Caught Fantasizing at Home Ch. 05


Tommy pulled up his pants and tucked in his cock. He looked at me , shook his head and looked at Jake. “Where’d you find this one, man”, nodding at me. “Fucking incredible. A natural. Best blowjob I ever had man. Seriously.”

Tommy spoke to Jake as if I wasn’t there or as if Jake had let him borrow a nice car or some other object.

Tommy looked at me, scoffed and shook his head, and started out the door pausing only to say “Later Jake. Later…cocksucker.”

I got up and grabbed a towel from Jake’s bathroom. In the mirror, I saw what Tommy had seen. My eyes were red and there were remnants of their cum in my hair, on my chest, and all over my face. I cleaned myself up as best as I could and looked at Jake, sitting on the edge of his bed, not far from where he had fucked my face.

He was looking at his new video and smiling.

“Jake?…Jake, You know I can’t have that video out in public.”

Jake hit the screen, pausing the fresh porno, and looked up at me.

“Yeah…” He said. “About that…”, and Jake smirked. “You seem to agree to a lot when you see this baby…” And he grabbed his long dick and flopped it at me. “But then, when you go away, you get all…forgetful.”

Jake mocked in a whiny falsetto, “Jake, about our agreement…I don’t know if I can suck your cock anymore even though I agreed to. I don’t know if I can swallow your fucking cum anymore.”

Jake continued his mocking, pursing his lips and tilting his head left and right, “I can’t be sucking your friends’ cocks, either you know…even though that was our agreement.”

Jake held up his phone and tapped it. On the screen Tommy stopped fucking my mouth and was jacking huge cumshots on my face. It was actually pretty hot.

“I may need this in case you decide to welsh on our arrangement.”

Jesus, do we need to have this battle again? I couldn’t have that video on the web; that would be a disaster. My face was clearly visible. Tommy’s fat cock had shot a porno-worthy amount of cum on it.

I thought briefly about telling him that he had sucked me too – that he had swallowed my cum too. But I didn’t that would get me anywhere. Plus, the video was only of me getting facefucked and worshiping cock. Jake wasn’t even in it.

I held my hand out and said, “Jake. Give me the video.”

Jake’s face formed that fake smile he did when he was not pleased. He started to speak. I looked him in the eyes and held up my other hand, stopping him. “I know what you want, Jake.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him and looked him in the eyes. “I will be you cocksucker. I will suck you and swallow your cum.” I lowered my eyes and added, “I will suck your friends too and eat their cum.”

I looked up at him

Jake smiled coldly and held the phone up, just out of my reach. “Wow, man. That was pretty good.” He thought for a moment. “Kay…okay…I believe you. But, ummm, let’s just put it to the test, huh? I’ll call up a few guys I know. – Yeah. I’ll call up my poker buddies and you can suck them.”

I looked up at him. What? Now?

“Jake, listen, man. I’ll suck you – You, now…” and I glanced at his beautiful cock right in front of me. I would love to suck that fleshy tube again, I thought. “But, seriously, man. I have to get home. Marcie is waiting for me. I do have a life outside of your cock.”

Jake shook his head, “See – I knew it – knew you’d fuckin wel-“

“No, Jake.” I interrupted him. “I’m not welshing, man. Let’s just plan it though. That’s all.” Jake looked unconvinced.

I explained. “Let’s plan it, man. Me sucking your friends – your poker friends, right?. They…They can’t all be open to having a dude suck them, right? I mean, what if they’re afraid of – y’know… what if they don’t like a some gay – I mean – some guy blowing them.”

Jake was thinking. I grabbed his soft cock and couldn’t help closing my eyes and taking in a breath. His cock was so warm and soft. And long. I squeezed his flaccid shaft and started stroking him. It felt so sexy.

“We have to make this work, right? You guys don’t just play strip poker, do ya? You play for cash.”

Jake was slowly nodding. I was starting to feel the blood pulse in his penis. “Right…”, agreed Jake.

“How do we make it so they all want you to suck them? They’re not queer” Jake was thinking now. “”Maybe Mark – he might be queer.”

I had no idea what he was talking about. But I had his attention and wasn’t going to lose the moment. I started sucking his cock head in my mouth.

“Ohhhhh, yeah… How do I make them want this.” Jake bit his lip and looked at me. He put a hand on my head, guiding me. “You suck so – Ohhhh shit – you suck so good.”

I started taking him deep in my throat. I fondled his balls.

“Fuck yeah! We will have them begging for this shit. So fucking good.”And Jake thrust his hips against me, holding my head. He put both hands on my head and started fucking my face. Jake’s cock slid in and out of my mouth. My spit started running down my chin.

