Classroom Virgin


When I applied for medical school I guess I never really understood all of the consequences. It was just that fresh out of high school I knew I was going to need a good job and the schools were pushing the profession because of a shortage of nurses and doctors.

My nice straight A average served me well in being accepted. During high school I was on the dumpy side, so I never really got distracted by boys. That left me with plenty of time to study and study I did.

My Mom gave me a tearful hug as I headed off for the bus. She had worked since my dad passed away when I was very young, saving everything she could to make sure I could go on to school. That plus dad had been careful to keep a good life insurance policy too.

I don’t think that mom ever spent a single dime of that, either. I was one of the lucky ones, I could concentrate on school and not worry too much about money.

I was 19 years old by then, I had been on two dates and neither one of them called to ask me for another date.

I had been almost naked in front of a male just one time, and even then my mom was right there. She refused to let me out of her sight.

The doctor was a very old man anyway, he had white hair but a gentle manner, still when he reached under the sheet and touched me THERE I cried out. He had already felt and looked at my chest, that didn’t bother me.

He jerked his hand back and gave me an odd look. Then he looked at my mom.

“She is fine, perhaps you can explain to her how her body will change now. I think it is best that you do that.” Then he left the room, I thought I had done something wrong so I started bawling. Mom came over and hugged me, and told me it was all right, he was just a doctor.

Mom did explain some of it but even at 19 I had no idea at all about boys, although I did see some male organs in drawings and things like that.

The two boys that I went out with never even tried to kiss me, I was actually hoping maybe one of them would though.

Then I began to get breasts, those appeared very late. They actually seemed to grow overnight so mom got me some big heavy bras to wear. Mom was small busted and none of hers would fit, I grew to a 36C cup. I liked that, they made my ample behind look smaller, I thought. I sometimes looked at them in the mirror in my room, comparing them to the other girls that I had seen in gym class.

Mine were every bit as pretty as theirs were, I thought.

Medical school was really easy for me, there were a lot of books and lectures and then tests, I did well on all of them. I learned how to check vitals, all the usual. It was so easy in fact that I kept right on getting straight A’s.

The first naked male body I saw was a dead man. That was a shock to me at first, he had died at about age 70. He had grey hair around his groin and a mass of hair on his chest. I looked at his penis, it was only about 5 inches or so and looked all wrinkled. Of course I knew they swelled up when erect, but I had still never seen one that way.

Then in one of the classes the instructor told us that we would be using each other for practice exams. I saw my first live penis in the flesh, one of the male students stood behind a sheet they set up and each one of us went back, one at a time to lift his testicles and feel for hernias. There had been some photos and a short movie earlier that showed a man with a hernia so I thought I knew.

When I stepped back behind the sheet Terry, a guy I knew was on the track team stood there naked from the waist down. Several of the students had already gone back there, and he had started to erect.

“Relax, Sally. It’s just a normal procedure.” He said, apparently noticing my flaming face. I pulled on a glove and reached out and touched him, rolling each testes like we had been taught.

I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at his penis, it had a big head on it that was way larger than the shaft and it stuck almost straight out.

Denise, our instructor stood right there watching. She had insisted we call her that from the first day. She explained to me how to lift and have him cough. I got through that and hurried back to my desk with my face flaming, some of the rest of the class chuckled softly.

That had really felt strange, and somehow it excited me to actually touch him.

There was one man in our class I didn’t really care for. I made the mistake of calling him “Jon” one day and he instantly snapped at me.

“My name is JONATHAN!” He glared at me. That hurt my feelings, I mumbled an apology and tried to stay clear of him. He went out of his way after that to make sure I knew he didn’t like me which upset me.

Then one day Denise told us we were switching to the female anatomy. She set up the curtains as I sat there praying that I would not be first.

“Sally, come on up. We will use you for the patient today.” Denise said as I sat there flushing. I barely managed to get up and go behind the curtain.

I knew this was probably coming but I had been hoping it wouldn’t be me. I had Anadolu Yakası Escort no choice.

