Double Penetration

Author’s Note: I had an earlier version of this called “Coming Home,” but a lot has changed (haha, pun) in this version.


Kaylie hadn’t been home in three years. At the all-girls academy she went to, most people went home for holidays or summer break, but not her. Her parents could barely afford the private school’s high tuition; multiple plane trips a year was simply not going to happen.

Kaylie was eighteen now, and her parents had realized that if they didn’t bring her home for Christmas this year, they might never have another chance. She was glad to see them, but she couldn’t deny the nerves coursing through her. She hated flying, but the nerves in her stomach were for a different reason. A lot had changed in three years.

St. Mary’s Academy was like its own little universe. For three years, she’d had to deal with catty classmates, stupid drama, and many girly tantrums, but she hadn’t had to deal with her brother.

Mathew was her twin, but they looked almost nothing alike, and had personalities to match. He had dark hair and lanky limbs, while Kaylie was a dishwater blonde, and always had more curves than she would like. Kaylie always spoke her mind, but Matthew was determined to stay quite, following whatever their parents told them. That’s why he’d been able to continue being home-schooled, while Kaylie’d been shipped away. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, but they had absolutely nothing in common, and everything he said rubbed her the wrong way.

The weirdest thing about being away from the academy, hands down, was the men. Kaylie hadn’t seen a real man in years. The academy only employed women, and she never left the academy. But here, there were men everywhere. Bumping up against her in the line through security, offering to carry her bags, smiling at her from across the room. It made her feel weird and jumpy; almost excited. One guy her age, with a scruffy beard–a beard!–and eyes as dark as night, had nearly run over her on his hurry to his gate. When he’d apologized to her, gently touching her arm, Kaylie’s heart had done a little flutter.

This was why they had all-girl academies, Kaylie realized. These emotions were simply too confusing to feel on a daily basis.

She felt oddly exposed without her usual uniform. She had barely worn anything else in the last three years. Even on weekends, the academy was very strict about dress codes. Skirts and button-down shirts were the norm.

But for flying, Kaylie always preferred jeans and a t-shirt, so she’d dug out her old casual clothes. They still fit, for the most part, but she hadn’t realized how much she’d changed over the last few years. Their uniforms were bought for them, made to their specific measurements. But this t-shirt that had once been baggy now fit her chest like a glove, feeling more than a little constricting. She supposed it made sense. She had gained a cup size or two in the last few years, even as the rest of her body had thinned out.

Finally, the trip was over. Finally she could join the throng of people–many of them distractedly male–trying to make their way off the plane. It seemed to take forever, and twice Kaylie caught herself being mesmerized by the profile of a handsome stranger walking past, but finally she was exiting the gate, looking around for her parents.

She spotted them at the back, in their own little circle. She hadn’t noticed before how they stood out, perhaps because she’d always been a part of their circle herself. They were dressed monochromatically, though comfortably, in grey or black t-shirts and dark jeans. Her parents stood proudly behind her siblings, all of them waving. Aside from Matthew, she had two other siblings: Jenny, ten, and Rachel, four. Rachel had been a baby last time she’d seen her, so Kaylie almost didn’t recognize her.

“Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” Kaylie waved back, as she hurried over to them. “Hi guys,” she said, smiling at each of her siblings in turn. Everyone had grown so much in the last three years; it brought a tightness to her throat. She had missed all of this.

The biggest shock was Matthew.

She almost didn’t recognize him. He had always been short, but now he was taller than her by a good four inches, and his lanky frame had filled out considerably. When he hugged her, she was very aware of his chest pressing into her, his strong shoulders around her, and this intoxicating smell of BOY that wafted off him.

“Hi Matthew,” she said breathlessly as they pulled apart. “Good to see you.”

“You too,” he said. His voice was deeper now, too. He almost sounded like a man.

He was looking at her, but his eyes kept darting downward, and as she pulled back, they got this distant look to them. “You look…different,” he said.

His hands were on her waist, and for a mad moment, Kaylie wanted him to move them upward–to do what, she wasn’t even sure.

“Well, time to get your luggage, and pile into the car,” her Dad said, and Matthew released her with a cough. She noticed Yenibosna Escort his cheeks seemed very red.

