Confession Letters


June 12th

Hi Jan!

I know I told you on the phone about Chad’s visit, but here are the details: He will be arriving at the bus station at 2pm on the 5th of August, he hasn’t seen your new place so can you please pick him up from there. He’s got to get the 8 am bus back here, so make sure that he is up and there, I don’t want him to miss it, and you know how forgetful he can be.

Thanks again for putting him up for his vacation, I’m sure that he will love it over there. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t join you two, but I couldn’t get off work.

Chad likes cornflakes and fresh OJ in the morning, that is of course if you can get him out of bed. Honestly, sometimes I wonder how he can lie in there all day. Now that he’s 18 I don’t mind him drinking beer, but be a honey and make sure that he is sensible.

I have told Chad that he is to help out around the place and not to be rude to you. I don’t think that he would be rude, but if he sits around when he could be making himself useful, kick his ass into touch, OK?

I know that I have said all of that, but he really is still a nice boy, and no doubt he’ll turn a few girls heads while he’s there. Again I’ve told him to spend at least some time with his Auntie, ’cause you aren’t a boarding house.

Darren has asked me out again. Can you imagine the nerve of it? I’ve turned him down three times in the last month. I know that you’ve told me I need a man, but I at least want one with a good figure. Darren had to stop for a whole minute after jogging over the street to ask me, how is he going to keep up with my needs?

That reminds me, make sure that Chad does plenty of exercise. I know that it’s his vacation but if he lays off it will be hard on him when he gets back in training. Nothing heavy, unless you need him to carry something, just get him to run around the block every day or something.

Oh yeah, do you remember how I was telling you how Debbie Clauda was having an affair with her boss? Well her husband (Ricky Clauda, from high school) found out, so they’re going through a divorce. Have you found a new Mr. Right yet? I told you that you were too good for him but would you listen?

Can you get Chad to ring me as soon as he gets to yours, I’ll tell him to but he’ll probably forget.

Thanks again for having him.

Love Rhonda xx

* * * * *

30th June

Dear Rhonda,

I’m sure that Chad will have a good time here. If he needs exercise there’s the pool-yes it was finished the other day. The workmen have just finished clearing up and they won’t be coming ’round no more. I don’t know whether to be happy that I can swim in my own pool, or sad because I don’t have all those muscular men around the place!

Oh sis, how can I tell you how good it is to have a pool of my own. And there’s no-one who can see it so I might be tempted. You know, to go skinny-dipping, like we did at that mountain lake all those years ago.

I’m not sure what Chad can do all day here that he can’t do at your place. But the change of scene might be good enough. And like you say, I’ll have to get between him and Halkalı Escort any girls.

Apart from flirting with the pool guys my life has been sex free. Honestly, folks around here are starting to feel sorry for me. Hey, I could take Chad down to the bar and pass him off as my toy boy!

I remember Debbie, didn’t she used to be Debbie Smith? All of the boys figured she was the easiest lay in the High School. And this is with you around!

There’s no juicy news from these parts, it’s mainly about old neighbours not getting it up. Probably because they can see what their getting. Am I being bitchy today or what?

Gotta go.

Love Jan xxxxx

(only 2 kisses? Don’t you love me no more?)

* * * * *

3rd July

Hi Jan!

Don’t you go skinny dipping with my little boy around! He might get ideas. I’m sure he would love to go to the bar as his sexy Auntie’s date, hell, he’d love to go to the bar.

I’m sorry you missed out on the muscle. Perhaps I could have a pool put in, so that you and I could put the workmen off what they’re doing.

And yes, you were being so bitchy. If I was easy you were worse, I remember those short skirts of yours. But we were best as a team, guys drooled at the thought of the Cope sisters.

Darren has laid off for a while, that means that my nose gets a break. If no good-looking guy asks me out soon, I’ll have to go on holiday alone somewhere for a couple of one night stands.

Chad’s a good boy and he’ll do what you tell him, after a while. But I don’t see how you can keep the girls away, you see them fawning after him in the street.

You know, I think that Mr. and Mrs. Whiteacre across the street might be swingers or something, I see couples going in every so often and leaving the next morning. The husband is not all that bad, if I had a partner for his darling wife I might be tempted.

And of course I love you, I’ve sent extra kisses this time.

Love Rhonda

xxxxxxxxxx (OK?)

* * * * *

22nd July

Dear Rhonda,

I’m sorry that I haven’t written for a while, but work has been a pain in the ass. We’ve had all sorts of deadlines to meet and I haven’t had time for anything else. That won’t be a problem when Chad is here as I have already booked the time off.

If your neighbours are into swapping, let Chad take care of the wife while her husband takes care of you. I’m sure she would love to fuck a handsome young man, and Chad won’t mind helping his poor mother out, will he?

There’s a nice new guy in the office, his name is Steve. At the moment all of the girls are sniffing around him, including that silicone secretary my boss has. But he keeps smiling at me, so you never know.

I’m serious about the swapping, its not like it’s you Chad’ll be fucking (good luck).

Love Rhonda

* * * * *

1st August

My Dear Little Sister,

When I read that last letter of yours I wasn’t at all sure if I should be sending my son to stay with you. But after some thought, mainly done in parts of me that don’t normally think. I went to Halkalı Escort Bayan talk with Mrs. Whiteacre. Her name is Jeannie and she is the same age as you.