“Undress and pull this sheet over you, then lie back on the table.” She told me. I did as she asked, tucking the sheet firmly between my legs. The first thing she had them do was examine my breasts, one of the girls was the first to come back, then another one and I began to relax. They took turns feeling my breasts for lumps or anything abnormal.

Terry came back, he felt around under the drape and I had an overwhelming feeling that I wanted him to see them. That just made me blush all the more. He kept his head turned away the whole time.

Then I looked up and Jonathan was standing there. He stepped up and briskly pulled the sheet down, then pawed first one, then the other. It didn’t hurt but I didn’t like it. He even squeezed my nipples. Finally he was done and I suffered through the rest of them. Most felt around under the sheet but a couple of them uncovered me. By then I didn’t mind very much. Denise never said a word, just let them do what they wanted to. I did glance at her and she was smiling, I wondered about that. She seemed to like looking herself, I had heard that some women liked other women but I didn’t really understand that.

I lay there thinking it was finally over, no boys had ever seen me before but some of them sure had now. I had mixed emotions, I wanted to cover up but I wanted them to see me at the same time.

“Next we will practice pelvics.” Denise said.

“Oh, God!” I muttered.

“Relax, Sally, it’s nothing. You will get used to it.” She told me. She reached out and patted me to calm me down.

Then there was a string of students, they came in and felt around under the sheet, pressed one finger inside me and poked around, then left. The first three were the other women in my class.

That wasn’t so bad, I thought.

Terry came in and slipped his hand under the sheet and I tensed up.

“Sorry.” He said, he inserted one finger slightly and felt my insides, then went back out. It was over so quickly I didn’t have time to really respond.

Then Jonathan came in. He grinned at me and reached under, first feeling me roughly all over. I was slick from the lube. Then he shoved his finger so far inside I jumped as his knuckles bumped right against me.

I let out a grunt, I couldn’t help myself.

“This doesn’t feel right, something is wrong in there!” He told Denise, his index finger still jammed way up inside me.

“What are you feeling?” She asked, concern in her voice.

“I’m not sure, it just doesn’t…not like any others I have felt.”

“Let me try.” Denise said, pulling the sheet back and exposing me. I saw Jonathan’s eyes go right to my groin, then Denise pressed her finger inside as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“She seems normal to me, are you feeling the fact that she is a virgin?” She asked Jonathan like I was a chunk of meat on the table.

“Virgin? No way!” He exclaimed.

“Sure she is, see here?” She opened me up and slipped her finger inside again, feeling my hymen.

“Go ahead, feel that. But be careful.” She told Jonathan as I blushed and squeezed my eyes shut. I felt his finger go inside again, he wiggled it a few times, then slid it out. That hurt a little bit.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” He said.

I got dressed and the class was breaking up, some of them were looking at me oddly. I hurried to my apartment and showered until my skin was red.

My phone was ringing as I came out, toweling my hair dry. It was Jonathan.

“Hi. Hey I was thinking, would you like to have dinner with me?”

“I thought you didn’t like me?” I blurted out, not knowing what to say.

“I like you just fine, besides, you are really pretty.”

Pretty? Me?

“It’s just dinner, we can get to know each other since we will be working together in class.”

“Well…Oh, ok.”

“Great, pick you up in an hour.” He hung up before I could say anything.

I guess I was surprised, and I can’t say I wasn’t really excited at the idea. Jonathan had always been short with me before or just ignored me. Besides, I knew he had not only seen me naked but he had actually put his fingers in me. I could almost still feel that. But I figured he just wanted to talk about the classes or something.

I dressed in a simple pullover outfit, not fancy but it was pretty and I knew I looked nice. I even took off my glasses and put them in my purse.

I sat there and waited, finally he knocked on my door a full half hour late.

“You look nice!” Were the first words out of his mouth. My hand came up and brushed my hair back, I instantly hated doing that. He reached out and took my hand and led me out to his car. It was a funny looking car, it had a big thing on the hood and the back tires were way bigger than the front ones.

It was really noisy, too, and seemed to bounce up and down as he drove. We went to a local restaurant and he even pulled a chair out for me. I was surprised, the blank look Kurtköy Escort he always gave me seemed to be gone, he was being nice.