“I got it, man. I know gaziantep escort how -oh god! Yes!. Those fuckers will do it man. They’ll – Ohhh- they’ll fuck your mouth like this! Those straight fuckers will cum in your mouth. You’ll get straight fuckin cum on you face! You’ll fucking swallow their straight fucking cummmmm!” And with that, Jake held my head to his crotch and came in my throat. I felt his cock pulse against my tongue with every spurt.

Finally, Jake released me and I gasped for air as his cock slid out of my mouth. My face was a mess again with tears streaming down my cheeks and spit hanging from my chin.

I had a raging hard on but ignored it as I reached for the towel I used before and wiped myself.

Jake tossed me his phone as he lay back on his bed. “9999” He said, giving me his password.

I transferred the video over to my phone and put both phones down. I went to his living room, found my clothes and drank down the warm beer he’d opened for me earlier.

Jake and I then figured out a loose plan and set a date for the poker game.

The two weeks went by relatively quickly. I told my wife the truth – kinda – about going out. I told her that I was going to play poker at Jake’s. That I’d be drinking. And that I’d be home late. I left out my plans to suck all of their cocks…

Marcie and I were happily married with a nice but, for me, unfulfilling sex life. She was a devout Baptist and pretty straight-laced. We’d met when I had gone to school in her home state of Alabama. Roll tide! She was in good shape since she exercised regularly. Marcie’d never been able to have kids and maybe this helped her keep her figure. She had always had large breasts and round hips but she’d never been called fat. She still turned me on and we had sex a couple times a month. We’d fallen into a routine, though, and I suspect she felt that too. Marcie was a good wife to me. I felt bad about deceiving her. She wouldn’t understand my newfound passion for cocksucking though. I couldn’t imagine telling her or having her find out.

After fifteen years of marriage, going out occasionally with the guys was something I did less and less often. To her credit, Marcie was actually happy to see me make a change. “I’m glad you’re starting to hang out with some men (she said “may-en”) again. You were getting to be a homebody. Maybe you could have them come over here for poker night next time (She said “nayxt tahm”).

“Ahm a good hostess, y’know.”, She said off hand in her perky southern manner as she loaded the dishwasher. “Ahd make shur y’all were well fed (she pronounced it “fay-ed) and entertained while you played.”

“D’ya want me to make y’all something to eat for tonight?” she asked thoughtfully.

I smiled and kissed her. “Thanks, babe but Jake always has plenty for me…”, I said grinning at my own pun. “…they’ll be a bunch of us guys there tonight. I’ll have plenty to eat…and drink, I’m sure.”

According to our plan, I’d get to Jake’s after he and his buddies were already there. Our plan was that he would tell them that I wasn’t very good at poker, hadn’t played often, and that he’d let me come because I’d be easy money. I didn’t want anyone to think I’d willingly suck them. Our plan allowed me to be forced into it. The plan allowed me to pretend to drink too. We settled on me drinking from a doctored bottle of “vodka”. I wanted to refrain from drinking alcohol because neither of us wanted to have me throw up from the alcohol (or from gagging on cocks) but nor did we want the guys suspicious about me staying sober while they drank.

When I got to Jake’s that evening, I was the last to arrive. Jake and his buddies were already four or five beers into it. Jake introduced me as “The friend from work I was telling you about.” and handed me a “drink” instead of a beer. I caught the guys all offer each other furtive glances. They didn’t seem to look at me strangely so I think he followed that part of the plan and the guys were only seeing a patsy – easy money. I was glad Jake really put in very little vodka in my “vodka”. I had also made a point not to eat that afternoon. I wanted my stomach empty.

There were four guys around the table, not counting Jake. They had been drinking and playing for the past hour. The four of them introduced themselves without getting up – they were in the middle of a hand. Tommy, obviously, I knew.

Tommy said “Hey, man, we’ve met right? Your face looks familiar. I must have come across it at some point here at Jake’s, right.” Tommy smirked.

What a dick. I didn’t know what to say but the next guys interrupted Tommy – not really paying attention to his words, and introduced themselves.

Darren was about my age, balding, and kind of short and pudgy. He’d known Jake for years he said. “Call me ‘Little D’ – everyone does.”, he said.

Jake added “Not everyone – just the women!” and everyone laughed.

Steve was black – very black in pigmentation, and he was tall and in-shape like Jake. His head was clean shaven and he had a very deep voice. I would guess he was older than Jake but younger than me. Apparently, he and Jake were gym buddies and worked out together.

Mark had the high and tight cut of an ex-military man. He looked to be around Jake’s age and was chubbier than Jake. He had the air of a prick about him.

