Coach and Jacob


*****Disclaimer: All characters are over 18 years of age*****


It was the third day of school, and Jacob Harrison was sitting in his gym class, still not over the new gym teacher they hired. Jacob was a shy kid, despite it being his senior year. He was your average nerd and was looking forward to college and really make it big. Everyone just called the new hire Coach, he seemed to help out a multiple athletic teams besides football. He was 6’4″, a dark chocolate color, with an extremely handsome face and closely shaved head. He was built to the brim with muscle: his pecs were bigger than some of the busty girls in school, his biceps were the size of softballs, and his legs were thickly packed and they lead to a big muscle butt. But the main attraction that caught everyone’s attention was his bulge. Now, no one had seen it to confirm, but Coach had one hell of a bulge.

So it was in the locker room that Jacob couldn’t help but stare at Coach sitting at his computer. Normally Jacob was sneaking glances at some of the other more confident jocks and they traded jokes and insults, snapping towels and old clothes at each other. His perfect ebony face was fixed on the bright screen. Jacob couldn’t help but get hard, and Coach didn’t mind sneaking a few glances toward Jacob as he was undressing. Jacob wasn’t sure if he was gay, but he couldn’t dismiss the feelings of attraction he felt towards Coach or some of the other boys in his grade. He had to be extra careful when he was browsing for porn around his ultra-religious parents.

Just as all the students began to leave to the gym, Coach called Jacob into his office. Jacob stopped by his door and asked what was the matter. Coach’s eyes slowly traced over his soon-to-be cumbucket: about 6 feet tall, pale with square glasses that somehow matched his box-ish shaped head. He was a little chubby by his belly, but damn Jacob had some fine legs – and an even better ass.

“I’ve been having some trouble with my computer ever since this morning. Ive heard that you’re pretty good with the tech stuff – could you help me out?” Jacob nervously nodded yes.

As Coach pushed his chair back, he invited Jacob to take a look at his computer screen. It was bright technicolor blue, and nothing was happening. Jacob walked over and bent down to see the problem: first restarting the computer manually and then opening the home screen. Coach couldn’t help but stare at his huge ass hidden behind his sheer shorts. He could only hear the rapid click clack of keys as Jacob worked his magic.

While Coach was distracted, Jacob decided to be a little naughty and open up one of Coach’s private internet tabs. He was shocked to find pictures of big black cocks on the screen-no, MONSTER black cocks. Coach peeked around Jacob’s shoulder and grinned.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I guess I left my dating site up…sorry.”

“Oh…uhhhh…no it’s fine, this just kinda popped up and…I just…wow…is that someone’s cock? I mean I didn’t know you liked men, not that’s wrong but…unless – is that yours?!”

“Oh yeah baby, wanna get a closer look?” Coach said. He was aroused by how Jacob blushed – the teen must still be a virgin and had never thought about sex. Jacob bit his lip, he was conflicted. He knew it was with a teacher, but damn he didn’t want to miss out on such a Sakarya Escort BIG opportunity.

Jacob closed the laptop and turned around to notice a long thick bulge that ran all the way down Coach’s muscular thigh. He slowly felt up Coach’s bulge through the cloth, slowly stroking its entire length. He leaned in and locked lips with Coach, exploring the proper pace to proceed. His other hand roamed Coach’s well-built body, never pausing too long on any part of his sculpted physique. He then proceeded to pull down Coach’s athletic shorts, only to find a pair of compression shorts underneath; that must be why his enormous cock doesn’t swing around during workouts. Jacob could see in closer detail the outline of this giant black beauty. With eagerness he shucked off Coach’s compression shorts to find the real treasure pop up and smack right between Coach’s big pecs.

“Oh wow,” Jacob muttered under his breath, “how big is it?”

