Ch. 03 – Some Days One Wonders


This is the first story that I’ve written. If you are offended by stories of incest then please don’t read this one. All characters in this story are 18 or older.

Note: See my comment at the end.


Katie heard her daughter coming home. She went into the kitchen as the front door closed. Kelly rounded the corner and stepped in the room. She looked at her mother and smiled. Kelly could see the look on her mother’s face. The look of someone that had sex, satisfying sex!

Walking over to her mom she gave her a hug. As she pulled back, she asked “You seem to be walking a little bow legged. And what’s that smell?” They both started laughing.

Setting at the counter they talked about how it all happened, then how it all turned out. Katie explained that she now understood why Kelly said that her brother was the standard that others would have to measure up too.

After a while the conversation slowed down. Kelly asked her mom “Can I see?”

Katie looked at her for a few seconds and stood up. She then raised her skirt and pulled down her panties. Kelly got down and looked up into her mother pussy. It was flowing a little stream of cum. The lips were gaped apart and her hole was still open. She stood up and giggled.

She said “How are you going to keep this a secret from dad?”

Katie smiled and said “I’m not!”

Kelly smiled “Well I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t find out. I’m guessing that dad is not as big as Jim is?”

Her mom sat down carefully “I’m just going to tell him that I found someone to help me out. Last night in bed he didn’t seem to believe me when I said that I wanted more sex. If he was not going to put out the effort to help me, that I was going to find someone that would.”

Kelly didn’t know what to think about that. Then the idea of the competition popped into her head. “If he sees this once neat and well-formed cunt that was his, that now is destroyed, he may very well believe that you have a sex buddy.”

Her mom spoke “Well honey… I may have screwed up a good marriage today. But something needed to happen. Something had to change. Let me thank you for all the training you’ve given your brother. No man has ever done what he did to me today! I’ve never had sex like Jim gave me. It was almost indescribable.”

Katie continued “I will stick to my game plan that I had last night with your dad. If he asks tonight how my day went then I will tell him what I want him to know. If he finds out, just like you did now, that his pussy has been used, then we will see how he handles it.”

With a smile Kelly offer this “Mon, what if dad had… had a one-time event? What if I could get him to do something that you could hold over his head! Let’s be fair for a moment. I’m assuming that you and Jim are going to be doing, what you did today, for a while. If you gave dad a onetime pass, to get a little strange pussy and that event was recorded. Just think what that might give you as leverage!”

Katie was catching on to what she was getting at “Do you mean you? You want to have sex with your dad?”

Holding her hands up “Yes but… sex in way that he thinks that you would never find out about. Sex in a way that is very different than we have with Jim. Dad needs to understand that he has to put more effort into your sexual relationship. Taking you for granted is not right. I know that I could most likely talk him into having a quickie with me, and I would record it. Having that video would give you all kinds of possibilities going forward. Don’t try to decide today, just think about it.”

She said “Again I love you mom, and dad and my brother with all my heart. I don’t want to see you and dad moving apart as time marches on. Outside of the bedroom I think that you two are a great couple! I truly believe that I could not ask for two better parents. However, the sexual revolution that is happening in this family should last long after both Jim and I are out on our own. Somehow the next few months should open the doors for both of you to enjoy sex for years to come.”

As she finished, she looked toward the stairs and asked me “Can I go see him?”

“Yes” I said.

I went to my room, grabbed my suit and put it on. I was laying out enjoying the sun as the two of them stepped out onto the patio. My son jumped in the pool and Kelly sat down by me.

“Thanks mom. He is awesome! We talked a little after we finished and he now understands that he can have two willing girls, well woman, that can be at his disposal. And yes, he knows not to take risks when dad is home.”

So, what do we do now I wondered. Sill thinking about it, I jumped in and swam over to Jim and hugged him tight. We looked into each other’s eyes and then I leaned in and kissed him. We were getting friendly for a few minutes when Kelly interrupted us.

“Hey… earth to Mom and Jim! Dad maybe home in a while. If you two need some time together I suggest that you take it to the basement. If dad comes home, before you two finish. I will şahinbey escort try to distract him.”