“Alright – enough with the chitchat. Who gives a fuck who ya are. We just want to take your money, right guys?” Mark laughed at his clever comment. The others laughed politely.

“You gonna stare at us or you gonna play there pretty boy?” Mark quipped.

I looked at Jake. He rolled his eyes and mouthed “Asshole” silently.

“Pull up a chair man, and I’ll deal you in.” Jake offered.

I threw down my $60 and sat down. For the next hour I played and lost my money exactly according to plan. I’d get it back later if Jake won. The guys played and drank and they all, to one extent or another, became drunk. I pretended to do the same. I bought-in again with another $60 and got to work losing that too. And the guys drank. Everyone teased each other as groups of guys do in these games.

Finally, Jake gave me the signal. He had a good hand that worked perfectly for our plan. Jake said “Make your fuckin bet man, we ain’t got all night…and you barely have any chips… again.” Everyone had folded and it was just Jake and me.

The guys chuckled.

Being my best bold drunk I said, “Suck my dick, Jake…”

Right on cue Jake said. “Fine. I’ll take that bet. You win, I’ll suck your dick! You ain’t gonna win though”

The guys all busted up with this.

While they laughed I said “Fuck you. I’m not making any fucking gay bets. Get someone else to suck your tiny little dick…”

“Ooooooooo”, the guys all chimed in. “Jake? You gonna take that shit”

Jake looked at me seriously. “You know, I didn’t make you play shitty. That’s on you. Stop being such a wussy and make your fuckin bet. But ya can’t, can you? Cause you got shit. I knew you didn’t have anything…I just wanted to make sure.”

More laughter.

I looked at Jake and said with the defiance of drunks world over, “Fuck you man. I’ll take your bet. I got – I got the cards. Do you? I raise you one blowjob – just like you want. One tiny-dick beejay. Throw in $50 bucks to see that, motherfucker!”

The table got silent.

Someone guffawed – incredulous that this was happening. The guys all looked at one another. Was this shit for real? Did that guy just bet Jake a blowjob?

Jake sat for a moment and looked around at his friends.

Someone said, “You better have the fuckin cards man…” Although I don’t know if they were talking to me or Jake.

Finally, Jake slid in a couple piles of chips.

“Call.” he said tossing his cards. Full house- nines over deuces.

The room was silent. Everyone looked at me expectantly.

After a moment, I lowered my head theatrically, tossed my cards to the center of the table, and yelled “Fuck!”

The guys went wild. They yelled. They insulted me. They insulted Jake. They laughed.

After a while, when the general madness calmed down enough, I heard one last comment.

In his deep voice, Steve said “…and I’ve seen Jake at the gym, man. You gonna have your fuckin mouth full!” and the guys went wild again.

I protested. I put my hands up in front of me. “Come on man – Fuck this! You know this isn’t serious…someone give me $50. I’m good for it.”

Jake spoke and everyone calmed down. “Listen man, a bet’s a fuckin bet. You best be prepared to suck my cock…” The guys looked from Jake to me.

I pleaded, trying to hide in my giddiness – the plan was working perfectly.

“Come on man. You can’t be serious. I’m not fucking gay!” I protested.

Jake replied, “Ain’t none of us gay, dude. You made the bet. You accepted it. Nobody forced you. Don’t even try to welsh…”

The guys all commented on this.

” s’right man – Bet’s a fuckin bet!”

“Don’t fuckin welsh, man. You made the bet- now pay up!”

I looked around. “You guys wouldn’t do it – you wouldn’t – I mean to suck his cock? That’s fuckin gay…”

Mark spoke up. He seemed to be the drunkest. “We wouldna made such a stupid fuckin bet man.” Pointing at everyone with his beer bottle. “We’da never made that fuckin bet – to suck a dick. You’re the dipshit that lost all his fuckin money. You’re the stupid fuck that’s made the fuckin bet – not us, dickhead. But if we did, man…If we made that fuckin bet, we’d sure as shit go suck Jakes’s cock! We ain’t no fuckin welshers, amirite guys?” Mark lifted up his beer awaiting the rousing agreement. Instead, everyone kinda looked uncomfortable. “Ya – ya can’t welsh on a bet, dude. No way.” He continued weakly.

Tommy added, “It’s not gay, man, anyway. It’s not…You’re just paying your debt… We know you’re straight.” to a general chorus of agreement.

Jake stepped in. “Here’s what I’ll do.” And the table quieted down. “Double of nothin. High card wins… You win – you don’t have to suck my cock. You lose…”

I thanked Jake, doing my best to look relieved. “Thanks man! Jake. Thanks! I really-“

“YOU LOSE, though.” Jake spoke over my pretend gratitude. “You lose, you suck all of us…until we cum. All of our dicks. Right here, right now.”

