Coitus Interruptus Ch. 03


I get this email one morning.

Dear Jack,

I enjoyed your visit so much and so did Gary. It was poor weather but it is much improved now. Perhaps we should have postponed Jack junior’s christening a few months. Do you think we would have been tempted to consummate our relationship if we hadn’t have been in that room by ourselves?

I guess we will never know. What we have done is done and we can’t change it. I wonder if it was worth it. I have to explain. You see Jack, you left me a souvenir to remember you by. Do you remember how vigorously we indulged ourselves in each other in intercourse while Gary was away?

It just happened he had to go out of town for a two week period just after you left so we didn’t have a chance for sex. Remember I was still nursing the baby. The point is I was not taking the pill at that time so your deposit was the only deposit in my pouch when my egg arrived.

I’m pregnant, Jack and it’s not Gary’s this time. I have thought to have it aborted or whether to try and convince Gary it is his but now I realize you have some say in what course I take. I need a speedy reply since it has been three months now since your visit. Please tell me your wishes.


To say you could have knocked me down with a feather was an understatement. So many things ran through my head. ‘It was only sex!’ ‘Why didn’t she tell me?’ ‘Did she even think of it?,’ ‘OMG but it was good sex!’ ‘What does she want me to say?’ ‘If I don’t reply she won’t know I saw it and she can make the decision.’ ‘That would be so rotten.’ ‘Damn, it was good sex!’ ‘I wonder if I can lure her down here some time?’

I send off a reply to her email.

Dear Gina

I doubt you will ever share this email with Gary. I wish you were here to tell me in person. I think I would be overjoyed at your news or at least feel good about it. It proves our short time together now means we have a permanent bond.

As for what you do about it I know I cannot advise you to have it terminated. I think your idea of letting Gary think he is the father is a good idea. The two of you must have had sex just before my arrival or close enough since the baby was nearly a year old and you were still off the pill. Are you sure its me? What does your doctor say about how pregnant you are?

Anything you need from me will always be yours. I think you know that. Please let me know how you decide it.


Co-incidentally my firm informed me my presence would be necessary in Kalamazoo, Michigan the next week. The minute I got the news I sent off a new email to Gina telling her I would be in the area and leaving it up to her what she wanted to do about it.

She called me.

“Jack, are you there?”

“Gina, it’s a real thrill to hear your voice. What ever happened to leave you in the spot you claim to be? Why didn’t you tell me you were off the pill?”

“Oh Jack. Its such a foolish mistake. Gary and I only had sex for a few weeks before your arrival down here and I hadn’t started the pill again after the pregnancy. Remember he was out of town Ankara travesti much of the time before your visit so when we did it that was really special. It had been a while for me and it was just so damn good with you. I never realized how good it would be with you, my sweet friend.”

“Well I guess we can’t make you any more pregnant than you are.” I chuckled, “Do you want to try for some more?”

“That’s why I called. Gary is out of town again for another two weeks. Can you make it into the city? I’d love to jump in the sack with you again.” She is laughing likely.

“Are you and Gary not doing well? I mean are you not getting along with each other?”

“I’m glad you asked, Jack. I don’t want you to think any less of Gary or myself because of what we are doing. This is specifically recreational sex with you, there are no feelings involved. I’m not secretly in love with you or anything like that. “We just have terrific chemistry. Don’t we?”

“We do have that! I can remember the ski lodge like it was yesterday and the long empty time before we could finish what we started back then. Just your voice is now making me drip precum in my pants.”

“Oh damn Jack, you would have to say that. Now I’m soaking wet thinking about it. I guess I was getting that way when I called you. When will you be here?”

“I’m flying up to Chicago tonight and picking up a rental car so I could call you when I get in. How about breakfast together?”

“Before or after?” she is giggling.

“I do have to go in to work in Kalamazoo so we better make it after. Does that suit you? It’s either that or we wait until tomorrow night.”

“Come tonight… and cum tonight! Oh Jack, we are awful, aren’t we?”

“I think we fit in the same boat.”

“I can’t wait to se you later. Bye for now, Jack.”

“See you shortly, Gina.”

I got off the phone and picked up the orders in the office for my trip. Checked tickets for the flight and rental car in Kalamazoo. I told my secretary I would be gone over the weekend and likely wouldn’t be back until Tuesday.

She grinned at me and said, “My husband is going to get lucky this weekend, I guess.” I pinched her bottom as I left the office. We do like to tease each other but she is a hot piece of ass.

I whipped around to my apartment and packed a bag then headed for the airport. I booked in and was on my way. The lights of Chicago were a welcome sight and our landing was smooth. I found my rental and called Gina.

“Hi, I’m on my way up. Are you ready for me?”

“If your name is Jack, why not!” she laughed. “Come right up, I will leave the door unlocked for you.”

“I’ll be about three quarters of an hour, Gina. I’m just leaving O’Hare.”

“I’ll try to be patient but don’t be long. I may start without you.”

I laughed, “I’ll try. See you soon.” I hung up and headed for Gary and Gina’s apartment. I rapped lightly when I got there and surprised Gina in the hall as she was coming to the door. “Hold on, let me see if you’re showing.” She pirouetted for me then came into Antalya travesti my arms.

“Oh Jack, we really blew it, didn’t we?”

“Did we? As long as Gary never knows we’ll get away with it.” I kissed her long and deep.

