Christmas Break Ch. 01

Alaina Dawson

Christmas break and everyone was coming home from college. I arrived a couple days prior to my two other sisters who were going to Indiana State Tech. I was enrolled at Kentucky College at Bloomington. I’m a senior and my sisters are freshman, but not the same age. Kelly, the older of the two, took one year off prior to enrolling and should be a sophomore. Miranda, who looks like Kelly a lot, lives across campus from her in different student housing. There’s another sibling but she’s a kid.

I had been out the last few nights already partying with old friends from high school days, staying out all night long. Friday, I felt it was time for some downtime for me. Burnt out, all I wanted to do that night was hang out, lie around, or get online and chat hopefully with friends from college or wherever. I wanted to see who else was out there on a Friday night. Kelly and Miranda just got home and decided to stay home also since they were burned out from Semester Finals.

My parents begged one of us to babysit our little sister. Miranda agreed, but Kelly ended up keeping an eye on her while whatever it was Miranda was doing kept her occupied. Resentful, Kelly got into it with Miranda as if they were two kids bickering with each other. I stayed out of it. Kelly was within her rights to bitch as much as she wanted because essentially Miranda agreed to babysit but she didn’t.

It wasn’t as if our little 10 year old sister needed pampering and constant supervision. She didn’t, but for safety’s sake, it’s what our parents asked. Miranda was well paid, but Kelly would get her due in good time.

I was online that night with my door closed and locked searching out a good chat room, trying to enjoy a quiet Friday night online. Hard to do when anyone I knew was probably out partying. After a good half hour I found one and to my good fortune there were more then enough girls online.

I was oblivious at that point as to what any of my sisters were doing. They were clueless as far as what I was doing and as far as they were concerned, I could be doing a research paper, playing an online game, or like I said, chatting. It didn’t matter.

“Finally, a girl” I thought. “What’s she like” I wondered. “Is she nice, pretty, my type, or is she a dog? Hope she ain’t a dog.” Well she was and paranoid at that. No self esteem at all. I began to ignore her due to her self esteem issues and not her looks. I’ve seen worse but that’s the way life is.

I was watching what everyone was saying and replying to comments in the chat room when all of a sudden someone IM’s me. ‘Treat4U’ was the girl’s name. We talked about several things and she was asking all about me. She described herself and her description which sounded pretty nice to me could have been any one of a thousand girls I know.

It’s not saying she is average but it says to me, maybe I could do better. Either way, she could live half way across the country and it wouldn’t matter. It was to pass the time. I checked out her profile which didn’t say much at all about her. No pics on it either.

Out of nowhere I get an IM and a question that pops up on me. “Hi how are you” ‘Treat4U’ asks me. I replied to her saying fine. A smile appears next and then a question. “Do you like to masturbate or am I being too forward?”

“Umm, like should I answer a question such as that since I don’t know you? I mean I could know you personally and not wanna answer that” is how I replied.

That of course gave it all away. She giggled, as in a ‘hehe’ response. I thought it was sophomoric but what the hell. It was someone to chat with.

“Well do you finger yourself” I responded boldly and “How often if you do?”

She didn’t respond to my reply which said it all. I put up a smiley face, typed LOL, and moved on.

I didn’t do anything, but she tracked me down again and IM’d me. I didn’t mind I guess as it was attention and she seemed nice enough which she was but I didn’t know her at all.

“Here’s a pic of me” she said and pasted it without her face. It made me wonder though. “You’ve got a great body but you are butt ugly?” She was wearing a bra and panties.

“Nice, real nice” I replied back to her. Umm, can I say something without being rude?”

She said feel free.

“I love your” and hesitated to complete what I was thinking and sent only that.

“What, what do ya love” she asked.

I wanted to be as honest as hell. I answered her back and said “I love your titties, but actually I think you’ve got a sweet ass too and freakin fine ass legs also.”

The girl did too. I mean her ass was as sweet as syrup on French toast. Her body was hott!

Here I was complimenting the hell out of my sister’s body but I didn’t even know it. I took a pic of my body, which I took using my picture phone. I was wearing a pair of boxers and a tight pale blue t-shirt. The shirt was a few years old and a little too small. My nipples showed through my shirt. It was unintended but it was a nice affect.

“Ohhhh wow, nice body” she said. “Got Kağıthane Escort any nudies or a little more revealing” adding a giggle and wink to her response. Well the wink did it for me.

