Caught Out


I suppose it started when my Mom caught me stealing a pair of her silk panties and stockings from the linen basket. I was nineteen when she caught me and I’d got into the habit of taking a pair of her panties and sniffing the gusset as I wrapped a stocking around my cock and wanked. She caught me coming out of the bathroom, one of her stockings hanging out of the pocket of my bathrobe.

I thought that she would explode. I mean, what woman would be pleased to find her nineteen year old son masturbating into her stockings while he sniffed her panties? I did not realise that Mom had guessed wrong when she saw me with her stockings. I wanted to smell her pussy on the material; she thought I wanted to wear them.

“Well!” Mom snapped, “If you’re going to steal them, you had better put them on.”

I could see that she was really annoyed, so I said nothing, just slid the silky material up my legs and over my cock and balls. I started to close my bathrobe, but Mom lapped my hands away and made me stand there, with my bathrobe open, while she inspected the pink silk, covering me. Then she pulled her stockings out of the pocket of my robe and threw them at me, ordering me to put them on.

I could not help getting turned on by the feel of the smooth silk on my legs and over my ass and balls. My cock twitched inside Mom’s panties and she just looked at me with one eyebrow raised a little. I could see the faraway look in her eyes that meant she was thinking deeply.

“Go to your room and wait while I decide what to do with you.” she ordered.

I went into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. My cock was hard and throbbing and I desperately wanted to reach inside the panties and take hold of it but I dare not. I knew that, with my cock so hard and sensitive, one touch would make me blow my load into Mom’s panties and that would make her furious. I tried all sorts of things to distract myself from the ache in my balls and cock but it just seemed to grow harder and more sensitive with every second that passed.

After a few minutes, I heard the front door open and voices from downstairs. I recognise Mom’s voice, even though I could not tell what she was saying, but even though the other voice was familiar, I could not put a name or face to it. The voices carried on for almost half an hour, while I waited anxiously. I felt sure that I knew the other voice but, no matter how I wracked my brain I could not identify the owner.

The voices stopped and I heard movement downstairs, followed by two sets of footsteps on the stairs. I recognised Mom’s light tread instantly, but I could not work out who was with her. One set of footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs and Mom continued on, into my room. Mom had been wearing only her bathrobe earlier, when she caught me in the bathroom, but now she had changed into a denim dress, that buttoned down the front. She was wearing hose and pumps with a two inch heel, but I had no idea what else she might have been wearing underneath. She stood in the doorway, her hands clasped behind her back and waited until I stood up. She looked down at my cock, pushing against the silky material of her panties and tutted when she saw the damp stain where a drop of pre-cum had leaked out.

“You can’t even keep my panties clean.” Mom snapped, “Well I’ve decided what I’m going to do with you. Take your robe off and get on your knees”

Numbly, I obeyed, kneeling with my back straight and my head hung, looking at the floor. I heard the other set of footsteps on the landing, then coming through the doorway. I kept my head down and all I could see was a pair of man’s shoes and the cuffs of a pair of dark grey slacks. The sound of a zipper being pulled down was loud in the room and, with a rustle of cloth, the pants dropped around Topkapı Escort the shoes.

“Lift your head, you disgusting creature.” Mom commanded, sternly.

I did as I was told and looked up to find Derek from down the street looking down at me. He was a head teacher who had taken early retirement when he had inherited a large sum of money. He lived on his own and there had been rumours about him but nothing provable. Now I could see his boxer shorts tented by a long, thick cock.

“Get his cock out and suck it.” Mom said, “If you want to dress like a woman you had better learn to please a man.”

I pulled his boxers down over his cock, acutely aware of the smell of him. The head of his cock slapped against my cheek, as it sprang free of the waistband of his shorts. His cock was hard and swollen, almost pulsing with the blood that was surging through it. Nervously, I opened my mouth and reached up to grasp the base of his cock and guide the head between my lips. Derek thrust his hips forwards, forcing the head of his cock to the back of my mouth.

Slowly I ran my tongue all over the hard meat of his cock, covering it with my spit. I could taste the sweetness of his pre-cum as he worked his cock in and out of my mouth, pushing deeper with each stroke until my eyes watered and I gagged as the head pushed to the back of my throat. Spittle ran down my chin and dripped onto my chest as tears left streaks on my cheeks. Mom whispered in Derek’s ear and he stepped back, pulling his cock roughly out of my mouth.

