Caught Red Handed Ch. 02

Big Tits

James’ jaw worked soundlessly as his roommate came towards him with a slight smile on his face. Realizing that his hands were still down his pants and that his finger was still pressed against his anus, he hastily pulled his hands up and away from himself, scrambling to cover his limp dick and the cum that was on his shirt. Dan smiled and shook his head as he came closer.

“It’s ok James, it’s not like it isn’t anything I haven’t seen before.” His smile broadened as James’ mind went completely blank. There was nothing he could think of to say. When Dan had left he’d went into his room, found the tape and ended up masturbating while watching it… he didn’t even know how long Dan had been watching him from the doorway because he’d gotten so wrapped up. Dan stood in front of him in his club clothes, smiling down at him in a way that made his balls tighten, he’d never seen Dan look at him like that before. “I came back because I forgot my wallet… I didn’t expect to find this. So…” he leaned down until his face was only inches away from James’, “Do you want to find out what it feels like?”

For a moment they just stared at each other as James’ throat worked, his mind was racing but he couldn’t think of a reply. He didn’t know what he wanted. Something of his confusion showed in his eyes and Dan smiled and leaned forward. James’ closed his eyes as Dan kissed him, his body already starting to respond to the confident man in front of him. With a small moan, his lips parted for Dan’s tongue to come questing in his mouth, and he responded in kind. A part of him almost panicked when Dan’s hands slid under his shirt, but the light caresses as he began to lift the soiled shirt from his body helped to calm him.

Gently, carefully, gaziantep escort Dan undressed him as they kissed, and he kissed the parts of James’ body as they were revealed. By the time Dan started undressing himself, James was completely hard again. Kneeling gracefully in front of him, Dan started to lick the sperm from his masturbation, cleaning his dick and groin of its sticky wetness. James groaned as his roommate skillfully licked his dick and then started to suck it down his throat; he seemed to know every sensitive spot of his body, how hard and how fast to suck him to give the most pleasure. Shuddering, he could feel the wet tip of Dan’s tongue press against his anus, even pushing in a little bit. It hurt, but it felt good too and he pressed his dick up as the finger pressed against him, his hips moving in response to its attempted invasion.

Pulling his mouth from James’ dick, Dan started kissing up his body, rubbing his dick with one hand while he nibbled on his small nipples. James was writhing underneath his roommate as his dick was handled by someone else, his nipples were on fire with the attention and he found himself reaching for his roommate’s dick as well. It felt strange when his hand wrapped around it, soft and firm with different bumps and ridges than his own. Dan murmured encouragement into his ear as he nibbled on the earlobe, the pleasure signals going straight to his balls. He squeezed Dan’s dick involuntarily, his hand tightening in excitement and he got even more excited when he heard Dan groan.

Experimentally he squeezed and pumped his hand up and down, making sure to press his thumb against the mushroom head the way that he liked to do on himself. Dan pressed his hips towards him, pre-cum grazing stickily against his bare chest and James moaned disappointment as Dan pulled away.

“Turn over,” said Dan huskily, his hands caressing James’ shoulders and chest. Hesitantly, unsure but excited, he slid off the couch and leaned over it so that his upper body was on the cushions. Turning his head over his shoulder, he watched as Dan slid a familiar looking bottle out from under the couch and poured some into his hand. As he began to lube up his dick, James was getting more nervous and more excited. He pressed his dick against the couch, rubbing it – not realizing that it was making his ass sway up and down in a very erotic way.

Two slick fingers pressed against his anus and he moaned as Dan said, “Because you’re a virgin… now relax and it won’t hurt.” Inwards they pressed, an uncomfortable pressure that ached a little but was bearable. He moaned into the soft cushions that pressed against his cheek as his roommate’s fingers slid up the unused channel. They moved in and out, invading him slowly and stretching him open… the way they pressed in on his insides made his dick ache and bounce in front of him as it pressed against the couch. When he started moving his ass back against the fingers in rhythm, Dan pulled them from his ass and lined up his dick.

It was much bigger than the fingers, thicker, rounder… but in some ways it was softer too. Velvety as it slid between his cheeks, slick and firm as it opened his hole. James gasped as it began to delve deeper than the fingers had, taking his virginity as it opened up new territory before it. Although it hurt a little, Dan was being extremely gentle with him, murmuring encouragement in his ear as his hand wrapped around his dick. The slick lube on his hand felt wonderful against his dick, and helped a lot with making him less aware of any pain and more aware of the pleasure.

Suddenly he wanted Dan all the way inside him, hard and painful and he thrust his hips back, catching the other man by surprise. Dan grunted as his dick was completely buried in James’ tight ass, it clenched and rippled around him in hungry lust. With a groan he abandoned his plan to be gentle in the light of James’ enthusiastic cooperation and encouragement; James squealed like a stuck pig as Dan began to thrust quickly in and out of his ass. It was painful and yet wonderful, the two sensations mixing together until he could barely tell what was what.

The dick inside him twitched and probed, causing his own dick to leap forwards. Clenching his buttocks, he could feel his hole tightening around the invading shaft and both men groaned at the pleasure that it sent rippling through them.

Dan began to ride him like a bronco, shoving his face further into the cushions with every stroke and he cried out with agonized ecstasy as he began to cum all over the front of the sofa. As he came, his ass convulsed and its exquisite tightness seemed to suck the orgasm from Dan’s body. With a triumphant bellow he buried himself into James’ deflowered ass and filled it with its first load of cum. James marveled at the way Dan’s dick felt as he orgasmed, the way it pulsed inside of him and how he could feel every single spurt.

For a few moments afterwards they just lay there, Dan’s cheek resting on James’ back. Thoughts whirled through James’ mind, uncertainties of what to do next, the desire to try more, wondering what that meant for him…

“Do you want to go back to my room?” Dan asked into the silence.

James only needed to hesitate for a moment before saying yes.

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