Cathy Ch. 05


Note: this is a continuation of the story “Cathy Series” by antlerBoy. It works okay as a stand-alone story, but will make more sense if you read the other parts. Er, that makes sense, right? Right.

I’d just finished dinner, and was settling down to practice my guitar when there was a knock at the door. Cathy: with a glass of wine in her hand. “Hi Jim…” as she passed me the glass. “Drink this… I have a favor to ask…”

Of course, Cathy and I were beyond good friends at this point, and I walked her to the living room, helping her sit as she struggled with her pregnant girth. I sat facing her, and took a sip of the wine. It was good, in fact very good, a red wine of some sort.

Sitting there, looking ethereal and very dewy, I could tell that Cathy was nervous by the way she fidgeted with the ends of her tawny blonde hair. I hoisted the glass in her direction. “What’s up Cathy, you seem preoccupied,” I asked as I took another swig of the wine.

“Jim, I have to ask you something a little… out of the ordinary.” she said. “How do you feel about kids?”

Oh God, I thought to myself: Billy left her and she wants to move in with me. I could feel my palms start to get sweaty and my heart skipped more than a few beats.

“The reason I ask is, I have this friend…”

Another friend? Well, could be worse, I thought to myself.

Cathy shifted nervously in her chair, struggling to find her very pregnant balance as she continued: “I’ve known her for a long time, and the other day over lunch I told her about the past few days, and how turned-on you are by pregnant women. She’s single, a professional… actually a geologist. She’s quite well off. And she’s decided that she wants to be a single mom. And she asked me if you would… er, if you would be interested in helping her.”

I took another sip of the wine as her words finally came together to make sense: “You mean she wants me to…”

“EXACTLY!” Cathy cut me short before I could continue. “I told her about you, your height, build, looks and all that, AND the fact that you’re intelligent and that we know that you’re ‘clean’, if you know what I mean. Maybe I shouldn’t have… but I told her that for sure you would be interested.”

I finished the rest of that glass of wine with a single gulp. There was a long moment of silence as we both considered the situation.

Cathy settled back in her chair as she continued: “There’s more,” she stated.

“More?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes. There are certain rules about this agreement. She doesn’t want to know who you are… and she doesn’t want you to know who she is. This will be a one-off, one-time thing. Period.”

“Wait, Cath… I don’t make love to Dixie Cups if that’s what you’re both after.”

Cathy almost smiled her response: “No! no, nothing like that! It’s a bit more… personal than that, but I know you can get the job done, when she’s in her fertile cycle.”

I softly stammered my reply to ask: “And when would that be?”

“Tonight. Right now. Do you have any plans for the evening?”

I looked over at my guitar. It could wait. I thought about how thrilling it would be to be with a woman who actually WANTED my sperm inside her. I thought about where this could lead in the future.

Screw it. What I really wanted was to be inside of this incredibly beautiful and voluptuously pregnant woman in front of me: Cathy. But since I couldn’t have that, why not have some fun?

“So how do we do this? So we don’t know or recognize each other?”

“I figured you would be interested,” Cathy laughed as she went on: “She and I have a plan. I put a blindfold on you, and drive you to her place… I’ll walk you into her apartment, and take the blindfold off once you’re inside. She’ll also be wearing a blindfold, and will never see you. But I think it’s only fair that you get to see her… she’s quite attractive. And we’ve agreed that seeing her will help turn you on, to… um, you know…”

Another awkward silence passed before Cathy revealed the rest of the plan:

“There’s one more thing… She’s very… conservative, I guess, and with very limited experience with men. She wants the encounter to be ‘memorable’ – and I know you, as a writer, probably have some ideas about how to make the night VERY memorable for her. And she had some very specific ideas… no, what she really wants is fantasies, about the night that she got pregnant.”

I leaned forward to lock eyes with Cathy before I responded: “Such as?”

“I left her place a few minutes ago…” Cathy’s voice became lower, almost a whisper: “Right now, she’s naked on her bed. Her wrists are tied to the bedposts, and she’s blindfolded. I did that. And she’s ready for you. If you say ‘no’ I’ll go back and cut her balçova escort loose, but if you say ‘yes’ – this may become quite an evening for the both of you.”

