It was turning out to be another typical day in a dying job. My sales had been down for the last three months and it was really starting to hit my wallet. I really didn’t feel like having my boss rub it in my face how bad my life was sucking, but little did I know that one sentence during a routine confrontation would affect my life so much.

“What the fuck is up with you lately, are you going to do some work?” My boss bitched.

“I’m driving everything that I can; the problem is the numbers we’re asking.”

“Don’t talk to me about the God damned numbers! I know what they are! I set them! They are solid! You are the problem. You need to work a different angle, work a gimmick.”

“If you want a gimmick go hire some whore with big tits, if you want me to push a reasonable product, drop the God damned price.”

And there was. It meant very little to me at the time, but next week it definitely would.


The following Wednesday I found a surprise I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about. Walking into my office I saw my desk was pushed over to one side of the room and another was now sharing it with me. As I sat for a couple of moments, upset at the idea of having to share my office, my boss, Henry, came in with a stunning counterpart in tow. Spiraled curls of flaxen hair, framed her alabaster face. Her large blue eyes were so hypnotizing that it took me a moment to see her full pink lips. The swollen flesh around her mouth was completely erotic to me, and my thoughts went immediately to what it would feel like to part it with my cock. She wore a tight black business suit that clung beautifully to her excessively curvy hourglass body.

“Cal, this is Eva.” He said. “She is going to be working along side you in sales. Hopefully she can tap into some new blood.”

“So this is Calvin!” She spoke joyfully, ignoring my extended hand and giving me a tight hug. “Henry has told me so much about you. I’m so excited to be working with you; hopefully you don’t mind helping me out and showing me the ropes.”

A bit disoriented by the situation, I replied “Oh no, of course not, It’s great to have you.”

In a way it was great, she was the absolute slut I had sarcastically told Henry to hire, but I really wasn’t thrilled about the extra competition. Over the next few hours, I made attempts to explain what we did at Cerberus, but she would quickly change the subject to something trite although sometimes amusing. I pegged her for a strait bimbo. She was a very touchy person; her hands were constantly on my arms, shoulders, and thighs.

When she took off her jacket, she revealed a baby blue top with spaghetti straps. It looked more like lingerie than a top. Her tits, which I’m guessing at about Double D were readily viewable through the thin blue silk. But it wasn’t until she went to the water cooler that I noticed the sluttiest thing yet. As she bent over to fill her cup, the thin material of her pants became transparent. The flesh color of her great mounds showed distinctly through the black mesh. And the hint of a thin blue line below a little blue triangle ran directly in the crack of her ass.

More to make her aware that I was watching her ass than to actually complain I spoke, “I’m not sure if you are aware, but those pants are actually quite transparent when you bend over.”

“Oh God no I didn’t! I’m so sorry that is so unprofessional.” She twisted her upper body towards me while not changing the direction of her ass. She took one finger and pressed it into her cheek as if watching the stretching material. “You can’t see through it.”

“So Eva, you’re not wearing a blue thong?”

She then reached under her waistband and pulled out a single blue string that was clearly pinched between her round cheeks. “Ok I guess you can. But you only saw it because you were trying to look my butt.” She said smiling, as she walked back over and sat down by me. She lightly slapped my arm, “Oh you know you liked it, didn’t you?”

“Oh, I’m not going to argue with you.” I replied as we both laughed.

If I wasn’t mistaken, her nipples were getting hard as we spoke. They were visible before, but now they looked like they could cut ice through the little blue top. I would do anything to take them in my hands, better yet my mouth.

At the end of the day we really hadn’t got much work or training done, but I was at least entertained. She gave me another big hug before leaving, pressing her huge tits firmly against me as she thanked me for all my help. She then walked over to her desk and leaned excessively far over her chair to pick up her jacket. She looked back at me and smiled as she bit her tongue. She then shifted her weight from leg to leg in sort of a mock jog fashion. She was watching me as I watched her round pink ass wiggle inside the sheer painted on fabric.

“Now that’s not fair,” I said smiling “to tease me like that.”

“Oooh poor baby, I’m sure you can take it.” she told me as she pecked me on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetie.” As she was walking towards the door, her hips were rising and falling sharply under my gaze.


