Church Boy Ch. 04


It was Saturday morning and Lydia was on her way to Brian’s apartment. She’d returned from her 3-week business trip on Wednesday. She was so excited about seeing him that she found it difficult to stay under the speed limit.

She pulled into the driveway at Willi’s house just after 11:20. She grabbed her overnight bag and walked over to the basement entrance at the rear. Lydia was about to knock when she realized that the door was slightly ajar.

“Hello…?” she chimed, slowly entering.

“Bedroom…!” Brian called out in return.

Lydia’s excitement grew exponentially. She tossed down her bag and began undressing as she moved towards his room. She’d stripped down to her panties, bra and t-shirt when she entered the bedroom door. The only light leaked in between the curtains of the small ceiling-height windows.

Lydia paused to take in what she was seeing.

Brian was naked and stretched out on his queen-sized bed, fully erect, arms folded behind his head, wearing his most smart-assed grin. Between his legs, Willi kneeled, wearing a purple-flowered house coat, her hair up in the usual bun atop her head, dutifully worshiping and sucking his cock.

“Hey, babe…” Brian smirked.

“Well, hey, to you too…” Lydia smiled as she leaned in and planted a hungry kiss on him. “Hey, Miss Willi…”

Willi continued with her task and only moaned a reply.

Smiling and shaking her head, Lydia shed her remaining clothes and Brian made room as she climbed onto the bed next to him.

“Damn! Y’all couldn’t wait for me…?” She asked, sounding both annoyed and amused.

“Sorry…” Brian shrugged. “Miss Willi insisted.”

They both fell silent and watched her. Lydia admired how Willi’s technique contrasted from her own. Brian’s devious mind tried to imagine all the things he could do now that he had both of them together.

“Well, if she’s takin’ care of you, you need to get me situated…” Lydia smiled. She proceeded to mount Brian and place her ass in his face. Leaning forward she attempted to share his cock with Willi.

“Hey…!” Willi laughed, allowing Lydia to swallow his member. “I was using that…”

“I’m sure there’s more than enough.” Lydia replied to the older woman. They smiled at each other before sharing a long, deep kiss.

“I think y’all got work to do down there…” Brian chimed in, pulling his tongue from Lydia’s ass.

They all laughed before the two women returned to the task of pleasuring their young, shared lover.

“I think you’re a little over-dressed, Miss Willi.” Lydia said after a while.

Willi slowly rose, unzipped and then pulled the knee-length house coat over her head, revealing that she wore nothing underneath. They watched as she then took a long, hard stretch, raising her hands above her head towards the 8″ basement ceiling.

This gave Brian an idea.

Untangling himself from Lydia, he rose and crossed the room to retrieve items from his dresser and his gym bag. The ladies watched silently, amused and curious as to what he might be up to.

“Miss Willi…” Brian finally beckoned, stretching a hand out to her.

Willi smiled as she slowly and suspiciously walked towards him.

“Uh-oh, Willi…! I don’t know about this…” Lydia teased.

Brian took Willi’s hand and led her to the closet door, and turned her to face the bed.

“Close your eyes.” He instructed, giving her a quick peck on the lips.

Willi closed her eyes, giggling and still slightly nervous.

Brian blindfolded her with a white bandana, which he tied firmly behind her head. Next he instructed her to raise her arms, which she did. He bound her wrists above her with a red, silk necktie and secured the end to an exercise-bar suspended above the closet door where he did his daily chin-ups. He pulled until Willi was raised slightly onto her toes.

“Aww, shit…!” Lydia laughed, clapping her hands as she walked over to them. “We gonna have us some fun now, Miss Willi…!”

“Wha-whatever are y’all gonna do with me…?” Willi replied nervously in a mock ‘southern-belle’ drawl. This unexpected turn caused her nipples to become painfully erect as she shifted and squirmed against Büyükçekmece escort her bonds.

“We ’bout to do whatever the fuck we want…” He spoke low, close and wet into her ear – Willi had very sensitive ears and he knew this made her “crazy”. Brian stood close behind her, holding her waist and grinding his rock-hard cock between her ass cheeks.

Lydia gave Willi another hard, wet kiss as she teased and pulled her nipples. She then gripped both of Willi’s over-large breasts as best she could while loudly sucking on each.

“Damn! I missed these big-ass titties…” Lydia exclaimed excitedly between slurps.

(This confirmed what Brian had already suspected – this wasn’t the first time they’d been together. He decided to get details later.)

He joined Lydia in her assault on the ‘big-ass titties’, attending to the left one as she did the right.

“Oh…yes…oh yes…please…!” Willi moaned and drooled as she swayed and squirmed. Beads of sweat ran from her temples as they fondled and sucked, touching ONLY her tits over and over again. She stood higher on her toes and thrust her breasts forward against them, as every muscle in her body flexed and tensed. She started to tingle all over.

“Oh…fuck…!” Willi suddenly cried out, tossing her head back. Her thighs quivered uncontrollably.

Brian and Lydia stepped back and watched in amazement as Willi twisted, squirmed, screamed and cursed through a full-body orgasm that lasted a full 2 minutes. He caught her as her body finally went limp. They freed her wrists and Brian carried her to the bed. She continued to have intermittent “after-shocks”.

