Clean Sweep


I was a regular at the local YMCA for many years. I liked going since they had a good weight room, and I also enjoyed playing basketball with the feelers. It was always the same group of guys playing against whoever showed up. We had all been playing together for a few years now. We knew each other’s moves and reactions and pretty much dominated the courts. We would all hang out after playing ball and on the weekends when we did not have something to do with our special loved ones.

Unlike the other guys, I was single and had been for about three years now. I was divorced after an ugly marriage. The guys would joke with me, and try and set me up with co-workers, sisters, or whoever their wives would want me to date. I took them up on the offers most the time, just to make everyone happy. I did not care for the women very much but I made the best of it when I was out with them.

I had always had my eye on Jack, he was about 29 5’10 short brown hair, stunning green eyes and very muscular. We worked out a lot together and of course after basketball games we all would take showers in the men’s room. I had admired his body for a long time, and always wanted to take him out. I had never seen him with a women, or heard him talk about one either. I was trying to stay in the closet, which is why I was taking those women out. Jack never talked about his personal life, and we never asked about it, just one of those things that we just let go.

One day after a few games of basketball I had asked Jack if he wanted to spot me on the weights, and he agreed since he was not doing anything for a couple hours. So we go over to the free weights and start to warm up. Jack was wearing a pair of bicycle shorts and a muscle shirt. As I laid on the bench he was standing on the stool to hold the bar, and as I am looking up to make sure he was ready to spot me, I could see up his shorts. I had seen the head of his dick just looking down at me. I could feel my dick get hard just thinking about it. I had to close my eyes, since I wanted to work out a little bit before I made a move on him.

I Sakarya Escort pumped out 10 reps real quick and got up. I had asked Jack, if he was doing anything important later tonight. He said that he was going to this new club in the city and asked if I wanted to come along with him? Without hesitation I agreed to. I got back on the bench and started to think about his dick again. I have seen it in the shower, but not like this, in the shower, you try and not to look but it was like he wanted me to look. I had to concentrate on something else so I could get a workout done. I did another 10 reps and got up. I told Jack that I was done, was acting like I was sore from playing basketball. So I headed to the locker room. As we walked through the gym, and the courts it was pretty empty, had a couple women running and some kids playing basketball.

We walked into the locker room, and our lockers were near each other. Today was different than most days, for Jack just took his clothes off and did not try to cover himself up. He came over to my locker and had asked me if I had seen that new female at the counter today. I could not help but look at his manhood, it was half-erect and was thick. He was shaved around his stomach, his whole body was shaved to show off his muscular body. I was getting excited just thinking about his hard dick in my mouth. I played it off and told him yeah, she was a hot chick.

I got undressed and did not try to cover up since Jack did not. I had a descent body was not as buff as Jack was, but I could hold my own against him. I did not shave though, and had some hair around my chest, but very little around my manhood. I liked that shaved myself. I get into the shower, and start the water. Jack decides that he wants to take one right next to me. We start talking about how we have been playing basketball for years now, and that we all have been pretty good friends. He asks if could ask me a question, I said sure go ahead. He starts by saying that he has never mentioned his personal life over the years and was wondering what Adapazarı Escort the guys thought about that. I told him, that we do not care, if you want talk about it you will, if not you wont. He just smiles and says all right, cause I want to tell you something about me. My heart was beating 100mph with the anticipation of what he might say. He says the reason I never talk about my live is cause I never wanted to lose you guys as friends. I like playing basketball and working out with you all, but I am gay. I have been for the last 5 yr. now. I think he could tell that I was kind of happy but shocked. I reassured him that it would not bother any of us and that I would not tell anyone.

I turned off the shower and headed to the steam room, was still in shock but was happy inside. I told Jack that he could join and we could finish the conversation if he wanted to. So he joins in the steam room. He starts by telling me that he has never been with a woman, and he came out of the closet like eight years ago, and his parents dis-own him for being gay. I could relate to that. As I sat on the upper bench he sat on step below me. I put my towel down so that I could sit, since it was a little warm inside the room. Jack had his around him so it was not bothering him.

We continued to talk about him coming out of the closet, and then he puts his hand on my knee and asks me what I think about all this. My dick almost stood up, since the whole time I was thinking how nice it would be for him to just start kissing me and sucking on my dick right here right now. I know he seen my dick get harder, for he was rubbing my knee and asking me, well? Well? What you think?

I told him it was a surprise to learn that, and that deep down I had suspected it and now it was true. When I said that I gave him a wink and a little smile. I think he knew what I was getting at for he moved a little closer to my, and started to move his hands down my things. My dick was getting harder and harder. Jack said you like me touching you in this way? I could not say a word, for I was Serdivan Escort speechless. Being speechless was a key for him though, for he reached down and put my balls in his hand, and gently squeezed them. I was hard as a rock and did not know what to do.

I did not have to worry about doing anything, for Jack turned completely around and took my dick and kissed the tip of my dick. I know he liked what he had in his hand, for I was about 7 3/8 in long and about 5/8 in diameter. I had a nice size dick when it was hard. It was not one of the ones that curve up like a banana, it was straight and hard. Jack was kissing the tip of my head, and caressing my balls in the steam room, I was getting hotter than I should be. The next thing I know he has my dick in his mouth deep throbbing it. Holding my sides as he goes deeper. I had never experienced a hot blowjob like this in my life. The thrill of someone walking in and seeing a guy sucking another guys dick. He was sucking and sucking, playing with my balls and wanting more of it. He would suck on the head of my dick, then lick the shaft and suck on my balls.

Damn was he good. I had my hands on his broad shoulders telling him to suck me, make me cum. He wanted my hard dick in his mouth and for me to cum. As Jack started to suck harder and faster, I knew I was building up a powerful orgasm. I told him I was about ready, and he did not even slow down. I started to tense up, and he started to play with my ass, teasing my ass some made me tense want to explode right then. As I was about ready to cum, Jack stuck a finger in my ass, and that was all it took, I shot one heck of a load into his mouth, and he started to finger my ass faster, and squeeze my check with the other hand, I let out another load into his mouth and was relieved since I was feeling so good.

After I had finished, he made sure that my dick was nice and clean, he licked every ounce of cum that I had just shot out. My knees were weak and my heart was racing. Then Jack got up and said that he had to take a shower again. I got out of the steam room and started to cool off. I had asked Jack if we were still on for going out tonight, cause I wanted to make him feel as good as I was feeling. Of course Jack was all up for it, and finished up the shower.

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