Caught by Her Lover


Sara had been looking forward to this afternoon and did not hear the door open downstairs. She was completely engrossed in her “alone time” as Mark entered the house undetected. She sat on the bed nude with her legs open, totally preoccupied and was working her fingers lightly on the outside of her pussy teasing her self. The wetness from her excitement aroused her further as she touched herself. Sara and Mark were both secretive about their “alone time” and although she assumed he masturbated she had never actually caught him at it or even asked him about it.

Mark did not call out as ascended the stairs and quietly made his way to their bedroom. . Sara’s laptop was open and she was involved in a video chat online that had evolved into a mutual masturbation session. Mark watched her through the open doorway for a few moments as she softly explored of her labia with her eyes fixed on the screen that showed a large swollen cock being stroked for her pleasure. She pulled her legs open wider and exposed her open vulva to her online friend. Sara was suddenly uneasy and startled out of her sexual trance as she looked up to see Mark observing her. Her hand quickly pulled away and she closed up her computer quickly with the embarrassment quite evident in the rich pink blush that covered her entire body.

She began to stammer out, “Mark…I…well…I…”

Mark let her stutter on in her embarrassed moment not thrilled to see her in this state to say the least. It was just the other night when he had suggested that they make love that she had put him off with some lame excuse about her not being up for it.

“Yes…Sara, tell me what you are up to?”

She knew his anger and hurt and wanted to find some way to diffuse the situation.

She had not covered her self and her pale firm breasts jutted out at him and her nipples were still erect Escort Sefaköy from her arousal. She wondered if she could seduce her way out of this difficult situation. Sara shifted her self back on the bed pillows opening her legs up giving him a full view of her pussy. She had just shaved herself this morning and hoped this would distract him from his displeasure with her. Her outer labia were open revealing the inner lips, very moist still.

“Mark, I just missed you so I could not wait. I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me … I want to make it up to you.”

Mark was hurt and skeptical, but looking at her now was a big distraction. He had seen her body many times nude but when she had this blush of sexual arousal with her nipples rigid and her pussy so swollen it was too much for him. He did decide that she needed to be taught a lesson.

“It’s ok love…I know I have been a little preoccupied and you have neglected. I want to make up for it.”

Sara was relieved. She just might make it through this whole embarrassment.

“Ok baby, let’s make up for it.”

Mark unbuckled his belt and slowly slid out of his pants. He quickly pulled off his shirt and underwear. The sight of Sara like this had moved him to arousal and his cock was hard.

“Looks like you are glad to see me after all.”

He moved towards her and lay at the foot of the bed looking directly at her open pussy.

“I want to do something different love – something special.”

The thought of something different in their lovemaking routine excited Sara. It wasn’t that sex with Mark was boring, but it had become somewhat predictable. She always came and felt satisfied but was left sometimes with fantasies of something different. “

“What do you have in mind baby?”

“You will see. Soon enough.”

His Yenibosna escort bayan attitude was decidedly different and Sara was turned on by it. She could see from his throbbing hard on that he was into it too.

“I just want you to lay back and relax. Let me take charge of your pleasure.”

Sara liked this aggressive approach. It was more suited to some of her fantasies. Her nipples tingled as she wondered what was in store and she eyed his cock as he moved towards her.

“Put your arms over your head up by the headboard. We’re going to use a little restraint for our session.”

She liked the idea of giving up control to Mark. They had done this before early in their relationship a few times using light bondage. She liked the sense of helplessness as it sexually intensified her arousal.

Mark used a silk scarf to tie each one of her wrists to the headboard leaving her ankles and legs free. Sara felt a light sweat over her body and her pussy felt so wet. Her breathing was quickening too.

“l’ll be right back. I need to get something. Don’t starts without…Oh I forgot I guess you won’t be able to do that now.”

Sara had to smile at that.

“Smart ass.”

He returned shortly with some ice cubes in a bowl.

“I want you to tell me who you were chatting when I came in on you. What did your chat partner tell you to do?”

Sara was taken back by this question. She wanted to separate them form the embarrassing moment when Mark had caught her in the act so to speak.

“Oh lets just move on from that Mark. I just want to be with you now.”

Mark was not going to move on though. He was taking control and again asked,

“No, I want you to tell me about it. I was very excited to find you like that.”

Sara had not considered that possibility. That finding Halkalı escort her alone and masturbating with someone else would excite him.

Mark went on.

“Did he like your body…your pussy and ask you to touch yourself?”

“Not at first, we just chatted, but after a bit he asked me to touch my breasts.”

Sara thought of the chat and felt a tingle as she remembered it.

“And did you ask to see his cock?”


Sara loved looking at strange men’s cock online…it aroused her so to see them hard for her.

Mark reached out to her left breast and lightly teased her nipple, the tip already hard. Sara squirmed at his touch.

“Did you touch it like this?”

“Yes…well he asked me to pull on it…to pull out on my nipple.”

Mark took the tip of her nipple and pulled on it, stretching it outward.

“More like this then?”


She continued to squirm as he did her right nipple too. A strong arousal was beginning to overwhelm her.

“Open your legs now. I want to see how wet you are.”

Sara did as he asked. She felt so exposed to him, vulnerable with her wrists tied up.

Wetness oozed from her slit and she could feel her swollen clit pulsating.

Mark sat back and looked at Sara’s glistening lips. Her pussy was smooth and swollen. The normally pink outer lips were reddened and moist. Her inner lips were opened and the edges swollen into a deep rouge color. He could see her hood was raised and deep pink. He ran his fingers along the edge of her inner lips and she shuddered as he did.

“Did he ask you to touch your pussy too?”

Sara moaned softly…


Mark pulled his fingers away leaving her squirming.

“And did you feel your self ready to cum?”

“Yes ..Yes I was getting very close…”

Mark took an ice cube and gently ran in along the edges of her outer lips. She squirmed as he did and her pussy was throbbing.

“Mark please let me cum now…” But he was intent on teasing her more.

“I will be right back.”

Mark left the room leaving her exasperated and on the verge of orgasm.

More to come…

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