CDG Airport Problems Pt. 06


This piece is set in a fantasy world where COVID and STDs are not a thing. Part 1-5 exist, so if you want continuity, go check them out first.


I wake up to the eerie glow lighting up the dark bedroom.

“What happened?” I ask.

Ahaan sits on the bed facing away, the glow a halo around him. I see the light raised skin on his back and smile, savoring the reminder of gripping him hard, dragging my nails across his back as he came inside of me in the shower.

Ahaan turns, a smile and the light from his phone brightening his face.

“Work issue. I’ll be back, go back to sleep.”

I smile at him, as he pads away. I close my eyes as I take in the rhythmic motion of the ceiling fan, the warmth and humidity of the weather. I hear his feet approaching.

“Is everything okay?”

“I had a meeting for work, but my colleague’s flight got changed so he needs to come over and work at 6a.”

Well, that’s awkward.

“I can be out of here before that.” I reach for my phone so I can reset my alarm, mentally assessing if I can get an auto or uber that early.

He swats my hand away and crawls into bed, snuggling into me, “No, stay.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. We won’t work long — he has a morning flight.”

I push my body back into the curve of his, loving the feel of his cock between my asscheeks.

“Remember when you wanted a cock in your mouth while I fucked you?”


“Want me to ask Ranjith if we have time before his flight?”

I turn my head slightly towards him and we kiss, lazily.

“Is he single? And do you trust him? I don’t help people cheat.”

“Yeah, he’s single last I heard and a decent guy.”

I smile in the dark, and pull Ahaan’s hand to my mouth, slowly sucking one of his fingers. As my eyes close, I imagine being fucked simultaneously, and it’s hot. I wrap Ahaan’s other arm around my breasts and grind onto him.

I can feel his cock getting harder and Ahaan pulls away.

“I need to sleep so I can be up early, Aish.”

Reality is a pain sometimes. I suck his finger once more, and smile, communicating I’m okay with the pause.

I begin to play with my clit, imagining the threesome coming to life. And more reality hits — the boundaries of navigating the dynamics of a threesome.

“You can’t call me slut though in front of him. I don’t know him like that.”

“Okay,” Ahaan whispers as he gently tugs at my nipples. “Slut.”

I turn around, retracting access to my nipples and smile at him.

“I thought you needed to sleep.”

“I changed my mind.”

As Ahaan leans in for a kiss, I slide down towards his cock.

In the dark under the soft cotton bedcovers, my mouth finds him and I suck, letting my saliva lubricate this mouth fuck.

I respond to his thrusting body, feeling wetness bloom in my cunt.

With this angle, I can go in deep, his cock completely in my mouth. I run my fingers across my labia and drip pussy juice onto my clit.

“Does this feel good, Aish?”

I spread my legs a little, and start to rub my clit with one hand. His fingers grip my hair, holding my head in place as he fucks my mouth Etiler escort hard.

I moan around his cock, loving the feel of his cock against my lips, the way my jaw opens up for him.

I shove two fingers into my pussy and pound myself. With each thrust from Ahaan, my fingers go into myself deeper. My other hand strokes my clit and I fuck myself into my first orgasm of the day, clamping my lips around his cock.

Ahaan groans as he cums, salty slightly thick liquid fills my mouth, going straight into my throat. I swallow and continue to suck, feeling him slowly soften in my mouth.

I pull off him and he unfurls the covers off me — we make eye contact in the dark and both laugh.

“Don’t you need to go to bed?” I tease, as I untangle my fingers from my pussy.

“Yeah, why are you keeping me up, Aish?” Ahaan’s tone is calm, his body leaning back against the headrest but I feel him devouring me with his gaze, taking in my now naked kneeling Vajrasana form on the bed.

I slowly lick my fingers clean, my nipples hardening again with his attention.

“That sounds like a you problem.”

Ahaan lunges and grabs my wrist, pulling me close on top of him.

