Christmas with the Count Pt. 12


This is the twelfth part of the second story following the exploits of Maggie, her friends, and the enigmatic and vicious Count Pyre. This story is mainly set in Romania. I only used this country because of the joking Count Dracula similarities. All of the people and places are purely imaginary, and if they bear any resemblance to real people that is unfortunate and unintended. If the story line upsets anyone from that great country I apologise unreservedly.

There are some old characters who make a reappearance, plus plenty of new ones that will hopefully keep you interested. The story contains elements of extreme BDSM that may upset some people. If that is the case with you, then please move on. Apart from that, there is something for everyone. Straight sex, lesbian, toys, lingerie, anal and group sex. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. If you hate it just leave a bad rating and move on. I am not a professional writer and just do this for a bit of fun. For me the main enjoyment I derive from writing these stories is in creating the characters. If you have strong feelings about any of the persons in the story and would like to read more, or less, about them please leave your remarks in the comments and I will try to accommodate your wishes when Maggie & co. come back for the third story. From the ratings I received for the first Maggie story I know that some of you like my stories, so I hope you like this one. As always, thanks for reading. I wish to emphasise that this is a pure work of fiction and I hold all rights to the work.


January 1st

Maggie woke up to the sounds of people departing. There were shouts and car doors banging, the helicopter flew overhead either ferrying people to Bucharest or returning from drop offs. Her bed was empty, but she heard the shower running, so Maria was already up and in the bathroom.

Slinking out of the bed and shivering slightly in the cool room Maggie padded to the bathrooms open door. The room was full of steam and the frosted windows of the shower cabin hid a singing Maria from view. Whitney Houston’s, “I want to dance with somebody,” was being sung with some gusto and Maggie had to admit by a very good voice. Was there nothing the stunning doctor couldn`t do perfectly Maggie mused with a twinge of envy.

Maggie slid the glass door to one side and giggled when she saw Maria was using the shower head as a make-believe microphone. For the first time since Maggie had known her Maria looked embarrassed. She soon shrugged it of though as she grabbed Maggie and jerked her into the cabin and shut the door.

The next twenty minutes was spent soaping each other’s bodies and letting their tongues and fingers explore the other. Two very satisfying orgasms later they rinsed off and got out of the cabin, still on their own orgasmic highs.

Walking together into the bedroom Maria begged Maggie to borrow some clothes as the ball gown she had been wearing was a bit much for nearly mid-day the day after a party. Maggie found an old pair of sweat pants and a baggy jumper and again had a twinge of jealousy as Maria looked much more gorgeous in her clothes than she did, even if they were a size too big for her.

Maria slid her slender feet into the heels she had worn last night, gathered up her clothes, before shoving them unceremoniously into one of Maggie`s empty shopping bags. She kissed Maggie on the cheek and mumbled something that was lost as the helicopters noise filled the room, then she was gone with a jaunty wave and Maggie was left naked and alone standing in the middle of the room.

As far as Maggie knew there was nothing special planned for the day so she retrieved her tub of cooling ointment from the bathroom and stood watching TV as she gingerly massaged the cream into the ten red welts on her arse. She almost burst into hysterics when CNN showed the middle aged president of the United States attending a school for girls in the Bronx. His younger, pretty wife standing just behind him. “They must be horny as hell,” Maggie giggled to herself.

The TV then showed images of the New Year celebrations around the globe as Maggie dressed casually in a pullover and a long pale blue matching skirt. Her hair was still damp, so she pulled it back in a ponytail before putting on a pair of sandals and wandering along to Charlotte`s room. The room was empty, as was Gabrielle’s when she checked a few seconds later. Hearing giggling coming from the direction of Fahima`s room Maggie went to investigate.

Maggie`s face broke into a huge grim as she peered through the door, that stood ajar. Fahima was sitting on the bed with a stop watch. There were four twenty-pound notes on the bed. They were in a neat pile next to Ken`s naked hip. Ken himself was bound by his ankles and wrists to the four bed posts. Gabrielle was sitting next to Fahima and studying the watch as she counted, “Five-four-three-two-one!” fındıkzade escort Charlotte was bobbing up and down on Ken like a woman possessed, his cock a blur as it disappeared in and out of her mouth.

