College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 15


The sound of the Alpha’s voice filled my body with sheer terror. My tiny balls quickly receded into my body as if they were desperately searching for somewhere to hide. I was naked, but now I felt even more vulnerable and exposed now that it was me up there on the stage.

I quickly looked around to get my bearings. Brit was naked on the floor except for her thigh-high stockings and the collar around her next that was tied to the the wall. Her hands were bound behind her back and she held her head down so her dark streaks of hair somewhat obscured her face. She didn’t move or look up to see me.

Kat stepped away from me as we entered and found a good spot for her to lean against to view the activities. In the darkness of the audience I could only make out Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Anderson in their usual seats. They seemed to be relaxed as their gaze fell upon the stage as well.

Out of the darkness and onto the stage stepped Jenna. She looked amazing wearing her black yoga pants and bare feet. She was wearing a tank top and her hair was up. Having been together for so long I could tell that her stare as she approached me was a look that showed both frustration with how I had behaved, but also with a large dose of concern for my well-being. Other than that, I could get no read on what she was thinking.

Finally, I drummed up the courage to look to the center of the stage. I had been putting it off out of fear, but I had to bite the bullet and acknowledge the Alpha. Jake stood in complete control in the center of the stage clothed in what looked like he had just come from the gym. His broad shoulders and otherwise ripped frame were as conspicuous as ever. His face wasn’t quite smug, but it certainly was confident and projected a fair amount of earned superiority. Next to him, was the saw horse.

If I weren’t paralyzed with fear I would have tried running in whatever direction seemed easiest. Talking and being with these girls in hypothetical situations over the last day or so was one thing, but now, with the Alpha present a whole new dynamic was suddenly palpable. I was sure that we could all feel in on a base level. Two males, whose status was ostensibly uncertain were facing off with no obstructions or interference from outside, and it was winner take all.

Jake for his part seemed to be relishing this experience with that cocky smile. I was nervous as hell after all that shit-talking I had done. Talking shit was easy. Backing it up, was a whole other matter. And now, with the latest girls in my life looking on, I had nowhere to hide.

“Someone has been a bad boy,” Jake mocked from the center of the stage. This put all eyes on me, mostly seemingly out of concern.

I felt like I was supposed to speak, but I had no idea what to say. “I… I uh…” was all that emerged from my lips.

“You have no idea what to do or to say because you are way out of our league?” Jake asked coolly. He was right and could see right through me. He sort of started circling me as if I were prey. I was terrified.

He looked directly into my eyes as he paced. He knew that I could never match his stare and forced me to lower my eyes.

Finally he spoke. “You know what I’ve been thinking bitch?” he asked rhetorically with a fair amount of condescension, “I don’t think that you have been treated fairly here. I mean, I stole your girlfriend physically, thereby cucking you, and you had absolutely no say in the matter.” He stopped and folded his arms. “I have to ask myself, ‘Now, is that fair?'”

I knew that he didn’t expect an answer. He continued, “I mean, I knew it was a forgone conclusion that I was going to cuck you and you would fall into line, but for even the most submissive of your type I pushed a lot onto you in a short amount of time. Jenna, with all her care for you did warn me to go easy. But, now I’m afraid that I might have broken your little mind.”

I had no idea how to respond to that.

“Then there’s still that matter of your little bitty masculinity that you cling to,” he went on. “I knew it would be a problem, true. And I knew that I should have probably stamped it out earlier, but I guess you might call me… sporting.” He spoke with such a smug look of confidence. “Of course your stubborn hang-ups on trying to still be ‘the man’ have come to bite us all in the ass. Now, it has to be dealt with.”

Although she didn’t say anything I could feel Jenna sort of perk up, perhaps out of concern. I looked at her and we made the briefest of eye contact.

Jake continued his circling. “So I tell you what. I think that I should give you a shot. How about that? A shot at having Jenna all to your… little self?” he again rhetorically asked. “I propose a challenge. Mano a mano. And I tell you what cuck, I’ll give you first shot.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jenna sort of shake her head ‘no’. She seemed worried for me. Kat still leaning off the main action seemed interested. Brit still didn’t stir.