My mind raced with ideas: Oh my Gosh, a very sexy woman who wants to become pregnant, completely anonymous, and wants a Very Special Evening; an evening that I was responsible for, and she was already bound to her bed, ready and waiting.

I asked Cathy: “And what’s your part in this?”

“I promised her that I would wait in the living room, and stop you if you did anything untoward. I’ll bring a book to read. We’ve agreed on a ‘safe word” for her to scream if she wants me to intervene.”

“Screaming?” I interrupted.

“Oh, don’t be silly, you’ll do fine! I’ll just let you have your way with her. I think you can make tonight very special for her.”

Cathy and I nodded in agreement. “Give me a half-hour to get ready,” I asked, and with that, Cathy blew me a kiss as she stood to head out the door.

WOW. What to do? I cleaned up and took a shower. I didn’t have to dress up: she’ll never see me; BUT… to make the evening memorable? I spent more than a few minutes stuffing a backpack with items for my ideas. Tonight, I’D be in charge for a memorable evening.

Next, Cathy opened her car, directing me to the passenger seat. Then she tied a dark silk blindfold around my head. Starting the car and turning up the radio, she gassed it, pulling out of the driveway.

In darkness, I felt the car pitch, turning right and left… no idea where she was going. I counted three songs on the radio before she slowed and parked. About a ten-minute drive, I guessed. Cathy guided me out of the passenger door, helped me to put on my backpack, and pulled my hand to direct me as I stepped awkwardly with the blindfold. “Be careful, there are some stairs, right here…”

Finally, I heard the lock ‘snap’ as Cathy opened an apartment door, and she guided me inside. “Wait here, keep the blindfold on, I want to check with her…”

Minutes passed, and I could hear muted voices in the next room, punctuated with one word for sure: “Yes,” and then louder again: YES!”

Next, I felt Cathy pulling the blindfold up over my head. I blinked to see the inside of the apartment. Very nice: real artwork on the walls, a big-screen TV connected to exotic and pricey hi-fi components, a Persian rug, and in the corner of the room, a wine rack. Very nice indeed. Even a fireplace, with a fire burning. The apartment was warm: almost too hot for wearing clothes.

Cathy and her friend had planned this very carefully: yes, they had.

“She’s um…ready for you… the rest of the evening is up to you… right there in the bedroom. I think she’s waited long enough, don’t you?” Cathy said with a lewd giggle.

I watched as Cathy settled down into the couch, drawing her feet up as she pulled a book from her purse. “I’ll be here. You know the rules. She doesn’t want to see you, or hear your voice, right?”

I slowly stepped through the bedroom door to see: a room lit only by candlelight, with candles burning atop the dresser, nightstand, and almost every other shelf.

On the queen-sized bed, centered along the far wall lay a very naked and voluptuous woman: arms tied wide to the bedposts above her, yet her legs closed chastely to conceal her most secret spot. I watched as she slowly rubbed her knees together… twisting against the bindings at her wrists.

As promised, she was beautiful. I pulled off my clothes as I gazed at the swell of her breasts, rising and falling as she drew each breath.

Naked, I crept onto the bed, and slowly introduced my hands to the skin of her belly, running my fingertips up her hips, and then slowing as I moved up to grasp her breasts. I heard her gasp as I pressed her breasts more tightly. Her skin felt like silk. Perfect.

Moving down, I slid my hands back down along her sides, digging my fingernails into her hips, and then releasing to trace down along her thighs, finishing at her feet. Then starting again at her neck and shoulders, I massaged her skin, pausing at her breasts while I played lightly, so lightly with her now erect nipples. I blew hot breath on each one before I moved away to step off the bed. Before withdrawing from her platform, I leaned forward to whisper in her ear:

“You want this to be a special night? I’m here to make that happen for you…”

“SHHH! Cathy promised there would be NO TALKING!” she hissed back, her breath now coming in deep waves that lifted her from the bed.

Without a reply, I stepped off the bed, pulled open my backpack, dug around, and found what I was looking for: a pack of Swisher Sweets and my lighter. I settled back into the chair next to the foça escort bed, and lit a cigarette… drawing deeply, and then blowing the smoke in her direction.