Maggie was still watching as Charlotte and Fahima changed places. Gabrielle now held the stopwatch as she yelled, “Ready. Steady. GO!” and Fahima began blowing Ken`s erect penis as Charlotte began the countdown from thirty. Maggie`s blonde friend had just said, “Eleven,” as Ken let out a long moan and Fahima made gurgling sounds, before she grabbed up the sixty pounds from the bed whilst still trying to swallow Ken`s rather large deposit.

Once she had successfully managed to let all of Ken`s come slide down her throat Fahima laughed, “Another round?” to which Ken just moaned before saying, “No fucking way. You three have drained me, my balls must be like fucking peas, now leave me alone and find someone else to torment.” The glum faces on the three girls turned into smiles when he said, “Just don`t come back for an hour and then maybe, just maybe, we can play again!”

Only now did all the contestants see Maggie standing watching them. They all strolled over to the doorway and were just about to leave when Ken screamed, “Fucking untie me you crazy bitches!”

Fahima was laughing as she skipped back to bed and undid the restraints before catching up with Maggie, Charlotte and Gabrielle as they walked down the corridor in search of coffee and food.

The four women found the dining hall empty apart from a few platters with the remnants of what must have been a sumptuous breakfast. As usual the coffee pots were full, so they helped themselves. The noise of the departing guests had decreased to just the occasional shouted order and a slamming trunk.

With the lack of eavesdroppers the girls openly discussed the night before with Maggie the centre of attention as her tale was by far the longest and most exciting.

Charlotte had finished the evening in bed with Mikel and had them in stitches as she described not being able to go for a pee as he was continually hard for hours. “He almost got a golden shower!” she grinned at the others.

Fahima and Ken had invited Gabrielle to join them and had enjoyed a pleasant threesome for an hour or so before Gabrielle retired to her own room.

When all the stories had been told and the laughter had died down Maggie asked, “Are there any special plans for our last night that any of you know?”

“Franky didn`t say anything, ” Charlotte replied between mouthfuls of a bacon sandwich that she had retrieved from one of the platters.

“I guess we all just come down for dinner at eight as usual then,” Fahima stated as she stood up and went in search of Ken.

Maggie started to leave. The other two were still sitting drinking coffee, but she desperately wanted a few more hours in bed. She had just reached the door when Franky walked in. “Can you wait a minute Maggie?” she said as she grabbed a coffee mug.

Charlotte, Gabrielle and Maggie all stared at Franky expectantly. Once she was seated Franky said, “Tonight there is no dinner. In fact there is no service at all. Every New Year after the ball the Count gives the staff the night off. There is a disco provided for them in the main ballroom. Around five the staff provide sandwiches for all the guests, and then they are free until the next morning. Please make sure to look outside your doors for the food. If you want to attend the disco, it starts at around eight and finishes at midnight. You are welcome to attend. There is a self service bar and you are encouraged to dance, if you are asked. There are only the six of us here this year, so it will be quite informal. There is a small prize giving near the end of the evening for the best employees, so that is quite fun, and a few party games. Dress is informal, but smart. No ripped jeans and such like. See you there!” With that she walked out after filling her mug once more.

“Looks like we are bopping with “Downstairs” tonight then,” Charlotte stated with a grin.

“Sounds fun,” Gabrielle joined in, “I haven`t been to a disco in years.”

Maggie grinned at her friends and said pointedly, “If we are going to boogie the night away I definitely need some shut eye. If you want to bring your food to my room we can all eat together before going downstairs, shall we say around seven?”

Both Gabrielle and Charlotte nodded their agreement to Maggie`s plan. “I will invite Fahima and Ken before I go for my nap!” Then she left her two friends and made her way up to the landing where they were all staying.

Making her way to Fahima`s room. She found the door open and sounds of sex drifting out of the room. Pushing open the door she spied Fahima rigorously riding a red-faced Ken, whooping like a cowboy. Maggie smiled at the young couples antics and then knocked politely.

