Checked Out


The last few days had been very busy for Sara, trying to balance both college and her job working at the local library. She never really had much time for anything else even dating. She didn’t mind this much though because often nights after closing up and making sure the doors were locked in the library she would bury herself with one of the numerous books from the romance and even sometimes when feeling a bit naughty the erotica section. She would not have to worry about someone lying to her or cheating on her or even hitting her like her father used to. Thankfully now out on her own she was away from that all, until one day…

Sara never really took time to notice her surrounding, there were tons of books to put away being so near a college it was constant work, never a break. She was shy and did not talk much with the other workers around the library. This did not go unnoticed by a new stranger onto the college campus. He was drawn to her shyness and beauty, nobody had ever given her this type of attention and Sara didn’t even seem to notice. This only made him want her more and more.

He started out cautiously passing by her a few times in the library but never speaking a word, just enjoying her scent. Sara would continue about her work, not even lifting her head as she passed. Soon enough this stranger became more and more bold. Being such a large library it was quite easy to hide out and stick around after Sara would close up the doors for the day. He quickly learned nights she would close alone and what she would do after hours. He found it especially entertaining on nights she would venture into the erotica section. She had been working on a particular book for quite a few nights in this section. After a few nights of sneaking around being careful and staying far away he was able to determine which book she had been reading. It was time to push things further he slipped a short note into the book she had been reading. It read: “I know your secret adventures at night and I know you ache to feel a real mans touch.” It was brief but he knew it would do the trick.

The next night after closing Sara made her nightly trek over to the book she had been reading. What was this? There was a single piece of paper sticking out from the very same book. She pulled it out slowly and read it. Her mouth dropped open and she quickly spun around searching to see if anyone was there. She was terrified and slightly aroused at the same time by the note. Fighting within herself she quickly threw the book back in its place and searched about the library to make sure she was alone. The stranger had made sure to remain quiet and hidden as he watched her search about. She grabbed her things and quickly made her way out the door unsure of what to do. Should Ataşehir Escort she call campus security? Refuse to close alone or continue her regular ways assuming it was just a harmless prank from another immature college student.

Reluctantly the next night she decided to come in as usual. She begged her co-worker to stay a bit late tonight but she refused and told Sara it was just in her head and she had not seen anyone around. That’s when it hit Sara, she knew this pranksters hiding place and it had to be in the men’s restroom. Grabbing the thickest book she could find she quietly crept toward the restrooms. She pushed the door open slowly as to not alert anyone and moved inside. Trying to sound confident she voiced “I know someone is in here come out before I call security!” There was no response; she did not hear a thing so she moved toward the stalls. She tried to peak under the doors but knowing someone could easily be standing on a seat she had to look inside. She started with the closest stall slowly pushing it open. Nobody was there. She continued to the only other stall and peered inside, empty. She laughed to herself it was just a prank and what the hell was she going to do if someone was there? Beat them with a book? She shook her head and walked back out into the library. Looking up she thought for a moment she saw a shadow move. Frozen in fear she looked about was her mind playing tricks on her now?

Suddenly there was a thud; it came from near the front doorway. She quickly made it over to the phone and picked it up to call for security but there was no dial tone.

“Great, just great she thought.” Her cell phone was all the way up at the front counter where the sound had originated from. She moved behind the row of computers and tried to make her way forward. It was not easy to do in a skirt as it was starting to ride up high on her legs. Ducking behind the counter up front she looked around and grabbed her purse. She fumbled around inside looking for her phone, it was gone. Now in a panic she dumped out her purse hoping to find her keys. They were missing as well; she had already locked up the doors and had no way out now. Another sound, this time closer as if someone had dropped a book. “Who’s there,” she called out. There was no answer. She moved toward the sound and saw him. “Who are you, give me back my phone.” “My boyfriend will come looking for me,” she lied.

“Your voice is trembling and I know you’re lying,” he called back. She started to back up and quickly spun around running down the next aisle of books. He moved after her and she turned back to see him following. What she did not see was the pile of books he had stacked in that next aisle. She slammed hard into them and fell onto the Acıbadem Escort floor. He had caught her there was nothing she could do.

Cowering in the pile of books she asked again, “who are you?”

“My name is Chris,” he said back. “The better question is who are you pretending to be?”

