Ciara’s Bucket List Pt. 02

Big Tits

Daddy and I both whore around on the Lit site, on bulletin boards, the stories section and of course the chat rooms. I’m not a big fan of the role play as I would much rather chat about perversions and experiences. Daddy goes both ways both literally and figuratively. We like to save our better experiences online for the other to see and it normally will get our juices flowing. We don’t make a habit of meeting other Lit pervs in real life but sometimes when the stars align we take the chance and go for it. It helps when the other person(s) are local. What follows is a blow by blow (pun intended) account of another item that we were able to check off of the sexual bucket list. I hope you enjoy.


Call it fate or maybe destiny but when daddy and I found out that we were chatting with another couple, me with the daughter and he with the daddy, it seemed like something we needed to pursue. Especially since they lived only a couple hours away.

I met Sara while hanging out in the family fun room. I was kind of envious of her as she had the type of relationship with her daddy that I wish I could have had. It wasn’t until just recently that daddy and I became lovers. Sara also landed her daddy just after her 18th birthday but their relationship has always been that of lovers versus ours which found me as the domme and he the sub.

Daddy met Sara’s dad, Rod, in the cuckolding room. Not sure why Rod was hanging with the sissies but he was having a good time making daddy his cyber bitch. It’s still a bit hard to watch the man you love grovel at the feet of another man. Then it’s also kind of hot to fantasize about him servicing the other man while you watch or are taken by said man.

Rod and Sara have an Imgur site as well as their own podcast that is an invite only as it’s pretty much a porn site. It has prompted me to want to start my own Imgur account as I find it very erotic and pangs my exhibitionist side.

During our chats a combined effort decided that it would be fun to poll a chat room and decide our fate as to what we would do for the podcast audience. The thought of our fate being in the hands of a group of family fun pervs was pretty exciting. Regardless it was going to be a win win for me because I would be able to check off my porn star item from the bucket list as well as having sex which is always a good thing.

So one Friday Şirinevler Escort night we posted a Survey Monkey link in both the family fun and cuckolding rooms so that we’d have an even chance with the results. The options were:

A – Rod and Sara control myself and my daddy

B – Ciara and her daddy control Rod and Sara

C – Rod and daddy control Ciara and Sara

D – Ciara and Sara control Rod and daddy

Participants were encouraged to check out our profiles and stories. The polling would be open for four hours. It wasn’t close from the start until the last vote was cast. Rod and Sara would control myself and my poor daddy. He was probably excited about it and I’m sure his fellow sissies were also excited. My loins were twitching in anticipation as well.

We all had a week to prepare as well as to build anticipation for our little show. Rod and Sara were in contact with us daily and were quite clear on their expectations letting us know what to expect as well as how we were to dress for the podcast.

The backstory of the scene would be that Rod was Sara’s uncle and I her best friend. We were freshmen in college. Rod invited Sara to his cottage for the weekend and she invited me. Daddy was going to drop me off. Simple enough.

Scene starts with daddy dropping me off at the door and Rod invites us both in. I’m still in my plaid skirt, knee highs and white blouse. Daddy is in his camo as he was headed up North to do some fishing. Rod offered us each a drink and daddy said he’d have just one as he had a long drive ahead. Rod delivered a whiskey and water to daddy and a diet soda to me and Sara. We all sat down in the living room and small talk commenced.

Things got a bit hazy after that. When I came to, I was groggy and having difficulty focusing. I felt a draft and realized that I was sans clothes. I looked around and noticed that everyone was nude. Daddy was tied, hands behind his back, to a pole. He was on his knees and helpless to do anything to help his princess. I was flat on my back lying on a coffee table. I tried to get up but was quickly held down by Sara as she knelt down on my shoulders and arms, her crotch just inches away from my face.

“What the hell?” I shouted.

“C’mon Ciara,” purred Sara. “You’ve always said you fantasized about being taken.”

“Not like this” I argued.

“Stop Şirinevler Escort Bayan being such a drama queen bitch!” was her reply. “You want this and you know it.”

I tried to fight her off but her leg strength was amazing. I was pretty much helpless.