The next day she came to work in another tight thin outfit. The tanned jacket and skirt was complimented by another golden lingerie-type top. We shared a bit of small talk and I told her about an important meeting I had later in the day. I had been working on this big wig, Daniel Mason, for months now, but I could never get him to leave one of our competitors and use Cerberus as his supplier. Getting his business would net me about an extra ten thousand a quarter in commissions. Once Eva seemed tired of business talk, she squeezed my thigh to get my attention and then went over to the cooler. She slowly leaned over and forced her body to a ninety, with the top of her ass and shoulders both higher than the small of her back.

“Can you see what color panties I’m wearing today?” She asked as she slightly bounced, causing her ass to shake beautifully.

I stared entranced; but try as I might I couldn’t make out a color. “No your clothes are too thick today, you need to change immediately.”

“Aww, that’s too bad. Do you want to guess?” She said walking towards me crossing one leg in front of the other with each step.


“You pig!” she playfully shouted and she slapped my arm laughing. izmit otele gelen escort “No, I’m not a complete slut.”

“Prove it; are you going to let me see?”

She turned just a little bit more than if I was looking at her profile and shifted her weight as to push out the cheek closest to me out. She then pulled her shirt up about four inches. I took the hint and reached into her waistline and pulled out a little pink string. I gave it a few light tugs after it had reached the limit it could stretch.

“Oooh baby, careful I may like that.” She said while taking the string from my fingers.

The alarm on my computer went off, signaling me it was time to get to my meeting with Mason. I tried to postpone standing a minute to make sure my excited prick wasn’t too obvious.

“You can’t go like that, let me help.” Eva said pulling me to my feet with cock still somewhat aroused.

She ruffed up my hair a little with both hands, and then proceeded to brush the wrinkles out of my suit. She ran her hands across my shoulders a couple of times and then from the center of my chest out. She then made a few strokes down each of my pant legs. One of her strokes clearly ran along my semi-hard cock.

“Dress to the left do we?” She said laughing. She then smiled up at me with those big blue eyes while running her hand against my dick in the exact same way twice more.

“How about a kiss for good luck?”

She firmly pressed those beautifully full lips hard against mine and then slapped my ass. “MMMuh. Go get ‘em tiger.”

My presentation was shit. All I could think about was Eva. Fucking Eva. This girl was fucking amazing and I needed to be inside of her.

I wasn’t surprised in the meeting when Daniel told me “I just can’t justify leaving Omega right now with the competitive rates they offer.” Only this time I didn’t care, I was too distracted.


Friday, I was disappointed when Eva spent most of the day at her desk instead of next to mine like she had been. I was staring at my computer for hours, but I was thinking about her when she frantically broke the silence.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!”

“What’s going on? What’s the matter?”

“Fuck! Look!” Eva said standing from her chair. She was spreading her legs at shoulders length and looking down at her crotch. A long piece of thread dangled between her toned thighs from underneath her little skirt. “I tried to pull it but it got worse.”

“Do you need some help?” I said smiling.

She half laughed, “Seriously, would you?”

She came to me and lifted her skirt just enough so I could see a hint of her white panties from my seated position. Her matching stockings had fancy material with designs woven into them right where they ended at her lust inspiring thighs; this was the area that the thread had come from. I leaned in to get a better look up her skirt and was intoxicated. I could fully see the shape of her puffy lips underneath the white panties; a slight crevice formed right between them. I almost couldn’t believe it, there was a hint of dampness coming from her. I put one hand on her thigh and wrapped the thread around a finger on my other hand. As I did this, I let my hand only graze at first, but then put pressure on her wet pussy.

“Hey there stud, are you trying to get a thread or feel me up?” Came her bubbly tone.

I broke the thread and then began to rub her juicy lips, fully appreciating the dampness on my fingers. “Can’t it be both?”

“Slow down there cowboy.” She said, slowly pushing my hand away.

I don’t think I was really listening; after all just yesterday she was just rubbing my cock wasn’t she? Without thinking I leaned in to kiss her.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa!” She exclaimed. “I’m sorry; I think we really need to clear something up. I’m a very flirty person, I think you know that; but that’s all it is. I know sometimes it’s hard for guys to tell the difference, but I just like to have fun. I’m not sexually attracted to you.”

The words echoed in my head like the ticking of the second hand of a clock. “I’m not sexually attracted to you. I’m not sexually attracted to you. I’m not sexually attracted to you.”

