Caught Wearing Girlfriend’s Panties


Hunter went to answer the front door and was surprised to see his best friend Ryan standing there. It was the second week of summer vacation after they’d both just graduated from high school.

Hunter’s parents were on vacation for the week and his girlfriend was taking a trip to the coast to check out colleges with her family.

That meant he had the house to himself and, like most boys at the age of 18, he planned on mostly spending the weekend enjoying his big, empty home by sleeping in, laying out by the pool, jacking off to copious amounts of porn, and probably ordering take-out pizza as many times as he wanted.

“Ryan?! I thought you were headed to Iowa?” Hunter said. They had talked the previous week and Ryan had mentioned that he was being dragged along to visit an ill aunt that he’d never met before that apparently lived out in a small, Midwestern town in the middle of nowhere. Ryan hadn’t been happy about this and he had let his parents know it as much as he could in the days leading up to the trip.

“Dude, I was able to negotiate my way out of the visit!”

“No way, seriously?”

“Yeah man, my dad kinda saved me last second and let me off the hook, I thanked him profusely before my mom could change his mind.” He explained, “That was last night, they left this morning.”

“Ahh, well, dude, that’s great! Now I’ll have someone to hang out with,” Hunter was stoked to have his friend home.

“Yeah, sorry to drop in out of nowhere like this…I texted you but I think your phone is off or something…but I saw your car in driveway so I’d thought I’d walk over.”

Ryan walked in and Hunter closed the door behind them.

“No worries at all man, come on in,” Hunter told him.

“So whatcha up to today? I’m so fucking bored.” Ryan walked into the big living room and suddenly saw a big bottle of lotion on the coffee table around the giant L-shaped couch in the family room along with Hunter’s largest bong. Ryan had gotten high with Hunter plenty of times using that very bong. The scene was a pretty obvious one. Hunter was getting stoned and jacking off—one of the absolute joys of being young, and horny, and left in a big empty house all to yourself.

“Well…I was just uhh…hanging out and watching movies.” Hunter said this in a slightly higher pitched voice than was normal…he seemed a little out of it. Ryan could tell he was hiding something.

“Wait a second…that’s the lotion from your bedroom…you…you were totally getting stoned and jacking off just now, weren’t you?”

“Nooo….I wasn’t…I totally wasn’t.” But they both knew that was a lie. Hunter stared a little sheepishly at his long time friend as he smiled a bit out of the corner of his mouth, and then he let out a slight giggle. He was very stoned. Right before Ryan had arrived he’d taken a huge hit.

Ryan just laughed. “Dude, it’s not big deal, I jack off all the damn time. I love jacking off when I have the whole house empty. I totally get it.”

“Yes, well, as I said…I totally wasn’t, so, nice try but no…just movies, nothing else.”

“Okay, then prove it.” Ryan said confidently to his friend. Ryan was a good-looking guy—clean cut and in good shape. Hunter had played water polo with him in high school and had also introduced him to his girlfriend during their junior year when she transferred in from a new school.

“How…uh, how would I prove something like that?” Hunter asked, but he honestly didn’t even know why he was playing along. Also, the honest truth was, he HAD been jacking off, but he needed this talk to end now because he was hiding something else that his friend didn’t know about and the level of how stoned he was wasn’t making it very easy for him to keep cool about things.

“Hmmm, that’s a good question…let’s see,” Ryan folded his arms and observed his friend. “Oh…I’ve got it…pull down your pants for me.”

“Dude, I’m not gonna show you if my dick is hard, that’s not happening!” Hunter said.

“No, of course not idiot, that’s not what I meant your horny asshole…I just mean, pull your pants down on the side and let me see if you’re wearing boxer’s-brief’s under your sweats. You always wear those to bed…I’ve known you too long—but…if you heard the doorbell in the middle of your stoned masturbation session, then I think you’d just throw some sweats and a t-shirt on.” Ryan’s theory was a good one.

Hunter was turning a little red now—the fucking pot was totally ruining any chance he had of not being obvious in this situation. The problem was, Ryan wasn’t technically right, but, he was also wasn’t technically wrong, either.

“No dude, I’m not pulling my pants down. Fuck you. Stop trying to check out my ass!” Hunter teased him shaking his head, he walked over to go sit on the couch and Ryan followed him. He hoped that making fun of his friend for wanting to see him naked would perhaps be enough for him to drop his line of questioning.

