Cherry Meets a Fan , has Some Fun

Big Tits

I’d followed them for a while now, a burlesque troupe led by a stunning red head called Cherry. The Glam Girls were a mixed bunch and were what had led me to like them in the first place. They contained all body types, were not all blonde, they didn’t all have big boobs and had more sass than I could ever have imagined.

I had found them by chance while searching for burlesque acts which, contrary to popular belief is not stripping. I’d tried to explain my love of burlesque to a work colleague once and all he could say was “Oh you like strippers.”

It didn’t matter how I explained it, everyone thought that burlesque was just another name for stripping.

Despite the views of others I loved burlesque and loved seeing the routines that were put together and the performers themselves.

The Glam Girls, luckily for me, had a strong social media presence which meant that I could keep up with them on Instagram, Facebook and for some of them on Only Fans.

To be honest, while I liked all of the troupe I had my favourite and that was the gorgeous flame haired vixen that is Cherry. She was the one I had instantly been drawn to. She had deep blue eyes and along with her flame red hair this was a real attraction for me. Oh and the fact that she had a peachy bum and a nice pair of boobs.

Over time I had become ‘friends’ with Cherry, oh I’d never met her but we had contact via instagram and for a time Only Fans. But to date i’d never been to a show by the Glam Girls. A few weeks went by when I received a message from Cherry asking if I’d like to come along to a troupe rehearsal. She explained that it wasn’t usual to have anyone watching, let along a single male but she wanted me to see the troupe perform and had explained to them that I was along as I was looking to do a photoshoot with the troupe. This was an idea that I had floated some time ago but unfortunately at the time hadn’t come to anything.

The rest of the Glam Girls had agreed that I could come along to see what went on but I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera and was instructed that I was simply there to observe, make no comment and to not reveal what i had seen to anyone. I agreed as i didn’t want to cause any issues and after all I wanted to see Cherry perform in the flesh so to speak.

The night of the rehearsals came round and i made my way to the rehearsal room where I met Cherry outside. She had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen and her flame red hair just set them off. As it was early May and was quite warm she was wearing a flowery cotton dress that buttoned up from the hem to the neck. She was wearing a pair of short heeled court shoes which clipped the pavement as she walked. She took me inside the building and reminded me of the rules, rules that I had agreed to and which I wasn’t going to break anytime soon.

“Are you always this strict?”

Cherry turned to me, smiled a cheeky smile and then giggled.

“We’ll have to see won’t we.”

I wasn’t sure what she had meant by that but her cheeky grin and that comment made my cock twitch at the thought of doing anything with her. But for now I was content that i was going to see her perform with the rest of the troupe.

The rehearsal Anadolu Yakası Escort room was noisy when we walked in as the girls all chatted. Cherry introduced me to them and I then went and sat at the back of the room.

Cherry chatted to the girls about the routines and whilst they weren’t going to be wearing their burlesque outfits they would be performing the routines as if they were. Soon the music was turned on and the first routine was under way, with a number of stops as the troupe got used to the routine and the various moves and choreography required. I was enjoying it, especially as every time that i looked at Cherry she seemed to be staring straight at me. I must admit that I was almost oblivious to all the other girls.

The first routine ended and the girls then stopped and chatted about what they needed to change or if they had any ideas that they wanted to put in. Whilst Cherry had formed the troupe she was keen to make sure that it was an inclusive set up and welcomed feedback and ideas from the other girls.

As i watched another 3 routines were run through and before I knew it the rehearsal was over. My mind was blown by the complexity of it all and how much work simply went into putting a routine together. For anyone who was going to see these routines, well, they were in for a treat as they were sexy when the troupe were dressed, let along when they performed the acts in their burlesque outfits.

Cherry came over as the other girls filed out, some of them were smiling and looking at me as they left. I’m not sure if they had bought the ruse that I was there as a potential photographer for a shoot, but who knows. None of them had seemed to mind my presence and I had behaved myself, like I said I would.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Of course I did, what’s not to like. It was interesting to see the routines and how they are put together.”

“Maybe you have your own routine.”

I wasn’t sure what Cherry had meant by this but she smiled and flashed me a look that intrigued me. I was left wondering just what was she thinking. I wasn’t left to think for too long as the room started to fill up with a group of cheerleaders who had the room booked after the Glam Girls.

“Come on, we’d better go as otherwise this lot will be wondering what you’re doing here.”

I laughed and we left the room making our way outside.

The night air was still warm and we walked along chatting away about burlesque and my interest in it. I could sense Cherry looking at me every now and again. It made me blush a little as I wondered what she was thinking.

“Where did you park?”

“Oh, in a small car park not far from here, why.”

“I just wondered, fancy getting a drink before you head off home?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

We made our way into a busy pub and made our way to the bar. Drinks ordered and we made our way to a secluded corner. The next hour or so was spent talking and finding out about each other. I now knew that Cherry had a job in admin, she was 30, she was married but her husband didn’t give her any attention, that she had formed the Glam Girls to give her something away from the ordinary Kadıköy Escort and that her boobs were 34c! Don’t ask how we got onto that subject but we did, I didn’t ask her if she was shaven or not as I wasn’t going to push my luck! Anyway, if you found everything out in one go then there would never be anything to talk about next time, if indeed there was a next time.

