Our senses have becomeflooded with each other.You are all that my mind knows,and all that my body longs to feel.Your eyes, like burning embersare the lighthouseleading me to the heated sandsalong your shore.We can both sensethe palpable tension between usreverberating through our hearts in this still air.This unraveling tether that bindsas a delicate balance pulls us ever closer;our sensitive fingertips meet bare flesh for the first time,as electricity courses hungrily through our veins.To say that I am enamored with youwill never be sufficient to expressmy devotion to pleasingyour mind, body and soul.Every small, tender explorationuncovering pathways on a living maptracing the pulsing currentstrapped beneath your skin’s cage.Is it time to let this desperate animal free?Our mouths, once used for languagenow noted incapable of uttering Keçiören Escort a sentence…we’ve been reduced to somethingcompletely primal, as my tongueslides between your parted lipsto elicit the delicious moans that I crave.Hands grasping, exploring new terrain,as if in this moment we may somehowbe swept away from each other in this pulsing current;clothes are taken off as though we areunwrapping a present; we both knowour bodies are a gift to each other.The desperate animal paces slowly…it is the culmination of our growing need.Your hand deftly slides over the heartthat will be claimed by you;my hand gently runs through your hairas your tongue flicks over my sensitive nipple…I know you can feel each pulsebelow the surface against your lips.My eyes identify our Etimesgut Escort need, made concrete;I whisper to the animal circling us…“Consume us both,”as it springs forwardlike a bullet shot from a loaded gun.Our desperation has reached its peak,and as I turn around, giving myself to you,my glistening sex invites you in;as your throbbing cock is felt at my entranceyour voice is heard at my perked ear…“You are mine.”You thrust your hips forward at the last word,and as you pierce me to the hilt,your message could never be more deliberate.We immediately find the right pace,as you grasp hungrily to my hips…my wetness covers you completelyemphasizing that you are mine, too.As you reach up, raking my tender back with your nailsas though you’re branding your territory,I Demetevler Escort have never seen someone more suitedto earning the title of my alpha wolf…you claw deep furrows into my fleshasserting dominance overwhat you have taken as yours.I look into your eye’s dark flamethreatening to overtake me like a wildfire;I want to be burned and destroyed by you,a forest of trees being decimated by this inferno…I state one desire, as our climax is imminent…a command to you, torn from my throat.“Explode, now!”Our bodies feverishly reach the point of never turning back.We are both pushed together over the cliff;as my pussy pulses against your cock, I scream your name…your hips pound against me relentlessly;as every hot spurt paints my insides,my name, every syllable, is moaned with desire made tangible,as though you speak of something precious to you.The desperate animal returns,lying at our feet…our mutual release has left it sated.Your arms wrap around my soft skin,as your face lays against my marked back.My eyes find yours, as you stay inside meboth of us trembling helplessly together.It may not need to be said, in the aftermathbut saying it to you is my heart’s wish…“I love you.”

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