She broke the long silence, “Look I got a meeting to go to, I’ll see you later ok?”

Ok? No it wasn’t fucking ok. What kind of a fucking cock tease parades her tits and ass around you, rubs your dick, and then throws the car into park. I was infuriated. This bitch comes into my office, wasting my time, distracting me, and who the fuck would she be meeting with?


It was a long weekend; I spent much of the time replaying the moments in my head. I thought of a million things to say to this little tramp but always knew that none of them would ever come out of my mouth. I finally came to the conclusion of what had to happen, she had to go. I would hook up my personal camera to my work computer before she comes in on Monday, and after she starts whoring it up, I’ll show it to corporate and she’ll be canned.


When Monday finally came, I got to work early and hooked up my camera as planned. She strutted in wearing her typical trash: A flimsy little red top that did little to hide her oversized tits and short black skirt that covered about an inch or two past her huge ass. I was angered at the bubbly tone in her greeting; she spoke as if nothing had ever happened. However, I returned the greeting in kind, hoping to let her feel comfortable and make available her whorish nature. Despite many of my subtle innuendos to provoke her throughout the day, she remained quite tame. Tame until about thirty minutes to close.

The receptionist rang the office. “Mr. Mason is here for his appointment.”

Mason here? Mason never came here. What appointment? Was this who Eva had met with on Friday?

“Send him in.” I said in a quite shocked tone.

I greeted him at the door with a firm handshake. “Mr. Mason, it’s nice of you to stop by.”

“Oh it’s no problem at all Calvin, no problem at all.” He quickly dismissed me, “Eva! There’s my girl, how are you?” He said giving her a great hug letting his hands rest neatly at the upper portion of her ass.

“Danny! Great to see you izmit anal yapan escort again, you are looking great!”

As their embrace broke, she gave him a firm close mouthed kiss exactly as she had me only days earlier. She then with the same hand placement that he had used on the top of her ass she guided him to the chair in front of her desk.

What the fuck! She was stealing my sale! I had been working this guy, he was mine! That little cunt!

With excessive batting of her large blue eyes and overly exaggerated posture, she went around to the other side of the desk and perched up on it. She was trying (though not very hard) to reach a binder on the top of her cabinets. The position she was in was incredibly erotic and incredibly intentional. Her arm reached up above her head, forcing her breast out even further through the thin top. Her nipples were ever present and ever obvious; not only could the hard protrusions at there tips be seen, the distinct circle of her areola was visible by the different firmness of the skin against the silky garment. Her legs were partially spread, knees apart about two foot (all her dress would allow) and feet spread even farther. We both sat transfixed by the tiny little red panties that stared out from between her thighs like a spotlight.

“I have itemized your needs we spoke about earlier, and have them priced in this binder………If I could reach it.” She laughed making fake attempts at short thrust towards the book that made her breast bounce wildly.

“Oh, take your time darling. I’m just enjoying the view. I see you’ve color coordinated for me today.” Mason said lecherously.

She gave him a questioning look. I didn’t buy it; I knew it was part of her act. To which he let his eyes move repeatedly between her tits and her crotch.

She feigned embarrassment moving one hand between her legs to close over her bright red panties and the other grasping an enormous breast as if covering her bright red top. Keeping her mouth wide open she playfully replied, “Now Mr. Mason what would Mrs. Mason think about you looking up other women’s dresses?”

Once again I wanted to thrust my cock into that inviting hole of hers. Those open lips looked like their sole purpose was to suck dick. I know she was playing to Mason, not me, but I couldn’t help but get aroused myself.

“But I guess boys will be boys.” She said putting her knees up onto the desk to reach the binder. Her ass was now pointed out at us through the tight little skirt.

She then handed him the book and went around behind him. Resting her hands on his shoulders and placing her head close to his. She went line by line talking about each item, making sure to throw in unnatural laughs every now and then. After finishing with the booklet she returned to her side of the desk where they continued to talk about more personal subjects. He bragged to her about his huge boat, and she relayed a story about a time she lost her top while skiing; lifting and squeezing her breast with both hands to add emphasis to the story. Similar stories followed with him talking about how rich he was and her talking about what a tramp she was. Finally he signed the contract about forty-five minutes after we were supposed to be closed. Upon leaving Eva gave him another embrace but as their grip relaxed he slid his hands down to full on grab her great ass.

