Caught in the Act


Caught in the Act

This is a true story which happened to me in the late sixties. The names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Neighbours of mine had their dog to the vet for a minor operation and were worried about its condition but wanted to attend a birthday celebration down at the local pub. They asked me would I mind ‘dog sitting’ their pooch for the evening. I was only eighteen at the time and was only going to go to the youth club that evening anyway. As a bonus they were going to pay me. Decision made!

They were both in their thirties, she was quite good looking with a very attractive figure, large full breasts which she often showed off with low cut dresses. I hoped she wasn’t going to disappoint me tonight.

I duly went over to their house before they were due to go out to the pub. The dog was on his bed in the laundry and I was to check him regularly and if I thought something was amiss, I was to ring the pub and ask for them. The landlord knew them both as they were regulars there apparently. The landlord would probably know her even if she were only an irregular visitor as she came across as a pretty loud and brassy blond. Just as I had hoped Kathy had a low-cut black dress on showing plenty of cleavage. The dress was short as was normal in the swinging sixties.

Before they went Jim pointed to a pile of girly magazines on a bookshelf and told me to help myself.

“Jim!” Kathy exclaimed. “He’s only a boy”

“Knock yourself out” Jim said and gave me a wink. “Come on Kathy hurry up or we’ll miss the bus.”

Kathy went and had a last look at her little precious dog, “See you about Eleven o’clock.” and they left for the bus.

I watched TV for a while but wasn’t really interested and then I remembered the girly magazines. They were quite tame by today’s standards but for an eighteen year old boy they were thrilling beyond comprehension. I was soon engrossed in the pictures of naked women and the time passed quickly. I realised it was shortly before ten o’clock so I probably should make sure I wasn’t reading one when they came back in. Shortly after opening the first magazine, I was soon aroused and my hard on did not want to be contained in my jeans. My cock was out and free and I began sliding my hand up and down the thickening shaft.

I was so engrossed I didn’t hear them come through the front door and the first I knew was when the lounge room door opened and they came in. I quickly covered my cock with the magazine but the sudden movement şişli escort caught their attention.

“What are you doing back so early?” I asked.

“We were worried about the dog”

“He’s fine I said”. How was I going to get my cock back in my pants and zipped up without them noticing!

Kathy took away any options I may have come up with by loudly exclaiming “Oh Billy, you naughty boy” and strode over to me and to snatch up the magazine and revealing my cock in its fully erect state. The size of my cock must have surprised her because her tone changed from one of admonition to one of girlish coyness by saying the same thing “Oh you naughty boy.” How the situation had changed. “Look at the size of his cock darling” she said to Jim. “It’s bigger than yours!”

“It’s certainly a beauty” replied Jim. “Your girlfriend must be very pleased, shagging her with that meatpole”

“Not really” I said, “”She won’t let me”

“You’re not still a virgin, are you? Asked Jim.

“Fraid so” I said. “I’m getting a bit desperate; I might have to get a new girlfriend.”

“There are plenty of girls out there who will let you once they know how big you are.”

“Does your girlfriend give you a wank now and again to keep you going?” queried Jim.

“She comes from a very devout Catholic family so anything like that is out of the question.”

“Oh God, You poor thing,” said Kathy.

She was still in close proximity with the magazine in her hand when Jim piped up with “You should give him a hand job Kathy. Give him some relief and help him on his way to becoming a man.”

You’re drunker than I thought Jim.” she said.

“No less than you though, and you’ll be doing such a good deed for the boy. Would you like Kathy to give you a wank Billy?”

I could only nod.

“You are normally such a jealous man, I never thought you would suggest a thing. If any man tries to chat me up you always go off the deep end!”

“Yes, but he’s only a boy”.

She looked at me for a minute before saying “If you ever mention this to anyone and it gets back to me you will be in deep trouble. Promise me you will never ever say anything to anyone.”

“I promise” I gulped.

She reached forward bending slightly revealing more of her cleavage, and grasped my cock lightly. I couldn’t help but gasp and jerk slightly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite”

“You should be so lucky.” Laughed Jim.

She slowly rubbed up and down the length with a loose grip.

“I Should probably use two hands” she said, “Three if I had them” she giggled.