They both knew what he was talking about and she began to blush. He offered his hand out to her to help her up. Her hand trembling she took his and stood. She gazed into his eyes wondering what his intentions would be. Neither spoke.

He had read the book she was sneaking away to read for the past week and knew she had a thing for being told what to do.

“Lift you skirt,” he said breaking the silence.

“Wh-What? I will not,” she said.

He put his finger over her lips and repeated his statement. She could feel herself getting wet; she was going to give into her needs. Grabbing the hem of her skirt with both hands she raised her skirt, first her soft creamy thighs, next her not so innocent white lace panties. She held the skirt up at her waist while he stared at her body. He moved his finger over her lips then through her hair, pulling out the hair tie and letting it fall down free. She was an amazing site and he knew he would finally have her now. His hands moving down along her sides made her tremble and she put her hand on his arm to steady herself, causing the skirt to fall in the process.

He pushed it away, “did I say you could touch me yet?”

She shook her head and moved her hand to the bookcase beside her, pulling the skirt back up with her other hand.

His fingers made quick work of the buttons on her shirt and he pushed it open to expose her equally naughty matching bra.

He spoke again, “follow me.” Together they walked up to the front counter, Chris enjoying the view from behind.

He told her to lean over the desk with her skirt still raised. She obeyed and waited for what was next. He put his hands on her ass which made her jump at first. He slowly traced along her tight panties feeling her firm behind. Stroking her thighs he continued to tease her before he moved his hand over her now soaked panties.

“Turn around and take my cock out,” his voice echoed in the library.

She turned and slowly lowered the zipper on his pants. Next, it was the button and his pants fell to the floor. She unknowingly ran her tongue over her lips she the impressive bulge in his boxers. Tugging them down his cock sprang free. Her mouth opened as he put her hand around it. It was so hot and hard, he continued moving her hand up and down his length. He saw her becoming more aggressive so he took his hand away and she continued stroking him. She was so focused on his cock that she İstanbul Escort did not even feel his hands until her bra had already been pulled down off her breasts.

Chris started to kiss down her neck and shoulder slowly. Sara moaned softly as his tongue came in contact with her hardening nipples next. He could not wait any longer, her needed her and he knew she needed him as well. He lifted her up onto the counter, it was the perfect height. Pulling her panties aside he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down along her pussy. She tried to thrust her hips forward to get him inside her but it only caused his cock to press against her clit. She shuddered never having felt anything so great before. Their lips locked for the first time that night as the tip of his cock slowly entered her. She was very tight around his cock and could feel it throbbing inside of her as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside of her. As their hips met she bit her lip knowing he was completely inside of her. Her breathing quickened at his first thrust in and out of her. Sara wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper within her, with each stroke Chris held her tighter. Their pace accelerated, Chris’ hands explored the rest of her body touching every inch of her. Chris pulled back and Sara let out a whimper of disappointment feeling him slide out. He pulled her down off the counter and spun her around. Looking back questioningly Sara was unsure of what was next. Chris said nothing and just pushed her forward so she was now leaning over the counter. He slammed into her again hard causing Sara to scream quite loudly. He pinned her down against the counter top; it was cold against her breasts causing her nipples to harden even more. Sara was now being fucked hard for the first time in her life and she loved it.

Chris was now sliding nearly all the way out and back in so she could feel his full length, their bodies would slap together making an erotic sound that could be heard throughout the library that anyone could have heard. Sara looked back watching Chris fuck her, a man she had just met and her first orgasm was building with each thrust.

“Chris, I’m about to…” she could not finish the words they were just too naughty.

“Say it Sara,” he spoke back. He thrust hard and deep inside her one more time.

“I’m going to… cum!” She screamed her pussy grabbing is cock tighter inside her.

This caused Chris to lose all control and his cock erupted, filling her with his cum. He held her tightly in his arms as they both continued to orgasm, his cock still deep inside of her.

As the feelings began to subside they slowly sank to the floor together. Their lips touched again, softer this time. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Chris pulled her panties down her legs and stuffed them down into her purse along with her phone.

“You won’t need to wear those on your way back home,” he said while dressing.

He unlocked the door and tossed the keys back to Sara, “See you again next Thursday.”

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