“15 inches. Wanna taste?” Coach gestured to the copious amounts of precum leaking from his cockhead. Jacob leaned in and ran his tongue along the shaft and head. He liked the salty, manly taste of Coach’s cock. Jacob then wrapped his hands around Coach’s thick cock and began to jerk him off slowly. Jacob started to lick more and more around Coach’s cockhead, slurping the precum like crazy. He then wrapped his lips around the enormous head and started his descent. Jacob could only reach about five inches down, but after a few tries he made more and more progress. He followed Coach’s non-verbal cues and somehow kept breathing through his nose and soon he was deep throating about 12 inches of thick, black, man meat.

Coach was going wild; he couldn’t believe how good Jacob’s soft teen lips felt on his cock. Jacob must have some whore in his genes or the kid was constantly watching porn; or maybe both. He placed his hand on the back of Jacob’s head and helped guide him to take more and more of his mammoth meat. Soon Jacob was deep throating his whole entire length. Coach began to pick up the pace, shoving his cock faster and faster down this white boy’s tight throat.

After 10 minutes, Jacob was gulping down the entire gargantuan joystick, penetrating his hot throat. A couple minutes later, Coach could feel his big balls swell with cum and shoved Jacob’s head hard to envelope his whole shaft. Jacob was slammed into Coach’s trimmed pubes and could feel his hot load shoot down his throat, bigger than any load he has ever had – and that was only the first shot! Coach continued to empty his balls, and Jacob dutifully swallowed; soon he began to feel his belly swell up with more and more cum. After two minutes, Coach finally felt his last streams escape into Jacob’s mouth, traveling to inflated gut, and he pulled off with an audible *pop*. Coach looked down and patted Jacob’s new gut, the size of a flesh-colored malleable volleyball now.

“Wow, you sure came a lot!” Jacob said as a thick rope of jizz dribbled down his chin. Coach came more than Jacob did in a week – combined!

Coach eased Jacob up off of his knees to stand in front of him. Coach bent inward to place a kiss on his lips and neck. He shifted his large hands over his young body, patting his jiggling gut. Jacob’s eyes rolled back into his head as he let this godly hunk pleasure him even more. Adapazarı Escort Coach began to slowly and sensually pull off Jacob’s gym uniform.

“You know, Jacob, ever wonder why I stay so muscular and have such a huge cock?” Jacob was too busy being caressed by his dream crush to respond.

“It’s because of my genes. You know, the stuff they teach you in science class. It’s my seed, my potent cum,” at this point he had just taken off Jacob’s gym shorts and paused at his boxer briefs, “and I love to share my seed with the many people I meet. It changes you physically and mentally, always remembering my huge horse hung cock.”

“What does that mean Coach, I mean-”

Jacob stopped suddenly as he felt a strange sensation. It was a growing sense of warmth, and desire. He got extremely aroused, and turned his head around to look at his ass…it began to grow! Coach started to massage his butt as it continued to bubble outward, pushing his briefs to the limit until


Coach saw before him two huge pale orbs, each the size of a basketball, plump and juicy and waiting to be worshipped.

Jacob pulled the remains of his underwear off of his juicy shelf ass, exposing his tight pink hole right in line with Coach’s face. He took his chance and plunged himself face-first into this sumptuous booty. Jacob whimpered and moaned; never had he felt such pleasure before. Coach masterfully licked and probed his tight orifice, occasionally breaking to kiss each mountain of pale flesh to each side of him. After only a minute of this expert rim job, Jacob reached down to jerk his cock and after a few stokes of his iron hard pole he shot several loads of teen cream into his hands.

“Oh, baby…” Coach kept Jacob bent over his desk and stood up. He removed his thin white sleeveless shirt, exposing his dark chocolate pecs and hard nipples, and swept Jacob up into his arms. He carried Jacob in his arms to the locker room showers and sat down with Jacob bent over in front of him. Coach began to rub his man meat between Jacob’s new voluptuous cheeks, soaking his tight pucker with precum. Coach placed his head between Jacob’s shoulders with his cock head right at Jacob’s tight entrance.

“Hope you’re ready for the ride of your life baby,” Coach whispered into Jacob’s ear.

