College Girl’s Punishment Ch. 02


[This story refers to bodily functions, so those offended by that kind of content should read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Barbara was becoming accustomed to her stepmother Glenda’s dominance. The college sophomore knew she would be subject to her only slightly older stepmom’s need to control for so long as Barbara chose to live at home. Her dad, Nick, clearly was entranced by Glenda and seemed to enjoy her taking charge of Barbara.

Nick was quite a bit older than Glenda but he enjoyed the assertiveness of his wife and looked forward to seeing her spank his daughter with her panties down. This occurred sooner than any of the three of them might have expected.

They were having dinner and Glenda decided to demonstrate how she could embarrass her stepdaughter, despite Barbara’s being only a few years younger and in college.

“Barbara,” Glenda asked, with seeming innocence, but knowing how her stepdaughter resented her insinuating herself into Barbara’s affairs, “are you still seeing that boyfriend of yours, Frank?”

“Yes,” Barbara said, “not that it’s any business of yours.”

Glenda knew that this would get Nick annoyed and he quickly showed his ire, “That’s no way to talk to your stepmother, Barbara.”

“I wouldn’t have said that if she didn’t keep harping on what I do and,” Barbara now was losing her cool, “embarrassing me in front of my friends.”

“Barbara still needs to pay attention to her cleanliness, and I will not apologize for insisting on it,” Glenda contributed.

Nick had been waiting for a chance to see Glenda spank his daughter and now he rose to the occasion, “Glenda, I think my daughter needs some disciplining until she learns to show both of us some respect.”

Glenda smiled and said, “If that’s your feeling, I suppose I had better take her across my lap now.”

“Oh no, please, Dad,” Barbara wailed, “this is so unfair!”

“Barbara,” Nick said with unusual firmness, “you need to stop behaving like a baby and speak respectfully to your stepmother and to me, too. Now you do what she says or I’ll take you across my knee.”

The prospect of her father’s spanking her really scared Barbara, so she stood up and apologized to Glenda, knowing she was in for a spanking at the least.

“Thank you for apologizing, Barbara,” Glenda responded coolly. “Now lift your skirt and lower your panties for your inspection.”

“In front of Dad?” Barbara asked incredulously.

“Oh yes,” Glenda answered Nevşehir Escort briskly. “Your father needs to be aware of my efforts to make you keep yourself clean especially in places you don’t want anyone to see.”

Slowly, Barbara raised the short skirt that Glenda was now making her wear and pulled down her hicut pale green panties.

Glenda came over, bent to examine the crotch and saw a tell-tale thin light brown line in the panty crotch.

“Barbara,” she intoned, “I see a stain and that you have still not been wiping sufficiently when you defecate.”

Nick was incredibly turned on by seeing how his new wife could embarrass his daughter and by seeing her intimate parts and seeing how she failed Glenda’s rigorous inspection. He hoped his hard-on wouldn’t become too obvious.

“Now, Barbara,” Glenda went on, “you know that when I find a panty stain I inspect you more closely. Bend over and hold your cheeks open.”

Barbara, realizing her shame would be complete, and seeing her father staring at her soiled panties and at her pubic mound and vaginal lips on open display, bent over and held her bottom cheeks apart shamefully. Nick merely kept staring at the display of his daughter’s pulchritude and her cute little bottom-hole now visible to Glenda and him.

Glenda took a tissue and pressed it into Barbara’s bottom. “You know that when I find dirty panties, I need to find out if the place where the dirt came from is also not clean,”she advised.

When she withdrew the tissue, she held it up to her face and sniffed as well as stared. Then she showed it to Nick, and he could see that Barbara’s bottom had left an imprint of her bowel movement that his daughter had not bothered to wipe away after she used the toilet.

Glenda loved to humiliate her stepdaughter by using babyish terms as well as making Barbara wear cute little girly panties when being punished for staining.

“Barbara,” she said calmly, “you did not wipe well enough when you made a doody. So you know that dirty girls get spanked. Get across my lap.”

By now, the college sophomore was totally humiliated as she crawled across Gloria’s grey-flannel skirted lap.

Glenda began to spank Barbara’s ample bottom and made sure her spanks landed on the crease between Barbara’s bottom and thighs as well as right on her anal crack and opening.