As she knelt in front of me her fists pumped up and down with the top one touching my knob at the end of each stroke. My breathing got deeper and heavier.

“If you shoot your load, I don’t want it all over my dress”. Unzip me Jim. She demanded.

Jim did as he was told and slipped the dress over her shoulders. She let go of my cock and stood up straight letting her dress fall to the floor revealing a black slip with her lacy bra slightly exposed.

“The slip as well?” Jim asked eagerly.

“You’re getting a kick out of me exposing my body, aren’t you?”

“I think you are too”

“OK the slip”

Jim slipped the straps over her shoulders as before sliding his hands to the front and cupping her breasts, squeezing her nipples through the fabric.

She wiggled the tight slip down her body, bending forward as she did, her tits tumbled forward almost falling out of her bra. She stood before me in just bra and panties both of which were very flimsy.

“You like”?

I found it difficult to even gulp this time so I just nodded.

She got back to the wank, grasping my cock more firmly than before.

“Show him your tits”

She said nothing. Jim took hold of her bra and undid the clasp. Her tits sagged only a little, they were so firm. She leaned forward and let the straps slide down her arms where she took hold of the ends and wrapped it around my cock, pulling it tight. I couldn’t take much more of this before I exploded.

She leaned back on her haunches, then lay back on the rug in front of the fire, her legs spread. “Lay your cock along my belly and show Jim how far a cock that size would stick inside of me.”

I stood to do as she told me and looked at Jim. He had his cock out and was gently stroking its length. I lay down on her taking my weight on my knees and elbows like I had heard what guys are supposed to do, lowering myself until my balls were level with her pussy. She reached down and touched my knob measuring it against her body. “Up to my belly button! That would never fit all the way in!”

Her breathing had quickened and it was only now I noticed how erect and hard her nipples had become. Not only the nipples but the areolas seem bigger and harder.

She looked directly at Jim but said to me “Take my panties down and rub your knob end against my pussy and clitoris” I had no idea what a clitoris was so I just rubbed it against her pussy.

She opened her legs further wrapping them round my back. “Stick it in me.”

I pushed and fumbled with no success until she reached down took hold of the end of my cock and pushed it between her vagina lips. “Now push!”

I did as I was told, and it went in a few inches gripping my cock very tightly. I withdrew partway and pushed again repeating the stroke again and again until I had a rhythm going. She became very wet and sliding it in became easier and with each stroke deeper. She was panting heavily and moaning aloud.

“I’m cumming” I said. My cock spasmed in a series of jerks exploding into her with massive relief.

“No No No not yet” she cried.

“Jim get over here and fuck me”

Jim needed no further telling. His cock was already out and he had stroked it to full erection. He jumped between her legs and shoved it straight in.

“Oh” she cried out.

I stood there watching Jim Fuck her and my cock immediately jumped to attention. She became more vocal, loudly moaning, lots of Oh gods” and “Yes, Yes” Jim was pumping for all he was worth quickly and vigorously until he gave a loud groan and fell back spent.

“Is that it?” She said “As quick as that! Wham bam thank you mam?” She turned and saw me.

“I can go again if you like.” She beckoned me forward. I slipped it straight in she was wet with her own juices and mine and Jim’s cum. Again, she wrapped her legs around my back and pressed me into her with her heels. I was more comfortable with her rhythm and began pumping without an imminent climax about to erupt. I kept going sliding more and more of my cock deeper until I felt it touch the bottom of her vagina. She gave out a low and extended “OOOHH”. I stopped, thinking I had hurt her but she told me “Don’t stop”. I carried on with similar deep long strokes, increasing the speed at her urging. The “OH Gods” and “Yes, Yeses” were louder until quite abruptly she gave a shudder and a series of diminishing OH, OH, Oh, oh, oo”. I stopped momentarily then began the series of pumping again. Her moans began where she left off and soon had another orgasm to match the first. We repeated it again until I couldn’t hold back and came with another massive ejaculation.

After laying there for a few minutes she said “I think I need a bath”.

“Can I do it again before you do.” I asked.

“You can?”

“Yes of course.”

We started all over again, she had more orgasms but poor Jim couldn’t get hard again and couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

I got home very late that night. I also got home late a number of nights after that.

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