We got around to talking about sex, she talked about swinging and it got me so hot. She then commented that her husband, John, would love me to join them. Can you imagine how I felt just then!? I told her what you had suggested and, I’m not lying, her eyes lit right up. Then I said that I had not had any sex for a while. She laughed and said, “oh, for a minute there I thought you were going to say something else!” I thought that that was a funny thing to say, but we arranged to go over, it was last night.

When I told Chad he was eager, I think I saw the erection through his pants. We went over and had dinner, John was rubbing my thigh as we ate, I responded with a hand on his lap. He felt big. Chad and Jeannie looked happy so I reckon that they were doing the same. The wine loosened me up and there was one bit where I ate a long sausage like it was a dick. I saw both men staring.

After dinner we all went into the living room and John was saying how sexy I was. Somehow we ended up fucking naked on the couch. John is good and I must say that I came five time that night (thank you sis). But the most memorable bit was looking over and seeing my son, Chad, feeding his beautiful dick to Jeannie, it reminded me of my sausage act.

Every time I came I was looking at Chad, seeing his muscles flex as her fucked Jeannie, his dick going in and out of her. Oh Jan! I want my son to fuck me!

We both need a man, and he’s a man alright. I don’t know how to get past the incest thing. You’re his auntie, not his mother so it’s not so bad. I want you to seduce my son, and then get him to fuck me, I don’t know how. Please do it Jan. I know you want to. You can let him see you naked in the pool, bend over a lot so he sees that ass of yours. Then take him to that bar as a real date.

You know you want to. Love and lust Rhonda xxxxxxxxxxx

* * * * *

3rd August

Dear Perverse Sister, OK,OK,OK. That last letter had me wearing down the corners of my furniture. I like Chad too, but I never really thought about it (not too hard anyway).

Make sure that you don’t pack any underwear, shorts or trunks. I want to make him swim naked in that pool. I have put all sorts of plants and stuff around the near end of the pool, he’ll have to get out at the far end, so I can see his buns as he gets out, the sun glinting on them as water pours away…

ANYWAY, I’ve been telling all my girlfriends around here that I have a drop dead young boyfriend, so let’s hope Chad is a good enough actor to not say “auntie” in front of anyone but me.

Got to stop or I’ll miss the post,

Love Jan XXXXX

* * * * *

16th August

Dear Rhonda,

Chad is certainly a big boy. And now he certainly doesn’t have a problem about incest, in the last six days, your darling son has fucked his auntie almost hourly. It’s a wonder that I can walk to the post-box. He’s asleep as I write this.

The pool trick Escort Halkalı worked, He went skinny dipping and I watched, my fingers in my pussy. Then I sent him to the store and got in the pool naked myself. When he got back I called out to him and asked him to pass me my towel. He couldn’t have not seen my body and I chided him for looking, to add to the sexual atmosphere.

Then I suggested an evening in the bar, he agreed. Then I said, “let’s have some fun, we’ll pretend to be a couple, I’ll have a few friends in there tonight.” And he agreed. I told him to call me Jan, not auntie, and he went along with that.

I put on a black silk camisole, and some sheer black stockings, and over that I wore that red summer dress, you know, we got a matching pair of them. When Chad saw me he whistled. “You look nice.” He was wearing a smart but casual outfit, a shirt and black jeans. Nice scent too, who bought it?

I kissed him, he looked surprised. “We should be kissing if we’re a couple,” I told him, “people would notice if we didn’t, and they’ll be sure that we have gone a lot further too.” He grinned, “what are you saying, you go all the way on the first date?” “Depends on how much of a hunk he is, Chad.”

Just before we went into the bar I took his hand mine and told him to lead the way. As he pushed open the door I giggled as if he had said something funny, he shot me a glance but didn’t say anything. “Get me a light beer hon.” I said and went and sat down in just the right place to be seen by as many of my girlfriends as possible.

We had a great time and Chad acted the part well. When I thought it was time I French-kissed him and said it was time to go home. He saw the look in my eye and agreed. Oh, sis. The glances of admiration your boy got as we left the bar early.

Outside I pretended we were being watched and kissed him again. Boy, is he a good kisser. Outside the house I kissed him again and squeezed his ass. Then after I closed the door behind us I kissed him again, and he squeezed my ass. He was hard and it pressed against me. I smiled and said “would you like coffee?” He said yes so I led him upstairs and into my room. I dropped my dress around my ankles and said, “drink up.”

He took me in his arms and opened his mouth to speak, but I wasn’t in the mood for lousy lines, so I kissed him instead. Then I went down and sucked his heavenly dick. He didn’t last long before filling my mouth with cum, but that’s why I sucked instead of fucked. I lay down and spread my legs, showing him how wet my pussy was. He went to lick it, darling boy, but I stopped him and told him to fuck his auntie Jan.

Since then we’ve tried lots of positions and every room, as well as the pool. Chad seems to be really turned on by fucking a relative. When I say something like “fuck your auntie,” or “are you sure you want to do this? We’re committing incest,” he fucks me so much harder. Are you sure that you want him back? We must visit each other more often.

Now this is how you are going to do it. When he gets back, he’ll find you dressed in that red summer dress, and you’ll kiss him like you want to and ask if he wants to have coffee with his mother. You’re a big girl and he’s certainly a big boy, so you’re on your own from there.

Gotta go, I’m having a sausage breakfast.

Love Jan xxxxX**Xx
(Chad just kissed my pussy, but he hasn’t seen what I’m writing)

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