Caught Again

Big Tits

Susan and I told our parents of our plans to get married. Needless to say they didn’t quite like the idea and things didn’t go well between us and our parents after that. So we got married, packed up our things and moved away. We had a cousin, Mandy, that lived in Colorado and she let us move in until we could find a place of our own. We decided to keep the fact that we are married from Mandy, at least until we found a place of our own.

Mandy didn’t really question us about sharing her spare bedroom together. I guess it was because of the fact we are brother and sister. It worked out good because it makes it easier for Susan and me to have sex with each other. I didn’t think things would turn out the way they did though.

Since it is Susan’s day off, we decide to have a little fun around the house. So we wait until we hear the door close for Mandy to head to work and we rush out into the living room. Susan is eager to get into my pants and she pushes me onto the sofa as we enter. My cock is already hard and waiting, but I don’t have to wait long.

She is on her knees, grasping my cock with her tongue circling my cockhead, before sliding her lips gently over it. She sucks softly on me as she slowly lowers her mouth down my shaft. I let out a soft moan as she takes my cock in her mouth. She slides her lips back up and then licks my cockhead again. Then she starts sucking my cock in earnest.

Susan slides her lips along my shaft, sucking firmly. She takes her time and I know she is enjoying the sounds of pleasure that I’m making. After a short while she begins to move slower, sucking harder on me as she does. Then she takes as much as she can in her mouth, before moving back to sucking firmly on me.

As she sucks on me, she begins to rub at herself. Her fingers seemingly move on their own. I can tell her fingers begin to increase her pleasure and in doing so it increases mine. There is nothing hotter than watching my sister finger fuck herself. She moves faster on my cock, using her tongue to lick along my shaft and then around my cockhead, before once again, pushing to take as much of me in her mouth as she can.

She slides her mouth up and down to hit the back of her throat and gag. She moves harder and faster, bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm. Her fingers continue rubbing hard at her pussy, building her own pleasure at the same time.

“I’m cumming!” I yell as I throw my head back.

Then I feel my cock throb and a second later, explode in her mouth. She gasps and swallows hard, taking my cum down her throat. I grunt softly, grabbing her head and holding it there until I am finished. We hear a sharp gasp from the living room entrance and as I look I am surprised to see Mandy standing there. “Uh,” is the only thing I can find to say.

“Mandy, why don’t you join us,” Susan offers.

I look down to Susan, even more stunned than before. “What?”

My sister looks at me and says with a wave of her hand, “Mandy and I have been having sex since we were kids, every time we came to visit.”

I look to Mandy for confirmation and she nods. “I just had no idea you were doing your brother,” she says.

Susan smiles, “That only started recently, there’s more.”

“I Sefaköy Escort can’t imagine,” Mandy says.

Susan laughs as I just remain shocked by the events unfolding in front of me. “We’re married.”

Mandy brings a hand to her mouth. “Oh my,” she breathes. “Now that is just hot.”

“I know,” Susan agrees. “Want to join in?”

“Hell yeah,” Mandy says stripping off her clothes.

I can’t believe what I am hearing and my cock instantly goes from flaccid to being hard as a rock. Susan slowly begins rubbing my inner thigh toward my crotch. “Hmm, someone seems excited by the idea.”

Mandy smiles as she slowly moves down to her knees next to Susan. Mandy reaches out, taking my cock in her hand. It throbs against her touch as I lightly groan at the touch of her cold hand. She leans in closer to me and says, “My god, it’s fucking big.”

Susan laughs and says, “Tell me about it. I’ve watched him masturbate with it since he was a kid. I always dreamed of having it in me one day.”

Mandy slowly starts to stroke my cock up and down in her hand. I look down at her and she opens her mouth and takes my cockhead into her mouth. I groan loudly as her warm mouth wraps around my cock. Susan moves over the side of Mandy on her knees to get a firsthand view of Mandy working on my cock. Mandy slowly starts to move her head down my shaft.

“Okay, my turn,” Susan says as she looks on at out cousin. Mandy slowly lifts her mouth off of my cock and Susan slowly takes my cockhead into her mouth and moves down the shaft taking it down her throat. Mandy watches in amazement as she slowly fondles my balls in her hand. I am in complete heaven, groaning loudly as I lay a hand on the back of Susan’s head urging her to go further down.

Mandy slowly leans down and starts licking my balls as Susan moves up and down on my shaft, gagging each time she tries to go down further on my cock. Her saliva is running down my shaft and onto my balls as Mandy takes turns on my balls, sucking one into her mouth, then moving to the other one.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to hold my cum for long with the attention I am getting from my sister and our cousin. I think Susan knows the same thing, because she quickly stops and pulls her mouth off my cock, but still stroking it with her hand. Mandy is still sucking on my balls as Susan says, “Okay Mandy, are you ready for the next part?”

Mandy pulls away from my balls and quickly nods. Susan stands up and grabs my hand, helping me up. She leads me back to our bedroom, my cock brushing against her firm ass as Mandy follows us.

Susan leads me to the bed and has me lay down on my back. I look to Mandy’s nicely shaved pussy, as my cock points straight up toward my stomach, still dripping with Susan’s saliva. I notice her pussy lips are tight together, but with a little glistening coming from them.

Susan stands by the side of the bed as Mandy climbs onto the bed next to me. Mandy moves over the top of my chest and straddles me. She slowly moves up my body until her pussy is just above my face. I slowly stick my tongue out and lift my head up. The tip of my tongue slowly splits Mandy’s pussy lips open as I taste Sefaköy Escort Bayan her for the first time.

I moan as I taste her juices. They taste sweet and fresh. I slowly try to push my tongue further into her pussy as I hear Mandy exclaim, “Oh, fuck yes!” Mandy slowly begins to move her hips against me mouth as my tongue goes further into her tight pussy.

