Claiming the Kid Sister

Big Dicks

I never dreamed I’d fuck my girlfriend’s sister, but I don’t regret it. In fact, I’m going to do it again.

If you’d asked me beforehand, if you’d stopped me before I knocked on their door that warm summer afternoon, I would have been offended at the suggestion that I would ever cheat at all. But an hour later I was in the shower, washing away the sweat of sex as my body tingled with the afterglow of nailing that luscious teenage beauty.

I’d left her red-faced and trembling, eyes unfocused as she smiled a shaky smile, bedraggled and exhausted and gasping for breath on her bed. And when I got out of that shower and her unwitting big sister walked through the door, I was going to do the same to her.

For context, I first met my girlfriend Shannon at the local university. She was studying, while I was recently graduated and working at the uni part-time. Shannon was twenty-one and nearing the end of her second year (she’d taken a gap year before going to uni, starting a year later than normal), I was twenty-two, and her younger sister Teana was eighteen, undergoing her last year of Sixth Form at a local school I found myself wondering if the same was true on Teana.

I loved my girlfriend’s figure, tall and slim with long legs that rose to a nice, tight, rounded ass. But a fact of nature is that what looks proportionate on a tall girl becomes enormous on a short one, and those big hips ran in the family: Teana’s butt was outrageous, sticking out firmly behind her and gyrating lasciviously with her every movement.

To make things worse she loved tight jeans and mini-shorts, which inevitably looked like they’d been painted onto the contours of her lovely fat bum. Shannon’s perky butt sometimes seemed a little lacking after a good glimpse of Teana’s, and though I could write pages on what my woman’s long legs do to me, nothing could fully draw me away from the junk in her sister’s trunk.

Her breasts, too, were bigger than those of her elder sibling. Shannon was hardly lacking in the chest department but her beauty lay in being tall, willowy and slender, whereas her sister went all in on the curves. And with Teana being shorter, it just made her assets look even bigger. As similar as they were, the pair represented two different forms of beauty, equally stunning, but each with their own unique allure. And as I had only tasted the one, the forbidden fruit of the other became ever more tantalizing.

But I told myself I wasn’t the type of guy to cheat, even when she flirted the way rebellious teen girls do. I kept my dreams to myself and used that frustration to fuck my girlfriend all the harder. Until the day that fantasy became reality.

What happened?

Well, over the last few months, I’d started to think that my girlfriend was drifting away from me. We still went on dates and the sex was still good, but things were falling into a rut. Nothing original, nothing new. There was no thrill for me anymore, and I wasn’t sure she was getting one either. She seemed bored with me sometimes, and I found my eyes drifting.

I was noticing other girls more, and I had a feeling she’d started shopping around herself. The biggest shock came when I took a glance over her shoulder, intent on a glimpse down my ladylove’s freckled cleavage, and noticed she was texting an ex.

She recoiled instantly. ‘Friends’, she said. I could read her well, and I was pretty sure she was telling the truth. For the moment. But it was a bad sign, and I knew that if things went south between us, she would want somebody else to jump to. And that if she had somebody else to jump to, she might not care so much about keeping our relationship together.

The bonds were weakening, and I felt I could see the long term forecast of our relationship: We would cruise along for a while longer, out of inertia if nothing else, but eventually, we would break apart. Another person, a big fight, even a change in schedule that made it harder to arrange a date, that’s all it would take.

I didn’t want that. I didn’t want to let my sexy Shannon go. I was thinking, brainstorming ways to spice things up, even as a traitor part of me thought back dreamily to the days of being single and accountable to no one. As if I hadn’t spent my single days hunting a relationship. I guess I’m never satisfied.

Then one afternoon I rolled up to her place and found she wasn’t there. Off with friends, not back until later; She’d told me the day before, only I’d been so distracted by the rut in our relationship that I’d plain forgotten about it. But her sister let me in.

“Heya.” Teana said Beşevler Rus Escort with a pearly white smile, fluttering her long eyelashes and tossing back her short brown hair.