Jacob was tempted to protest, but it was too late; Coach shoved his huge dick into Jacob’s ass. Jacob felt the wind leave his lungs; never had anything so big and thick push its way into his ass. Coach told him to breathe and began to slowly pull his 6 inches out of him, and re-inserted 8 inches. Jacob had such a tight ass but had such huge bubbly cheeks – he was the perfect fuck.

By and by, interrupted by Jacob’s gasps and blubbering, Coach finally felt Jacob’s big ass cheeks against his crotch. Coach smiled with pride and quickly pulled his cock back and slammed it back into Jacob’s poor virgin hole. Again and again, ramming 15 inches of pure black manly iron hard meat into this giant blessing of an ass. Jacob was whimpering and going crazy with lust, he felt another set of cumshots escape his smaller cock.

Coach laughed “You’re gonna be dry-cumming by the time I’m done. DAMN your ass is tight!”

Jacob felt himself blushed, he couldn’t believe that he was actually having sex with Serdivan Escort such a hot, hunky man. He was determined to milk another load out of those ginormous gonads.

After 20 minutes, but seemed like ages of joy, Coach and Jacob had really built up a sweat, and Jacob had already cum another time. Coach told Jacob to turn around and he picked him up in his arms. Jacob’s legs hung over Coach’s broad shoulders and he was left aloft by his mighty arms. Coach flexed his massive biceps and manually used Jacob’s body as a human flesh light, his belly bulge bouncing in time as Coach battered his bubble butt. Jacob was in bliss having his boy cunt split open by such a stud.

After another ten minutes, Coach could feel himself getting closer. He shoved Jacob as far as possible onto his pole and shouted “IMMM GONNNA…AGGHHHH”

Jacob became vividly aware of the pints of cream pumping into his already bloated belly. Over and over, more and more shots filled him up to the brim, and Jacob felt waves of pleasure and satisfaction roll over his body, his cock twitching and no more nectar escaping his slit. Coach was pleased to pump what felt like a gallon of goo inside this cute white boy. He loved to see his stomach swell, pulsing in synchrony with each shot. Not all of his cum was embedded inside of Jacob, some leaked out around his abused entrance and decorated his pale skin with streams of thick, white seed.

After some time, Coach felt his stream die down. He helped Jacob clean himself off, sucking and licking any remaining cumshots off his body. Jacob was exhausted, but knew it was worth it. He was carefully pulled off of this big black dick and felt his asshole open to leak more cum onto the gym showers’ floor. He laid on the floor for a bit, massaging his big belly as he felt it ever so slightly deflate. Coach went back to his office and put his clothes back on. He felt relieved to have emptied his balls, despite knowing they would refill quite quickly within the next day. He grabbed his walkie-talkie from his waistband and spoke while he walked back to Jacob

“Hi, yes, I just want to say that there’s been a leak of some kind in the boys’ shower in the gymnasium locker room and it won’t be able to be used for the rest of the block. Yes, I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Thanks.”

He smirked as he sat next to Jacob and rubbed his giant gut. The thing must have been the size and flexibility of a beach ball!

“Oh, you took my load so well,” Jacob lazily nodded in response; he was still processing what happened. Somehow he had gained the courage to test the rumors about the size of Coach’s package, and was happily shown the truth: Coach was hung like a horse. Then Jacob also was able to take his cock and get filled with his hot cum.

“Don’t worry, this should get smaller by lunchtime. Especially if I’m here to help.”

He gently squeezed his wobbling belly, and Jacob moaned in pleasure. Coach placed two fingers inside his hole and spread them apart, giving a bigger exit for the river of jizz.

By around noon, Jacob had left with a less prominent gut and a sizeable lake of sweet sticky cum in the showers. There would still be drops that leaked into Jacob’s underwear, but he could manage. He turned back around at Coach, gave him a wink and flashed his expanded ass one last time before exiting the gym.

Sure the other boys got distracted for the rest of the day, their jaws dropping to the floor as they watched an ass bounce and jiggle and rival any one of the hottest girls in school; but Coach knew that this wouldn’t be the last time his would see Jacob again.

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