Fahima stilled from a gallop to a walk and smiled back at Maggie. Maggie taksim escort said, “Sorry to interrupt, but there is a change of itinerary tonight. Apparently the staff have the night off, so you will have food delivered outside your door at five. The others are coming to mine at seven if you want to join, then we can all eat together. There is a staff disco that starts at eight.”

Fahima had increased the temp to a trot as she breathlessly said, “Sure, see you at seven,” then she paused and managed a gasped, “Unless you want to join us of course?”

Maggie laughed and said, “Us oldies cannot keep up with you kids. I need a nap before the evening starts. See you later.” She turned on her heel and seconds later entered her own room. Maggie set her alarm for five and dived under the covers. A minute later she was sleeping peacefully.

Maggie groggily switched of the mobile buzzing on the nightstand. Ten minutes later she crawled from the bed and hastily used the bathroom. Returning to the bedroom she threw a few logs on the embers of the fire and watched mesmerised as the flames started to lick around the wood.

Checking outside her door Maggie found two large trays covered with cling film containing cheese sandwiches, bowls of crisps, salad, and relishes. There was also a large slice of cheesecake and two tins of Coke Zero. Carrying the food carefully back inside she placed it on the table and went into the bathroom to get ready. She had plenty of time so spent a leisurely hour in the tub, continuously topping up with hot water. Her usual regime in the shower followed. Once her hair was washed and her body was shaved smooth Maggie fixed her manicure, removing the old polish before adding a new layer of pink varnish.

Drying her hair with the hairdryer she turned and looked at the marks the Count had left on her arse the previous evening. The thin red lines were now only barely visible. Finishing with her hair, she applied her makeup and then wandered into the bedroom. It was nearly seven, so she hurriedly grabbed a black lace panties and bra. The matching garter belt was clipped to pale grey stockings. A bottle green miniskirt with a pale-yellow blouse looked good enough for a staff disco. Three-inch black pumps were sexy enough, but she would also be able to dance.

She had just finished putting on her shoes when Gabrielle and Charlotte walked in to the room together. Both had a tray in each hand, which they added to Maggie`s two trays sitting on the table. They had all just sat down on the sofa when Ken and Fahima entered equally laden with food. The next forty minutes was spent chatting and demolishing the plates of food they had been left.

The girls all looked they were dressed for a night clubbing in the West End. All three had opted for miniskirts, although Fahima`s would be more accurately described as a wide belt, as it was only six inches from waistband to hem. It was made of bright red suede and the tops of her black stockings were easily visible when she sat and crossed her long legs. On top she wore a simple white T-shirt with a black and white motive of Bob Marley.

Charlotte had a black corduroy skirt with a thick silver zip running from the hem to waist in the centre, a black silk blouse was left open with a white silk armless vest underneath.

Gabrielle had a floral pattern yellow and blue silk skirt with a bright green long sleeved T-shirt, a large sun with a smiley face made of yellow sequins in the centre.

Ken had his customary beige chinos and pale grey button collar shirt from Ralph Lauren. The little polo player embroidered in bright emerald green cotton.

At exactly five to eight they all placed the nearly empty trays outside Maggie`s doors and made their way down to the ball room. The disco was already blaring loudly and Maggie noticed immediately that it was a professional DJ and not just one of the staff spinning records or playing tapes. There must have been fifty people dancing or standing around the edge of the dance floor with drinks in their hands. The large buffet bar was doing a roaring trade and Maggie saw that no expense had been spared in providing the usual spirits and mixers. There were two huge old fashioned metal bath tubs full of ice and various bottles of beer and wine. The five drew some curious looks when they entered, but soon everyone returned to what they had been doing previously.

The group made their way to the bar and Ken acted as barman, pouring generous measures of each girls desired drinks. They sauntered over to one of the small tables and sat down and watched the staff enjoying themselves.

Maggie gazed around as Eminem thundered from the two large speakers next to the DJ`s turntables. The two new employees that Maggie had guessed were a couple were kissing in a darkened corner, their hands moving feverishly over each other’s bodies. Francesca had her tongue in a very good looking young mans mouth as his hands moved busily under başakşehir escort her black T-shirt. Several other couples were smooching around the dance floor where the dancers were very animated as they moved to the music.