She had a tank top on, and the blue strap of her bra was visible over one freckled shoulder. Once again I wondered if the freckles extended onto her tits. Then she turned to let me in, and as had become ritual I glued my eyes onto that big, juicy, bouncy thing that was somehow contained in her denim shorts. Tea wore neither stockings nor socks, and what brain cells weren’t absorbed by that ass admired her bare legs for a moment. That was an area where Shannon took the gold, but Teana’s legs were no bad sight themselves.

My admiration had to be curtailed as we walked into the living room with its multiple mirrors. My eyes were forced to snap back up to her back, preserving the illusion of propriety. Or so I thought, until I saw those pretty blue eyes looking at me in the mirror with a supremely smug expression. I kicked myself inwardly as I walked through into the kitchen to grab a drink, willing my rebellious, semi-hard cock to subside the entire time.

“You know she’s not here, right?” Tea asked idly as I returned with my coke and sat upon the sofa.

“I remembered the second I knocked on the door.” I responded wryly. Teana grinned at me.

“And there was me thinking you wanted some quality time with poor little me. How disappointing.” I rolled my eyes good-naturedly, then she leaned back upon the sofa and stretched her legs out over my lap.

“Oi.” I prodded the pale skin of her thigh, a little embarrassed (and even alarmed) at how arousing her warm skin felt pressed against me.

“‘Oi’ what? It’s my house,” she pulled one leg back and started prodding me in the ribs with her foot. I knocked it aside once, twice, amused and exasperated, as she went on: “I can do what I want. I was sat here first. You’re in my leg space.”

“I am your guest.” I grabbed her ankle and managed to pin her leg down, though the only thing to pin it to was my lap again. Then her other foot knocked into me, hard.

That is to say, it knocked into something hard, hard. I gasped, twitching involuntarily, cheeks going red. Even now I’m not sure if she did it on purpose, but as I playfully wrestled with my girlfriend’s kid sister, my cock had become like iron, and her soft foot pushed against it forcefully. My heart hammered, and Teana drew back swiftly with a playful look upon her face.

“I think you should calm down,” she said with a cheeky grin. I flushed again, embarrassed.

She’d always been like this. Teasing, flirting, playfully messing around. Trying to get a rise from her big sister’s boyfriend, being a constant annoyance to her older sibling. An attractive new adult, she was establishing her newfound sexuality, gleefully flaunting her desirability to the world. And I’d always done my best to ignore her, or at least to stay within reason. But alone with her like this, I was finding it easy to fall down to her level.

She peered at the bulge in my trousers; I wasn’t hiding it. There was no point now. “Are you getting that hard for me? Naughty, naughty. My sister won’t like that.”

“Don’t you dare tell her.” I growled. Teana just snickered at me in response.

“Why not? You can’t boss me around. You obviously like me, but you don’t dare do anything about it. Shannon’s got you whipped, hasn’t she?”

She had not.

“Or are you scared of me? Scared you can’t handle this?” She batted her eyelashes and smiled prettily as if to show it was all a joke, but the words bit deep. And there came one of those moments which happen only rarely, were your whole perspective shifts. Where you question things you took for granted, and pay attention to ideas you’d never even considered before.

I did like her. I wanted her. And whilst I said I’d never cheat…why not? As I said, the thrill of being with Shannon was fading. I was afraid we were drifting apart, and I knew she was making plans of her own. And let’s face it, every relationship ends somehow. Even if her and I weren’t about to break up, did I plan on marrying her? Staying with her forever? Probably not. All these thoughts flashed through my head in an instant, and I heard my own voice distill them into one burning statement, a pep talk, a question that blazed lustfully inside my head.

If you stay faithful, it said, what’s going to happen? You’ll probably still break up, sooner or later. In five years time, when both of you have moved on Cebeci Rus Escort and you look back on this, will those few extra weeks or months be worth it?

Or will you regret how you missed the chance to fuck her sexy sister?

