College Life


It’s my first semester of college. I’m far enough away from home that I don’t know anyone; therefore, I have no friends yet. I get settled into my dorm and immediately realize that my roommate is a loser and I won’t be hanging out with him. The first week seems to fly by since it’s welcome week and there’s plenty of parties to go to. I visit most of them and get trashed every night. They were all frat parties though, so I didn’t really make any reliable friends because I had no interest in joining a fraternity.

Classes start and I’m getting into the swing of college life. By the end of the week, I realize I have the same exact schedule as somebody. Since we already had homework, I decided to befriend him. Jake and I quickly became study buddies and soon to be much more.

There was one night in particular that will always stick out. I came over to his apartment to go to a party later. Before we left, we just hung out, watching tv and talking. Somehow it came up in conversation that he was bicurious. I knew he was probably joking Sakarya Escort but something told me he wasn’t. I told him every guy is and said I was too. We both laughed it off.

We went to the party and had a blast. We drank everyone under the table and both of us got to go upstairs with a chick. Once I finished with mine, he caught me and we headed out. We stopped by a hookah bar on our way and got a little bit more fucked up. Then we left for his apartment so I could crash there for the night.

It was probably around 4am by the time we got back and we were still buzzing. He put on some music and I turned on the Netflix. Pretty soon we started sharing how our respective chicks were and it got both of us horny. Jake then walked into his room and came out wearing only boxers.

I looked at him and stared at his junk for probably too long. He smiled at me and said it was hot, which it was. He told me I could strip down too so I did right away. The only problem was, my dick was harder than steel. He noticed Adapazarı Escort and asked if I was a little horny. I thought it was and he said he’d turn on a porno we could jerk off to.

He turned one on and pulled his boxers down. I did the same as I gazed upon his dick. I started pumping my shaft while looking at it, not even caring about the porno. He saw this and said I could jerk him off. I reached over without hesitation. His dick was incredibly hard and felt like a good fit in my hand.

I jerked him off with my left hand while I jerked myself off with my right hand. He placed his arm around me on the back of the couch and gently nudged me towards him. I don’t know if he was trying to push my face down to his cock, but that’s where it went.

I was turning into a cock hungry whore. I placed my lips around his head and started going down on him. His cock tasted wonderful. I began thinking that I should have tried this sooner. I used my tongue on the underside of his cock and he was loving Serdivan Escort the massage. He loved it so much he placed his hand on the back of my head and kept my face in his crotch.

I started to gag a little and he let up, but I was determined to deep throat him. I pulled away for a second before I dove right back in. I could feel his cock run along my tongue and reach the upper depths of my throat. Once I was satisfied, I began sucking him like the slut I wanted to be.

My own cock was harder than I have ever felt it before. I continued to suck him off and he was getting close. I applied more suction and went at him even more aggressively. Eventually, he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

I felt the rush of cum come up his shaft and tasted it in my mouth. It was an incredible taste. And just as I had predicted, I also came because of the pure sexual enjoyment I was getting from sucking him off. He spurted and sprayed into my mouth as my dick oozed out onto the floor. I continued to suck him until he finished ejaculating and I swallowed every bit he gave me.

We were both exhausted from our simultaneous orgasms and the alcohol was finally getting to us. We both passed out in that position. Him sitting on the couch and me kneeling in front of him with my face in his crotch.

To Be Continued…

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