“What’s that smell? What are you doing? You can’t smoke in HERE!” she barked, as the sweet, aromatic smoke swirled around her form.

“Shhhh…” I whispered, and continued: “No talking, remember?” I was getting very turned on at this point, just from the sheer feeling of control, and anonymity.

I watched as she twisted again against the ropes tied to her wrists, and then… she nodded her head as her long body relaxed into her bonds, only, this time, with her legs visibly more apart. Was she inviting me?

When I finished my smoke, I dug into my backpack for: a white satin sheet, and a bag of clothespins. And, oh yes: a pair of scissors. I could feel a sly grin steal over my face as I approached her.

Opening the bag with the satin sheet, I moved to the foot of the bed. With a shake and a flip, I was able to throw it completely over her naked form, head to toe. She was now completely covered with the sheet. I felt my loins stir as it settled around her ample curves. An audible and very sensuous breath escaped her lips. I heard another gasp as I moved quickly, using the clothespins to cinch the sheet tight along the edges of her bed. With each new pin, I pulled the fabric of the sheet tight over the top of her.

The sensation of the cold satin against her bare skin made her lie still, but her arousal was visibly clear: her nipples grew to firm peaks against the silky fabric, cinched tight across her breasts.

I then heard her whisper: “Wh.. What are you doing to me?”

I moved to her ear to whisper my reply: “Shhhh… No talking, remember?” And yes: she remembered, as she nodded her reply beneath the sheet.

Running my hands over the tips of her nipples, I paused over each; grasping them thumb-and-finger to carefully twist each nipple taut against the fabric. Each twist pulled a gasp from her as she arched her back toward the sensation.

I pulled the fabric of the sheet up and away from her left nipple, and grabbed the scissors to make one quick snip, making a circular hole in the sheet. I did the same for her right nipple. Once done, I watched both nipples swell, growing hard from exposure to the cooler air. Simple as that: two perfect circles cut through the fabric of the satin sheet, exposing the swollen nipples of her arousal.

Using the same scissors, I moved down to make three quick snips at the sheet to expose the vee between her legs. Feeling me between her legs, she began to squirm to resist, but then paused to lay still as I finished the third cut.

And then I pulled away the thin fabric to expose her sex: now very clearly and sopping wet. I could not resist running a finger teasingly along her slit. Circling first at the top, and then moving down, and finally thrusting a finger inside her.

“Ohhh…” she gasped.

“Shhh…” I replied softly, as I pulled my finger away. There was still not a word or a sound from Cathy, sitting one room away, reading her book.

Next, I pulled another two clothespins from my backpack, and then moved to lie along beside her. I then kissed the tip of her right nipple; slowly circling my tongue around its swell while my hand pinched, then released the other.

Gently now, I clipped a clothespin over her right nipple horizontally, and then moving quickly, did the same to her left. Both nipples swelled dark against the wooden pinch.

I bent my head to use the tip of my tongue to lick the tip of each nipple, swollen, bulging like small balloons against the top of the pins. She squirmed beneath me, bound tight by the satin sheet, but she clenched and did not make a sound except for her deep and rapid breath.

Curious now, I used one hand to alternately pinch and release each pin as I gently stroked her dripping clitoris. So close, I thought. So very close, but not yet.

With a twist, I removed both of the clothespin clips, and stepped away to light another cigarette. I leaned forward over her form to recklessly blow the smoke at her.

“I n-need, I need..” she whispered, I approached the bed again, lowering my mouth close to her ear: “soon” I whispered back. Time for phase two.

From my trusty bag I pulled the last of my “surprises”, a small vial that had been left behind by a former lover. I had held onto it for quite a while now and hoped it still had some of its potency. I climbed onto the bed and sat on my legs between the splay of her thighs. I uncapped the bottle and squeezed to push drops of its contents onto a finger. The spicy aroma still emanated from the yellowish oil. I reached between her legs and with small, delicate torbalı escort circles began to rub the oil lightly over her swollen clit.