They had the same minivan they’d always had, which Kaylie found oddly comforting. Just big enough for the six of them. Their parents took the front seats, of course, with Jenny in the middle with Rachel in her carseat. Kaylie and Matthew took the back. Her biggest suitcase was in the trunk, but her smaller suitcase, and the suitcase-like carry-on she’d been lugging through airports all day, were crammed into the back seat with them. She had the window seat, with Matthew pressed close beside her.

She wanted to ask him so many things, but most of them she didn’t dare, not with their parents so close. When she let herself think about home, she thought of Matthew, and she always worried. He did everything their parents said, without question. Or at least, he always had.

Kaylie had learned a lot from being away. Although St. Mary’s was touted as the most conservative, the most strict, the most pious school around, the same could not be said of all its students. They whispered forbidden things, and passed around forbidden books, and Kaylie knew that the world outside St. Mary’s was a very different place form the world her parents had always prepared her for.

She worried Matthew was still only aware of their parents world.

“So, how have you been?” Matthew said, shifting beside her, clearly trying to give her as much room as possible. Always the polite one, her brother.

“Good,” Kaylie said, lamely. “I’ve missed everyone, though. It’ll be nice to be home.”

“Yeah,” Matthew said, “we’ve missed you too.” He smiled at her. “It’s been too quiet around here recently.”

Now that was an improvement. Normally her brother couldn’t get enough of quiet.

“I wish you could have come with me,” Kaylie said. “I mean, not to St. Mary’s, obviously, but I wish we could have stayed together.” It was only sort of a lie. She hadn’t missed Matthew so much as what Matthew was supposed to be. Twins were supposed to have this innate connection, weren’t they? Kaylie had never felt like that with Matthew.

“Yeah, it’s been weird without you.” Matthew looked away from her. Kaylie knew what he must be thinking. He, perfect son that he was, had always preferred their peaceful home, had never protested being home-schooled, had always been happy with the life their parents wanted for them. Kaylie had begged for public school from the moment she learned in existed.

“Mom and Dad seem as cheerful as always,” she said, aware that she was talking softer now, as if she didn’t want them to be overheard.

“Yeah, they’re doing fine,” Matthew said.

“Hey, Kaylie?” Jenny turned around in her seat to smile excitedly at her big sister. “Tell me about your school?”

“Ok,” Kaylie said. “It’s this big mansion, kind of, with dorms upstairs and classrooms downstairs. There are a hundred other girls there, and we each have a roommate.”

“Kinda like you and Matthew?”

“Yeah, kinda,” Kaylie said, “except we have bunkbeds.”

“Oooo,” Jenny said, and giggled. “Momma, can I go to St. Mary’s when I’m older?”

“…we’ll see, honey,” their mother said from the front seat. Kaylie winced. She knew her parents were not proud to have her away from home, and would probably be annoyed if they thought she was trying to convince her siblings to follow in her rebel footsteps.

“Oh, it’s not really that great,” Kaylie said, backpedaling. “I mean, the food isn’t near as good as Mom’s, and we have to do loads of work. There’s so much more homework than I ever got from Mom.”

“Oh,” Jenny said, wrinkling her nose.

Kaylie hoped that would be the end of the discussion. “Do you have your sketchbook still? I remember you used to draw all the time.”

Jenny’s face lit up, and Kaylie leaned forward so she could peer over Jenny’s shoulder at picture after picture in her sketchbook. She was glad for the distraction, but it was a very awkward angle, with her seatbelt cutting between her breasts.

All the sudden, she had that feeling like someone was starring at her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Matthew looking directly at her, but not her face; his gaze was angled downward, and even out of the corner of her eye, Kaylie could tell that his eyes were wide.

Kaylie turned to look at him, and Matthew shifted away, crossing his legs away from her, as if he was trying to keep himself as far from her as possible. His cheeks were beet red. He was so close to the suitcase, she could see its corner biting into his side.

“You don’t need to give me so much room,” she said, and scooted herself closer to the window. “See? Lots of room.”

Matthew relaxed slightly, but didn’t move to fill the space between them. Kaylie rolled her eyes. Always so focused on being polite.

“Don’t be shy,” she said, grabbing his arm and pulling him to her side. He leaned into her reluctantly, his arm stiffening when it touched Yenibosna Escort Bayan her chest.