“Damn.” Lydia awed. “Miss Willi had a mu’fuckin’ ‘Tittie-gasm’…”

“You wanna be next…?” Brian smiled.

Lydia didn’t answer, but gave him the look and smile that more than answered his question.

(Unknown to them all, Willi’s 60-something neighbor, Mrs. Chen, once again, listened to their escapades. This time, she sat in a chair below the basement window that was adjacent to hers, not more than 10-feet away. Pressed against the wall, fully able to hear everything, she delighted in rubbing herself to several orgasms.)

Brian took Lydia’s hand and led her to the spot where Willi previously stood. He bound her wrists above her head – she didn’t want the blindfold.

“I wanna see ev’rything you do…” she declared, playfully rolling her eyes at him.

Brian kissed her, long, hard and wet. Then he stopped and did something she wasn’t expecting – he didn’t touch her. Standing about 4-feet away from her, he stared at her intensely, saying nothing, slowly stroking himself.

“Is that ALL you fittin’ to do…?” Lydia mocked, smirking and staring back.

Brian said nothing – staring and stroking.

After several minutes, Lydia was a little annoyed, but also a little hornier. Closing her eyes, she exhaled heavily.

“What the fuck is he doing?!” she thought to herself. “He knows I hate waiting…he knows I want him to fuck me…does he want me to beg for it…?!”

When she opened her eyes, Brian hadn’t moved an inch. He still hadn’t said a word; staring and stroking.

“C’mon, man…” Lydia moaned, squirming. Only then did she realize that she couldn’t get free.

Again Brian said nothing – staring and stroking.

“Are we gonna fuck, or what…?” Lydia stomped her foot and made a sucking noise with her teeth like an annoyed child. “Please, baby…?”

“You good now, Willi?” Brian finally said, still staring and stroking.

Willi had recovered a bit and was sitting on the edge of the bed, amused and aroused by the exchange between them. She slipped from the bed and went over to stand next to Brian. He motioned for her to lay down on the carpet, and when she did he lay down on top of her.

They slowly fucked and moaned, but neither said a word; both stared at Lydia as she anxiously watched them.

“Y’all need to hurry up…!” Lydia moaned (and pouted). The sounds and smells were getting to her – she desperately needed to fuck. She tried squeezing her legs together, hoping she might find some relief. They’d played the ‘let’s tease Lydia’ game for almost Çatalca escort bayan 10 minutes now.

“What do you think, Miss Willi…?” Brian panted, without slowing his stroke. “Should we help her out?”

“Not if it means I have to give up this dick…” Willi replied using the drawl again.

“Stop playin’, y’all…!” Lydia blurted – she was very horny and now very annoyed.

Willi and Brian slowed, smiled and fought to suppress laughter. They reluctantly uncoupled and went to their squirming friend.

“We’re so sorry, honey…” Willi mocked, engulfing her in a bear hug.

“Me too…” Brian joined in with his customary smirk.

Only breathing heavily to show her annoyance, Lydia gave them the silent treatment.

“We need to make this up to her.” Willi winked, looking past Lydia to Brian.

He smiled and nodded.

Brian kneeled in front of her, gently lifted her right leg over his shoulder and buried his mouth between her thighs. Lydia was literally dripping wet.

“Don’t be mad, honey. We’re gonna take care of you…” Willi whispered, gently planting soft kisses on her mouth and cheeks, while her fingertips traced circles around Lydia’s erect, aching nipples.

Lydia didn’t remain silent for very long.

“You mu’fuckas…know…-gasp-…know y’all was wrong…” She moaned. “Makin’ me…-oh shit-…wait like that…”

“We’re really, really sorry, baby…” Brian grinned, lifting his face from her crotch. He started to make more smart-ass comments but she cut him off.

“Shut the fuck up an’ eat my pussy…!” Lydia snarled.

He snorted a laugh and went back to his task.

Lydia’s annoyance with them had passed and she was now giving in fully to all they were doing to her.

“I missed your titties too, honey…!” Willi was now ravaging her breasts in the same manner as Lydia had done to her.

Brian said something to Willi that Lydia didn’t hear. The older woman gave her another wet kiss and then briefly disappeared. A few seconds later a wet, active tongue appeared between Lydia’s ass cheeks, and the two of them gave her an intense rear and front assault that sent her to the edge.

“Oh…fuck…!” she gasped. Her orgasm was coming on quickly – they worked on her with tongues and fingers until it did.

“Bria…Wil… unnhg…” Sweat and tears flowed as the first wave hit her. Brian and Willi pulled away as she gave in to it.

Before she was done Lydia opened her eyes to see Brian lifting her legs around his waist and impaling her with his cock. He immediately began pounding her still quivering, wet, mid-orgasm pussy, while she swung from her bound wrists. Willi pressed into her from behind, kissing the sensitive places on her back and fondling her raw, tingling nipples.

“Is this what you wanted, L…?” he snarled, “Huh? Is a good, hard fucking what you wanted…?”