He told me about growing up in Los Angeles, I was interested because I always wanted to go there. Then he asked me about my life, I told him about growing up with just Mom and me, living in the midwest and just going to school.

“Yea, I thought so, I can tell from the way you dress.” He smiled.

“The way I dress?” I asked.

“Yea, you have a killer bod and it’s always covered up.” He looked at my chest, making me blush. My mind flashed back to him more or less mauling my breasts, the other students had used their fingertips and been very gentle.

“I…we..I was always modest and my mom…..”

“It’s OK. I was surprised that you are still a virgin, though. You are what? 20 now?”

That made me blush even more, I just nodded.

“And the bush! That was amazing!”

“Bush? What do you mea…oh.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It’s just that the girls where I come from all shave that off, or most of it.” He was grinning at my discomfort.

It was almost merciful when he finally took me home, he parked the car and shut it off. It made a big hiss when he did. Then he leaned over and put his hand behind my neck and kissed me.

My first real kiss! I felt his lips and then his tongue came out and poked at my mouth and I pulled back in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” He asked me.

“Nothing. I just never….”

“Good grief, you are not only a virgin but you have never been kissed either?” He started laughing. That made me a little bit mad.

“No. I haven’t.”

“That’s funny, you are probably the only one your age left in the whole world.” He grinned at me.

“I have to go now, thank you for dinner.” I opened the door and slid out. He leaned over towards me as I started to close the door.

“Hey Sally! You might think of losing the brush, the guys are already calling you bigfoot!” Then he laughed, started the car and took off with a roar.

I went up to my room and sat there on the edge of the bed and cried. I thought for a long time. I decided that Jonathan was just not a nice man. I was going to have to deal with him because he was in my class but I made up my mind that I didn’t have to put up with him.

I also didn’t want to be teased.

The next day I bought a razor and some shaving cream, I went home and carefully trimmed my pubic hair. I tried to make it heart shaped but it came out a short triangle. The triangle got smaller and smaller as I tried to make it look even, it was really hard to do. Finally I gave up and cut it all off.

Now it stung a little and looked red, I showered and dried myself and used some powder, that helped.

Jonathan didn’t say much in class, we were studying medicines and dosages all the next week anyway so there were no more embarrassing incidents. I was glad when Terry was assigned as my partner, I wasn’t sure I could have stood it if it had been Jonathan. I did notice Jonathan kept looking my way.

I also checked out the other women in the class, and in the halls. Most of the time in class we all wore those ugly green smocks but out of class the other girls all wore pretty blouses and shirts. None of them buttoned up the back like all of mine did, and all of them were way shorter too.

I decided to go shopping.

There was a little clothing store about 10 blocks from my apartment, and older lady ran it and a younger man worked there too. I was looking at the racks of blouses when he walked up to me and asked if he could help. He had a really funny way of talking, plus he moved his hands around a lot.

I told him I was looking for some blouse and skirt combinations, he looked me up and down and led me over to a nearby rack. He picked out several outfits, told me to go back and try them on. The first skirt I put on was way too short, it was above my knees. I tried another and it was the same. I heard him call out asking me if I needed any help just as I was pulling off the third one.

“No, but these are all too short.” I said through the curtain.

“Put one on and let me see, honey. Marti!! Come over here and give me a hand!” He yelled, at the older woman I assumed.

Taking a deep breath, I stepped out. They both stood there, the man clapped his hands.

“Perfect, sweetie! You will knock them dead in that. Here, try this blouse with it.” He handed me a thin blouse, I stepped back and put it on.

“I can see right through this.” I protested.

“Come on out, it’s the style.” He said. The older woman looked me up and down, nodded, that made me feel better.

“You will need a different bra, that one looks huge.” She said. She headed off across the store and was back in seconds with a matching bra that was soft and trimmed with lace. It was mostly just a sling.

“Try this.” She handed it to me.

I stepped back and stripped, put on the bra and the blouse and came back out. The man clapped his Pendik Escort hands again.

“There you go, you are gorgeous, darling!”

“She sure is, George.” The woman said, then she left to go wait on another lady who came in.