“No of course, of course dude, my bad,” but just as Ryan said this, he Sakarya Escort tackled Hunter from behind into the corner of the couch.

“THE FUCK DUDE?!?!” Hunter yelled as Ryan pulled his loose sweats down in one surprisingly well-aimed yank.

Ryan was right about the boxer-briefs. Hunter wasn’t wearing any. But he was technically also wrong, because Hunter was technically wearing underwear…

A lacy, pink, Victoria’s Secret thong with red polka dotted hearts.

“OH. MY. GOD. Dude! Are you fucking wearing lingerie?!”

Hunter flipped over and tried to get his sweats back on but Ryan pushed him back down and held his body weight on his legs as his sweats were kept pressed around his ankles.

“Oh no, no, no, you don’t get to wiggle out of this, man, you need to explain yourself right now.” Ryan sat up on the backs of Hunter’s legs as he slapped his friend’s ass which actually looked pretty damn good with the string of the thong wedged between his cheeks. Hunter had a surprisingly sexy bubble butt for a guy.

Hunter laughed when Ryan slapped his ass. The whole situation was too much for how stoned he was. He knew he was fucking caught. He’d have to explain some of deeper sexual secrets to his best friend now.

He looked over his shoulder as he propped himself up on his elbows to look back at his friend.

“Okay…fucking get off of me and I’ll explain, jeez.” Hunter blew some of his unkempt blond hair out of his face as he pleaded with his friend who was obviously loving every second of this.

“Okay…I’ll get off of you…but you have to stay dressed like that the entire time or I’m gonna hold you down and take a picture of you with my phone and don’t think that I won’t!” Ryan warned. He was absolutely loving how embarrassed his best friend was.

“Do you mind if I take a hit?” Hunter asked, even though he was already super high. He needed some of Mary Jane’s encouragement to face this music.

“Dude of course, but I’m gonna smoke too cuz I don’t have anything to do today and you have some major explaining to do and I’m very excited to hear this story.

The boys both got more stoned together as Ryan finished off a huge toke.

They were sitting side by side on the couch together and Ryan pulled Hunter’s sweats off completely and dropped them on the floor. He noticed that the bulge of Hunter’s cock was barely being held in by the front of the lacey underwear.

“Alright dude, let’s hear it…why are you wearing sexy girly panties?” Ryan asked, as he felt his body relax with the cloud of weed around them.

“Ummm…so…every once in a blue moon…I like to wear some of Dani’s panties when I jack off.” Hunter said, and he couldn’t believe that he was admitting this to his best friend. If he hadn’t been so stoned, he probably would’ve been freaking out. He pulled a pillow up to his face as he said this even still.

Dani was Hunter’s girlfriend—a new transfer student that Ryan had introduced Hunter to a couple of years back on his sixteenth birthday. The two had been dating for over two years now and Dani had only gotten hotter as she had progressed into her late teen years. She was half-white and half-Asian and Hunter had often described to his best friend the insanely sexy lingerie sets that she would surprise him with in bed. She was a total sexpot and Ryan had always been very jealous of his friend’s radiantly sexy lady.

“Whoa…how did you find that out?” Ryan asked as he took another hit from the bong before passing it to his friend again.

“Well, we were in a particularly intense game of Truth or Dare at Audrey Johnston’s house party when her parents went away like, six months ago, do you remember that? You were sick or something that night. Anyway, there were about eight of us playing towards the end of the party up in the master bedroom and someone dared Dani and I to go into a closet and completely trade all of the clothes that we were wearing, like, underwear and boxers and everything or else we’d lose the dare. We were pretty stoned and pretty drunk and no one wanted to lose that game so we just went along with it.” Ryan was completely entranced by his friend’s story. Hunter had never told him any of this before.

“We had to go the rest of the game in those clothes and while we were playing I noticed that my cock was getting like…super hard in the silky soft panties that Dani had been wearing. I had to seriously hide my boner from everyone which wasn’t very easy because I only had Dani’s short skirt on over that. We went into the bathroom to change back after the game was over and she noticed how hard my cock was in the panties and she made me fuck her right there in the bathroom while I was still wearing them them and I came like, really hard.” Hunter concluded his story, and his own cock was half hard just from telling the story. He absent-mindedly ran his fingers along the inside of his thigh as he spoke. It felt good. Ryan noticed this.

