Chantilly Lace Pt. 05: Punishment

Big Tits

I feel his cock sliding against my entrance.

I’ve become a wanton slut, always wet and eagerly begging for him to stretch my cunt and fuck me until I’m sore.

I need him to fuck me, but he’s teasing. He likes to bring me to the edge over, and over, and over again.

We are in the file room at the office. My skirt is hiked up around my waist, and my panties are around my ankles, right above my favorite pair of stilettos.

Just when I’m sure he’s going to end the torture and fill me with his rock hard cock, he stops and pulls up his pants.

“Don’t you dare move,” he says.

I’m enraged, he’s fully dressed and I’m standing here exposed, my cunt throbbing, and dripping wet, but I do what he says.

He grabs a fistful of my hair and jerks my head back so that I’m looking him in the eyes.

“If you even think about touching your cunt, if you so much as graze a finger by it once, I will know, and I will give you the worst punishment you’ve ever had. That cunt belongs to me, and me alone. Your orgasms are mine, do you understand?”

I manage to audibly say “Yes, Sir,” while his index finger circles my clit.

He dips it into my wet pussy and slides it against my clit again. I’m On the edge, one more touch and I’ll get the release I’m craving, but the son of a bitch steps away.

He looks me in the eyes as he sucks my juices from his fingers, then nonchalantly Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort walks through the door.

I stay still for a few moments, praying the throbbing between my legs goes away.

By the time I right my skirt, and pull up my panties, I’m no closer to easing the ache and I’m pissed.

I make my way to his office and storm through his door. I’m set on giving him a piece of my mind. When I slam the door behind me, he looks up from his desk, clearly annoyed.

“What. The. FUCK. Was that?” My voice is shaking with anger, my voice booming off of the glass wall, and filling the space.

Brandon doesn’t say a word. He gets up from behind his desk and walks to the glass wall, looking out at the city below.

“I want you to walk to the door, and turn the lock. When you are finished, close the blinds and then return to my desk.”

I’m still livid, my chest is heaving, and my hand shakes as I reach out to lock the door. When I close the blinds and reach his desk I am filled with anticipation. I want to feel him inside of me, I want to feel my throbbing cunt pulsing around his cock.

“Turn around and put your hands on the desk, shoulder width apart.”

I immediately do as he says.

He forcefully pushes my skirt up, and yanks my panties. I hear them rip, but I don’t care. I just need him to fuck me.

He jerks my head back again, Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort and whispers in my ear, “When you speak to me in the future, you will do so with respect. I will not tolerate a brat, and you will never cuss at me again.”

He places a ruler in front of my face and demands I kiss it. I place my lips against the cold wood, my earlier anticipation quickly disappearing.

“I’m going to hit you with this ruler. I’m going to hit you fifteen times and I want you to count. If you scream, I’ll hit harder, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I gulp.


The first hit falls on my left butt cheek. The sound is deafening and the pain matches.

“One,” I say obediently.

The second hit falls on my right cheek. I squeeze my eyes shut and close my lips. In an attempt to hold back my scream, I forget to count.

Brandon grabs my hair and forces my bead back painfully this time.

“Count,” he demands in that steady voice.


He hits me harder this time and the sting is almost unbearable.

“Three, Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten”

I count each hit in quick succession.

My voice is shaking now, and the tears are rolling down my cheeks. My ass is burning and my breath is coming in short, fast bursts.

He drags the ruler across my sore bottom, intensifying the pain with the Ataşehir Vip Escort soft gesture.

The next three hits are at the junction of my thighs. The ruler hits the meaty part of my cunt and I cry out.

As promised the following hit was harder, the pain shot through my body and I choked back the scream.


I’m expecting the last one to be softer since I didn’t cry out, but I was wrong. The hit is so hard my body is forced forward on the desk.

You can barely hear me sob “Fifteen,” when he slams his cock I into my swollen cunt.

The sensation isn’t what I wanted. He pounds me, quick, and hard, compounding the pain.

I’m shocked when a wet finger enters my asshole, and he continues his assault on my pussy. Surprisingly, I like it so I focus on the pleasure of his finger to get through the next few minutes.

I can see my knuckles turning white as my hands grip the desk. Tears are pouring down my face and I’m sobbing by the time i feel him empty hot liquid on my lower back.

Brandon rights my skirt and pulls me into his lap. The stinging pain radiating across my ass makes me wince when I sit down.

“Tell me why I punished you,” he says softly.

“B..B.. because… I… I was disrespectful.”

He runs his hand through my hair, kissing my forehead.

“Yes, and you’re a dirty little girl aren’t you? I felt how wet that cunt got when I stuck my finger in your ass. You like it didn’t you?”

I’m ashamed to answer him, but I couldn’t take another punishment for lying, so I turn my head away and murmur “Yes, Sir.”

He turns his head to me, his soft breath tickling my ear, “Good because next time I’m going to fuck that tight little asshole.”

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