“That’s fair isn’t it?” Jake asked almost mocking. Escort Bayan “I’ve already humiliated the shit out of you. Fucked your girl, emasculated you, and so on, how about I give you one good shot at redemption?” He had a cocky look on his face. “That way you can say that you gave it your all, and I can say that I was fair while I cucked you?”

Him giving me exactly what I wanted seemed too good to be true. This is precisely what I had been asking for and now he appeared to be handing it to me on a silver platter.

“But,” he said authoritatively, “This would have to settle it. You win, you and you alone get Jenna. I win and all this nonsense stops. Some would say that I am being too soft giving you this chance, but let’s call me progressive. In this day in age even guys who fuck lesser guy’s girls should be flexible.”

He seemed to be almost chummy at this point. “Don’t you think that’s fair?” he asked.

I sort of nodded that I did.

“Great,” he said taking one step toward me. “Honestly,” he said, “I wish you luck.” He put his hands behind his back and extended his face toward me. “Now, don’t hold back. Who knows if you will ever get another chance?”

He closed his eyes and left me alone with his exposed chin. I stood there for a few seconds, which felt like an hour, and tried to get my bearings. Here was exactly what I had told Kat I wanted and now with it right in front of me I had no idea how to proceed.

I looked over at Jenna and with Jake’s eyes closed we were free to exchange glances. I looked at her for information on how to move forward, but all I got from her was seemingly frustration that I was thinking of proceeding. She shook her head as if to tell me to stop. She seemed to want me to back off this course. Didn’t she think that I could win? His eyes were closed and his chin was extended, how hard could this be?

I looked at Jake. Man I hated him. He had humiliated me. He had cucked me. He had made me terrified. Now was my chance. I would wipe that smug look off of his face and take Jenna for my own once and for all.

I walked up to him and clenched my fist. I took every ounce of masculine power I had and wound up. I leaned back like I had seen in the movies. I was going to knock this guy out.

I lunged forward with all my might. I punched for Kat who didn’t believe in me. I punched for Brit who had endured that beast. I punched for Jenna who never saw me as a man like Jake. And I punched for myself for getting cucked while I did absolutely nothing to stop it. I punched with all the manly might left in my being.


And nothing. My fist bounced off his chin like it was a little baby hitting a brick wall. Pain actually shot through my hand from the contact. I had absolutely no effect but to hurt myself.

Jake opened his eyes and with a smug look said, “Well, at least you can never say that you didn’t get that one punch.” He looked at me directly in the eye as we both knew that I never stood a chance.

Out of terror, submission, pure common sense or some combination of all three I jumped to the ground on my knees at his feet and supplicated with all I had. I had no idea what else to do.

As he approached me I near wailed, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry Sir!”

He stopped right above me. “Yea? No shit.”

Jenna hurried and sat down on her knees next to me. We both humbly positioned ourselves below him in a propitiatory manner. Me for my failed hubris and her for her support of me. She wanted to show that she was with me despite my missteps. She really did care.

“You realize what I can do to you boy?” the Alpha asked assertively.

“Yes Sir,” I nodded.

“He knows Jake,” Jenna said almost pleading.

Jake positioned himself in a menacing manner right in front of me. It was clear that if he was to take his turn I would be in big trouble. However, instead of immediately striking, he paused as he loomed over me savoring the moment.

“What about your pride?” he asked mockingly.

“I was wrong,” I whimpered.

“What about this idea of challenging me? Where the fuck are your balls?”

“I’m sorry Sir, you were right,” I told him honestly. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“That was fucking pathetic,” he said forcefully. “Even by your standards.”

I winced a little.

“I’m not going to hit you bitch.” He sighed at bit, “I don’t need to. But what I do need to do is educate your cuck-ass.”

He lifted Jenna up and faced her perfect ass near my eyes. “Look at this bitch,” he ordered. “Can you take care of this?”

I looked at her nicely rounded ass in those tight yoga pants. I knew what he was talking about. A girl like that with a body like that deserved a capable, strong man. I had proven myself to be anything but. Just the thought of me attempting to take care of that ass and the failure that would result made me go flaccid in hopelessness.

I nodded that no, I couldn’t. “No Sir….”

He smacked it with his hand and I could Bayan Escort see it vibrate. “Damn straight,” he said confidently. “You see this, you get intimidated. It fucks you up.” He smacked it again, “When I see this I know exactly what to do. How to handle it and how to take care of it.”