I looked at her and asked “How will you distract him?”

She smiled “Can I use your new little suit?”

Jim and I took almost an hour. It was so good. We were like new lovers that were discovering each other. Sex was fantastic and very satisfying. I lost count of how often I came. He enjoyed our time and thanked me for letting him have me. I told him “Honey, I can’t tell you how good you make me feel. There is no need to thank me.” Then I kissed him in a way that a mother should never kiss her son!

I asked him to give me some time to get upstairs in case his dad was home. I was sweaty like I had been exercising, but my pussy was leaking big time! If I had believed my pussy was destroyed earlier, I was afraid to check it now!

As I got into the kitchen, I noticed that Kelly and her dad were out on the patio talking. She had on my suit that I used to start off this torrid affair with my son. I started to make dinner and the noise must have spooked Tony.

He came in and sat at the counter. His face was red and he was sweating some.

He asked me “When did you give Kelly your new suit? I thought that you would wear that for me?”

“Honey, you know that we bought that suit as a joke! You wanted to see if I would wear something like that. We both know that a suit, like that one, would look ridiculous on me. Anyway, she asked me if I had anything like that, so that she could one up her girlfriends.” After I said that, I was hoping that Kelly didn’t tell him a completely different story!

He said “Well we didn’t talk about her girlfriends, but she did think that she could get us to agree that she could wear it around home when only family was here. And for the record, no you wouldn’t look ridiculous in it! You and Kelly are almost the same size. She looks great in it!”

I turned and looked at him with a grin “So you like the way your daughter looks in that almost suit? It leaves little to the imagination. I believe some would call it a ‘slut suit’ but I don’t think of my daughter as a slut.” Little did he know that his son was the first male to see me in that suit!

With that said, he turned a darker shade of red. “I don’t think of my daughter as a slut!” However, his words came out softer than he may have intended.

I said “I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling, honey. I just wanted to point out the obvious. We have raised a fine daughter, along with a great son! I’m proud of them both. They are smart, plus they are not lazy people with no ambition. They work hard and seem to enjoy life!”

He looked at me again and he appeared to be a little less confrontational.

I smiled and said “Besides I’m sure that you are glad someone is wearing that suit! It was expensive and she can put it to good use. She has the body for it, don’t you think?” I looked at him to get an idea of where his mind was at. I doubt that he would understand that his precious daughter was not as pure as he thought. His mind might explode if he knew what she did with his son!

He looked out the windows and shook his head “She is so much like you were at her age. You were so hot; I had a hard time keeping my hands off you back then.”

I almost laughed at him! If he knew that his own son thought that I was perfect, perfect in a way that a son should never think of his own mother like that. That his son thought of me as more that hot… much more. I wanted to make him eat his own words, at that moment!

“So, looking at her reminds you of how we made those two kids? The fun we had. Getting along when times were bad? And now when we have so much, we don’t seem to enjoy each other the way we did in past?” I stated.

He looked back at me and said “Yeah… your right. Maybe I need something to wake me up. To put a little spring in my step.”

I could feel Jim’s cum leaking out of my panties and starting to run down my leg. I smiled and said “Well don’t get to close to Kelly honey. You just might get some spring in your step that you didn’t expect.”

It was quite for a couple of minutes. He then asked “How did your day go?”

I smiled and said “Well I have a little spring in my step! I’m glad that you talked me into it, last night.” I smiled bigger and shook my head a little. “Today the world seems to be a bit brighter than it was yesterday.”

His mouth started to hang open some and his eyes were wide! “Oh… you need to tell me!”

That was all he seemed to be able to get out before his eye’s lost focus. I wondered if he could smell the cum that his son had deposited just a little earlier? He didn’t seem upset at my declaration and that surprised me. Maybe he didn’t fully understand what I said. Maybe he couldn’t believe that I might just have had a new cock in my pussy he once owned, that now it was owned by his son!

“Oh honey. You will have to wait until we are in bed to ask me that!” şahinbey escort bayan Then I added. “Honey you should set out on the patio until dinner is ready. You look like you should relax for a while.”

