Co-worker’s Man Ch. 22


I hurried back into my building and rode the elevator up to our floor. As I returned to my desk I noticed it was only a couple of minutes past my lunch hour so nobody would have taken any notice. I realized that I was starving for some real food as the only thing I’d had to eat since breakfast was a few loads of cum washed down with some of Mr. Wolfe’s piss.

I grabbed my bag from the lunch room fridge and took it to my desk. I poured a mug of Mr. Wolfe’s piss from the thermos but kept the mug hidden in one of my lower drawers. As I ate my lunch and drank some of his warm salty nectar, I thought over how I was feeling about Mr. Wolfe charging Dutch $20 for my services.

At first I had felt annoyed and disgusted that he was using me that way. It was like he was pimping me like a common whore! And then the feeling of being under his control and doing as he wished came into my thoughts. There was something comforting about Mr. Wolfe taking control of me and my needs. Deep down, I also felt the thrill of the nastiness of it all. I was realizing that I was a cum-slut who had a deep craving to be filled with cock and semen. Over the weekend I had been used and abused every which way and I still wanted more! I felt totally complete and at peace with myself when I was obeying the commands of others, whether they be men or women. So in the end, if Mr. Wolfe chose to charge others for my services, if it made him happy, I was only too happy to comply.

My dream had been to have Frank treat me as his possession like Mr. Wolfe was doing. But Frank’s love for Lori and their situation of being together probably made that an impossibility. I would love to service Frank any time, anywhere, but I wondered how often I would have that opportunity. It was up to him and Lori to decide my fate regarding that. Mr. Wolfe was close at hand and seemed happy to step in and be my master. He was a tremendous man with a beautiful cock and a seemingly insatiable libido. Until I heard otherwise from Frank and Lori, I knew I would continue at any time to try and show Mr. Wolfe that I was worthy of taking his cum.

As I finished my lunch and took a final drink of the warm salty liquid, my phone rang. I looked over to see that it was Lori calling again.


“Yes Jon. Can you come into my office please? And bring the budget file on the Newman account with you,” she said with a professional tone to her voice.

“Ummmm, yeah sure. I’ll be right in,” I said as I screwed the mug back onto the thermos lid. I grabbed the file she had requested from the pile on the side of my desk and headed towards her office. The door was closed this time as I approached. I knocked on the door and then entered. I closed the door behind me. As I turned around I saw Lori sitting in one of chairs over by her conference area. Her office had a small area away from her regular work desk that could function to hold small informal meetings with clients or staff. There was a couch with a matching chair and a broad coffee table that could be used to display reports, charts, whatever.

I looked over at her sitting in the chair facing me across the coffee table. There were a number of files and papers strewn across the table and obviously she was doing some work related to the Newman account that she had asked me to bring in. She was wearing those dark-rimmed glasses that gave her that sexy librarian look again and she was making notes on a piece of paper she held in her hand. I walked over with the file in my hands until I stood next to the table.

“Oh Jon. Good. Put that file down and pull this table out of the way,” she said as she dropped her pen, tossed her glasses onto the papers she had been working on and sat back in the chair. Confused, I set down the file I was carrying and dragged the coffee table away from the couch and chair in which she was sitting.

“Good boy. Now get on your knees cock-lover,” Lori said sternly. I felt my whole body shaking as her authoritative words seared themselves onto my brain. I dropped instantly to my knees before her.

“Now, here’s what I want you to do Jon………I want to see you form that pretty little mouth of yours into an “O” and then run your tongue around your lips,” she said as she sat forward gaziantep escort on the front edge of her chair. With my eyes glued to her large breasts thrusting at the front of her sweater, I pursed my lips into an “O” and then slowly circled them with my tongue. I could feel the saliva cooling slightly as I moved from my upper lip to my lower lip in slow, gentle circles.

“That’s a good girl,” she said with a smile and I watched her part her legs slightly and take one hand and slide it up beneath her skirt. I watched the muscles along her arm moving and then she withdrew her hand from beneath her skirt and held it before me. My eyes were riveted to her glistening middle finger as I drew my tongue back into my mouth and let out an audible gasp, “Aaaaaahhhhhh.”

“Is this what you want?” she asked as she drew her finger back and forth beneath my nose. My eyes closed of their own accord as her intoxicating scent filled my nostrils. I could almost taste the heavenly flavor of her juices as I inhaled deeply.

“Oh yes, Lori,” I answered.

“Lori? A little dick lover like you doesn’t get to call me Lori. Save that for work only. From now on I want you to call me Miss. Got it?” With her voice reeking of authority, it was more of a direct command than a question.

“Yes Miss. I understand Miss,” I answered obediently.

“Good. Now, is this what you want?” she asked again as she wafted her shining finger below my nose once more.

“Yes Miss. That’s what I want Miss.”