“So when did you start sneaking into Adapazarı Escort Dani’s panty drawer? Or does she know that you wear them?” Ryan asked.

“No, no, she doesn’t know. I hardly even think she remembers that night. We were so cross-faded.”

“So how often do you wear her panties while you jack off?” Ryan asked.

“Oh, not that often…only when I get super horny…usually when I’m really fucking stoned.”

“Sooo…what is it you like about wearing them, just the way they feel on your cock? Or is it something more than that?” Ryan was looking at his friend now and probing deeper into his comfort levels.

“I dunno…I guess…ummm, I guess mostly I like the way they feel…but also, like…I dunno, I guess it’s a mental thing too.” Hunter said this almost as an afterthought as his eyes sort of bounced around the room. The pot was having a heavy affect on him. Also, the panties and all the talk about the panties were making his cock hard again while they spoke as he now had to try to hard his growing boner from his friend.

“What do you mean mental thing?” Ryan asked. He noticed that Hunter’s cock was growing in the panties as he attempted to shift his legs and hide it. He was intrigued by all of this for some strange reason. He was loving how embarrassed he was making his friend through this interrogation. He was having too much fun at Hunter’s expense.

“Umm…I dunno, kinda hard to explain I guess.” Hunter said, and his fingers had drifted further up his thighs as he couldn’t help but wanting to touch himself. He was really feeling good right now.

“Are you feeling really high, man?” Ryan changed the subject to help his friend out a little. But he was formulating an idea.

“Fucccckkk yes, are you? Shit, dude, that pot is really strong I think I took one too many hits I’m like…my head is seriously in the clouds right now.” Hunter felt really good. He didn’t care anymore that he was wearing panties in front of his friend, he uncrossed his legs and stretched out and Ryan could definitely see his hard-on now.

“Well, don’t feel weird about the panties thing, man, everyone has different kinks. And hey! Your ass looks really good in those panties! I think you should wear them around me more often, I mighte even like you more!” Ryan smiled at Hunter who threw a pillow at him playfully.

“Oh, shut the fuck up you dickbag!” And the friends laughed at each other again just as they had done before on so many past, lazy summer weekends.

“No man, I’m totally not making fun…well maybe a little bit, but like, seriously though, I’m not kidding, you do have a really great ass in those panties!” And Ryan was being serious. Drugs really did lead to silly amounts of honesty, even between a couple of totally straight, eighteen year-old guys who spent a large amount of time chasing the various desirable girls that they encountered.

“Really? Thanks then I guess. Dani smacks my butt all the time when I’m wearing boxers. She really likes my ass—tells me all the time that I have the best ass she’s ever seen.” Hunter said this out loud even though he knew how weird it probably sounded. But he was high and feeling good and his friend had probably noticed that he was getting hard again.

“So what do you jack off to when you’re wearing the panties?” Ryan asked, and once again he noticed that Hunter seemed kind of nervous even as he glanced towards the large television just across the room.

The screen was off, but Ryan noticed there was a cord that led from the far side of the TV across the carpet to the other side of the couch and underneath a pillow.

“Wait a second,” he looked over at Hunter again and then over towards the pillow where the cord ended. Hunter noticed him noticing a second too late. Ryan leaped across the couch even as Hunter grabbed at him and he unearthed his friend’s laptop. He ran back behind the couch and opened up the Macbook which had gone into screen-saver mode.

The video popped up on the TV screen as the auxiliary cord was still plugged in. It displayed a Firefox tab on the X-Hamster porn site. Ryan pressed play on the paused video and immediately saw a sexy girl with a strap-on fucking a guy up the ass. She was a tattoo-covered Asian that had a clearly dominating sort of vibe—punk rock meets femdom.

“Duddeeeeee!” Ryan said, even as Hunter lunged for and grabbed the laptop from him. He pulled it out of his hand as he shut it and put it down on the coffee table as he sat back down.

Ryan was looking at his friend differently now. He cracked up laughing as he hopped back over the couch and sat down next to him. Then Hunter was laughing too, because what else could he say at this point? They both felt really good.

“Hey man, turn around, I wanna see your ass in Dani’s panties again.” Ryan wasn’t sure why he had said it. Hunter wasn’t sure why he immediately agreed to his friend’s request, but he did.

He didn’t even show any sign of protest. He just turned around on the Serdivan Escort couch, got on his knees, and bent over on his elbows with his ass pressed up in the air for Ryan.