“Stand up and turn to face your bed.” Mom ordered me, “Now bend over.”

I rested my hands on the bedclothes and bent over, my ass in the air with her panties stretched tightly over my cheeks. I felt her long, cool, fingers hooking into the waistband and pulling the material smoothly down to my knees. My cock sprang out, not as hard as when I had first put the panties on, but not yet soft, either. I felt hands on my ass, spreading the cheeks wide, almost hurting. Then I heard and felt spit splashing against my asshole.

Something hard pressed between my buttocks, stretching my tight asshole and I realised that Derek had started to push the head of his cock into my ass. At first I could just feel my ass being stretched, but then he thrust a little harder and I felt like my ass was being split in two. I moaned in pain, but mom and Derek ignored me. In fact Derek just grabbed my hips and pushed harder, forcing the head of his cock into my ass up to the ridge of his helmet. I tried to pull away from him, but he just held me still and pushed harder until he felt the tip of his cock forcing its way past my virgin sphincter. I moaned loudly as his cock invaded my ass, stretching it until I was sure that he would split me open. Derek’s cock felt much bigger in my ass, than when he had fucked my mouth, and the pain made me sob like a baby. Derek just laughed and stabbed his cock harder and further up my tight passageway until his balls were squashed against my ass.

“He’s a tight little slut.” Derek grunted to Mom, “but I’m gonna fill his ass with my cum and that should loosen him up just right.”

Before he had finished speaking, Derek rammed his cock, as hard as he could, into my ass and held it there. I could feel his cock jerking and spitting thick cum into my bowels as he grunted. His cock softened slowly and, while he slowly pulled back, I felt it slide out of my ass. I heard him pulling his pants back up and fastening the zipper, then his footsteps, as he made his way downstairs and out of the kitchen door. A slimy trail of warm cum trickled from my asshole, drying on my skin. Mom moved over and sat on the edge of my bed, close enough for me to detect a hint of the aroma that perfumed her panties. My cock twitched Topkapı Escort Bayan and swelled again as I closed my eyes, trying to stifle the moan of pain as my bruised and tender asshole contracted.

“That is your reward for stealing my clothes to wear.” Mom told me, quietly.

“But I didn’t wear them before, Mom.” I protested.

“Then what did you do with them?” she asked.

I blushed and suddenly realised that she might prefer to think of me wearing her stockings and panties, rather than wrapping one around my cock and sniffing at the other. I gulped and suddenly got very interested in the pattern on the bedclothes. I could sense that she was getting impatient and so I looked at her and mumbled my answer.

“I used to sniff your panties and wrap your stocking around my cock.” I blurted.

“Sniff my panties?” she repeated.

“Yes, Mom. The smell of them turned me on and made my cock so hard.” I said, in a rush.

“So why is your cock hard now?” Mom asked, smiling.

“Well, wearing your panties and stockings did turn me on, even when Derek was fucking me so hard it hurt and I can smell you now.” I admitted.

“And the smell of me is turning you on?” she asked.

I just nodded and then watched, round eyed, as she began to unfasten the buttons, holding her dress closed. As the material parted, I could see a creamy swell of her breast in the vee of the neckline. Mom held my gaze with her eyes as she undid another button, then another, opening the front of the dress slowly. Underneath, she was wearing a black silk corset that pressed her breasts together and pushed them upwards, emphasising the deep cleft between them. I felt my mouth drying up as Mom carried on unfastening the dress, pushing the denim aside and revealing more of the glossy silk, tightly fastened around her waist. The buttons were undone past her waist now and she leaned forward to unfasten the last ones, down to the hem of her dress, giving me the chance to admire her mature, but firm, bosom. I could feel my cock hardening and swelling as she opened her dress wide to show me her tiny matching panties and her sheer silk stockings.

Sliding off the bed, leaving her dress on the bedclothes, Mom knelt in front of me, just as she had made me kneel for Derek. Opening her mouth she slipped my cock past her lips and rested it on her tongue. Her mouth was hot and moist, while her tongue flickered over the head of my cock like a questing snake. She bathed ever part of the head and shaft with her spit, then sealed her lips around the base and bobbed her head back and forth, slurping noisily. My balls tightened as she slid her plump lips back and forth along my cock, swirling her tongue over and around the hard, swollen head.

