Church Lady on Christmas Eve

Big Tits

I had known Carolyn as a coworker for about a year and we had been pretty good friends during that time. I was a single man and she was divorced recently. She had very delicate features and shiny,short,thick dark hair. Huge dark brown eyes and very pale creamy skin completed the look. She was medium height, slim of build, especially in the hips but not boyish, just slender. She was almost completely flat chested and would not have needed a bra except for the very prominent,large, dark nipples she wore bras to cover.

This causes some women self image problems but she never hid it nor emphasized it, never going bra-less and only occasionally, accidentally showing the outline of her very prominent nipples. However, this last, like all things she did, was done in a classy, non slutty way. It’s hard to describe exactly what that means other than to say that she did not dress to hide herself nor to display herself, she was just a beautiful, almost elfin lady with a lot of class.

She was in her early thirties to my mid twenties. She was known in that community as being very into her church activities and working there whenever she got the chance. I suppose it stood as a surrogate family. Her speech was precise and educated, never once in the whole time I had known her had I ever heard her use any foul language or any profanity or vulgarity. She just had a lot of grace. I was smitten.

We both worked in a business that required us to work a lot of holidays and that Christmas Eve was no exception. As we were both single, we were among those who volunteered to take the day so that some of the others, with families, could have the time. Not too noble, as the pay was better and we built up more time off to use later. Eventually the shift ended and we all decided to go out for some drinks, it being Christmas eve and a night that we seemed to think needed celebrating.

Most of the others stayed for awhile and drifted off home, some called old boy or girl friends and got together with them, and one or two hooked up with someone at the bar. Carolyn and I soon found ourselves on our own. We drank and talked a lot and I found out a lot about her and her marriage. She was really getting drunk and I was at the point where I was slowing down and getting ready to shut down for the night. As she got drunker, she revealed that her ex-husband had been “not so good” in the lovemaking department. He was “little down there” she said and she had never really felt much during their “times” as she called them. She blushed terribly during these revelations and they were obviously very difficult for her to talk about.

I sort of sensed where this was going, since I am very well endowed and had been with a couple of the other girls at work. Carolyn was beating rather heavily about the “bush” (no pun intended) and I just decided to watch and see what she ended up saying or doing. I have a slightly mean side as well as a very dominant mindset when it comes to sex so I was pretty sure the evening was going nowhere sexually, since she was so repressed in that department. This was fine with me as she had begun to get teary and weepy about things when she saw that her limited sexual vocabulary was not getting her anywhere. She broke down sobbing and cried on my shoulder for a long time. She managed to keep drinking though. Finally, she got herself together and asked me if she could ask me a favor. I said sure and she surprised the hell out of me.

“Will you go to church with me?” she asked.

“Sure”, I replied, Nevşehir Escort after a moment’s shock. It turns out she was serious and said she had not missed Christmas Eve services at her church for years but didn’t want to go alone. Figuring the night was done I said, “let’s go to church, Carolyn. Let’s get out of here”. We left the bar and got into my car and drove to the church where a late night service was going on. This was a huge place and there were very few cars in the lot.

After we crept in the back door, quietly, as the service had just started, we sat down in the back row. I immediately noticed the quickly growing need to piss. I waited awhile and asked her where the men’s room was. She blushed and looked at me a little strangely and whispered “Follow me, it’s in the back of the building and easy to miss.”

I followed her and she led me quite a way in the dark, finally reaching a little restroom labeled “Men” and said she would wait for me there in the hallway. I went in and found a sink, urinal and a stall with a fair amount of room. I pulled out my cock and started to use the urinal. There was a fair bit of splashing noise as I was really hosing it good when the door opened behind me and Carolyn walked in. I stopped pissing, which hurt a little but felt strangely good as well. I was still trickling a bit when she put her hands on my shoulders and back and urged me in these exact words, “No, don’t stop. Keep tinkling”. Now, I had not heard it called that in a long time but I figured what the hell, so I let the rest rip. I was getting a little aroused at the same time. It had been a fairly long dry spell for me and she was just so gorgeous and here she was wanting to hear me piss.

When the flow stopped but before the last few high pressure spurts that always accompany pissing through a semi-hard cock while slightly drunk had occurred, she spun me around and latched onto my dick. She gave it a clumsy pull and the spurts just came of their own volition. My piss splashed across her hand and her beige wool skirt, wetting her pretty good. She seemed not to notice and just stared at it and said, “they were right, you are very large”, in a very small, quiet voice. I pushed my hands up her shirt and began to play with her nipples and run my hand down inside her skirt to fondle her butt. Her nipples were puffy but hardening nicely and her ass was magnificent. All this and her hand pumping my dick was getting me quickly, completely erect.

We were kissing quite deeply and she was breathing heavily when she said “Do me, do me now!” As prim as she was, this was quite a lot for her to say and I was not about to deny her. I walked her backward to the stall, still kissing her and turned her around and pushed her forward until she got the idea that she was to bend over. I do not ever recall being harder in my life than at the moment I saw her ass stretching the fabric of her clothes tightly and her beautiful legs running all the way down to her high heels. I just looked at the view for a second, during which time she kept moaning “do me” over and over. I flipped her skirt up over her back and pulled her pantyhose and underwear down to her ankles, effectively hobbling her.

Now, here’s where some honesty comes in. She smelled. No, she didn’t stink, she just smelled strongly of pussy and butt. She had worked all day and had not had the usual time to freshen up like most women do for a date. But then, being bent over a men’s room toilet in the back hall of your Nevşehir Escort Bayan church isn’t really a normal “date” situation. “What’s wrong, don’t stop now” she whined.