I made my choice. And when Teana tried to tease my cock again I grabbed her leg and yanked it towards me, then gathered her up into my arms. The mask of playful banter and rebellious teasing cracked and she looked shocked, even overwhelmed as I sat her plump, bouncy ass down atop my iron-hard cock. So I gave her the choice.

“What’s the matter?” I whispered. “Scared you can’t handle this?” Then that teen rebel nature flared back up and she kissed me.

Any misgivings, any second thoughts were blown away then. I was kissing another woman, and that alone was enough to damn me in my girlfriend’s eyes. The fact that Tea had kissed me first probably wouldn’t make much difference if Shannon found out. So now that I’d crossed the line, why not keep going? Might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb, as they say. So I slid my tongue into her mouth and took control.

Soft lips, big tits, wide hips that ground and gyrated. Those were the feelings as I kissed the one, fondled the second and relished the rhythmic sensations of the third. My hands slid under her shirt and caressed her big, firm boobs, then deftly unhooked the blue bra that had held them. She whimpered at my touch, and I soon found out that, much like her sister, she loved having her nipples stroked. Then the shirt was off.

The sights were of heaving pale breasts, which confirmed to me that yes, the freckles went all the way. Pink tips, big and hard, and just like Shannon she adored having them sucked. Cries of pleasure formed the noises and sweet, clean femininity the scent. She was delicious. And I was ravenous.

Her shorts were so tight I could barely unbutton them, but when I did it was worth it. Her panties matched her discarded bra, sky blue silk stretched tightly over that wonderfully expansive rump. My fingers found her opening on the other side of the soft material, and before long I had her soaking through her knickers as I stroked and rubbed her.

Soon we went further: I pushed the silk to one side in search of the equally soft and luxurious prize that was sweet, teenage pussy, and sure enough her hungry teenage slit greedily accepted two of my fingers.

“Don’t tease me,” Tea moaned as I licked her right nipple. Then she followed up with: “…if you can’t please me.” And a glimpse of that perky, cocky persona manifested itself once again. So I stood up and pulled her to her feet. She was tiny in comparison to me, and I swept her up in my arms like a bride. She squealed, blue eyes widening, and I whispered in her ear:

“Oh, I’ll please you alright.”

And I carried her up the stairs.

“You’re so strong,” she whispered as I pushed open the door to her bedroom, then put her down none too lightly atop the messy sheets. Her ass jutted up towards the sky, and primal lust redoubled its hold upon my being. So big! The way even her panties strained to hold it in! What a shape! To think I’d had that grinding against my dick! Well, I thought smugly, it was mine now.

I yanked her knickers down over her thick thighs, then took a second to fondle the bare flesh of that plump, round ass. Then I drew back my hand and spanked her. The noise echoed in the empty house and she squealed in surprise. Maybe something else, too.

“Do you know what your teasing’s done to me?” I growled. “How frustrated you’ve made me?” I spanked her again, harder, relishing the cries she made. It wasn’t shock anymore. It was pleasure as much as pain, and I smiled as I watched her fingers begin frantically messing with her clit. “Just wanted to make you notice,” She gasped, wiggling that bouncy butt at me. I slapped it again, and she cried out.

“Wanted to feel sexy. Like her.”

My hand smacked home and stayed there this time, rubbing the firm buttock it had just been paddling. “Do you feel noticed yet, Teana?”

She nodded submissively, then pushed her butt against my hand. She wanted more. So I gave her the punishment that a tease like her deserved.

Her pussy was flooded with desire; my spanking hand was still damp to the wrist from fingering her on the sofa. She lay there, presenting her ass to me as I turned it red, and after a few more good whacks I saw my handprint was visible upon her ample cheeks. I stopped, proud of my handiwork.

Then I unbuckled my jeans.