“Alright then. Put those lips back the way I want them.” I instantly formed them into an “O” again. “Now let’s see how those lips would feel around a cock,” she said as took her finger and slid the damp end around my lips. I tried to capture it with my tongue by sliding it out onto her finger.

“Uh uh,” she warned. “Get that tongue back in your mouth.” I did as she asked and found myself trembling in anticipation as she circled my mouth with her glistening finger. I finally felt her fingernail scrape softly across my lips as she placed the end of her finger against the “O”. As she slid it slowly into my mouth, I let my lips close around her delicate finger and brought my tongue up. Her finger pressed down on my tongue and I tasted her fresh juices. As my tastebuds sent signals of the delectable warm flavor to my brain, I moaned out loud as I slid my eager tongue all around her invading digit.

“Thatagirl,” she said as she started to slide it back and forth between my soft full lips. She pulled her hand entirely from my mouth and I opened my eyes to watch as she slid it beneath her skirt again. She withdrew her hand fairly quickly and this time when she held it up, her index finger and middle finger were joined together by her slick juices. I pursed my lips into an “O” again and she slid both fingers into my mouth. I tasted her warm creamy discharge on my tongue as she slid her two fingers back and forth.

“You really like that, eh? I can see why Frank said that mouth of yours was so good on his cock.” She withdrew her hand again and quickly moved it beneath her skirt again. This time she brought up the first three fingers of her hand formed into a pyramid kind of shape. She slid them slowly between my lips again and sawed them back and forth as I probed with my tongue to capture her tasty juices.

“Oh yeah, that is one hot fucking mouth you’ve got there girl,” she said as she finally pulled her hand from my mouth. I had left it totally clean of everything except the remnants of my saliva. She sat back in her chair and I watched as she let her thighs drift apart. From my angle with my head slightly higher than the hem of her skirt, I could see partially up to the dark shadows just below her pussy.

“Tell me what you want Jon,” she said and I watched as she formed her own lips into an “O” and slid the middle finger that had just been in my mouth between her full red bee-stung lips. I gulped noticeably and she just kept looking at me thru hooded eyes as she slid her finger back and forth between her full lips.

“I….uh….I’d like to eat you, Miss,” I was finally able to stammer and I felt myself shaking as I found myself totally mesmerized be her sexy display.

“Do you promise to do a good job?” she asked as she slowly spread her creamy thighs further apart.

“Yes Miss,” I answered as my eyes seemed hypnotized as her legs continued to part and the smooth creamy expanse of her inner thighs came further into view as her tight skirt rode up.

“And you promise to do everything I tell you to do?”

“Yes Miss. Whatever you want Miss.”

“That’s a good girl.” I watched as she sat back in the chair and drew her legs up and apart. I watched her skirt ride higher and higher until she finally draped a leg over each arm of the chair. As her skirt rose higher and her legs drifted apart, I found my eyes drawn to her perfect weeping box. Her inner lips were a vibrant pink and appeared swollen and full, begging for attention. I could see the shining wetness of her leaking vagina almost calling out to me. I followed the glistening trail upwards along her pouting slot and saw the erect spire of her large clit pointing towards me.

“If this is what you want, them come over here and get your mouth on it,” she said as she pointed towards her splayed twat. I crawled forward and with my eyes glued to her erotic display, I lowered my mouth and pressed my face into her warm womanhood. I slid my tongue between the soft folds of her drooling labia and tasted her warm juices flowing from deep within her. I laved my tongue from top to bottom of her steaming trench and reveled in the taste of her succulent nectar upon my tongue.

“C’mon girl. Get that tongue in deeper. Show me what you want,” she said as I felt both her hands upon my head pulling my forcibly against her. With my face pressed tightly against her, I extended my tongue as far into her as I could. I swirled it in circles within her tight sheath and heard her let out guttural moans as I probed and pleasured her hot little cunt.

“Mmmmmmmm, you really love that,” she said as she tightened her grip in my hair and slid my face all around her glistening labia. “You love it so much you want to get your whole fucking face in there, don’t you girl?”

“Yes Miss. Yes, I do love it!” I mumbled thru her swollen lips.

“Well then…do it, get your face all the way in there!” Lori said as she pulled me even harder against her. I was moaning with lust as I speared my tongue once more into the depths of her tight sheath and slid my tongue over the hot smooth folds of flesh. With my face half disappeared between her distended lips and my face rocking back and forth, I felt her hips start to undulate faster and faster. I could hear her panting like crazy and her body started twitching as she bucked herself up into my willing mouth. Her guttural growls turned into a constant stream of moans as a gigantic climax began to overtake her.