I snapped another one of myself with my t-shirt off and my boxers pulled down just enough that my dick didn’t appear in the pic. She could see my pubes rising out above the waistband which was cool after I thought about it. Still I made sure she wouldn’t see my limp dick. I didn’t show my face either editing that part out.

She was thrilled and turned on. “Wow you are hott” she said. I am you know umm” and didn’t say how she really felt.

But what I got next I think said it all. She sent me a wink and one of those devilish looking faces. Yep, she was horny after getting the pic of me.

Okay, I was horny too. I IM’d her back. “I’m horny too. I’d show you but I’m not sure it’s cool.”

Right away she said “Oh yeah, yeah it would be! You bet your sweet you know what” and typed “hehehe” after that.

Her response said to me she was very, very horny and very willing to go further.

“Are you horny” I asked her.

“Ummm yeah, do you wanna see?”

I thought “How do you show a guy how horny you are? It isn’t like a girl gets a boner and shows that like a guy can. Then I thought “Like fuck yes.”

I typed in “Let me see your titties, your face, and of course your pussy too.”

“I’m not gorgeous” she came back.

I told her she’s awesome. I told her to put herself out there.

“Only if you do the same” she replied. So I positioned my camera phone and took a full frontal body pic including my face and hard cock and sent it at the same time as she did to me.

“Oh fuck” I yelled out, no fucking way! Oh my god, it can’t be!” I closed out the chat window. At the same time I heard a scream across the hall. Her scream was deafening and scared the living hell out of Kelly. Kelly ran upstairs and knocked hard on Miranda’s room.

I didn’t have any idea. She was just another girl to me. A girl looking to play around online like I was. I had no idea it was my sister.

Her door was locked. Kelly yelled at her to unlock it. Miranda was trying to put on clothes and shut down her computer. When I realized it was Miranda who sent me the pic, I was grossed out as much as she was at first.

I saw her and she saw me naked. Neither of us knew how to feel about one another afterwards except that the idea was simply gross!

I saw everything. She saw all of me. I was stunned. I don’t know about her, but I knew one thing. We weren’t going near the other for a long time. Our parents and Kelly had no clue. I stayed in my room and she went down stairs wearing pajamas and a heavy robe. Mom and dad were still out.

She felt as though she had been violated. She violated herself. I didn’t do that. In fact as I thought about it, Miranda was the one who drew me into her little world of sexual persuasion and not me. Yes I played along, but she put her body out on display to tease me unknowingly, not me. I didn’t trick her.

It was three days before Christmas and the weather was unseasonably nice. I looked out my window which faces our backyard. Mom was in the kitchen talking to Kelly and our youngest sister. Miranda, still distraught, I’m sure was out back sitting on the swing and staring off into space.

I felt like I had to apologize. I really didn’t have to but I felt like I should. I put on my sweatshirt, walked through the kitchen, said hi to everyone, and kissed my mom on the cheek.

Walking out between the trees to the swing, but stopping short I looked at her. She didn’t hear me come outside. I walked closer. She heard steps and turned around.

“Don’t, just don’t Pat” she said and had a look on her face easily interpreted as being completely disgusted. “I do not wanna be anywhere near you. All of this is so fucking gross. I am, I am so disgusted, so just leave me alone.”

“I am so sorry Miranda, I am. I really, really am. But listen…”

“Pat, don’t say anything. Do not say a word to me about it again!”

I felt I had to for some crazy, weird, and maybe kinky reason. “But Miranda…”

“Don’t, she yelled out at me, I said don’t!”

“I’m gonna say it anyways. You’re sexy Miranda. Believe it or not and despite if it was me who you saw, you are sexy. I don’t know nor do I care what you think of me, but I want you to know how I felt initially when I saw you. I know it sounds…”

“Gross, gross” she yelled out again. “You are so fucking gross. Leave me alone. If I wanna talk to you ever again then you will know it. You got that Pat? Do you understand me?”

Discouraged, I told her yes and walked away. I saved that pic of her and pulled it up several times comparing her to other girls whose pictures I had that were naked. She was a lot better looking then most of those girls I know.

I received an anonymous email Christmas Eve morning. I hadn’t spoken to my sister, who I assumed sent the email, since Kağıthane Escort Bayan the day out back. The email said if I wanted more pics like I got the other day I would have to do things for that person. I would hear something soon.

