Classical Music – Opus 02

Big Tits

The story so far;

Lockdown. I’d been sent home from work – Self Isolation on medical grounds. Mum knew I was joking, she owned fifty percent of our business. I’d had to close The Wall and shop for the duration.

Mum was in the conservatory conducting her classical music, naked. I watched, awestruck. She was beautiful. My Mother had always been beautiful and six years after my Father died in an accident she was still toned, fit, smooth?, with a perfect landing strip?, and incredibly beautiful. She wasn’t in the least bit upset to have me discover her naked. She sent me upstairs to get changed out of my working clothes while she made us a cup of tea. On returning to the conservatory I discovered that she was still, quite happily naked. Please see Classical Music – Opus 1 for the detail.

### ### ###

“Do you think I’m a little over dressed, Mum?”

“Yes Darling, definitely. Here let me help you.”

She stood in front of me in all her naked glory and offered her hand. Dragging my eyes reluctantly away from her delicious body I accepted and allowed her to pull me to my feet. She didn’t step back at all and I stood with my lightly clothed body touching her naked one in places that Sons shouldn’t really be touching their Mothers.

She placed her hands on my hips. To help me balance? Hardly, I had enough balance for the pair of us. She pulled me in closer, leaned forward and kissed me on the tip of my nose. Not a hard, pouty lipped kiss, a nice, soft, loving kiss. Mum always kissed me on the tip of my nose. Had done since my first day at nursery school.

I had been excited and a little nervous. She crouched down until she was my height, put her arms on my little shoulders and told me that I was going to start learning new and exciting things and I should pay attention and learn as much as I could so I’d grow up big and clever, like my Dad. She kissed me on the tip of my nose with nice, soft loving lips and told me she loved me and that she’d be waiting when I came out at lunchtime. She was, of course. Nursery school was only mornings to start with.

Every day, from then onwards she’d kiss my lovingly on the tip of my nose and tell me she loved me. All through school, college and work. She’d kissed me the same every time we parted. The most recent time being that very morning, as I set off for to Close ‘The Wall’ for the duration.

“Know why I always kiss the tip of your nose?” she asked playfully, “because it’s the closest I can get to kissing your lips without being thought a bad Mother. However as I’m currently holding your boner hard against my naked pussy and pressing my naked tits hard against your thin shirt front I suggest it doesn’t really matter any more.

She bent a little, offering her lips to mine. I met her halfway, put my arms around her and pulled her as close as I could. That was the kiss I’d been waiting all of my adult life for!

We didn’t break apart, looking shocked and embarrassed. We eased apart, gazed into each others eyes, smiled and went back for seconds and again, for thirds.

“You’re still way too over dressed, here, let me,” taking hold of the bottom of my T shirt she started to work it up my torso, “lift” she giggled.

I lifted my arms just like I always had when she undressed me for bed as a nipper. She stepped back, took my hand and led me to the rug in the centre of the conservatory.

“Stand there, let me look at you.”

I stood and watched delightedly as my naked Mother circled me slowly. After two slow laps she stepped in close behind me and placed her hands lightly on my shoulders.

“When you were little you were so slim and elegant I feared that should would put on loads of puppy fat as you grew. You didn’t, you blossomed. Still slim and elegant but with a delicious muscle structure. Just like your Dad.”

She ran her fingertips over my back and shoulders delicately, slow, sweeping caresses sending tingles down my spine.

“Y’know I used to watch your girlfriends putting sun tan oil on your back and feel just a teensy bit jealous. They were such beautiful young women, why didn’t you stay with any of them very long? That lovely creature, what was her name? Came and asked me if I’d mind if she sunbathed in her undies as she hadn’t brought her bikini with her?”

“That was Alison. Did you see her undies? There wasn’t much of them.”

“Course I did, she stripped off in the kitchen. Felt like telling her she could go naked if she wished but thought it might frighten her. They were all lovely girls, why couldn’t you find one to settle with?”

“Didn’t you notice anything particular about them?” I teased as I went to pick up my phone.

“They were all slim, very fit, pretty, had a lovely pair of tits. Is a Mother allowed to say that to her Son?” she giggled, “and they all squealed delightfully when you took them up to your bedroom.”

“Oh! Err… Sorry about that Mum.”

“Sorry about taking them to bed or making them squeal? Making a girl squeal with pleasure is nothing to be sorry about. Now not making her squeal Kağıthane Escort is a different matter. I’m hoping you’ll make me squeal in the not too distant future.”

