It was the fall of the year in Michigan. The time of year when all the cider mills show their wares. One cider mill in particular seemed busier than most. A well dressed gentleman came to this particular cider mill and he noticed a vendor with more customers than the norm. He got in line to see what was the big fuss. Finally his turn came to purchase his wares. He noticed that the apples the vendor was selling were quite expensive. Some apples were $20 dollars. Some were $50, şişli bayan escort and some were even $100 dollars! He asked the vendor, “Why are your apples so expensive?”
“Well,” says the vendor, “these are special apples. The $20 apples taste like peanut butter and jelly.”
The gentleman says, “Ok let me try one,” not believing a word of it. He gives the vendor the money, bites into the apple and says, “Wow this does taste like peanut butter!”
The vendor taksim bayan escort says, “But wait! turn it around!”
The guy turns it around and sure enough it taste just like jelly. Well the gentleman is stunned, so he asks about the $50 apple. The vendor states that these apples taste just like lobster and steak. The gentleman says to himself, “Hey I gotta try this.” So they make the transaction and sure enough the first bite tastes just like Maine lobster beşiktaş bayan escort boiled to perfection.
The vendor noticing his enjoyment says, “Now turn it around!”
He did and it tasted just like a thick juicy steak. Well by this time the gentleman is so impressed he just has to see about the $100 apples. He asked the vendor, “Why do these cost so much?”
The vendor leans in closer and says, “These apple taste just like the sweet nectar of a woman’s passion flower.”
This got the guy really excited so he bought one, took a bite, made a horrible face, and said, “OH my gosh! This apple tastes like shit!!!
The vendor smiles and says, “Yeah but turn it around!”

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