this party, no matter what conversation I was in, I would always be in the room with Kristin. I would constantly be monitoring the state of her two fleshy breasts, as most of the guys in the room were.

The party was coming to an end, and my head was filled with thoughts of Kristin’s huge boobs. I was ready to go home and have sex with girlfriend thinking of the huge rack that I wanted to bury my face in.

At that point, Kristin and I were the last ones there. Kristin came and said goodbye to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself closer to me to embrace me in a hug. Her huge, soft breasts were pressed up against me. Getting more bold I squeezed her back, savoring the sensation of being in close contact with that prized titflesh.

All of a sudden, my cock twitched. She pulled back in surprise and shock was on her face. But there was also the hint of a smile on her face.

“Are you excited Mike?” she giggled, which made her flesh melons jiggle just the slightest bit, which did not help the situation.

“umm…..yeah, I am.” I admitted, figuring that honesty would be the best policy.

“Do you kaynarca escort think you’re excited because of my tits?” As she asked she thrust out her chest.

We exchanged glances, she knew what I wanted, and I knew what she wanted. At this point my girlfriend was in the back of my head, I needed large tits and I needed them bad.

“I want you to bury your face in my cleavage Mike, please?”

Kristin didn’t have to ask twice as I dove right into her cleavage valley and began to suffocate myself with breast flesh. She pulled my head down farther into her titties as I buried my face in my own personal breast heaven.

I could tell that she was getting turned on, her tit mountains were rising and falling with each breath, she started to moan.

She pulled me out of her breast flesh for a second and as she was staring at the growing bulge in my pants she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She was wearing a black bra that looked too small for her creamy white tit monsters.

As she unhooked the clasp I thought I was in heaven. Her huge flesh balloons tumbled out, and I took a second to appreciate them. As I glanced down at the bra I noticed the size said 36F. I was in for a good night.

I was about to dive in for seconds on her tit mountains, but she pre-empted me and put her hand on my crotch.

“Well, well, my huge titties DO excite you don’t they.” She said as she admired the considerable tent I had pitched in the front of my pants.

As she pulled down my pants, my cock sprang up and kozyatağı escort almost hit her in the face.

“Ooooooh, that’s a nice piece of cockmeat you have there Mike.” She said as she started to jerk it off.

She started to go faster and faster. I looked down at her boobs which were jiggling wildly. I stopped her and told her to sit on the reclining chair. As she did this I put my knees up on the arms and positined my throbbing purple cockhead at the entrance of her enticing tit-valley.

“So you want to fuck my big plentiful tits huh?” Kristin got some baby oil and rubbed it all over her prize titties.

I answered by thrusting my manmeat in between her flesh pillows. It felt so warm and soft inside of her two twin flesh mountains.

I started to thrust harder and faster. Her boobs were jiggling and her titflesh was quivering as my cock continued to pound away at her tits.

I kept on thrusting my hips back and forth, proudly showing my throbbing manmeat as Kristin thrust out her chest for more titfucking.

As I kept on working my rock hard cock in between her quivering flesh pillows, I took it out and started cockslapping her tits, enjoying how her breast flesh would ripple.

I felt my cum start to boil up in my balls, so I continued to titfuck Kristin. Her huge mammaries were under seige from my manhood, and they provided a warm fleshy tunnel for my man meat. As I thrust faster, she actually came, she loved all the worship that I was paying to her titties.

My cock couldn’t take anymore of the tit tunnel and started to erupt. Cum was spurting out of my cum fountain like a fire hose. I drenched her titties in my white cream as she thrust out her chest to offer them up to me. After I was done drenching her titties I lay down on her plentiful, heaving, cum-drenched bosom. Right at that moment though, her buxom friend Cari walked back into the room…..

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