He was right. I looked down at her pretty feet. Those were for me.

He sat Jenna back down. “Now, do you want that fine piece in the hands of some whimpering beta trying to play he-man? Trying to go through the motions of what he thinks it means to be a big boy? Or does she deserve to be in the care of an actual man who knows what he’s doing and not just faking shit through life?” he asked.

“I want that for her,” I answered.

“That’s because you aren’t a complete fucking creep,” he responded. “Now you have to acknowledge the fucking truth already. You aren’t and you never will be the guy who can take care of that. Understand?”

I nodded that I did. Jenna grabbed my hand that was on my leg and held it.

“I took that burden off of you cuck,” he said almost paternally. “You should be thanking me.”

Jenna gently squeezed my hand in support. “I do Sir,” I answered. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

“I do,” he responded assuredly. “You’ve had too much freedom lately,” he said as he held up the key. “It’s gone to your head and given you too many crazy notions.”

The room had a different vibe suddenly. I could feel my stomach drop as I was publicly called out for my deceit.

I lowered my head in deference but I didn’t say anything.

“He’s sorry Jake,” Jenna pleaded for me.

“Of course he is,” Jake said smugly. He paused for a bit effect. “So cuck, what we have here is still the matter of both your punishment, and your lingering drops of masculinity that have so clouded your brain.” He tapped the key into his hand. With a smug look in his face he said, “I say we kill two birds with one stone.”

I kept my head low as I acknowledged what he was saying. Part of me was waiting for this. Not just waiting in the sense of knowing it was to happen, but also part of me wanted this to happen.

I released Jenna’s hand, stood up, turned around, put both hands on the saw horse, and arched my back.

“Finally….” I heard Mr. Johnson say almost mockingly off stage.

At the same time I heard two different and distinct sighs from Kat and Brit. Whatever their meanings were would have to wait as my task at hand stole my attention back.

This wasn’t about gay or straight, I knew that.

This was what I needed. I needed it for me to get me to a place where I wouldn’t fight who I was anymore. Emasculation it turns out, can take many forms. Having this form, in front of these girls would take me to the next level of submission I had been compelled to find. This recent last outburst was just a tantrum. This was the cure.

He needed it as an Alpha. He needed to show that he was in charge, that his authority wasn’t to be questioned. And that if it was, punishments were to be had. This would give closure to my insubordination.

Jenna actually didn’t really need this as much. She already knew where I stood. She already knew which roles I filled well and which I needed to abandon; more that I ever knew, that’s for sure. If anything, this would make her feel more comfortable that I was aware of what she already knew.

Therefore, I arched.

Jake threw the key into the small of my back where it remained. “Well, like I said,” he quipped as he approached me. “It’s almost like you were a born natural beta…”

He stopped behind me and I grabbed the saw horse tight. I could hear him pull down his pants. He smacked my bare ass and the sound rang throughout the room.

He yanked the plug right out of me without a care to my pain. As I screamed out I could hear audible gasps of empathy. It took me a few seconds to recollect myself afterwards.

He grabbed my hips and started his mount.

“Wait,” Jenna called as she approached Jake. She got down on her knees at his feet and grabbed his quickly rock-hard cock and shoved it into her mouth. She gave it a good coating as she lubed it up for me. She pulled her head off and gave it one more good spit and then returned up to the saw horse and put her hand on my back in support.

He remounted me and I suddenly could feel this thick tip on my boy-pussy. It was teasing to enter me.

“I could lie and say this is for you or some shit,” he said cockily. “But honestly, it’s more so I can keep fucking your girlfriend whenever I want and I won’t have to hear any shit from you again.”

With that he thrust himself straight into me. Again, I cried out in pain as he stretched the shit out of me. Thank god for Miss Kat’s prepping or I would have no idea what I would have done. I followed her invaluable instructions, I breathed and relaxed.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for my ass to accept him. As I relaxed and he fully entered me there was another Escort audible gasp in the room. This one seemingly was of relief. The Alpha had violated the beta and all seemed to be in the right place.