“Besides bitch, if you didn’t want this why is your pussy dripping wet?” Sara concluded.

“Now shut the fuck up and lick my pussy you cunt!” she demanded.

She was right. My loins were dripping in my lust and looking over at daddy, his cock was giving away his excitement of what was to soon transpire. Sara began to ride my face and I did my best to please her hoping that she would give me enough time to breathe. Her pussy was sloppy and her sex was flowing down into my eager mouth. I didn’t even try to fight it as my own body was betraying me. Daddy could do nothing but watch, his cock maintaining an erection. We both were getting what we wanted.

Uncle Rod entered the room and his cock was not only impressively large but it was almost fully erect itself. He went to daddy and asked him if he was ready to see another man ravage his precious daughter. Daddy could only nod in defeat. He was then served up Uncle Rod’s cock to make completely hard and to lube it up, the better to fuck his girl with. Daddy was well versed at the role and did his thing, sucking Uncle Rod’s cock to full on spear. Uncle Rod walked over and without so much as a how do you do, he took what he wanted.

I was not able to fight him as my mouth was full or Sara’s loins. He just began to fuck me like a piece of meat which is what I was, fuckmeat for his use. I currently was not on the pill as I wasn’t in a relationship with anyone except my daddy who was fixed long ago.

Rod announced that he was going to spend the next two days breeding me and daddy would not have the opportunity to clean Rod”s seed out of his daughter. Daddies’ cock oozed pre cum at the thought and I too was close to an orgasm at the thought of being bred by Sara’s Uncle(Daddy.)

Sara was on her third orgasm and had a hard hold on my exposed nipples, her Uncle taking turns to suck them as he continued to plunge his girth deep into my womb. I”m sure he dumped a load of his baby batter deep within me but due to either poppers or the little blue pill he just kept pounding away at my now sore pussy. I shivered Escort Şirinevler into an explosive orgasm myself long ago trying to fight their force but instead deciding to enjoy my situation. Poor Daddy was left to just watch, not able to even relieve his buildup in his now enlarged testicles.

Eventually Uncle Rod was totally spent and he went to bed. Sara had climbed off of me and whispered in my ear that she was sorry to put me through that. She had real tears running down her face. I ensured her that it was fine, that this is what I wanted and that they did a wonderful job helping me live out this fantasy.

Sara ran over and unlocked Daddy from his cuffs. She proceeded to give him an I’m sorry blowjob which he accepted gratefully, draining his balls in her mouth. Sara swallowed like a good little slut does.

The webcast was over but the hits were numerous and the comments were mostly positive. Those people were getting their money’s worth. I was now a porn star so to speak.

Daddy took a nap but was gone when I woke up the next morning. I was being cuddled by my girl Sara. Her daddy Rod had cooked his girls a nice breakfast and was looking forward to another day of lovemaking, this time not online but just the three of us. Or so I thought. Sara got me alone and asked if I’d mind her leaving me alone with her daddy.

She was going to give him an early birthday present and thought I was the best gift she could get him. Sure I was all in.

Sara said she was going to head out for the day to visit some old friends she hadn’t seen in a while. She made it clear that the two of us were to enjoy each others’ company. We both smiled like it was Christmas in July. Off she went leaving us to our own devices. I half expected Rod to be rough like the previous night but instead found him to be one of the most tender lovers that I’ve ever had. Rarely does sex bring me to tears of joy but he accomplished that twice. Wow.

It was getting late and Sara sent a text that she was too drunk to drive and was staying with a friends and for us to have fun. Rod and I spent the whole night exploring each others’ bodies, not an inch untouched. Sara returned around Noon and Rod and I were still in bed enjoying each other physically, mentally and sexually.

I do love my Daddy but Rod took me to new heights. I’d be glad to visit Sara’s ‘uncle’ any time. The two of us had a nice drive home. I was gushing like a school girl who had her first crush. Sara found it cute and was glad I enjoyed her Daddy’s special talents. I didn’t mind my time with her on top of me and couldn’t wait to revisit those thighs as well.

Bucket list getting smaller. Stay tuned.

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