I could not hold back and began to shove my cock roughly into Mom’s eager mouth. She did not gag as I rammed my cock to the back of her throat she just swallowed and gulped it down. Mom lapped and sucked at my cock, pulling me closer, so that it slid right down the back of her throat. I felt the cum bubbling along my cock and, groaning I emptied my balls into her sweet mouth. Mom gulped my cum greedily, sucking and draining my balls until they felt shrivelled and empty.

“Did you like that, Darling?” Mom cooed, “Would you like to fuck me?”

“What do you mean, Mom?” I asked, dazed and bewildered.

“I mean,” she replied, “Would you like to shove your hard cock right up my cunt and cum inside me?”

I just nodded and Mom leaned forward again and took my cock in her mouth. This time she sucked me very gently, using her tongue to explore my cock and feeling it harden as she teased my cock and balls. Sliding her fingers between my thighs, she slowly pushed one deep into my asshole and was rewarded by my Escort Topkapı cock springing to attention almost instantly. I could feel my cock swelling in her mouth, but, this time, I did not need to shoot my heavy load. Mom pulled her head back, so that the tip of my cock slipped out from between her lips with a soft ‘plop’. The head was swollen and shiny like a plum, covered in slippery liquid and a thin string of Mom’s spit, mixed with my cum, dribbled down her chin.

Mom lay across the bed, and pulled her knees back, spreading her thighs and pulling the silk of her panties tight across her shaved pussy. I realised that the panties were tied with neat bows, one on each hip and with two tugs I had undone them and peeled the sodden fabric away from her bare skin. Mom looked into my eyes and swallowed, suddenly a little unsure of herself.

“Do you like my pussy, my wet cunt?” she asked, in a breathy whisper.

“I love it, Mom, it’s so beautiful and smooth.” I answered her.

“Then fuck me.” She mouthed.

I needed no further urging. The memory of a thousand lonely wanks, with Mom’s panties held to my nose, as I flogged the hard rod of my cock, spurred me on. My cock snuggled between the lips of Mom’s pussy and I leaned forward, easing the head into her hole. She was tighter than I had expected and her pussy seemed to suck me in. I sank slowly into her dripping wetness, feeling her passageway rippling along the shaft of my cock. I groaned as I pushed gradually deeper and deeper hearing her gasp as my cock filled her dripping pussy.

“God! You’re bigger than your Daddy is.” Mom whispered, “fuck me hard darling, cum in my cunt. Fuck your horny mom, please.”

I began to thrust, hard and long, pulling my cock back until it was only just inside her then slamming it back into her pussy so hard that she was shunted up the bed. Mom had her eyes screwed tight shut and every time my cock slammed into her pussy, bashing against the opening of her womb, she cried out. My balls slammed against the backs of her thighs and creamy juices oozed from between her pussy lips while I rammed in and out, pounding her tight pussy with my cock. Mom hooked her hands behind her knees and pulled them back so she could take every inch of my cock and I felt some resistance. Now I just wanted to plunge my cock into her dripping pussy as deep as I could, not caring if it would hurt her, like Derek had made my ass burn. I plunged my cock in, forcing her back onto the bed and held it there as it began to jerk inside her, spraying hot thick cum into her womb.

My cock spasmed inside her and my balls tightened again, squirting deep into her cunt. As the first jets of my cum splashed inside her, Mom bucked underneath me driving her pussy hard against me, taking my cock deep inside her. Mom arched her whole body until I thought her spine would snap and I could see the cords in her neck standing proud as her whole body vibrated. She screamed and hot slippery juices gushed over my cock and balls. Pushing harder, I could almost feel something give way inside her and then she collapsed limply and just shuddered uncontrollably in a fit of orgasm. My cock softened and slid from between the lips of her pussy, which looked bruised and sore. Pearls of cum, shiny and white, clung to her skin and ran like creamy tears down the backs of her thighs and the cheeks of her ass.

I flopped next to her on my bed and looked at her flushed face with tears welling up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry darling, for jumping to the wrong conclusion.” she murmured.

“Mom, I shouldn’t have taken your things. For any reason.” I admitted.

“Well from now on, you won’t need to.” Mom assured me.

“I don’t follow.” I told her, puzzled.

Mom reached out and gently fondled my exhausted cock, feeling it twitch under her caressing fingers.

“Whenever this gets hard, or you need to cum, just come to me and I’ll take care of it for you. I’ll suck you and fuck you all you want.” she told me, grinning wickedly, “After all, a good Mommy should take care of her boy.”

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