“Uh….uh…uh……oooooooooooohhhhhhhh,” she moaned as her body started to writhe and squirm under her orgasmic convulsions. I held on with my face pressed tight against her and my tongue slithering deeply along her hot inner walls as she rocked and undulated thru her orgasm. I felt a wave of her discharge surge forth into my mouth as she continued to pull my face flush against her. I swallowed her juices eagerly as I kept my tongue lapping against the inside of her flexing slot.

I felt her tight grip on my hair release and she flopped back in the chair as I kept my mouth glued to her leaking box. I looked up at her large breasts heaving within her tight sweater as she gasped for air. My cock was rock hard in my pants again and I dreamed of the chance I might have to see those tremendous tits of hers. She opened her hooded eyes and looked down at me running my tongue delicately along the length of her swollen labia.

“I’m not done with you yet, girl,” she said as she pushed me away from her steaming pussy and stood up. “Sit down there with your back to the couch,” she said as she pointed to the floor in front of the couch. I slid over to the middle of the couch and sat down as she asked. “Now lean your head back.” I did and felt the cushion press against the back of my neck and head. She stepped over towards me and put a foot on each side of me. From my position beneath her, I looked up along the alabaster columns of her long legs. I looked towards the treasure that lay beneath her skirt which was drawn tightly across her spread thighs. She put her hands on her hips and looked down at me past the surging mounds of her tremendous breasts.

“Like the view, Jon?” I looked up past the enticing curve of her massive tits and saw her lust-filled eyes staring down at me thru that mass of wild curly hair.

“Yes Miss,” I said as I lowered my eyes to gaze searchingly beneath her tight skirt.

“Good. Then take a closer look,” she said as she moved forward and placed her knees on the couch on either side of my face. I watched as she lowered herself towards my waiting mouth, her skirt riding higher up her thighs as she lowered herself down and spread her legs further apart. I extended my tongue and she settled her hot box right down on it as she leaned forward and grabbed the back of the couch.

“Be a good girl and hold that tongue up good and hard for me,” she instructed. I pushed my tongue as far into her as I could and held it still and firm. “That’s good,” she said as she started to ride up and down on my up-thrust tongue.

Her slick juices were running out of her and coating my face she continued to bounce on my tongue. Her skirt was covering my face and I could see nothing beyond her sweating flesh. She finally stopped and started grinding herself back and forth over the lower half of my face.

“C’mon cocksucker, get your tongue and lips working,” she commanded. I took long loving swipes along her oozing slot and drew her engorged lips into my mouth. I softly chewed on them as she moaned above me. I released her drooling labia and plunged my tongue back deep within her. The soft hot folds of flesh encompassed me and seemed to draw my tongue even further into her.

“Oh, you little fucker! That is so good,” she said in that low husky voice of hers. She kept riding my face for about ten minutes as I used my tongue and lips to pleasure her wherever she wanted. She arched her hips slightly backwards and slid herself a little lower. My mouth slid up her descending slot and she stopped with the protruding nodule of her engorged clit pressed against my lips. I slipped my lips over it and kissed and nibbled at the sensitive flesh.

“Oh fuck yeah! That’s it girl. You’ve got it now,” she said as she ground clit harder against my mouth. I drew on it with my lips as I swirled my tongue all around the swollen nubbin. She was moaning constantly now as I began a rhythmic pressing of my tongue directly on that red spire of sensitive flesh.

“Oh yeah…… oh…… oh…… fuck…… ooooooooohhhhhhhhh!” she let out a series of guttural groans as her orgasm began to flow thru her. She ground herself down hard on my face as she started to twitch and convulse as her climax shook her body. I felt the pleasing warmth of her womanly juices flowing over my chin as she bucked her drooling cunt again and again on my eager mouth.

I had been so turned on servicing Lori that as her orgasm started and I heard her moan in ecstasy, my own climax started as my semen sped up the shaft of my cock and burst forth within my underwear. I moaned out loud with my tongue deep within her as I blasted shot after shot of my creamy seed into my pants.

She rode my face for a couple of more minutes as her tremendous orgasm flowed thru her and she finally eased up and remained settled on my upturned face. As usual, I slid my tongue softly against her sensitive flesh as I drew her ample juices into my mouth and savored her heavenly womanly flavor on my tongue. My face was a glistening sweaty mess as I remained beneath her covering skirt. She finally stepped off and stood as she had before, hands on her hips looming over me.

“Well, you did very well girl,” she said as she looked down at me from above her heaving tits. “We’re gonna have to spend some more time together soon. I told Derek that I’m going to be needing you to work with me on the Newman account quite a bit in the next little while. Make sure you take good care of yourself; I want you to keep that mouth and tongue in good shape for me,” she said with a smile. “Now push this table back and get back to work,” she said dismissing me.

I got up from the floor and pushed the coffee table back where it had been previously. With my cum soaking my underwear and my face a glistening mass of her juices, I grabbed my file and left her office, closing the door behind me.

Fuck….what a day!

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