As his powerful thrusts of violation intensified, I could feel movement down below. I looked underneath me, and although my balls remained hidden inside me, I was indeed developing a small semi. It wasn’t remotely hard, but it was seemingly slightly extended as it moved with each of his pushes.

As dominating as the violation was, the sensation that it was sending through my groin also somehow felt right. It was like all those beta pulses that I had experienced recently times fifty. As Jenna rubbed my back in support, something about this position, both literal and of status felt so right.

“Take it slut,” Jake interrupted with a firm smack to my ass.

As I contemplated how far I had fallen; how humiliated had been and was at that moment; how much this tyrant had emasculated me; how submissive he had caused me to become; how beautiful the girls were that he was doing this in front of, my mind started to rage.

At that moment I opened my eyes to see Brit on the floor. For the first time she looked up at me. We made eye contact. She then gave me the tiniest of smiles before returning to her previous position.

I knew what she was telling me. I had a better solution than rage. I had freedom. Beta freedom.

I took all my humiliation, the girls eyes, his vastly superior masculinity and I rode them all right into subspace. I was now a free, submissive beta eager to please.

As I arrived streams of my former masculinity shot out of my near-flaccid semi. It wasn’t an ejaculation, it was an expulsion. Jake had fucked the manhood right out of me.

The room all noticed.

“Well there’s the proof,” Mrs. Anderson said self-assuredly off-stage. “If ever there was doubt, I’d say that settles it.”

Jenna seemed also relieved as she rubbed my back, this time in acceptance. “That’s good honey…. that’s good,” she reassured.

It felt amazing. Even as Jake grabbed my cheeks tight for his final violent thrust as he unloaded deep inside me, I was happy in submission. I was happy to take what he gifted me. I owed him for this. He showed me then and there why he should always have access to me and my Jenna. Always.

I still seemed to be leaking the last drops of my masculinity as Jake finished inside me. I have no idea if it was his first of the day but he did seem to go on for a bit.

He pulled out of me an I felt a tremendous relief. “Thank you Sir…” I somehow managed.

Jake seemed indifferent to me. “Yea whatever,” he said pulling his pants back up. “Can we get this cleaned up?”

Kat came over with a glove on and picked the plug back up. It easily fit back in locking the man juice inside.

“Good idea,” Jake mocked. “Best to let that marinate for a while,” he continued laughing.

I was personally exhausted. After Kat was fully in I slumped to the floor and Jenna sat down beside me. Jake walked over and unhinged Brit who then got up and also knelt beside me. She looked at me with a knowing smile as she produced a cloth and proceeded to pull my legs apart. She then wiped any errant spunk off of my belly or groin before getting up and returning to her spot.

“Here,” Jake said throwing my pink cage down to Jenna kneeling beside me.

She kissed me passionately on the lips. “You did great,” she said smiling. “I knew you could do it.”

With that she grabbed my shrunken spent penis and affixed the pink cage. It was a good thing that she had gotten the smaller variety as I seemed to be even tinier than before.


The lock closed and I was back where I belonged.

“I’ll take both keys,” Jake said, “No point in leaving anything to chance.”

Jenna handed both to the Alpha ensuring his complete dominion over my ability to achieve future semis. It felt somehow good to be back where it was safe.

Jake reached down and picked me up off of the floor. He easily swung me over his shoulder and my feet dangled down in front of him. He showed my ass to the room and pulled my cheeks apart.

I couldn’t see, but there seemed to be some intermittent clapping.

I felt absolutely helpless as my cage dug into his muscular shoulder as he reached out for Jenna’s hand. “Come on honey,” he said to her, “It’s our time.”

He walked us to Jenna’s room. The whole time I didn’t struggle, physically or mentally. My stubbornness for being something I wasn’t having been removed, there were no option but to follow a stronger male’s lead.

Apparently, being a born beta and shown to be such, this felt far more comfortable than before. The girls had helped me get ready and Jake had bulldozed the point home.

He allowed me inside the room where he threw my naked, fucked, filled, and cock-tied ass near the foot of the bed. “Think of this as the emotional cherry-on-top,” he said mockingly. “Find pleasure in her pleasure, and your bitch-ass will be right where I want it.”

With that he turned his attention away from me and onto Jenna. He stripped her rather violently but she didn’t seem to mind. He lifted her and took her into the shower where they fucked.

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