I began to get into it, trying on a dozen different outfits. I turned this way and that, looking at myself in the mirror. I ended up buying a half dozen pretty outfits.

“Next we need to fix that hair.” George said.

“My hair? What’s wrong with my hair?”

“Oh it’s just so…not you!” He smiled.

“Hang on, I have an idea.” He picked up a phone and dialed.

“Gloria! I have one here for you! She needs your magic, dearie. Oh, yes, right now, it’s an emergency!” He hung up and grinned at me.

“Come on, dearie! Marti! I will be back in an hour or two!” Then he led me out the door and down the street.

Gloria turned out to be a man too, at least I think he was. It was hard to tell with the mass of long blonde hair and makeup. He ran a hair salon, there were several stations there with people working. He had me sit in a chair, looked me up and down and went to work. Then he got some makeup, put some touches here and there.

In an hour and a half he swung me around to take a look in the mirror. I had almost no idea who was looking back at me.

Gone were the bangs cut straight across, replaced by swirls of hair that swept off to the side. The back came over and down, forward on one side, with streaks of color all through it, replacing the mousy brown. My eyes looked darker and mysterious, there was a blush of rose on my cheeks.

I sat there and looked at myself in surprise.

George did that clap of his hands again.

“Isn’t Gloria just so totally magic?” He said. I grinned at him, I really did like it.

I tried to pay Gloria but he wouldn’t take any money, he told me it was worth it just to see what was underneath there. I hugged both of them and thanked them.

I was walking back to my apartment when someone wolf whistled. I looked around and a truck driver was standing there with the back of his truck open. He grinned at me and gave me the thumbs up sign.

I was practically flying by the time I got home, nobody had ever whistled at me before.

I got to class the next day, walked in. Denise looked up at me.

“Can I help you?” She asked. I looked at her mildly confused, then realized she didn’t recognize me.

“Oh my!” She said. “Wow, what a difference!”

I just smiled, went to my seat. Terry walked in moments later, looked at me and grinned.

“What happened to you?” He leaned over and whispered to me.

“You turned into a stone fox!” I beamed at that, my confidence was building up very quickly.

The rest of the class filed in, they all looked at me in surprise, then Jonathan walked in and his jaw dropped. I just looked away.

By the end of the class the fuss was over, but I realized that I looked completely different. Even going down the halls I saw several men turn to take a glance at me, that felt good. Nobody really ever took a glance at me before, the sensation was wonderful.

Things settled down at school, Terry and I worked together sometimes, then I would be assigned to one of the other women. One day bled into another, I got asked out a few times and went with a few. I even got kissed a couple of times but I rebuffed all of the hints at more, except one man put his hand on my breast over my clothes. It felt good, exciting, so I let him a little bit, but stopped him when he tried to reach under my skirt.

Then finally it was graduation, I was now a nurse. I had plans to continue on to become a Doctor, I knew that meant at least another 5 to 6 years of study. I still had my straight A’s, too.

Then there was the party. All of the students were going, so I went too. There was a lot of drinking going on, I sipped on some wine myself. It didn’t take much of that and I felt a little woozy so I sat down on one of the couches. Just then Jonathan plopped down beside me.

“Hi, Babe.” He said.

I nodded at him. Jonathan had asked me out several times after our first date but I always turned him down. He was talking to me but I was having a hard time understanding him.

Then somehow we were dancing, he held me tightly and I had to hang onto him because I was unsteady on my feet. He led me off down the hallway and for some reason I went along, not really resisting. I don’t know how we ended up on one of the beds, but when he started tugging at my clothing I began to put up a fuss.

He actually had one of my hands pinned down and managed to get my blouse undone, and he was squeezing one of my breasts. I was struggling, trying to get loose when the weight lifted off me and there was some shouting.

In the fog in my head I realized it was Terry holding Jonathan, then Jonathan took a swing at Terry. Terry just hit him and that was it. He reached out for me as my world went black.

I woke up at my apartment in my bed. I looked around, confused, not knowing what had happened. All I had on was my bra and panties, the covers snugged up around me. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed, my head felt terrible.

Then I heard a noise in the other room, I jumped back in the bed and pulled the covers up. Someone knocked on the door.

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