Okay, was I crazy to follow up on that or what? Later Christmas Eve day, I went online and checked my email. Another anonymous email stating she has a whole packet of pics for me when I’m ready. It said to meet her at such and such address later that afternoon if I wanted the packet.

I replied I couldn’t because it was Christmas Eve day. I realized Miranda wasn’t downstairs and probably was in her room. I got up and heard music coming from her room. I knocked, but no answer. I used a special key I had unlocking her door. Opening it slightly, she had on headphones and was only in a bra and she wore a skirt.

“What the fuck” I thought. “How was she going to leave the house Christmas Eve day, get pics of herself to me without everyone knowing it, and how would I get out and pick them up?”

I opened her door and walked in. I walked up to her. She was typing another ‘anonymous’ email to me. I don’t recall what it said. I had to have been absolutely nuts. I can’t believe I did what I did, but I bent down and felt my sister’s bra. I felt her tits.

Her tits felt, to say the least, absolutely incredible to me for some weird reason! Touching her boobs was the pinnacle of my Christmas holiday!

You wanna know what was odd? Not once did Miranda move or turn away when I bent down and touched her tits. It was as if she expected me to be there. She just sat there when I felt them and allowed me to cop the feel and massage her tits.

I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe what she was letting me do. I couldn’t believe she was allowing me to feel them. I can’t explain how I felt when I cupped her tits in my hands. It was awesome! Oh god was that awesome!

Without even turning her head she asked me “Pat, do you want me to take it off so you can feel the real thing? Do you wanna feel my boobs Pat?”

The sound of her voice was wild too. The way in which she asked me turned me on. Her voice was sultry. The tone of her voice was that of a woman in an erotic scene during an R rated film. She sounded wild.

“Would you like that Pat? I’d love it if you would” she said.

I went back and locked her door. I didn’t say a word. “Well do you want to Pat? I want you too. I want you to want it; I really do want you to want me like that Pat. So, do you wanna do that to me, for me please Pat?”

I was floored. I didn’t get horny, but I sure was fucking intrigued as hell. “Yes, yes Miranda I do. I do wanna do that for you. Damn, I’m so happy, I think…” but I shut up while I was ahead.

“Then come around in front of me, get down on your knees, and feel them for me.” Still she hadn’t turned around to look at me.

I walked around in front of my sister. When she saw me, she smiled. She took a hold of my hands, placing them against her tits. Her bra was still on. It was a plain white bra but I did not care.

I liked my sister’s tits and even better, I loved touching them!

“Pat, she said I am sorry I made a big deal out of what happened. I’m a jerk how I reacted. I didn’t know I was attracted to you until just yesterday. After I looked at your pic again I knew it. I knew deep down I wanted you. I really mean it, I wanted you a lot.”

She looked at me for a few seconds but her smile vanished; I looked at her and smiled. I wanted to say how I felt but could only muster a smile.

“The way a girl likes a guy Pat, umm that’s how I like you but it’s even more then that. You know, the way a girl wants to umm uhhh…” but stopped short of clarifying herself. “I can’t say it Pat, I can’t say what I feel.”

I injected what I thought were her feelings. “The way a girl wants to uhh have umm…” but she cut me off.

She finally completed both of our thoughts. “Yes, yes that’s right the way a girl wants a guy Pat. I want you. I uhhh want uhhh to fuck you. That’s what I want. I wanna have sex with you. I wanna be fucked by you. Wow I can’t…” and then she broke down bawling her eyes out.

She leaned forward and hugged me. She whispered in my ear while she cried. I felt her tears on my shoulder.

“I wanna have sex with you Pat. Will you umm will you have sex with me please?”

She pulled away and tears had filled her eyes. Her makeup had run. I saw tissues on her nightstand and took a couple to wipe away the smeared makeup. She smiled at me timidly.

I wasn’t stunned when I heard her utter the request to have sex with me. It was worse then that. I was shocked as hell! I was flabbergasted to no end!

Yeah, I wanted to have sex with her and much, much more. So much more then you could imagine that I felt I was absolutely crazy to want her!

But what came out of my mouth said otherwise. “Uhh no Miranda, I’m uhh I can not do that. I mean I’m not like that or umm I just can’t Escort Kağıthane do that with you. I don’t know what I mean Miranda.”

The look on her face had changed. She knew something I didn’t. She knew I did want her more then I said I did.