Ryan crawled over slowly and got behind Hunter now.

“Dude, bend over more and arch it up for me.” Ryan said it so nonchalantly like it wasn’t weird at all—like he was just honestly curious about checking out Hunter’s ass.

Hunter lay down now on his chest as arched his ass willingly up. He was breathing in and out faster now. Neither boy really knew where this ship was heading. But they also sort of did. It was something intrinsic…like knowing which way to migrate when the seasons change.

Hunter felt the couch behind him shift as Ryan scooted in directly behind his panty-clad ass. He could feel his asshole clenching and unclenching with a nervous sort of unexplainable energy.

As Ryan stared at his friend’s butt he noticed something that he hadn’t noticed before—it was shaved completely smooth—and this told even more of the story. Ryan was growing more certain of what he was going to do next. His own cock had hardened due to the relaxing properties of the weed and from checking out Hunter’s amazing bubble butt in Dani’s sexy, lingerie panties.

“Wow, you have an incredible ass dude. I’ve seen Dani at the pool when she’s wearing her bikini’s and you might even have a better ass than her.” Hunter didn’t know why, but he loved that Ryan was complimenting his ass.

“Really? Are you like, being serious?” Hunter said, as he felt Ryan’s body press against him from behind.

He shook it for his best friend playfully. He was outrageously stoned and the compliments on his ass only made him hornier for some reason.

Ryan placed his hands on Hunter’s naked butt cheeks and was surprised at just how soft his friend’s skin was. He must’ve moisturized his butt regularly because it felt as soft as a girls’ booty. Each new revelation made him feel more and more confident that he was reading the signs correctly. He began to lightly massage the soft skin of Hunter’s bubble butt cheeks. Hunter’s secrets were quickly being exposed. Ryan scooted up closer behind his friend now and Hunter could feel Ryan’s muscular legs pressed against the backs of his thighs. He buried his face in the couch as he breathed faster than he had ever breathed—his heart felt like it was in a drum battle. It was very strange to be in this sort of position with a guy behind him. It was something he’d never actually imagined himself doing. And yet, he didn’t dislike anything that had happened yet. His mind was happy and baked and he felt his hard-on straining against the soft silky confines of his girlfriend’s tiny underwear that stretched tightly over his engorged penis.

The math was too complicated for them to show their work at this point, and Ryan was breathing faster now too.

All Hunter knew was that his best friend’s hands were massaging his ass cheeks and he liked the way it felt, especially when Ryan started to grab him a little harder. He pushed his ass back towards him a little. And then he felt Ryan’s thumbs caressing the edges of the frilly thong as his hands would knead down his curves and Hunter didn’t know if it was an accident but he was holding his breath and wishing lustfully for it to happen again. And then he felt Ryan’s fingers slowly run directly down the small string of the thong that was wedged between his sexy ass crack. He felt Ryan’s thumbs come back up over his perineum and stop against his hole as he massaged that small area through the soft panties. Ryan rubbed Hunter’s thinly-covered asshole softly with the lingerie and Hunter moaned into the couch from this attention to his overly sensitive taint and ass.

He couldn’t explain why, but he was actually enjoying every single moment of this. He was enjoying having his crack played with…having his asshole touched through the panties. He moaned a little when Ryan’s fingers pushed the soft lingerie harder against his rosebud.

Hunter had never been so turned on his entire life. His heart was clawing out the inside of his ribcage like an animal.

Feral pheromones held him down like silly gas but he was horny as fuck now and he wanted Ryan to keep playing with his ass. He stopped caring about how slutty his moans were sounding or how loud he was being. He wanted Ryan to know how much he was loving every single second of this slow tease.

Then he felt Ryan scoot in even closer behind him on the couch. Hunter’s breathing was ragged as he pressed his face further into the seat cushions as he attempted to control his nervous energy. He’d never done anything like this. These were the shores of a sexual foreign land.

Now Ryan ran his fingers over the panties again and Hunter could feel as the string was pushed to the side and his ass was exposed. The way he was laying down now on the couch with his ass arched back made him look incredibly slutty. Ryan couldn’t believe how good Hunter’s ass looked in these panties, and his friend didn’t seem to be stopping him so he just kept going.

Hunter could hear Ryan undoing his belt of his jeans, then the button and the zipper. Then there was some maneuvering as Ryan peeled his jeans and boxers down to his thighs and then simply decided to take them off entirely.

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