“I can’t wait to fuck you again.”


I wake up to murmurs in the living room, soft sunlight, and the smell of tea. I’m tangled in the sheets, sleeping diagonally, a hallmark of my singlehood “take over the bed” pattern.

I check my phone and see a text from earlier this morning.

-Ranjith’s single and in if you still are. Are you okay with anal? –

I grin at my reflection as I brush my teeth. I grab Ahaan’s kurta from yesterday and pull it over my head. I could wait but I want to get a sense of Ranjith now.

I open the door, and see two heads buried into a laptop. They turn together, and I see smiles, Ahaan’s beaming, a little obnoxiously proud, and his friend Ranjith looks more tentative, taking in my thigh revealed through the slits in Ahaan’s kurta.

“Aisha, this is Ranjith.”

“Hi,” I say as I reach for his hand. I stand a little closer, trying to get a feel for him. He smells of mint and tea.

“Hey, it’s nice to meet you,” Ranjith says, his smile deepening, his bright teeth a strong contrast to his deep brown skin. His hair is curly and jet black, and he seems younger than us.

“Want some tea, Aish?” Ahaan asks.

“I’m just going to get some water, you should keep working.”

I walk to the kitchen, feeling my hips naturally sway more as I think about running my palms along Ranjith’s thighs, wondering what his cock might feel like.

The water drips out of the water purifier and I take a gulp. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see them both observing me.

Ahaan’s hands pull down the laptop screen and I know we’re ready to start.

I walk back towards them with my glass of water, thighs flashing with each step.

I run my hands across Ahaan’s beard, smiling at his kind eyes.

“Yes to your text,” I say as I turn to gently place a kiss on Ranjith’s lips. Ranjith responds quickly, mint and tea mingling with my own breath, as his hands grab at my waist pulling me close.

Ahaan Beşiktaş escort slides up behind me, and I can feel his cock again hard between my asscheeks. He takes away my glass and grinds into me as Ranjith presses up against me, his cock against my stomach. His kisses are soft, tentative, getting to know you kisses and I realize need more. I grab Ahaan’s hands and place them on my breasts. He squeezes hard as he nips my neck, and I shudder through an orgasm.

“Lets go to the bed,” Ahaan says, pulling his arms away.

I smile, disentangling from Ranjith, and begin to follow him. As we walk, Ahaan drops clothes onto the floor.




I’m loving this.

Ahaan graciously pulls the curtains closed, and the room turns a soft bright yellow, as Ranjith turns on the overhead light.

I jump onto the bed and face both of them. Ahaan’s almost naked and I pull his cock out of his boxers, slowly sucking his hardness like a lollipop.

Best breakfast.

As I suck, I gesture to Ranjith, who joins us on the bed. His clothes fall to the floor, and I let go of Ahaan, opening my mouth to welcome Ranjith’s cock into me. He’s beautifully shaped, and unlike Ahaan, has no foreskin.

Ranjith moves slowly in and out of my mouth, being gentle, maybe testing me, testing us. I respect that. I caress his thighs, his ass, taking in the stretch marks, the stories of growth along his hips. I have my own.

Just as I notice a birthmark on Ranjith’s thigh, Ahaan moves behind me. His wet tongue caresses my pussy and he slides in deep, and I moan loudly around Ranjith’s cock. I hear the bottle of lube being opened.

“How much time do we have?” I ask Ranjith, as temporarily drop him out of my mouth. My hands enjoy the warmth of his erection as I stroke him.

“I need to leave in 20 minutes, let’s have fun. We don’t have to push too hard.” Ranjith says, running his hands through my hair. He’s tentative, respectful, which makes him thoroughly sexy.

I lock my lips around Ranjith’s cock again, and move his hips just a little faster. He gets the message and ups his rhythm. A wet glob of cool lube finds my anus and a muffled moan escapes me as the nerve endings around my anus tingle, awakening to Ahaan’s finger slowly pushing in.