Barbara started to cry at both the embarrassment and the pain of the spanking. Her legs splayed, showing all of her feminine charms to Nevşehir Escort Bayan her father who tried not to be too obvious in his interest in seeing his daughter’s private places, including the rosy vagina with puffy lips that was displayed lewdly during Barbara’s increasingly movement of her legs during the spanking.

Finally the spanking ended and Glenda handed Barbara the tiny shameful little girl panties with bunnies on them and nodded to her stepdaughter to put them on and hand her soiled panties to Glenda.

Blushing deeply, Barbara put on the horrid tight little undies and handed her big-girl panties to her stepmother, who ceremoniously put them in her handbag.

“Now apologize to your father for making this imposition necessary,” Glenda ordered.

Barbara frowned but walked over to her father and said, “I’m sorry, Dad, for not doing a better job at keeping myself clean and having Glenda need to spank me.”

“I accept your apology and I appreciate what your stepmother has been doing to help you become a well-behaved young lady, Barbara,” Nick said seriously.

Glenda indicated to Barbara that after she cleared the table, she could leave to do her studying.

Barbara smiled, thanked her, cleared the plates, silver, and glasses, and quietly went to her room, her face still streaked with tears from the shaming and the spanking.


Later, after they had retired to their bedroom, Nick complimented Glenda on how she had handled the situation at dinner.

“Do you think her boyfriend is screwing her?” Nick asked.

“Of course he is,” Glenda answered. “They are in college and soon this will end when she moves out of the house. If she could afford it she would have left by now.”

“I’ll be sorry when that happens,” Nick responded. “You seem to know just how to put her in her place.”

“You just liked getting to see her pussy and her asshole,” Glenda laughed.

“Well, she’s an attractive girl, sweetie,” her husband replied, “but not so nice as you,” he added, giving Glenda a deep kiss on her lips.

Glenda knew that she turned her older husband on, and she lay back on the bed, having removed bra and panties.

Nick quickly shed his trousers, shirt and underwear and joined her, lying next to her.

She grasped his now-hard cock in her hand and he let his fingers wander into her already-wet pussy. They were soon entwined in each other’s arms when the far lighter Glenda rolled over on top of her husband Escort Nevşehir and guided his turgid cock into her steaming shaved cunt.

They happily fucked, Nick thrusting and then bringing his cock out and back inside Glenda’s hot steaming hole.

Nick thought that he had rarely been as happy as he was, especially considering how blessed he felt in having such a nice new wife who loved him and wanted to have sex with him as much as he did. He figured she had some of her own kinks that were revealed in her inspection of his daughter’s panties and asshole. He wasn’t sure he agreed with the approach except that it just gave him a terrific hard-on, probably, he thought, from the naughtiness involved.

He decided to push the envelope a bit himself. As he continued to fuck Glenda, he slipped a wet finger into her tight little bottom-hole and it was as if he had pushed the “on” button. Glenda began to buck on his hard organ and started to have orgasms that he felt as her vaginal walls seemed to press on him in rhythm.

“Omigod, Nick, you don’t know how incredible that feels,” she whispered in gasps as he kept moving his cock and his finger in and out of her respective openings.

“Are you ready to take me in the rear?” he asked calmly.

Glenda gasped but after reminding him that she hadn’t done that in a long time, got up on all fours, exposing her anus to him as a target.

Nick clambered behind her where after applying a dab of lube from the tube in the night table drawer, he slowly and gently started to insert his cock into his wife’s tight orifice. She liked the intrusion because it was being done so carefully and considerately and she felt the sensations from the sex nerves right inside the anal ring.

Soon he was halfway in and she already was approaching another deeper orgasm. As she rocked and finally exploded way way inside, her anal canal seemed to accept the intruding cock and he slipped all the way in so his balls slapped against her bum cheeks.

“Darling,” he said, right after he came in her ass, sending jets of cum deep into her rectum, “I found your inspection and spanking of Barbara a real turn-on. Does it excite you as much?”

Glenda grinned, “Yes, sweetie, she seems to bring that side of me out, for better or worse. I find myself chortling that this seemingly mature college girl can’t wipe carefully enough not to leave streaks in her panties. I know she’s horribly embarrassed but I’ve rarely known women who weren’t fastidious about their cleanliness back there.”

Then she turned directly to face Nick. “You know, darling,” she chuckled, “I’ve noticed that you’re quite naughty that way—leaving skidmarks in your briefs. Do you think I need to spank you too—or put you in some cute panties?”

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