And then downward, just to the opening of her most private place. Within seconds the potion began its work. Without a sound, she began to writhe, and then pull tight against her wrists as I stroked her swelling clit harder and more rapidly. Soon, she was heaving and bucking against the bed, begging for release.

Suddenly, I felt a presence behind and to the left of me next to the bed.

Startled, I looked up and in the candlelight could see the swollen curves and now amber hair of Cathy, standing completely naked at the side of the bed. She held her finger to her lips indicating I should say nothing.

“Don’t stop!” the writhing woman on the bed called out. Immediately I resumed my hard, rapid movements, twisting my fingers into her womanhood. Cathy looked on, quietly panting and fingering herself: best she could with her huge swaying breasts and belly in the way.

Soon, it was too much for all of us. Cathy collapsed quietly into the chair next to the bed, resuming the movements of her own fingers, gliding over her sex.

Fantasies aside, my cock was harder than it had ever been, and was begging for relief. I stopped rubbing this woman’s throbbing, swollen vagina and lowered myself onto her. She splayed her legs even wider underneath the sheet, anticipating my intent, as I guided the tip of my cock between her swollen lips.

She was slick inside from her own juices, and thrust against me as I moved to slide into her.

With the second stroke, I lost control, and began stroking full-length into her. I then turned to see Cathy, and locked her gaze with mine. With each stroke, I felt the vixen beneath me clench against my cock, eager to pull my seed.

The woman beneath me lifted her legs, ripping the pins from the corners of the bed, and wrapped her legs around my back. The satin-smoothness of the sheet glided between us, still covering her form as I increased my thrusts, my eyes still holding Cathy’s.

Each time I thrust into this mystery woman, she pulled and twisted against the bindings of her wrists, yet clenched her legs around my back, pulling me deeper into her. Tighter and tighter, her legs pulled high around the small of my back, clenching me into her as she drew closer to filling her need.

Her naked nipples grazed against me as I neared my spend and she began to cry out in release… just as Cathy began to silently writhe in her chair. Cathy’s juices were now flowing freely down her slit as she came… her gaze still locked on mine. My explosion was next and rocked me. I cried a deep growl as the waves pulsed through my entire being. I felt my balls contract as each salvo of my seed spent into this mystery woman’s deepest fertile spot.

All the time, my eyes were still locked on Cathy.

Finally, drained and weak, I gently kissed her through the sheet as Cathy silently exited the room. Breathless.

Exhausted and spent, I rolled alongside the woman I would never see or know. The sheet was soaked with our sweat, though her nipples still protruded lewdly through the holes that I’d cut. The bottom of the sheet was a tangle amidst the splay of her legs.

She tugged gently at the bindings at her wrists, twisting toward me: “You should go now, and thank you. This is… a night that I’ll remember always. Oh: and tell Cathy that we’re done.”

I dressed and collected all but the satin sheet… perhaps a keepsake for this ‘mystery lady’ to remember when becoming pregnant? And then I stepped back to the living room to find Cathy now dressed and holding her bag. After an awkward pause, she finally spoke.

“You finished? Ready to go?” Cathy asked meekly. “Because if you are, it’s late… I didn’t think you would take this long… I’ll have to go cut her loose, yes?”

Minutes later, Cathy closed the bedroom door behind her, and silently led me to the front door; yet another awkward pause from this woman whom I regarded as more than my best friend.

“That was… intense,” Cathy whispered as she kissed me on my cheek. “There’s a very happy woman in there.”

Cathy then held up the blindfold: “Rules are rules: time to go,” as she pulled it down over my eyes, and then guided me out the door, back to her car. The silent ride home seemed to take forever.

Once parked, Cathy pulled the blindfold from my eyes.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” she asked.

A wicked grin spread across my face with a reply: “Yes, and you?”

No reply.

We walked back to our apartments, and Cathy turned to embrace me again before she entered hers: “You know… I have other friends….” she said.

“No, Cathy…” I whispered, reaching out to take her face in my hands, and then with the gentlest of kisses said…

“No more friends, it’s YOU, or nothing.” With a moment of awkward silence, I then turned and walked to my door and, without looking back, stepped in to close the door behind me.


Without Cathy.

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