Lydia was unable to produce intelligible speech at that moment, only grunts and moans. She finally closed her eyes and watched the colors.

The next recollection Lydia had was of being lowered onto the bed. Willi dabbed between her legs with a towel as gobs of cum, her own and Brian’s, oozed from her now overly-sensitive pussy. Her wrists were a little sore and she was covered in sweat.

The three of them lay all over the bed relishing the afterglow, each occasionally commenting and laughing together. It was almost 2:30.

They went upstairs to Willi’s place not long after. She reheated leftovers for them and they sat around the kitchen with roast chicken and a bottle of wine. They started watching television, but that didn’t last very long – by 4:00 Lydia and Willi were horny again.

They went upstairs to Willi’s bedroom. This time the ladies decided that Brian should be the one bound and ravaged. He didn’t object.

Willi used a silk scarf as a blindfold, and a pair of hose to bind is wrists to the headboard. She also retrieved a bottle of massage oil.

Brian was stretched out on Willi’s bed awaiting whatever they had in mind for him.

“Can’t do nothin’ but take it…” Lydia teased. She’d fully oiled her hands and deftly stroked his cock and balls.

Willi Escort Esenler lay next to him pinching and twisting his nipples as her tongue played in his ear.

Brian remained silent and enjoyed every moment.

“I know what I want from you, Sweetie.” Willi said to him, motioning to Lydia. They rose from the bed, and whispered and giggled their ideas to each other.

“So, what are you ladies up to…?” Brian asked, a little concerned.

“Don’t sweat it…” Lydia assured him, as they rolled him onto his stomach.

“We’re going to take good care of you.” Willi added.

Placing a pillow under his head, she raised his hips and spread his knees. Brian’s cheeks and anus were fully exposed with his cock and balls dangling between his thighs. Willi mounted his back carrying the massage oil, pouring a liberal amount across his ass. It ran down his crack as she proceeded to thoroughly coat him.

Lydia soon joined in, massaging the excess oil into his thighs, balls and shaft. She slowly milked him, alternately pulling his cock back and sucking the head.

Willi then leaned forward, lightly kissing his buttocks, finally sliding her tongue between his cheeks until she reached his asshole. She teased him with the tip.

“You like that, Sweetie?” Willi whispered, replacing her tongue with her index finger. She circled his tight anus for several seconds before inserting her well-oiled finger in up to the knuckle, massaging the muscles inside.

“Oooh, you like it when we get up in that ass, huh?” Lydia delighted in the revelation.

“Oh, hell yes…” Brian moaned softly.

Willi winked at Lydia and nodded, slowly removing her finger. With a broad, devious smile, Lydia slowly inserted an oiled middle-finger into Brian’s exposed and willing ass.

“Yeah, you like that,” she mused. “My sweet, tight-assed Bitch-Boy…”

The ladies took turns, adding more oil, alternating with their tongues, fingers and thumbs, all the while massaging his balls and teasing his cock. Brian’s toes curled and flexed as his moans and grunts grew louder.

“Oooooh, Sweetie…” Willi cooed pumping her fingers in and out.

“If I had a dick, I’d fuck you silly right now!” Lydia warned.

Willi smiled and made eye-contact with Lydia.

“Top drawer…” she whispered, nodding to the dresser.

Opening the drawer, Lydia found Willi’s slim, curved black “G-Spot” finder resting on top of her lace panties. She twisted the knob at the base and the sleek 6-inch toy began to gently throb and vibrate. She tested it against her own nipples and clit before returning to the bed.

She passed it to Willi and resumed stroking Brian’s cock. After coating it with oil, Willi placed the tip of the vibrating toy against his balls and slowly teased it to his asshole. After circling his sphincter she inserted an inch into him and held it.

“Oh shit…” Brian gasped. His back arched and his muscles tightened from the new sensations.

“Flip him over…” Lydia said grinning.

They rolled him onto his back. Lydia mounted his face, smothering him with her ass. She grasped his thighs and pulled them towards her, spreading his legs wide, taking a firm grip on his ankles. Willi situated herself between his legs, teasing the head of his throbbing cock with her tongue and pressing the vibrator against his ass. She turned the toy to the highest setting.

Brian didn’t last much longer. His toes and feet twitched and curled, as the muscles in his legs tensed and flexed.

“Mmmummph…Hmmmm!!” he moaned loudly, with his mouth full of Lydia’s wet pussy and ass.

“It’s okay, we got you, baby…!” she assured him, clenching her thighs around his head.

His cock twitched several times as long, hard streams of hot cum hit the back of Willi’s throat. She took a single mouthful before allowing the rest to erupt from the head and flow down her fingers. She pumped and milked him until he went limp in her hands.

“There you go…!” Lydia cheered, dismounting his face, as Willi removed her toy from his ass.

Brian was completely spent. His ass tingled and clenched as they untied his wrists and removed the scarf. They left him to rest – and he briefly fell asleep. When he woke some time later, he found them in the living room. Willi moaned softly in her favorite chair, while Lydia kneeled between her thighs. He quietly crept past and left them to their fun.

The three of them spent the remainder of the weekend trying to surpass what they’d done.

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