I notice her pussy beginning to get wetter as my nose rubs against her clit. Her legs start to tremble lightly as I feel her pussy start to contract around my tongue. Mandy starts moving her hips faster against my face as I move my tongue in and out of her pussy. Her clit pokes hard against my nose as her moans get louder and louder. I know she is getting close to an orgasm as she pushes my head into the pillow with her gyrations.

All of a sudden her body freezes solid and a long low moan comes from her. Her whole body is shaking above me. “Oh yes!” she screams out as her orgasm begins. I am greeted with a rush of pussy juice onto my face. Her body shakes violently as more pussy juice squirts out and onto my mouth, overfilling my mouth and flowing out the side onto the pillow below. She is a squirter just like my sister. Finally her body begins to slowly relax as she collapses against the headboard, breathing heavily.

She slowly starts to move off of me and kneels next to me on the bed. “Amazing,” she says looking down at me.

I can only smile at her and then we hear moaning coming from Susan. We both look over as she is quickly rubbing her exposed pussy, while sitting on the chair in the room. Susan focuses on her clit as she rubs faster and her moans grow louder. Her ass suddenly lifts off the chair and she holds her hand in place on her clit and begins to squirt cum out. Her juices fly out and onto the side of the bed in front of her as she cums. It is a very hot scene to watch.

Finally her orgasm subsides and she collapses on the chair, breathing heavily. Mandy takes a hold of my cock again and slowly strokes it up and down. Then she moves down the bed, straddling my hips with her pussy just above my cock. Susan climbs onto the bed and kneels between my legs.

I feel Susan’s hand wrap around my cock and Mandy begins to lower herself toward it. I feel m cockhead brush against her wet pussy lips. Susan rubs my cockhead up and down Mandy’s slit, getting it wetter with her pussy juices before holding it straight for Mandy.

Mandy wiggles her hips against my cock. She pushes herself to let my cock sink into her pussy. Susan moves her hand away and grabs Mandy’s hips to pull her fully down onto me. My cock throbs harder in Mandy’s tight pussy while her pussy is contracting around my shaft. As soon as she takes all of me she raises her hips back up, her pussy clutching hard at my cock as she does. She lifts until just my cockhead remains in her and then slowly she sinks back down onto it, letting out a long moan of pleasure as she does. Susan, still holding Mandy’s hips, helps her develop a slow and steady rhythm, moving up and down slowly.

Mandy moans as she starts to speed up. My sister moves out from behind her and next to me. “Do you like her pussy?” she asks.

“You’ve been holding Escort Sefaköy out on me,” I tell her.

She smiles as I grab Mandy’s hips suggesting to her to go faster. “Why don’t you fill her up with your cum my dear husband?”

“I don’t want her pregnant,” I say.

“Why not?” Susan asks. “You’ve already got me pregnant.”

A surprise look washes over my face. “What?”

“I took a test a few days ago,” she says.

The look of surprise is replaced with a smile and the thought of it drives me wild. “I was thinking that Mandy may want to be your wife as well.”

I could tell instantly that Mandy like this idea by how she suddenly begins riding my cock even harder and faster. “Mmm, yes. Pump me with your seed and get me pregnant too,” Mandy moans.

I see Susan smile just as she moves herself over me, positioning her pussy over my face. “Get me ready for that big cock of yours,” she says as she lowers herself onto my mouth. I push my tongue into her pussy, tasting her juices from her earlier orgasm.

Mandy’s moans grow louder and more frequent as she shoves herself completely onto my cock and wiggles her hips around on me. I try to move my tongue around inside my sister as best as I can as she moves her hips forward and back on my face. Susan starts moaning in pleasure as I feel Mandy’s pussy grow even tighter around my cock. I hear Mandy almost scream as she cums. I then feel a hand against my stomach as it moves back and forth.

“Yes Mandy,” Susan moans. “Cum all over his big cock.”

Susan moves her hips even faster against my face. I feel a rush of juices running down my balls and between my legs as Mandy’s pussy clamps down hard on my cock. It is too much for me to handle as my cock surges in her tight pussy. My cock throbs hard as the first shot of cum blasts deep into her waiting pussy. I groan loudly into my sister’s pussy as my cock throbs again and again, sending more globs of my hot cum into Mandy. Susan knows what is happening as she grinds her pussy into my face harder. “Fill her up!” she yells.

When Mandy finishes cumming herself, she collapses against Susan as my cock still throbs deep in her pussy, pushing out the last bits of my cum into her.

Susan quickly lifts herself off of my face and moves to the side of me. Mandy collapses onto my chest, breathing hard as my cock slowly begins to soften inside her. Susan looks at me with loving eyes and asks, “So what do you think of having Mandy as a second wife?”

I blink. I wasn’t really certain if what she said earlier was true or just the heat of the moment. “I think I’d like that,” I say smiling.

“Good,” Susan says. “She’s ovulating right now. You’ll probably have her pregnant as well.”

Then it hit me. “You planned today didn’t you?”

Mandy lifts up off my chest and smiles. I look to her then Susan and she has a matching smile as well. “Mandy and I planned this a few years ago,” Susan says. “After I first saw you masturbating and saying my name I talked with her about it. She took the pictures of me and I put them where you could find them. I knew you’d look after we got a place together.”

“What about moving out here?” I ask.

“I knew Mom and Dad would have that reaction,” Susan explains. “That is why I insisted we tell them. It gave us the excuse we needed to come here.”

I smile at them both. I was outwitted by two of the most women in the world. I don’t have a problem with that. Soon I would have two wives and a growing family.

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