I roll my hips towards Ahaan, bearing down to give him more access. Ahaan adds another finger into my ass as his tongue continues to explore my cunt. I push back onto Ahaan’s fingers letting him know it feels good. Ahaan pulls out and I feel his cock line up against my ass.

We slow just a bit, as I bear down to take Ahaan into me. Once he’s in, I feel so full, so aroused, and so turned on.

His colleague starts fucking my mouth, and he’s behind me fucking me in the ass. They pound together, each push deepening my experience on the other end.

I feel my pussy leaking juices onto my inner thigh, my nipples are so hard. Ranjith grabs at them and comments, “You’re so aroused.”

I want to tell him what to do, to make me more aroused but my mouth is occupied.

“Squeeze her nipples between your fingers gently at first. She likes that.”

Ranjith Taksim escort obliges – I gasp around his cock, as my body goes limp from the power of the orgasm that rushes through me. I feel satiated, tired, barely able to hold myself up from the fucking. Luckily, they are doing their part — steadying me while they fuck me, in fact moving harder as though my orgasm was pushing them over the edge. They both slam into me, and I felt Ahaan come in my ass.

He gently pulls out.

His colleague pulls out as well, asking, “Can I fuck your pussy?”

I nod, knowing how wet I am, and wanting desperately to be filled again.

“There’s condoms on the table,” I say nodding in the direction of the sidetable. Ranjith grabs one of them and I watch as he pulls it onto himself. The sound of rubber on a cock is so fucking arousing.

He slides into me with ease, and starts pounding me hard while I continue to play with my clit. I’m no longer supporting myself with my hands, instead I’m dropped down with my ass and pussy up in the air, feeling my tits and head move roughly against the bedsheet as he fucks me. I find myself getting close to an orgasm, wanting him to slap my ass so I can get there faster.

“Spank me please, Ranjith.”

“What did you say?”

“Spank her.” Ahaan says. I turn my head and watch as he lays himself on the bed, lazily stroking his cock into hardness. He had briefly disappeared into the bathroom after cumming into my asshole earlier.

My smile changes to shock, as his friend slaps me across my ass. I cum hard onto his cock, and he surprisingly doesn’t cum. Usually that throbbing of muscle pushes my male lovers over the edge.

“Can I fuck you in the ass?” Ranjith asks, desperation in his voice.

“Yeah. Use a lot of lube though.”

I hear the cap opening again and feel his hands spreading my ass before he slowly pushes in.

“Sit up, Aisha” Ahaan whisper orders, and I move onto my elbows and then my palms.

“Want some cock in your mouth?” He asks.

I nod, continuing to bear down as Ranjith pushes deeper into my ass. Ahaan has opened me up already and I want my ass to be filled again. I feel the push of cock against the rim of my asshole, and his friend slowly and steadily moves in. Once he’s in, Ahaan pushes his cock into my mouth. Ahaan, I notice is setting the pace, letting our familiarity lead all three of us. We slowly up the pace until I’m being fucked hard, each thrust shoving me harder and deeper onto the other cock.

With each slap of Ranjith’s hips against my ass, I feel closer and closer to orgasm. I moan, in full sensory overload, and just when I don’t think I can take anymore, Ranjith’s hand reaches for my clit. A few strokes, and I groan more, now moving my body faster between them, hoping they keep up. The stars align, cocks hitting the right spot, Ranjith’s fingers finding the perfect rhythm and I orgasm hard.

Ahaan comes too, and salty thick liquid fills my mouth. I swallow what I can, feeling my body vibrate while also feeling my ass become full from his Ranjith’s.

We slowly start to disentangle, and I lay down on my stomach. Ahaan’s fingers stroke my shoulders, a tenderness that is soothing.

“Can I take a picture of your asshole? It looks beautiful.” Ranjith asks, while gently kneading my ass cheeks.

I laughed. At least he asked?

“Only with your mind, baby,” I say.

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