“So you’re going to come out to my boat with me this weekend?” Mason asked.

“You might have to buy me a new bikini first; I’m still missing the top for mine remember?”

“Sorry Kiddo, that ones going to have to do.” He said tightening his grip on her ass.

“We’ll see.” She said laughing and gave him another firm peck on the lips.

“I can’t wait.” He said walking out the door.

The bastard didn’t even acknowledge I was there. Eva started stamping her feet in short jerky steps and crying out with glee.

“What the fuck was that?”

“That is how you make a sale, Cal.”

“No that’s how your trampy ass steals my sale.”

“Oh boo. I don’t give a damn if you can’t pull the trigger, that’s not going to stop me from getting mine.”

In a split second, I struck her with the back of my hand without thinking. I had hit her so hard she fell back onto her desk; a small crack in her lip letting a thin line of blood escape. She had fallen with her legs wide open, her red panties once again fully exposed.

“Oh my God, you fuck! You are fucking dead!” She barked.

Not even hearing her words I grabbed her pussy as hard as I could in my hand. “This is all you have to offer you fucking whore. This is what stole my sale; it’s your fucking cunt, you fucking cunt.”

She screamed in pain at the pressure I was putting on her pussy; the pussy I have been wanting ever since I saw her. I jerked my hand around roughly not letting loose of my grip. She grabbed my wrist, trying to pry them from the abused area.


“Shut up you whore.” I said using my other hand to grip her throat and press her back on the desk.

She was frantically slapping and pulling and the hand on her throat; choking she couldn’t make her words come out. I turned the grip I had on her pussy and put my fingers under the crotch of the material. As I pulled, the material gave way effortlessly. There it was, the most beautifully swollen pussy. Two pink puffy lips decorated with a soft tiny triangle of quarter inch sandy blonde hair. I jammed three fingers inside her forcefully. I was delightfully surprised at her incredible wetness. Viciously as possible, I pulled her around by the makeshift handle. At first I had hardly noticed her clawing at my arm, but I somewhat enjoyed it. It was only when her attacks slowed and her face started to take on the most beautiful blue color that I loosened the grip on her throat. I didn’t let go all at one time, I wanted to admire how beautifully her skin complimented her eyes. As bloodshot as they were the bright blue stared out at me with a fear and passion that excited me. I pinned her arms above her head as I watched her gasping for air and the color returning to face. Just when she had about caught her breath, I tore the thin red top from by the low collar. Her huge completely exposed tits were still rising and falling heavily. I gripped one of them harshly with my spare hand. Wonderfully warm skin, giving flesh, reflexive nipples; fuck she had great tits. I took the other into my mouth and bit down around her nipple without regard for pressure.

“Please Cal…….Please sansürsüz escort bayan don’t.” she screeched in a breathless tone.

“Don’t what? Don’t fuck you? Now that wouldn’t be right would it? After all you did fuck me. I think it’s only right to return the favor.”

“Please….don’t fuck me…….please…don’t……..fuck me…” She said through tears. Mascara was now starting to stream down her pretty face.

“What a dirty little mouth you have. I think I know what to do with that dirty mouth of yours. Taking her hair in both my hands, I guided her to her knees in front of me.


With a twist of my wrist I told her ‘Take out my cock you fucking whore.”

Crying loudly, she unzipped my slacks and removed my fully hard dick from its hiding place. It had been burning for so long because of this slut, and now her hands around my shaft felt like heaven. She started to object again, but another twist of my wrist and my dick was quickly in her mouth. The warm sucking of that gorgeous mouth was wonderful, but I wasn’t convinced that was all she had. I pulled it away, and then gave her another slap to the face.

“Now do you want to suck my cock or are you just going to keep teasing it?”

“I want to suck it.” She said softly.

“What?” I demanded pulling her hair.

“I want to suck your cock! Please let me suck your cock! Calvin, I really want to suck your cock!” She said with much more conviction.

