John Hex, better know as Unlucky Johny for his hazardous record as a lowlife criminal and worst robber ever_ for being caught 17 times trying to steal something _ was sitting grim faced in his local pub, holding the worst poker hand ever.

‘Fuck’ it, fuck ye all, fuck the whole bloody world!’ he suddenly burst out throwing his cards on the table, losing the 100$ he had bet. Stew, sitting in front of him chuckled.
‘Haven’t you English men learned your lesson? Don’t bet against the Americans in poker!’ The 4 other players howled with laughter, the alcohol now more effective then ever. John was a big man, with large shoulders, muscular arms and stout legs, so when he tipped over the table throwing the cards in the air, no one dared say anything to him. Stew’s only remark was:
‘Better luck next time me lad’ He mocked

Johny burst open the bar door shouting back
‘Put’ it on me tab’ to the bartender, and ran down the narrow alleys of the Bronx. He wished dearly that he were back in Chelsea, London, doing what he did best: professional boxing. But he had been kicked off the team for a reason: too much drinking not enough boxing. That was a few years ago, after several attempts to get a job in America and after several failures, the alcohol had taken over and Johny turned into a file that lay somewhere in a police headquarter. But today John’s luck was about to change and so was his nickname; Johny was about to get lucky.

His foot kicked something, and normally that wouldn’t have bothered him and he would have continued walking, but as I said, Johny was about to get lucky. He looked down at the thing he had kicked and found that it was a small device, a small rectangular box and in the middle of it was a small circle, a kind of switch that turned from left to right. At the left was written ‘NO EFFECT’ and at the right was written ‘MAXIMUM EFFECT’. He turned the switch from left to right, left to right, but nothing happened. He thought of throwing the device away but then changed his mind and decided it might be valuable. Anyway there was a small 24/7 electronic shop close-by and they gölcük escort could maybe fix the gadget for him.

A small bell rang as he entered the almost deserted shop. There was just one skeletal man on the counter, with white hair and striking blue eyes, his head leaning on one of his hands and a woman at the far end of the shop that he could barely see.
‘Hey mate I need te get this thing ‘ere fixed, any idea how? Or what it does?’
The man didn’t even bother to answer; he just pointed his finger at the back of the shop, where John knew the woman was standing. John went over to her still admiring the device. Something inside of him told him it was of value.
‘Oi toots.’ He called at the woman smiling arrogantly.
‘What do you want?’ She answered obviously bored as she turned to face him.
‘This device,’ he said showing it to her, ‘what is it?’ While she looked at the device John sneaked a look at the woman, who was obviously the man on the counter’s daughter. She looked no more than 16 although she already had well developed 32c breasts. She was kind of short compared to the huge John but kind of tall compared to her classmates. She was wearing a jogging suit, which consisted of a long sleeve shirt and shorts, so her legs showed and John couldn’t help admiring them. She was clearly helping her dad around the shop since maybe a previous worker wasn’t available. How cute, though Johny.
‘Like nothing I’ve seen’ the girl concluded.
‘Well I know I can turn this, but…’ To show the girl in the jogging suit what he meant, Johny turned the little switch just a little bit from left to right. And suddenly something strange happened that John never expected. He had barely turned the wheel when the girl got closer to him, staring right into his eyes. It couldn’t be… He turned the switch a little more to the right and the girl got even closer, her breasts pushing against John’s chest. She aggressively advanced to kiss him but John pulled his head away the last moment. What was happening?

Just out of curiosity he turned the switch even more. The gebze escort girl’s hand slipped right under John’s jeans, into his underpants and grabbed his half-erect penis. With her index she rubbed the penis’ head.
‘What are you doing little girl?’ John asked, half-amused, half-fearful and uncertain. The girl stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear:
‘I wanna fuck you, I wanna fuck you like their was no tomorrow.’
Oh God this was really happening!!
John nickered, hehe, he though, unlucky Johny was unlucky no more. The girl tightened her grip on John’s dick and began stroking it as fast as she could manage while on tiptoes, her nose against John’s. Again she aggressively tried to kiss John and this time he let her. Her tongue was an animal inside his mouth, licking frantically; spit was dribbling down their chins which were pressed together. I laughed on the inside and turned the device a little higher. The girl jumped away from John and fell on the floor; luckily we were concealed from her father thanks to the rows and rows of digital equipment. I barely had time to notice that her shorts were wet when she pulled them down and stuck her index and middle finger inside her shaved, teenage, pink clit. She moaned, wave after wave of spasms coming over her. She then got up on her knees and looked straight at John’s eyes. Johny noticed something different were in the girl’s eyes from when he first met her, just a few minutes ago. They were hungry, lustful filled with passion.
‘Fuck me’ She pleaded opening his zipper. John thought for a moment of what he was about to do, which was have sex with a minor but then, who was he to say no to a pleading young girl. His cock was easy to find since it was as erect as it had ever been, reaching it’s full spectacular height. She didn’t hesitate the moment that cock filled her eyes, it also filled her mouth. She almost went all the way and put it all in but with no training she almost choked. She sucked it like it was some kind of sweet and in and out it came of her mouth, faster and faster until John couldn’t take it darıca escort bayan no more. He pulled back and pushed the girl down on the floor removing his dick from her mouth. He tore open her shirt exposing her breasts. She had fat nipples which in that case were not fully developed and they were sticking out in the air excited as John was. John pulled out his tongue. He didn’t suck, he didn’t kiss, he just licked around those nipples and then almost swallowed the whole of her right breast.
‘Yeah!!!’ She screamed but John was getting luckier because her father at that time had left the shop for a walk and a smoke. John turned her so he was lying on his back and she was on top of him. Her pussy creams oozed out of her like a river and trickled down john’s abdomen.
‘Turn around on John’s tummy girly.’ John said still licking her breasts. An she did. Now they were lying stomach to stomach in a perfect 69 position. John smiled at the scenery. He had a perfect view of the girl’s round, tight ass and her pink pussy in the same time. With his tongue Johny began drawing shapes on the girl’s pussy while fingering her ass-hole with his finger. The girl went crazy and began hooting like crazy. She had John’s dick between her boobs and had fun going up and down masturbating john with her breasts. John had enough. He was about to cum so hard!! With one fast move he lifted the girl and slammed her against the wall. She knew what was next, She held John’s cock and adjusted it so it slid right into her pussy and fell right on it while John still held her.
‘AAAAAAAHHHH’ she creamed pain evident n her voice. John knew what had happened. The girl’s cherry had popped. With one hand John finally switched the device to MAXIMUM EFFECT. The girl went crazy. She began sliding up and down John’s tale so fast John couldn’t hold I anymore. Pushing her hard against the wall, he screamed sending wave after wave of cum inside of her. Just after the girl fainted.

John ran out of the shop trying to hide his face as much as possible. He imagined what the poor father would feel like when he returned to his shop and found his teenage daughter lying on the floor naked, her pussy swollen blood on the floor from when her cherry popped. But then he though of all the women he was going to have fun with later and laughed like a maniac. This story wasn’t over. No, not for long.

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