“You really didn’t notice the similarities, did you? OK, take a look and see if you notice anything.”

Opening my ‘Gallery’ I selected ‘Girls’ and showed Mum the first image. Should I be showing my Mother images of my former girlfriends scantily clad or naked? Probably not but Mum was naked, I was about to become naked, probably and I would be doing my best to make her squeal before the morning sun rose above the roof tops.

“That’s Mary? Lovely body. Shame about the size of her costume, hides her best bits. Now that’s Alison! I was right she looks beautiful naked.” observed my Mother delightedly.

I flicked through half a dozen partially clad or naked beauties all of whom had visited while Mum was home.


“Like I said, all tall, slim, fit, pretty and nice tits.” Mum giggled happily.

I changed to a different album.

“What about this one?”

I showed her the first image.

“Wow! That was taken a while ago. Was my bikini really as revealing as that? Looks a bit silly with wellington boots, doesn’t it?” she chuckled.

I could have told her exactly when that and the next six photographs were taken, the Sunday before my Dad was killed. I always think of him as being killed in an accident whereas Mum says he died in an accident. I can understand the difference now.

I flicked through a dozen photos of my Mother, all of them decent and all of them in one of her various bikinis. I tried again.

“OK, now forget that they are all photos of yourself, what do you see?”

She walked behind me and peered over my shoulder. Her hands went around my waist and she pulled me back onto her naked body.

“Me!” she giggled naughtily.

Her hands moved quickly. One to my chest where it pinioned my body back against hers. The other reached down and pressed hard against my boner before her fingers wrapped around it taking up the excess material of my loose jogging bottoms.

“Me,” she repeated, “that why you took them to bed and made them squeal with this beautiful cock of yours?”

Two can play at that game. I turned into her allowing her to keep a good hold on my throbbing cock. Reaching between our close pressed bodies I felt for her pussy. She opened her legs easily and my hand cupped her wetness before I slipped a single finger between her folds. She sighed contentedly, released my cock and fumbled at my waist band for a way inside. Her other hand went straight to the back of my head as she pulled me in for a kiss.

I didn’t let her go until I’d found her magic button and brought her to orgasm. It felt wonderful. My Mother shuddered then let out a long, low ooooooh. She let go my cock and put her arms around my neck, clinging on tight. I pressed on her button again. Her eyes popped open, she trembled, pushed her pussy hard into my hand and pulled my lips to hers.

Slipping my finger gently out I stroked it across her clitty then dived back inside for her button.

“Oh! My God!”

She climaxed again and kept rolling as I finger-fucked her lovingly. Placing a hand either side of my face she held me firm and planted her lips hard on mine. Opening my mouth I let her tongue in and sucked on it lovingly. We tongue wrestled while I fingered her to another orgasm. When she’d calmed she pushed my face away from hers.


“Yes Mum?”

“Fuck me!”

Releasing my face she gracefully slid downwards, her naked breasts upturning as they were pulled down my bare chest. On her knees in a moment or two there was no fumbling at all as she untied the drawer-string holding my trackie bottoms up. Her hands slid deftly into the waist band.

“Ohhh, no boxers! You naughty boy, planning on fucking your Mummy were you?” she teased.

“Would you accept ‘hoping’?”

“I’d happily accept planning, Darling. Now let’s see what made those beautiful girls of yours squeal so happily.”

My trackie bottoms were pooled at my feet in a trice.

“Step, step.”

I step stepped and my bottoms joined my T shirt on the lounger. Mum raised her head and looked dead ahead.

“Ohhhh FUCK!” she looked up at me and grinned a filthy grin, “Sorry, that’s a weeny bit rude. Now I see why all your girls squealed with pleasure. That’s even bigger than your Dad’s and he wasn’t undersized by any manner of means. You’ll have to be gentle with me the first few times,” she added cheekily, “I’m out of practice.”

She took my throbbing cock in hand and licked her tongue all around the head sluttishly before opening her mouth and bobbing her head down. I felt it hit the back of her mouth. She pushed a little further and pressed the top of my knob into her throat, started to gag and eased back off.

“That takes me back,” she said delightedly, “bit of practice but then we’ve got all the time in the world now. Mind if I ride you for a while. Get used to the size a bit?”

“As Kağıthane Escort Bayan long as you sit on my face before you dismount. Either or, face then cock or vice versa, your choice.”