Maggie spied Franky in a far corner chatting to a few of the girls Maggie recognised, but couldn`t recall their names.

The new girl that Maggie had watched being flogged in the square was sat alone at one of the small tables. She rebuffed several requests to dance from the boys and just sat staring into space with her hand gripping a glass of what looked like Coke.

All the staff were dressed casually in T-shirts, jeans or skirts, and it appeared to Maggie that they were all enjoying themselves immensely.

The music changed to a slow tune by Adel and Maggie saw a young man approach her, egged on by the small group of friends he had just left. He stood before her and said in heavily accented English, “Miss Maggie. Would you like to have this dance with me?”

He was maybe twenty-three or four. Quite handsome with a shock of thick black hair. Black Levi jeans and a grey T-shirt with the badge of Arsenal football team over his heart. “I would be delighted,” she said with a grin and let him lead her onto the dance floor.

Once there he blushed deep red and was obviously unsure of what to do next, so Maggie placed one of his hands on her hip and the other on her opposite shoulder and placed her hands in similar positions on him. She started gently swaying to the music and after a few seconds he mirrored her actions. As he relaxed the hand he had on her hip slide surreptitiously around until he groped her bottom. Maggie let him have his youthful feel for a couple of seconds before moving his hand back to where it had started.

She felt someone bump gently into her from behind. Turning, Maggie saw that it was Gabrielle dancing with another good-looking member of staff that she had seen many times in the past few days. Charlotte was dancing next to her with an older blonde boy who seemed much more confident than Maggie`s partner.

The song ended and the young man she was dancing with thanked her sincerely, before kissing her hand like in the old movies and then running back to the group of giggling friends that had given him the courage to ask her.

Walking back to her table she saw that Franky was now talking to Haki, and Maggie waved in their direction. They waved back. Passing the couple of young lovers that she had spotted earlier she was surprised to see that he now had his hand under her short denim skirt and was apparently fingering her vigorously as she hung onto him with both arms around his shoulders and her eyes clamped shut and mewling softly. They seemed impervious to the others around them as Maggie stopped and watched them for a few seconds, along with a few others.

As Maggie sat down at the table with Fahima and Ken Highway to Hell by ACDC blasted from the speakers and the lights in the room dimmed considerably, strobe lights flashed around the walls and ceiling.

Peering through the dimly lit room she watched the young girl throw back her head and let out a scream of orgasm that was drowned out by Lemmy and the rest of the band. Couples were now dancing and making out all over the room. Maggie was fascinated by the young couple and she nearly choked on her drink when the girl dropped to her knees, fished the young mans cock out of his jeans and started bobbing up and down on his stiff dick.

This started to draw a crowd who stood around them clapping and cheering as the young girl pleasured her partner, completely uncaring that they were now the centre of attention. The cheer that erupted when the young man ejaculated into her mouth seemed louder, as it had coincided perfectly with the ACDC track finishing. The young girl rose, bowed to the crowd and then grabbed her young man`s hand, before dragging him onto the dance floor as he desperately tried to put his dick back in his pants. They were soon gyrating against each other to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA.

Maggie peered into the gloom and found another five or six pairs indulging in much more than dancing. One girl was on her knees, her short cotton skirt flipped onto her back as a young man ploughed into her from behind as she sucked gleefully on another boys dick in her mouth.

Two girls were fingering each other whilst they kissed sitting at one of the small tables. At the same table a young girl was riding her partner as he sat on the chair next to the two lesbians. The party was descending rapidly into an orgy with couples spread out around the room. Only the new young girl who Maggie felt so sorry for sat by herself, just staring at all of the couplings around her.

Maggie took her drink and weaved her way around the rutting couples until she arrived at the young girls table. “Can I sit down?” she asked softly. The girl nodded.

“Do you speak English?” Maggie asked. Another shy nod.

“My name is Maggie.”


“Are you OK Greta? You look so sad and lonely sitting here.”

“Yes thank you Maggie.” Greta replied in perfect English with only the slightest accent.

“Do you want to dance Greta? Something to drink?”

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