I knew that setting out there with Kelly would be adding fuel to the fire for him. After fucking Jim twice today, I was not going to fuck my husband. I was unsure if Tony would come unglued if he really thought that I had fucked someone today. If he got close to my swollen pussy he surely would know. So, he was not going to stick his cock into his wife’s cunt. I didn’t want him to get close to my engorged and open pussy just yet.

I was not ready to spring my surprise on him. I’m sure that Tony would come in a minute if I told him what he wanted to know. Or maybe he would run me out of the house. This was going to take some time to figure out. Things needed to be just right before I let the cat out of the bag!

At dinner time we all seemed to be in a great mood. I was smiling and laughing, Kelly was telling us about funny things, from school, and Jim was grinning as he looked over at his dad. We all seem to enjoy our meal and cleanup was quick and easy.

I sat in the great room and read a good book until bed time. I had cleaned most of Jim’s cum from my cunt but it still looked destroyed. Tonight, I would see how things played out. I might be making a big mistake, but you only live once!

I got into bed and turn off my light and then Tony came out of the bathroom and slid under the covers. He turned to me and asked the same question that he had asked previously.

I said “Oh sweet heart. I know that you work hard; both at your job and at home. What I talked about last night was something that I’ve been thinking on for some time. Asking you to try to satisfy my petty sexual urges everyday just seems to be asking too much. I should be able to find a sex buddy to lighten your work load. Truthfully it wasn’t that hard to do.”

He sputtered “You had sex with someone else?”

Now I was going to find out how far I could push this new paradigm.

I started off “Honey maybe I used the little friend you got me. You remember, our vacation for a few days, last year? But if I find that it fails to really get things going for me, I’m sure that I can location a buddy close to home here! You understand, the feel of flesh and blood is just so different than that cold toy. But that toy can be fun at times!” I leaned over and rubbed his cock, it was hard. “Do you want a hand job, honey? You can feel me, but I can’t let you in tonight, it’s just too sore.” I waited and he did exactly as I guessed he would. He reached over and touched my pussy. I said “Be careful sweetheart, it’ tender.” I pushed his hand away cautiously, hoping that I didn’t just do too much!

His eyes got big and he moaned. I pulled down his underwear and grabbed his hard cock. Thinking to myself about how hard he was. I wondered if Kelly was HIS fantasy girl, maybe that is why he’s so hard tonight. Setting outside watching her as he did tonight.

I didn’t have to work very long before he came. My guess about Kelly must have been spot on. I stroked him as he finished and told him “Go clean up sweetheart. You don’t want to sleep in your own cum.” I watched him roll out of bed. I thought about what he said earlier, that when I was younger, I was hot. That frosted me some, so I wiped my hand off on this pillow and then turned it over.

I considered the mess that he made and compared it to Jim. Kelly was right, Jim is now the standard, my husband didn’t measure up. That didn’t mean that I was done with him, he was my husband after all. I loved him. But as-long-as I had Jim around, my husband was second inline. Tony got into bed and pulled me to him.

In the morning I got up early and started my work day. I was working at my laptop as my husband brought me some coffee. I thanked him, well I may have been a little bit to cheerful in thanking him. He looked down and asked me what made me so happy today?

I smiled at him and told him that I was looking forward to each new day now! I just didn’t know what might happen to me before I head off to bed as the day ends!

He had a strange expression and asked “Are you going to have sex with someone today?”

I looked up at his face with a smirk and said “Honey… do you really want to know the answer to that question? Isn’t it so much fun to just wonder what I might do today. Who I might talk to. Who I might laugh with?”

It was hard for me to read his mind that morning as he left. I knew that I was playing with fire to some degree, but what is life if you can’t enjoy it. The enjoyment for me was upstairs and Tony would have a hard time understanding that. But then I stopped at that thought, maybe he has his own thoughts about Kelly. Maybe last night’s quick explosion from my husband was him thinking of her. Kelly may be correct. Tony may have a thing for his daughter, escort bayan şahinbey or just young girls. I couldn’t really enforce a no touch standard for my husband.