“That’s exactly what your Dad said, first time. About fifteen minutes after we met as well. I’m counting from our first improper snog, that was about fifteen minutes ago, I think?”

“Close enough. What reply did you give Dad?”

“I sat on his face and practised taking his cock into my throat for a while, while he explored my cunt. Would you prefer pussy?”

“I’ll fuck your cunt and make love to your pussy.”

“My pussy will be eagerly awaiting you, in the morning,” she sniggered filthily, “my cunt is available until then and anytime you desire, thereafter. Do I make myself clear, Darling?” she giggled wickedly and fed my cock back into her mouth.

### ### ###

The big slate tiles of the conservatory floor were cold despite the rug. I dragged the cushions form the furniture while Mum organised them on the floor.

“Down yer go!”

“Isn’t that my line?”

“Yes, Son, sorry. On yer back!” she laughed.

Then she went back down on me and threw a leg over my head. He smooth pussy was glistening with her arousal directly above my face, irresistible, so I didn’t.

“Flatten down Mum, I’ve just gotta taste you.”

I was expecting her to stretch out and part her legs a little. She didn’t, she just kept pushing her knees further and further apart until she was doing the splits! Bang centre on my waiting mouth.

“Hell Mum! That’s impressive!”

“Party trick, Darling. Your Dad loved it,… need to practice a lot though. Bit rusty at the moment, like everything I ‘spose.”

“Practice on me whenever you like Mum. Now let me get your pussy in my mouth and savour your flavour.”

Mum was a squirter, just like Alison, and she laughed, just like Alison, when she nearly drowned me. Again just like Alison, she made no apologies and I didn’t expect nor want her to. I love facials from horny women.

Mum sat up, after a while spent making my cock as hard as a crowbar, and squatted on my face.

“You going to be OK, fucking your Mother, Richard?” she teased.


She rose up and I pretended to gasp for breath.

“What was that, Mum?”

“I said…”

“Don’t ask silly questions! Just get it inside you before you need to put it back in your mouth and get me interested again,” I laughed.

She stood, turned and squatted effortlessly. She grabbed hold of my cock, positioned it at her pussy entrance…

“Party time!” she declared happily.

As her knees slid sideways once more so her dripping wet cunt slid down my rampant, mother-fucking cock. It looked incredible and felt fabulous. Resting her hands on my chest she rose again.

“Not too heavy for you, am I Darling?” she teased.

On her way down she squeezed. My eyes popped open wide as I gasped in surprise. She was smiling at my reaction.

“Fuck! Mum,”

“That’s what we’re doing Darling.”

Her eyes sparkled with devilment. We were fucking, Mother and Son. Not only was my Mother leading the way but also making it light hearted. Allaying any concerns I might have? I didn’t have a one.

“No wonder Dad always took you to bed early. I thought he was tired out from work, now I know different.”

“No, Darling your Dad was always full of beans when he took me to bed. He was totally knackered before we went to sleep though. Now I’ve got six years of good fucking to catch up on. We gonna fuck or talk?” she laughed merrily as she bounced on my cock.

“Right! That’s it! On your knees Mother. I’ve waited years to fill you with spunk. Now you’re gonna get it.”

“Ooooo, Masterful! I like Masterful,”

Somehow she was up and off and on her knees, forearms on the cushion and beautiful bum in the air before I could move.

“Like this, Master Richard? Bum high enough? Head low enough? Well cum on, we haven’t got all night y’know!”

She looked absolutely stunning. Obedient submissive who was totally in charge. I could work with that and to prove it, I smacked her perfect bum.

“Knees a little wider!”

They eased out and stopped.

“Up a bit,” I chuckled.

She rose.

“Now stop fucking about and fuck your Mother!” she demanded hungrily.

I knelt behind her and brushed my knob head up and down her wet slit before easing it into her cunt.

“You safe?”

“Yes. With a good looking Son in the house I wasn’t going to risk not being ready when he was. Now please fuck me! Hard and as energetically as you like.”

Taking a firm grip on her hips I drove my cock inside her while pulling her back forcefully.

“Ohhhh, FUCK! Thank GOD! At last! Fuck me Son! Fill my cunt with your seed as fast as you can.”

I needed no further instructions and while I was thankful for the sound proofing benefits of double glazing my Mother screamed her joy at the top of her lungs. I’d like to say I fucked Escort Kağıthane her hard for the next ten minutes but I’d be lying. Mother squirted on my cock and balls which drove me mad and encouraged an even more aggressive manner of hauling her back onto my cock while driving it forward into her cunt. On Mother’s second noisy, orgasm I came with her, holding her still while the contents of my aching balls transferred to her throbbing cunt.