“Sure you want me. You sure do want me Pat and do you know how I know that for sure, because your hands are still holding my boobs” which they actually were. I hadn’t let go of them.

“You haven’t taken your hands off them since I told you I wanted to have sex with you.”

“I know you want sex with me. I know you probably wanna eat me out as much as I wanna suck your cock Pat. I crave your cock and want it inside my mouth. I love cock and I want yours.”

Still my hands hadn’t moved off her tits. I was shocked by everything she said. I was hard and felt twinges of aroused excitement all through my cock. She was adamant about us getting together.

I was going crazy inside. I couldn’t think straight. This was my younger sister; it was my sexy younger sister. I thought I had morals and values. I was wrong. I had none to speak of.

Finally I took her bra off, leaned forward, and kissed and licked her tits on the spot. I licked the living fuck out of her nipples. She loved it. I loved it a lot more! My dick got so hard, the prickling and tingling was immense!

I lifted up her skirt and slid her panties to the side and fingered her cunt. She wasn’t too moist but she smiled when I did it. I told her I wasn’t doing any more tonight and told her thank you. I stood up, looked at her with a smile, and told her Merry Christmas. I told her in the morning she’d get a special present but in her email.

She grabbed me by the crotch and squeezed my dick. Miranda said “Pat, Merry Christmas and thank you for being so sweet and loveable to me. It means a lot more then you think. I loved how you fingered me too. That was even more special.”

But surprisingly as hell she unzipped my jeans, slid her hand inside them, obviously seeking out my cock, and once she had a hold of it, she teased it good and plenty. My eyes opened up wide. She smiled while I became comfy with her hand toying with my dick.

“I’ll be back Miranda. Instead of that present I told you about, what do you say we try and have sex with each other? Once everyone goes to sleep after 12 or so, I’ll be in and we can see what happens” winking at her.

“You know, umm like we can uhhh exchange gifts.” We both laughed quietly.

Kelly, outside Miranda’s door, heard part of the conversation but not everything. What she didn’t hear me say was the part about us lying down and seeing what happens. What she did hear was Miranda thanking me and saying how sweet and loveable I was.

Kelly was curious as could be. Walking away she had to know the truth. She suspected Miranda and I were doing something immoral. She suspected we might be getting it on and wouldn’t have any of that in the house.

To her what she assumed was going on was gross, sick, and perverted.

Back downstairs, Miranda came down a little while later. As brother and sister, all of a sudden she and I were mushy. We were a hair too lovey dovey as brother and sister go. We behaved like we started getting along too well contrary to how we behaved years prior to that night.

Kelly’s suspicions were true she thought because how we behaved with each other. We were too close, too loving unlike years past and we shouldn’t be. Our behavior bothered Kelly a lot. She whispered to me a little later on, “I don’t know what’s going on but if its what I think it is, I’m gonna tell mom.”

Late that night, I was dressed in another pair of pajama’s I got last year at Christmas, which I only wore once. I walked downstairs. Kelly was alone in a peach tone satin pair of pj’s adorned with little strips of flowers running along them. They were cute, I guess, on her.

She stood by the window looking outside at the snow that began coming down. The temperature must have dropped radically. Nobody else was around. She turned around and looked at me. There wasn’t a look of disgust in her face.

“You gonna tell me how all this happened Pat? How is it that you and Miranda are how should I put it, all cuddly with each other now?” “Umm I could say it’s gross Pat, couldn’t I? Sounds to me like you two are crossing the line. You know what I mean. Should I say it, incest maybe? Am I right Patrick?”

Kelly was the only one whoever called me Patrick. She was the only one who ever stood up to me too. But she only called me Patrick when something was up.

She took a few steps closer. About 4 feet apart, I could smell her. She wore a radiating touch of perfume. It wasn’t heavy. Kelly never put on much perfume. It wasn’t arousing and didn’t turn me on. It smelled nice but didn’t have any affect on me.

“I don’t know what you are talking about Kell” I said with an innocent look on my face. “Are you referring to when I was in talking to Miranda? You’ve got the wrong idea. I mean, she and I had an argument and she was in the wrong. She was apologizing to me.”

“May I ask you a personal question and get an honest answer” Kelly asked.

“Sure why not” I replied. She went on to ask if what I said had anything to do with what happened a few nights earlier when Miranda screamed out horribly.

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