Catherine and Jamie Ch. 05


The Catherine and Jamie series is a collaboration between Lovin69 and Bubbles_40. These are fantasies we share on line as we play. We have never met in person. This is the fifth in this series.


As we entered the elevator and the door closed behind us, I stood behind Catherine with my arms around her, holding her tight. She was looking back at me. No words were spoken. Neither of us needed to say anything, we knew what the other was feeling and thinking. Catherine and I had just left a party, no make that an orgy, where she had been ravished in every way. Her last tryst consisted of her taking three cocks at once. Meat filling every hole. When we got back to our room, both of us worn out by the nights events, we quickly made our way to the bed. We drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

I awoke first and slipped out of bed to take a shower. I had cleaned myself off after partaking in Catherine’s gang bang, but was in need of a real shower. When I returned from the washroom, I sat for a while to admire her beauty. “God,” I though. How can anybody be stupid enough to ignore someone as wonderful as this? The guy must be out of his mind. I would embrace her. Hold her. Love her every night. How could anybody not?”

Catherine and I had met on Literotica on the “Happily Married, Sexually Unfulfilled” thread. We had talked and played on line for a couple of years before we finally met in person this long weekend. Now, here we were. We had experienced a night of magnificent love making and an unexpected orgy where both of us had realized some of our wildest fantasies. Our weekend was about to end. Soon, we would both return to our normal lives. I didn’t want it to end, but knew that it would end soon.

I crawled back onto the bed, naked. I took Catherine in my arms and waited for her to awaken. Just holding her made me hard, very hard. Her arm was by my side, so I moved her hand to my cock. I couldn’t keep from moving my hips. The movement awakened her. She looked down, then up to me and smiled.

“You horny bastard. I’ll bet you would have fucked me in my sleep if I didn’t wake up.”

“Never crossed my mind,” I said. “But now that you mention it…. I’ll have to keep that in mind for the next time. Could be a real trip.”

“Deviant. You are so horny….nasty….all the things I love.”

Her hand was stroking my cock nicely by now. She said, “Keep that thought in mind baby. I need to brush the dragon out of my mouth.” As I watched her saunter into the bathroom I started stroking myself in anticipation.

She came out of the washroom naked and laid down beside me. I reached for her chin and turned her face toward me. We shared soft tender kisses, our tongues lightly touching each other. My hands began to roam her breasts. Her nipples turned hard as I pinched at them. sivas escort I kissed her cheek as I fondled. My mouth made its way to her ear. As I blew my warm breath into it, she let out a moan. I sucked her earlobe into my mouth. I moved down to her neck. She threw her head back to give me better access. I kissed. I licked. I nibbled her neck. Even though I had not too long ago been part of a gang bang with this beauty, I wanted her again. I needed her. For myself.

I moved down her body, kissing as I went and stopped at her breasts. My mouth was so hungry for them, wanting to taste them, suck them, lick them. Catherine let out a moan as she held my head, not wanting me to stop. It occurred to me that before everything had been urgent. Wildly fucking. Trying to get as much of each other as we could before parting. This time was different. Much slower. Very tender. This time we were making love. Sweet love. I took my time making love to her tits, my hands gently caressing and squeezing. My mouth was licking at her nipples.

I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth as her moaning intensified. She continued to hold my head to her. As I made love to her breasts, I let my fingers trail down her belly, to her hot zone. She spread her legs to give me better access, wanting to feel my touch. As I stroked her kitty, she said “Oh baby, it feels so good.” God, she was wet. My hand moved up and down and in and out of her pussy. I brought my wet fingers to her breast and rubbed her juices on her nipples. Then I would slowly and deliberately suck it off again. Over and over, again and again, I would bring my wet hand to her breast and lick her juices. Catherine pulled her breast to her mouth so she could taste. As she did this, I licked with her, our tongues both licking at her nipple together. When our tongues met we kissed. Tongues swirling in each others mouths. After a passionate kiss she said, “Eat me baby. I need to feel your mouth and tongue on my pussy.”

I trailed my tongue down her body, planting kisses on the way. Her legs spread wide for me. Screw the preliminaries, I dove right in. I needed to taste her again. I wanted as much as I could get before we parted. I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t, couldn’t forget how wonderful she tastes. I started lapping at her bared clit, my tongue flat against it, making love to it. I couldn’t wait any longer, my mouth moved to her pussy. God, she tasted good. I couldn’t get enough.