We remained locked together, like dogs tied by the male’s knot, for a long time.

“You OK Mum?”

“Never felt better, Darling. You?”

“Same here. Best fuck I’ve ever had. Never cum so quick in my life. Not too quick, I hope?”

“Not at all Darling, was on the verge of collapse actually. Come and lay beside me. I need a good long cuddle from my fantastic Loving Son.”

We snuggled, kissed, cuddled and canoodled on the foam cushion bed for a long time. We may even have dozed of for a short time.

“Your Dad used to call me Rose, y’know?”

“No, lemme guess. Good in bed and great against a wall?”

“Yeah, words to that effect. You ever fucked a girl against a wall?” she asked hungrily.

“Yes Mum. A seven hundred foot one. Little ledge twenty four inches wide with a tricky overhang above to keep the rain off.” I laughed.

“You’re kidding! How did that work then?”

“Had to tie her to a couple of pitons so she didn’t slip off in the night. Boom Boom!”

“Like Father like Son eh? What about a door frame?”

“You mean like the doors on the shops in the High Street?”

“No, silly. We’d get arrested. The door frame between the kitchen and the dining room? No door in the frame. Much easier.”

Mum made no attempt to stifle her dirty laugh.

“Now? You up to it?”

“I was thinking while the jacket potatoes were cooking?”

### ### ###

Dinner that night was surreal. Mum said it was a very special occasion and that we should dress for it. She wore the little bikini that she was wearing when I took the photo of her doing the gardening in her wellington boots. I wore Dad’s dickie bow tie and a satisfied smile. Oh, Mum also sat on a piece of kitchen towel to absorb my two loads of spunk if it dripped out. She refused point blank to rinse it out in any way other than by my cock putting more in. I didn’t argue.

The conversation was equally odd. How on earth did I manage to get my cock in a girl part way up a 700′ foot rock wall and who was she? It took me a while to explain that Alison was an expert climber and had a thing about being fucked in difficult places. One of those places was high on a wall. Her problem was finding a guy she wanted to fuck and was capable of getting high on a wall. I seemed to fit her requirements. It was fun, dangerous and difficult. The weather wasn’t good when we arrived in the Alps and had to practice for two days in the tent. On the day of the climb she led each pitch. When I got up to her, on the ledge, she was naked from the waist down, secured with two pitons. I clipped in, she got my cock out and I slipped into her harness. We didn’t have long, there were three climbers coming up behind us only a couple of pitches back. Alison finished the climb in her panties. The guys behind didn’t complain, nor did I.

For Mum’s part she regaled me with tales of her promiscuous youth, the cocks she’d had and where. She’d had a few in her time, quite a few. I suggested that maybe she shouldn’t be telling her Son these things. She just laughed;

“Why on earth not? S’not nothing I didn’t tell your Dad. Anyway he was just as bad or good, depending on your point of view. Not so many cunts as I had cocks admittedly but it’s easier for girls to get fucked. We just have to say it’s available. Lads have to hunt for the available cunt. Mind you, your Dad was well equipped, not as good as you but certainly well above the average, and he knew how to use it. Had some great chat up lines too.

I was having a break from the pill when I met your Dad so I was using condoms. It wasn’t a problem, I’d taken plenty with me, used three the week before we met. Your Dad always carried his own but had only managed to use two that first week. Your Dad and I had so much in common.

Right from the very start we knew that we were made for each other. The first four or five times we fucked we used condoms but the following afternoon he stopped to roll one on. I told him not to bother, I wanted to feel his spunk pumping into me. He asked if I was on the pill. I told him I wasn’t.”

“I’ll have to marry you then,” he informed me.

“Is that a proposal?”

He didn’t hesitate for a second.


I didn’t hesitate either.

“I accept.”

He shoved his cock home hard and fucked me senseless, and made you. Or we made you sometime during the rest of that week.

That same evening we told our parents that we were getting married as soon as we could. They all looked very relieved, I have to say. So, there you have it. Your Dad’s romantic proposal, my acceptance and your conception in a matter of minutes. It’s been a great life. No regrets for either of us. I never once looked at another man after I met your Dad and I know for a fact he never looked at another woman. We were, as I said, a perfect match. Now, I’m telling you all this so’s you know and understand what’s in your genes…”

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