And suck she did. The suction from this tiny little mouth was unbelievable. She bobbed ferociously on it as if sucking for her very life. What a beatific face; the tossed about mass of curls, the radiating blue eyes streaming with mascara, the huge pink lips leaking a hint of blood as they firmly grip my greedy cock, she was an angel. I almost lost myself in the moment, was I not able to regain a semblance of lucidity, I would have surely exploded in my little angel’s mouth. But I wasn’t ready for that yet. I removed my shirt and forced her back up onto the desk.

Her choked cries resumed, “Please, Calvin No!”

I paid her no mind as I put one hand across her mouth and pinned her to the desk. I let my cock penetrate her inviting pussy ever so slowly. She began slapping, clawing and kicking. I wrapped my arm around one of her legs to limit the amount she could kick her legs. I did enjoy her able to fight back some. The attempted kicks provided a wonderful randomness of direction and force against my cock that was buried deeply inside of her. Her slaps and scratches just accented my ecstasy by making me ever more aware of the difference between the pleasure and pain. Once I noticed that I also was developing a fair amount of blood, I decided to rebind her arms and keep her body down with the weight of my own. Unexpectedly, that little crying bitch started biting my neck. Once again, I enjoyed the feeling but was afraid of the marks that would be left. So I put some distance between Eva’s upper body and my own. After another slap to her face for her insolence, I then slapped her tits several times.

“Since I can’t seem to trust you, we are going to have to try something different.”

I pulled my cock out of her gushing pussy and forced her to lay face down on the desk. Her beautifully gaping cheeks stood fully exposed and deliciously inviting, second only to the tiny pink asshole that lay between them. I slapped each cheek several times as she cried out with each slap. I loved watching the waves of flesh that traveled with each consecutive slap. I then forced about half a finger into the tight dry asshole. She shrieked out like a siren. I knew no one was still in the office, but a shrill like that made me worry about passersby. I removed my finger and bent down to run my tongue on those wonderfully welted mounds of ass. A tongue became a bite as I attacked her cheeks with my teeth. The meat felt wonderful between my teeth. I found my way to the inside of her cheeks where her tender patch hid just around her asshole. The faint smell drove me crazy, and I felt so ravenous. I extended my tongue to taste the pleasures of her dripping cunt and puckered ass. Each was deliciously fulfilling as I darted my tongue inside both of her glorious holes.

“Uhhhh, Uhhhhhh, Uhhhhhh.” Eva uttered.

What was this? Was she enjoying herself? That wasn’t going to happen. I was here to take what was mine. I decided it was time to return my cock inside her with a vengeance. I wrapped one hand around her mouth expecting a tormented scream momentarily. I them drove my needy cock completely within her most snug of holes. The muffled scream was music to my ears as I buried my dick in her again and again. After a while, all the air had escaped her lungs once again and she could scream no more. I took the opportunity to grip both of her well defined hips and use them as handles to force my cock into her tiny orifice. My thighs slapping against her ass faster and faster, she began gasping with each thrust.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, oh, no, uh, ple…,stop, oh, uuuhh, ohhhh, stoooooppp, pleeease, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Unbelievable, this little whore was getting off on my dick abusing her asshole. Her tortured pleas forced me into my own throes. I took her precious hair in one hand like a bridle and drilled her as hard and humanly possible. I soon began to unload deep inside of her ass. I screamed with my own elation as I continued to pumping her. When I could no longer move, save for some slight convolutions, I slowly pulled my sensitive prick from her gripping hole. We both collapsed as we tried to catch our breath. I looked back and forth from the delightful ass still presented in the air so lovely, and my half swollen cock, soaked in cum and a touch of blood. Once I could compose myself I thought I should clarify things with Eva.

“Eva there is something I think you should see………Eva, get up!”

She more fell into than sat in her chair; breast and pussy still fully exposed. I showed her the camera on my computer.

“Do you know what this means?”

“You raped me.” She said so weakly.

“No, it means that if you say anything about this, first I will show your business dealings with Danny to corporate; you are sure to lose your job. Afterwards, I will go to Mason and tell him that unless he destroys your life, his escapades will be seen by Mrs. Mason. What do you think might happen then?”

“I don’t know”

“Hmmm, you know what I think is going to happen?


“You are going to tell me that you love me, and we are going to call it a day.”


“You are going to tell me that you love me, and we are going to call it a day.” I repeated in the same tone.

“I love you, Calvin.” She said softly.

“I love you too, Eva.” I said as I kissed her bloodied lips and walked out the door.

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