Now I am a dominant male and this was just a few years after I had started giving free rein to this side of myself and I was reveling in the cruder, crueler side of being in charge. Her submissive pose, with her sweet ass bare to my gaze and her strong smell of unwashed, almost whorish woman just about put me over the brink. I growled at her, “shut up, I’ll fuck you when I’m goddamned good and ready”.

She froze and whimpered “this is a church, please don’t say…” but she stopped talking when I shoved my cock-head at the lips of her lightly haired cunt. I shoved, but I was encountering a problem that small dicked guys must never have. Although she was wet and getting wetter, I was going to have to open her up a bit to get it in. I put my middle finger at her slit and rammed it in. There was a sharp intake of breath and she spasmed on my finger. I think it was probably pain rather than pleasure but really did not care at that point. I worked it in and out and she moaned and got wetter and wetter. I added another finger, then one more and kept finger fucking her tight little cunt. I also rubbed my cock and balls all over her ass cheeks, they were just so creamy smooth and ripe, in more ways than one.

The moaning was getting louder when I judged her pussy was as wet and ready for my cock as it would ever get. I pushed her head farther down at the toilet seat and pulled her hips up toward me. Her feet were still confined by the undergarments but her thin butt cheeks didn’t hide much. I positioned my dick at her opening and just pulled her back and rammed as hard as I could into her twat. I got the head and about two inches in and had to back up and thrust several more times to get my thick prick coated with enough juices to get it mostly in her. I bottomed out immediately in her fuckhole and still had length to spare which I was not able to force up her right at the start.

The things she was saying were very immature and yet very sexy, as she had clearly never been stuffed with a big enough cock to get her off. She was getting close to screaming level, saying “Sweet lord, it’s in my tummy!” and “I can feel it way up my belly” and “Oh god, it’s filling my stomach!” and “Lordy, you’re stretching my peehole”. I thought that last one stranger than the others. Her sense of anatomy on the stomach’s location was quite flawed but I appreciated her praise of what my long, very thick cock was doing to her. However, this was still a pretty public and risky fuck so I wanted to quiet her down a bit. I reached up and put my hand over her mouth and slipped some fingers in her mouth. Big mistake. I had used the hand that I had just used on her pussy. She immediately began to gag and retch on her own taste and smell.

I thought she might vomit but she held it together and quieted a bit. I was really enjoying fucking her tight cunt and she soon spasmed on my cock and started shaking and groaning as she came. I wasn’t close to coming so I kept fucking her as she came for a long time. I was getting very excited by the look of her puckered little brown butthole staring at me and stretching this way and that as I stroked my meat into her snug, slick little cunt. I reached down and started to rub her anus with a thumb and she practically began to scream “No, NO, NO!! This is a house of God, not there, not Escort Nevşehir there!! Don’t ever touch me there!!” Although she was making me mad, I can understand her fear. She had obviously talked to one of the other girls at work whom I had fucked anally and made very sore for awhile.

I had now officially had enough of her nonsense. I grabbed her hips and began slamming into her as hard as I had ever fucked in my life. She gasped and yelped and felt her feet being lifted up as I reamed her. She was up on her toes and her underwear kept her feet from sliding out too much. Her face was frequently forced flat on the toilet seat and slid back and forth when she collapsed forward under the pressure of the fuck she was taking. She had a hand on the plumbing at the back of the commode to keep her head from getting banged into it so her options were indeed limited. She was coming enough that her juices were everywhere on both of us and running all over. My cock was bottoming out in her even harder than it had at the beginning of my hard driving fucking of her.

I wanted to teach her a little lesson on trying to tell me “no” about using her asshole so I grabbed the hem of her skirt and took a quick twist of the fabric around my finger. As she was grunting and moaning, I shoved it up her ass to about one knuckle’s length. She squealed and clamped down on both the offending digit and my cock and I blew an enormous load of thick come into her pussy at that very moment. It was one of those loads of semen that seem to be so big that there isn’t room in the pussy for them. It actually felt like it couldn’t all get out of my dick there was so much and she was so small. She was protesting the cloth and finger up her butt and coming on my cock at the same time my jizz was leaking out of her around the base of my cock. It was a smelly, loud, glorious, fucking mess and one of the most intense scenes in my life.

She was complaining about my hurting her “hinder” (I swear I couldn’t make these baby names of hers up!) and I wanted to get her to stop so I shushed her and told her I heard voices in the hall. That worked and she stopped making noise. I pulled my dick out of her well fucked cunt with an obscenely wet plop and reached down as fast as I could and yanked her underwear and pantyhose up. As I was reaching down, I saw several tracks of the drips of her cunt juice down the insides of her legs and there were several large gobs of come starting to run down the inside of her thighs trying to catch up with the pussy juice already way ahead in the race toward her shoes. Her skirt hem came out of her anus, slightly discolored on the inner, silky lining from her ass. I grabbed the skirt and wrapped it around my slimy cock and wiped it clean on the smooth lining. She hissed at me, “I have to clean myself!”.

I replied that there was no time as I heard the voices coming back. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out into the hallway. We got back to the Christmas service and had about fifteen minutes or so to sit there. She was squirming quite a bit and pretty much blushing beet red the whole time. I could smell the odors of our sex, my piss and her butt on her the whole time. When we got up to go, there was a sizable wet spot on the seat of her skirt and I am sure I saw a damp sheen on the oak of the pew. Due to their strange looks and disapproving glances, I also know that several of her fellow parishioners got an eyeful of her cum spot and piss stains on her way out of the church.

Carolyn and I spent some good times together before I got transferred away. She discovered that she had a very submissive side, so I put her through a lot of things that she later said helped her to grow and understand herself better. We stayed in touch for a long time, even meeting up a few nights before her wedding.

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