She must have sensed my urgency. She began to move her hips wildly, thrusting into my face. Fucking my face with her cunt. Smearing her juices all over me, top to bottom as I tried to keep up with her. “Oh God Jamie. Eat me. Suck my juice from me. Don’t stop. It feels so fucking good.” The sound of her voice prodded me on, making me want more. I ate in earnest, wanting to catch every last drop of her. I licked. I sucked. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked. I sensed she was about to explode and stuck a finger inside of her. “Oh God, yes.” Hearing this got me more excited so I plunged another finger in her, then another. While I fingered her cunt deep inside searching for the sweet spot my mouth was lapping at her clit.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum.” Her hips were going wild like a crazed woman. I held on to keep from getting bucked off. Thrusting into me. Wanting me. She froze, grabbed my hair and ground her pussy into my face. “Oh yeah. Oh God yes. I’m cummmmming. Fuck me baby. Fuck me. Don’t stop.”

Her cunt tightened from within. I felt her clamp down on my fingers. I slid my fingers out and licked and sucked her, wanting all she had to give. She exploded. Her juice was flowing and I eagerly and greedily drank it all. Cum covered my face. I tried to take as much as I could in my mouth. She was cumming so hard I couldn’t get it all. What I couldn’t get in my mouth ran down the crack of her ass.

When her orgasm subsided, I gently licked at her pussy to get some more juice on my mouth. I moved up her body and kissed her passionately. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. She sucked her cum from my mouth. Her lips and tongue were all over my face, cleaning it of her cum. We kissed each other again passionately, tenderly, lovingly.

“Fuck my Jamie. Fuck me now. I have to feel you.” I was ready for her. My cock, hard and strong, entered her pussy easily in one swift motion. She was so wet. I started fucking her slowly. I wanted it to last. In and out. In and out. “I love the first feeling of a cock in me baby. I love to feel it fill me. Now I want to really feel you baby. Fuck me hard, really hard.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I started moving faster and faster, harder and harder, her hips moving with me. Hard. Fast. In and out. In and out. I needed to feel her inner depths. God, it felt so fucking good. My mind was on overload. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted it to last forever, but God I wanted to cum. I needed to fill her hot wet pussy with my cum. Fuck me baby,” I said. “Feel my hard cock in your pussy. Milk it for me baby. Make me cum.”

“Yeah baby. Cum in me. Fill me with your cream. I’m gonna fuck the cum right out of you.” Grunts and groans filled the room. “Shoot me with your sweet cream baby.”

I couldn’t hold off any longer. I was moaning. I started breathing heavily grasping for air. “I’m cumming baby. Oh God yes. I’m cumming. Cum with me baby. Cum again for me. Wrap your pussy around me and cum.” As I shot my load, her pussy muscles clamped hard around my cock. I couldn’t believe it. She exploded again, cumming all over my cock.

Between our moans of pleasure as we both came we kissed each other, wanting to express ourselves with more that just the sex act alone. Our bodies as one, our mouths connected, are arms holding each other tight.

As we both came down, I needed to taste her one more time. I turned around and moved her on top of me with her pussy dripping over my face, my cock at her face. As I began licking and sucking her cum filled pussy she held my cock in her hand and started to lick and suck me. We both wanted all the remains the other had. As I sucked, our combined juices flowed into my mouth. Sweet cum. Hers and mine in my mouth. My cock was sensitive to her tough, so she gently lapped at me. She cleaned my cock. “I love the taste of my pussy on your cock.” She gently took me into her mouth again. She sucked as I ate.

When we had finished cleaning each other I turned her back around. We locked into a passionate kiss, both of us searching each others mouths for the juices that remained. We both wanted to drink from the other. I wrapped my arms around her. I had to hold her to me one more time.

We both knew that our time together was about over for now. We knew we had to get back to out real lives. We would have to part in such a short while.

“I don’t want to go Jamie. I never want this to end. You have shared with me something so personal, so erotic. Things no one has ever done with me before. It was so intense. So exciting. How can I go back home and be satisfied?”

I couldn’t help her on this one. This was a decision she had to make for herself. All I knew was, I wanted more of her. My situation was much different than hers. My marriage was happy. I loved my wife. Everything was perfect except for the sex. I had never strayed before and knew I never would again. But I also knew that if she let me I would meet her again and again. Forever.

As we laid there and talked we both realized how much we have missed out on in our lives. I looked her in the eyes. I saw the way she looked at me with passion, lust and perhaps even love. I realized at that moment that it is possible to love more than one person at the same time. We drifted off to sleep, waiting for morning when we would have to part.

As we packed the next morning, Catherine sat on the couch and began to weep. “Thank you Jamie. You were the man that was willing to share me without jealousy, without fear to fulfill my fantasies. You brought something to my life I never thought I would have.”

There was so much I wanted to say to her but couldn’t find the words. As we gathered our things from the room she looked at me and said, “Jamie, I love what we have shared. I would love to meet you again. What do you think about making it a yearly adventure for both of us? We could meet once a year…would that work for you???”


Readers: This concludes the first series of Catherine and Jamie. We are planning another sex filled weekend. Please support us by reading and commenting on our stories.

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