The pub had started to empty and time had definitely moved on, though neither of us was in a rush to leave. The barman kept looking at us as if to say “come on it’s time to go” so we drank up and walked outside.

The sky had darkened and the street lights were on and I agreed to give Cherry a lift home, although I knew she was married, I had agreed to drop her at the bottom of her road.

We made our way back to the small car park where I’d parked. Unfortunately, it was unlit and was pitch black when we got there. Down in a corner of the car park was my car and as we approached it Cherry went and lent on it. She stood with her legs slightly apart and smiled at me. I walked up to her and I could just about see, now that my eyes had adjusted to the dark that she was unbuttoning her dress.

It didn’t take my cock too long to register what was going on and within moments I had a large bulge in my jeans. It must have been obvious to Cherry because as i walked over she placed a hand on it and squeezed.

“Oh my, what have we got going on here then?”

As i stood next to her I could see that she had no knickers on. Cherry must have clocked me looking, even in the dim light it was obvious that I had looked her body up and down.

“I took them off in the pub and was sat there without them on for ages while we talked. I was hoping you were going to try and finger me in the pub.”

“If the bar man hadn’t been watching us like a hawk I’d have gladly slipped a finger or two into that beautiful pussy of yours.”

She giggled and stood with her legs further apart.

I wasn’t about to go and put my fingers straight into her pussy, I wanted to taste it, to see just how good it was.

I dropped to my knees and Cherry moved herself slightly up on my car so that I could have full access to her hole, which I now knew was shaven. I started to run my tongue up and down her pussy lips which were plump. She tasted sweet and in no time I was flicking the tip of my tongue round her bulging clit as it was swelling. I could hear Cherry moan as I continued to tease her pussy with my tongue. I then started to keep my tongue on her clit as i slipped two fingers into her now wet hole. I pushed them in and out as Cherry grabbed the top of my head. She needn’t have worried my tongue and fingers weren’t going anywhere until I’d made her cum.

My fingers were being pushed in and out of her pussy faster and faster as I licked, teased and on occasion sucked her clit. I could hear Cherry moaning as I worked on her gorgeous pussy and then I felt her tense up as her sticky cum covered my mouth, nose and chin. I continued to lick her pussy to make sure I got every last drop it tasted that good.

I then stood up and undid my jeans and pulled them down, along with the black boxer shorts I was wearing. İstanbul Escort I could feel the pre-cum on the tip of my cock and Cherry took no time in running her fingers up and down its length, feeling how firm and hard it was. I didn’t want to be wanked off though, nope I wanted to feel my cock deep inside Cherry’s pussy.

I pulled her dress up and asked her to turn round. She didn’t need to be asked twice and she was stood with her legs apart, leaning on the side of my car. I had one hand holding her dress up her back so that I could then slide my cock into her.

Slowly I guided my cock into her waiting pussy. There are no words to describe just how good it felt to be deep inside her hole with her pussy lips clamped around my thick shaft. I started to push my cock in and out slowly, building a nice rhythm as i started to fuck Cherry’s tight pussy. I’m certain that no pussy had ever felt this good and I wished that I could fuck it all night but without making both of us sore that wasn’t likely to happen.

Cherry was moaning and panting as I pushed my cock into her getting deeper and harder with my strokes. I could feel my balls as they slapped against her skin. I had never imagined that this would ever happen and I was enjoying every moment and from the sound of it so was Cherry.

I had wanted her to kneel in front of me and suck my cock, I had wanted to see her mouth round it thickness to see her flick her tongue round the tip and ultimately for her to taste my hot cum as I jetted it into her mouth but that was something that would be saved for another day, though as I said before, that’s if another day happened.

For now I was pushing my thick throbbing cock deep into Cherry’s pussy which seemed to clamped even tighter round my cock with every thrust. By now I had a steady rhythm going and as I looked down i could just about see my cock going in and out as I fucked Cherry.

I then felt Cherry push herself back a little so that she could get her right hand in and then I felt her teasing and rubbing her clit while I was thrusting away. I’m sure in the distance i could hear cars driving along the road near to the top of the car park but we were both lost in the moment so were almost oblivious to them.

Cherry was rubbing her clit harder and faster and I noticed that her breathing had become shallower as she brought herself to climax.

I could feel the nerve on my cock tingling and my balls beginning to tighten as I thrust away, with this impetus I took my hand off Cherry’s waist and then sucked one finger which I then ran around the entrance to her bum hole. She giggled as I did this and then I gently fed my finger into her very tight bum hole as I did a few more thrusts, feeling my finger inside her bum hole as I did so. In a matter of moments I emptied my balls into Cherry’s waiting pussy.

I really wished we could have carried on but i knew that time was getting on and I had to get Cherry home. I gently removed my finger and then my cock and fished a tissue out of my pocket so that I could clean myself up.

I had let Cherry’s dress fall back down and she then turned turned round and started to do it up again.

“You, Mr Photographer are very naughty, very, very naughty”

“Well, I hope there’ll be more occasions like this, but I’ll leave that up to you.”

Cherry giggled again and looked at me.

“Never say never, now get me home before I get a thousand and one questions when I get in.”

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