“Oh Jack, if we keep this up we’ll end up in bed before we do anything else.”

I picked her up and headed for the bedroom, “What else do we have to do?” I laid her on the bed and felt her pussy, “My goodness, you are wet!”

She reached for me, “You take off the jacket and shirt, I’ll get these pants for you.” She was in a sheer pair of baby dolls so I didn’t have to remove much of hers. I kicked my shoes off as she hauled my pants down. “I’ll take care of you, Charlie Brown.” she whispered kissing and then gobbling my hard cock.

I rolled her back so I could 69 with her. She was juicy and hot on my tongue and so delicious. I licked her lips and eventually her clit as she wrapped her tongue around my hardness. She slurped up the back of my rod then around the head tasting the precum before going deep to suck as much as she could handle.

I beat her to it and had her squealing and moaning long before she could get me close. I played with her G spot with my fingers as I licked her clit and she went over the edge. She panted and giggled as she came back into the real world saying, “Oh, no one does that like you do.” she giggles some more, “but then I don’t have a lot to compare since I have only had you and Gary.”

“I gather Gary doesn’t do it, then.” She nods in the negative. “Shall we give the new kid some company?”

“Oh yes, please shove him in here and fuck me hard.” She guided me to her entrance and I took it from there. Slow at first feeling every inch of progress. It was wet, smooth and so hot inside her and it felt so good, exquisite really. We took our time and slowly began to pick up some speed when a squalling sound was heard and Jack junior announced his awakening. “Oh Jack, I’ll have to nurse him.”

I noticed she was leaking heavily and thought her body knew what time it was. She brought Jack back with her and leaned on the pillow beside me to nurse him. I played with her pussy as she took care of the baby and she lifted her leg. “Slip him in me, Jack. Easy does it, just slide him in deep.” she sighed, “Oh yeah, that’s the way.”

I held her and fucked her slow and easy while she fed the kid. No orgasms now, just straight intimacy and pleasure. I’m telling you that slow and easy can be so damn fulfilling and soon I could feel butterflies in my stomach. “Oh babe, I’m going to fill you up with more baby seeds. I can feel it cumming and oh lord, here it is!” I started filling her to the overflow mark and then some. “Not to worry, we can start again in half an hour or so.” I gushed deep inside her.

“Oh Jack, I can feel the pressure and the heat of you filling me. It sure feels good. I wonder if Gary will fuck me while I nurse the baby. Why did we do it? I know, it was because you were playing with my cunt when I was busy. Tsk,tsk, shame on you. I bet a girl could end up pregnant İstanbul travesti all the time with you around. Do you have a regular girl friend?”

“Nope. I have a secretary I fuck once in a while and the odd one night stand but otherwise it’s the good old home hand job.”

“Too bad you don’t live closer. I could use a lot more of that special sauce of yours.” She winks at me. “I guess he’s done. He didn’t take much out of that right tit but enough, I guess. Can you hold him while I get up?”

I hold Jack and she comes around to take him and change him. When she comes back I am nearly asleep but it doesn’t take her long to suck me awake again. “Oh my, that’s a sweet way to wake a guy up. You should patent that.”

It isn’t long and we are fucking deep and hard again. This time we take it to it’s logical conclusion of about three orgasms for her and one for me. We sleep fitfully and awake early to a morning quickie as I have to get to work. Our Kalamazoo office services Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland areas. I had to run up to Milwaukee today so I leave early.

“See you after work?”

I replied, “Of course, I’ll be on edge all day till I get back.”

“Me too.” Gina waved me away as I head in to work.

Most of the work I had to do was done by noon but I stayed around the work site until around three to double check my fix and make sure everyone was aware of the new procedure. I was heading back to Gina’s by suppertime.

When I came in she was nursing the baby again. “How much of your life do you spend feeding that kid?”

“He likes pasta so I’m not always tied down but I might as well keep the titties full for the next one. Did you have a good day?”

“I did. I got it done early and everyone is up to speed on the changes. I guess I’ll head south on Sunday. Can you put up with me till then?”

“Unless Gary comes home unexpectedly I can. Perhaps we better sleep in separate beds the rest of the weekend just in case he does show up. I never thought of that last night.”

I grinned, “I think the bedding would squeal on us. We did get it rather messy last night. didn’t we?”

She arches her eyebrows, “Wanna see if we can make it messier before I wash them?” That does it! We head for the bedroom and only stop to check Jack’s diaper. We fuck like rabbits off and on until I have to fly out on Sunday.

“Will you tell Gary I was here?”

“I suppose I better. Someone might have noticed you and might mention it. I’ll explain you came for work and had no idea he was going to be away. You might leave regrets you missed him.” She looks down, “Will you be back this way?”

“Not that I know of.” I grin, “Here I am leaving you knocked up again, right?”

She rubs her belly with a smile, “I feel lucky I have a real Jack in me now. I will care for him or her with all my heart, Jack. Please come by if you can.”

“You know I will and if you need anything just give me an email or a call.” We part as friends with sometimes benefits. We stay in touch and over the years visit often. I suppose Gary is the unknowing cuckold and will always remain such but we don’t crow over it. I married a delightful Swedish girl and she would understand if I ever explained my situation with Gina.

“Life is as you find it. Don’t try to analyze it, just live it to the full.”

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