Hand jobs are not the same as cock in cunt. Now I’m sounding like Kelly I realized. Maybe I will allow him think that he might be able to fuck his daughter. Well maybe a teasing hand job would work out better. Keep her pussy as a carrot for him to reach for, but he will never be able to reach. If she agrees and it plays out, I could get him backed into a corner and I could toy with him like a cat does a mouse.

Kelly came down and kissed my cheek as she headed to school. Her parting words were “Don’t have too much fun fucking mister big dick today!”

Like most young men my son sleeps in frequently. But today as soon as his dad left, he was at my side. I told him that I had work, that I needed to finished today before lunch. Did that stop him? No, he just grinned at me for a few minutes. He very quietly started whispering “Mom” over and over. Touching my hair, stroking my arm. I could feel my blood pressure increasing. I wanted to get mad, to push him way, to make him stop! Did I do any of those things?

NO. I just let him slowly worked me up into a heated moaning mess. He said “Mon, do you have an itch?” I stopped my typing and look at him. “Itch? What kind of itch, I’m lost here, what do you mean?” He said “The itch that Kelly gets deep in her pussy, I wonder if you have itches like she does? I can fix that itch for you just like I fixed hers. You both have such delightful pussies. I don’t know how I’m so lucky to have you and her. But mom you are my only PERFECT girl!”

I just closed my laptop. I was not going to get anything done now. I looked up at him with my eyes half open and asked “Where honey?”

He said “Right here is good. I really want to fuck you all over this house. Before I go back to school, I want to have sex in every room, on all the furniture. I told him that we could do what he wanted. However, I didn’t want his dad to find out about us.

He pulled down his shorts and out came that wonderful pussy pleaser. At that point he could have open the front door and carried me outside and fucked me on the lawn, I was a lost cause.

I wondered how long it will take for me to get use to this beautiful man meat my son is packing. I didn’t want to get a sore and unusable cunt, but I didn’t feel too bad this morning, no real discomfort from yesterday’s activity. So, I asked him if he could cum a little quicker than he did yesterday? I explained that it may take some time for me to get used to him. His reply was interesting!

He told me that he could hold off cumming for a while, as Kelly had taught him to think about things to slow his mind down and, she also told him to slow his breathing down as well.

My girl is phenomenal I thought. I told him that today he can fuck me and cum quicker if he wants. I reminded him that in the afternoon I can fuck for hours, however, sometimes we may run into issues that might get in the way of our fun. But in the morning, I had to get my work done.

He said that he understood and pulled my clothes off. He told me to bend over the desk. As I moved into position, I told him “Honey you can start fucking me. I didn’t need much arousal, I’m so hot right now.” He put his finger in my pussy and was surprised that I was very wet. He stood behind me and started to insert that wonder of a tool. Just like the first time he started slowly. In this position I felt it in a new and different way. He was hitting spots that no one ever hit. I moaned and moved with him. He worked in deeper and deeper. I enjoyed the new sensations. I found that he was hitting the back on my pussy a little harder than when we fucked yesterday. I came hard and told him to keep fucking me. After I got my breath back, I said that he fucked me better that anyone did I orgasmed so many times in a few minutes that I was begging him to cum in me. Like someone turned on his switch, he came. He groaned and his seed made me come again.

I was a mess once he pulled out but I just didn’t care. He got some paper towels and help me clean up. We kissed and hugged for a while and we each thank the other for the great sex, then he headed down stairs to play games.

It took some time to get myself back into work mode. I had to spend a little time after we eat lunch to finish up today’s projects. As I sat at the dining room table with my laptop I looked outside, I saw him swimming. He looked so good to me!

A short time later he came in and told me that he would be going over to his friend’s house for a couple of hours. I smiled up and said “That sounds great. I hope that you have a good time.”

Pulling him in for a kiss I told him that sounds good but maybe we could get together once he was back. I hugged him. We started to kiss again but I said that he may never make it over to his friend’s house if we didn’t stop. He smiled down at me. A few minutes later he walked out the front door, I stepped to the window to watch him head down the street to his friend’s house. Watching him walk away I wanted to call him back, but I didn’t.

As I sat there for a while, I started to giggled! Thinking about what has happened in the last few days. I listed each strange and exciting thing; I was simply talking out loud to myself!

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