“I’m not,” he said, still not looking at her. “It’s fine.” He tried to pull away from her, but Kaylie was determined to snap him out of whatever weird holdup he had.

“Come on, just scoot over,” she said. She reached around him to get a good hold on his hip, and she could feel something hard pressing into her arm, some keys or something in his pocket. Matthew let out a little yelp.

“Let go of me,” he snapped. In shock, Kaylie did. She’d never heard him talk like that before, to anyone. Her quiet, meek brother, actually showing that he was annoyed by something?

“Sorry,” Kaylie said, the shock giving way to anger now. “But you don’t have to act like I’m diseased or something.”

“I’m not,” Matthew said. He’d retreated completely to his side, as far as he could get form her, half turned away. He wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“Whatever,” Kaylie huffed. “More room for me, then.” She made a big show of stretching her arms out, and she could see Matthew glance her way as he tried to avoid her. Again, it seemed like he was looking at her torso, not her face, but he probably just didn’t want to meet her eyes.

The house was exactly as she remembered it. It was a simple old farm house on a simply patch of private land, and nothing had changed, from the faded yellow paint down to the sound of chickens in the air.

Her dad and Matthew dragged her suitcases upstairs, while Kaylie helped her mom start on dinner. Jenny took care of Rachel. It gave Kaylie a weird sense of déjà vu, watching her little sister take care of someone the way Kaylie had once taken care of her.

Dinner was equal parts awkward and wonderful, depending on the topic. Mostly they talked about the house, the land, the things that had not changed. Occasionally St. Mary’s would come up, but her father’s face always got this pinched look to it, so Kaylie tried to avoid the subject.

“Well, that was delicious,” her dad said, as they were cleaning their plates. “I bet our Kaylie is bushed. You want to get ready for bed, pumpkin?”

They’d spent so much time talking that it was nearly 9:00, but Kaylie knew there was no way she’d be able to fall asleep any time soon. Still, it would be nice to have some time alone in her room.

“Sure, sounds good, Dad.”

“I put a towel and a fresh new robe out for you in the bathroom,” her mom said. “I know you like your before-bed showers.”

The only bathroom in the house was downstairs, so Kaylie went to shower first. It was wonderful to feel all the travel grime melting away, and she spent a long time in there, just enjoying the warm water.

Kaylie went upstairs finally, navigating the familiar hallway deftly, as if no time had gone by. Funny how nothing seemed to change.

Regretfully, Kaylie realized, the corner room had also not changed.

She hadn’t given much thought to her room in a long time. It was simple, without much adornment, since neither she nor Matthew had ever been allowed to hang posters on the walls (Matthew had never wanted to, of course). But she’d forgotten about the bed.

They’d shared a modest queen bed since they’d first moved into the corner room, but for some reason, Kaylie had expected two beds, now that they were older. Of course, her parents probably would have considered that an unneeded expense, with only one of their older children at home.

Matthew was stretched out along it, a book in his hands. He had changed into a pair of black sweatpants and a white tank top.

“Hey,” Matthew said when she came in.

“Hey,” Kaylie said, very aware that she was naked but for a very thin robe.

“Everything ok?” Matthew said, looking up from his book to look at her. His eyes widened, and his cheeks went pink.

“Uh, yeah. I just…sort of thought there would be two beds.”

“Why?” Matthew said, distantly. He was taking her all in. He’d gone stiff when he looked at her, and his eyes were traveling up and down her body, lingering in some places. She could see his throat contract as he swallowed.

Kaylie could feel herself blushing, but she didn’t even know why. How much did her brother even know about…stuff? They’d lived a sheltered life, sure, but their parents must have explained..something.

“It’s just…kinda weird, isn’t it? Us sharing a bed?”

Matthew turned on his side suddenly, crossing his legs away from her, just like he’d done in the car. “I guess,” he said, trying not to look at her now.

“Um, well, I need to change,” Kaylie said.

“Ok,” Matthew said, standing bolt upright. “I’m gonna, um, go say goodnight to Mom and Dad.”

“Ok.” Kaylie watch her brother hurry out of the room, all the while keeping himself turned slightly away from her, so she couldn’t see his front. She remembered the hard thing she’d felt in his pocket earlier. Was it possible her brother was actually get turned on by her?

The Escort Yenibosna thought should have disgusted her, but Kaylie felt the oddest stirring of something like excitement.