The guys all laughed and high-fived each other. THAT was some funny shit, right there.

It was all I could do to not say ‘Yes’ immediately. I hemmed and hawed…

Jake said “This is a one time offer dude – I could just insist on my beejay…” Jake drank his beer and calmly said, “Going once…”

The guys all looked at Jake and then at me. They drank their beers.

“Going twice…”

They all looked around, none of them able to believe what was happening.

Tommy, apparently in on the game and playing his part, prodded, “Do it man, at least you have a chance not to suck cock… Otherwise you’re gonna hafta suck Jake for sure…”

Steve added, “And Jake’s almost as big as me…”

I thought they guys would laugh at this comment. Instead they remained silent, watching. “Little D” reached under the table and adjusted himself.

Holy shit! I was going to do this! I was going to suck all of these cocks! I would swallow all of their cum and get facials. I’d get to suck Steve’s black cock!. And Tommy’s thick fucking cock. This was happening.

“Fine! Fucking fine… I’ll risk it. Double or nothing…”

Hoots and cheers around the table.

Mark looked around at the rest of the guys. “Wait a minute. This fucker loses, an yourall gonna let him suck your dicks? Seriously? Yourall gonna turn gay?”

Shit, I thought, and I looked around the table. Jake looked at me and quickly hunched his shoulders.

Tommy saved the day. “Fuck yeah, man! I’m not sucking dick – I’m not gay! But if HE wants to …” and Tommy pointed he beer at me. “He can suck me all fuckin day man!”

They all looked at each other. There was loud general agreement. And another round of whoops, hollers, and high fives. Mark appeared swayed He gulped down another beer.

Jake Stood and unbuttoned his pants. He pulled them down and slid out of his briefs; his beautiful semi-erect cock, swaying slightly in front of him.

The room got silent again. Nobody expect him to do this – not yet… “Little D” looked impressed. Even Mark stared at his thick bouncing penis. All of the guys now understood that this was happening. This fuckin guy was going to suck their cocks if he lost.

I swallowed. It probably appeared to the guys that I was nervous. Instead, I was harder than I’d ever been in my life.

Jake stepped in front of me and placed the cards directly over his dick. “Pick your card, cocksucker.”

I licked my lips and drew a card- the nine of hearts.

“Oooooo” came the general murmur from the crowd as they ran their mental calculations. Not a bad card. All eyes turned to Jake.

I pretended not to notice as Jake flipped a card from the bottom of the deck. I’m pretty sure the guys noticed, though. Obviously, none of them commented

The ace of spades flipped down to the table. Everyone stared for a moment. When it was clear that I hadn’t noticed Jake’s cheating, the table erupted with cheers.

I looked up at Jake and he smiled. He stepped even closer, straddling my legs and grabbed his cock. Jake rubbed it hardening head on my lips. I kept my mouth closed. I knew that the moment I opened my mouth, I’d lose control and suck his cock deep.

I heard Tommy yell “The fuck man – put your phone away. Nobody wants this shit getting around.” Tommy was really playing his part, I thought. Little D put his phone down.

Jake rubbed his hardening cock over my face. I inhaled deeply. He smelled so good.

“Open your mouth, man” he told me.

I resisted. My cock was throbbing.

Steve, standing next to Jake, started rubbing the bulge in front of his pants. “Open your fucking mouth, you’re gonna suck us off man.”

I resisted a moment more and then reached up and grabbed Jake’s cock by the base. “Your cock…So fuckin big.” I said truthfully.

Jake thrust towards me, stabbing my cheek with his cock. I started sliding that soft skin I loved so much over his hardening core. Jake thrust again and his dangling balls swung beneath my hand.

Jake looked down. “Seriously dude. What are you waiting for? Suck my cock, man!”

I looked around one last time.

Little D was massaging his cock through his pants.

Tommy had removed his pants and was stroking that can-shaped cock.

Mark was staring open mouthed, incredulous.

I looked up at Steve, who’s eyes were wide. I closed my eyes in bliss as I finally sucked Jake’s cock into my mouth.

I heard the general intake of breath as the guys realized that I had put their friend’s penis in my mouth. Then general cheers and comments that continued throughout the night.

“Jesus Christ! He’s really sucking it.”

“Fucker’s suckin Jake’s cock!”

Unfuckingbelieveable, man. Unfuckingbelievable”

I pulled off of Jake’s cock and licked him from his base to the head. I could no longer pretend I didn’t like this. It was obvious.

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