My Kolej Rus Escort cock sprang out, long and strong and raring to go. Shannon admired it, loved to play with it; I sometimes wondered if our sexual chemistry was one of the main things keeping us together. Now I decided to see what my chemistry was like with her sister. So I grabbed hold of those lovely hips and pressed the tip of my cock against her sopping wet pussy. She moaned at the invading head, ground her hips against me and sent it slipping deeper, and I knew the signal for what it was. So I impaled her.

Balls deep! Balls deep, inside my girlfriend’s little sister! It was a heavenly feeling. She was so slick and wet I practically glided in and out of her sweet little honeypot but I could feel it intimately, and the force of my strokes was reflected on Teana as she trembled and bucked in response. Again and again I thrust into her, relishing this new sensation, as tight and lush as her sister but somehow, subtly different.

Just like she was in general. When I fuck Shannon we usually do it in missionary, where her tits can crush against my chest or if we move, my face. Her long legs wrap around my back, or lock my hips, or are slung over my shoulders as I plough her, and we kiss constantly as her long hair fans the bedsheets. She whispers dirtily in my ear, has me play with her lovely clitoris.

I came to find that doggystyle with Tea was a totally different ballgame: Her big tits were smushed against the bed and the big show came from the booty, which ground and wiggled deliciously against my thrusting cock. She saw to her own clit, so my hands roamed free, and I got a wondrous view of her from behind.

I only saw her face when she turned her head, displaying cheeks which burned as crimson as my handprints on her ass, contrasting beautifully with those sparkling blue eyes where lust and admiration danced. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her up the ass–Shannon had never let me do it, but Teana was her own woman…

But that was for the future, and obsessing over the future is a good way to blow it in the present. So I focused on fucking her so good she’d do anything for me. Hard was how she obviously wanted it so hard was how she got it, loud slapping noises filling the room as my hips smacked into her glorious round bum and she cried out, harder, harder, and so I gave it to her harder until the bedframe creaked in protest even as she cried out in satisfaction.

Her head ended up in the crook of one arm as her right hand continued playing with her clitoris, whilst my hands had free rein to smack and fondle and stroke her gorgeous arse, rub her thighs and legs, then grab those big hips and pound away even harder still. We fucked and fucked, and I relished every moment of it.

Every thrust, every plunge inside that sweet pussy was all the better for knowing that it was forbidden pussy, the pussy of my girlfriend’s sister. To feel her lush body, to run my hands over her sleek teenage curves was even better than I thought, and the moans and cries I’d imagined her sweet voice making were now ringing in my ears.

There were other things, too, interesting discoveries I’d not expected: She cursed just like Shannon, for instance:

“Oh fuck, do it like that! Fuuuck!”

She would be mine once I was done. That was how I saw it. Each thrust into this new and fascinating woman was an effort to claim her, to put my mark on her, to ensure she would never forget my efforts. I was thinking caveman thoughts as her sexy body, her lovely bodacious butt lit a fire in my lizard brain and gave command over to my deepest instincts. I was mating with her.

At the same time, a part of my mind was distant and detached. This was a dream come true and indeed, there was a dreamlike quality to it which I used to avoid getting too thoughtless, too excited. I didn’t want kids, and I didn’t want to blow this. And I didn’t want to miss Shannon coming back whilst I was giving it to her sister.

Although even if she had, I doubt I would have stopped.

And all the while Teana shook and spasmed and cried out, gasping my name and raising the roof as I fucked her, pushing her body back against mine in an effort to send my prick ever deeper inside her hot, sweet depths. Then as her gasps of pleasure seemed about to reach a crescendo, she went quiet.

“Coming,” she whispered, “coming, coming…”, she repeated shakily until a sort of silent fit took over her body. For all her loudmouthed behaviour, she was quieter than her sister. It went on for a long time, it rose and fell; there were points where I thought she was done, then she moved against my steadily thrusting cock in a new and novel way, flicked her clit again and before I knew it, her shaking fit had redoubled. I didn’t know if it was just a very long orgasm, or if she had more than one. All I know is that eventually she slumped down, seemingly spent, exhausted and struggling for breath.

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