She changed into her pajamas; pink sweat-shorts and a white t-shirt. The shirt, like the one she’d worn all day, was still too tight for her new frame, but she didn’t have much choice in the matter. She hadn’t brought her St. Mary’s pajamas with her, since they were for much colder weather. She made a mental note to go shopping tomorrow, and find some clothing that fit.

At least the t-shirt would go over her chest, unlike the shirts she’d left here. It made her feel oddly exposed, especially without a bra, since her nipples were clearly visible through the tight fabric. But it was only for one night.

There was a soft knock on her door, just as Kaylie finished changing.

“Come in?”

Matthew opened the door cautiously, not looking at her. “Are you done?” he said.

“Yeah, I’m decent. Come on in!”

Kaylie had her suitcase open on the bed, and was transferring her clothes from the suitcase to her empty dresser. When Matthew came in, his eyes went to her chest immediately, and this time Kaylie was watching for it.

He stood there, stock still, as he studied her. His mouth was open slightly, taking in the swell of her chest as she bent over the suitcase. Kaylie found she liked the feel of his gaze, and she could feel her nipples responding, going hard and even more prominent through the soft t-shirt material.

“You ok?” she said, leaning further forward so he could actually see a little cleavage at the top of her shirt. He just sputtered, and she grabbed another shirt and moved it to the dresser, pretending not to see as Matthew shifted and pulled at the sides of his sweatpants, trying to adjust them. She could plainly see the bulge starting to form there.

“I’m almost done here. Help me move the suitcase?”

Matthew nodded, and approached her, woodenly. He helped her lift the suitcase down, never taking his eyes off of her chest. It made it easy for Kaylie to watch the tent forming in his pants, out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t have much first-hand experience, but he looked pretty big under there.

“Ready for bed?” she said, pulling back the covers. She leaned over to grab her book from the floor, giving Matthew time to appreciate her rear. A little moan escaped him. God, what was she doing? Surely it was very wrong for her to be teasing her own brother like this, but it felt so good.

“Yeah, bed,” Matthew said, his voice almost a squeak. He coughed, and she could hear him shuffling over to the light switch, and then it went dark. Kaylie didn’t need light to climb into her bed; even with the three years apart, she still knew this room even with her eyes closed.

She settled into the bed, and listened to Matthew climbing into his side. She could hear how fast he was breathing, and now that the lights were out, it felt like anything could happen.

They just lay there for a while. Kaylie was still, but Matthew kept moving, clearly uncomfortable. With each movement from her brother, Kaylie thought more about what she’d just done, but instead of shame she only felt more excited. Her nipples ached, and slowly, carefully, she moved a hand up to caress them through her shirt.

It felt so good to rub them, but it seemed to only build the tension inside of her, not release it. Kaylie didn’t have much experience with this type of thing. They’d been told the basics of reproduction at St. Mary’s, but it was the after-dark conversations with her classmates that had really taught her about what sex was. That it could be pleasurable and magic, all on its own, even without marriage and the need for children.

Some of the girls admitted to experimenting on their own, and once she’d heard strange sounds from her roommate, late at night, when she thought Kaylie was sleeping. But Kaylie had never tried such things herself. It intrigued her, but it still felt too foreign, too dangerous.

Now, she wished she knew how to stop all the feelings coursing through her body. She was wet between her legs, she could tell, but she didn’t dare explore that area further.

Matthew shifted again, and Kaylie peered over at him. He was lying on his back now, and the bed sheets were tenting up around the bulge in his pants. It looked bigger than before. She couldn’t see clearly in the dark, but it looked like his face was twisted in concentration.

“Can’t sleep?” she said, surprised at her own daring.

Matthew started, but didn’t turn away this time. He didn’t look at her, though. “No. I’m trying to…relax.”

“Is it working?” Kaylie touched his shoulder gently, lying on her stomach now. He flinched at her touch, letting out a strained moan, and she could have sworn the tent grew.

“No. I…” he said in a strained voice, a hint of embarrassment coloring his words. “I don’t really know what’s going on.”

“Really?” Kaylie said, only a little surprised. “You’ve never…had trouble sleeping before?”

“No, well, not like this.”

She could tell how confused he was. How someone made it to 18, especially a boy, without experimenting a little, she had no idea. Not that she was really one to talk.

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