Catalyst Pt. 04

Black Cock

Despite waking up late and missing an early morning phone call from a client, I felt strangely at peace. The sex last night had been amazing, with the icing on the cake being able to lay next to Rich as Jenna rode his dick after she got home from her sugar daddy visit. I was strangely at peace with Jenna and her activities, as well as the potential for intimacy with Mandy and Trevor… and potentially (eventually?) Dylan. I would take it one day at a time and see where it went.

My day was busy enough to keep me distracted, although I found myself thinking about Jenna, and how sweet she tasted… and wondered how Mandy tasted. It was an erotic thought that stayed in the back of my mind most of the day. My Friday afternoon filled up with showings, but they all went smoothly, and it didn’t faze me at all when I received no offers on the houses.

Mandy had come by and picked Jenna up by the time I got home, and both Rich and I assumed that she, Mandy, and Trevor were enjoying some hot sex together. The thought made us both smile, and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was thinking… how fun it would be to have Mandy in between us. We had a quiet dinner together and then watched a movie before calling it an early night.

Rich wasn’t able to get an early tee time Saturday morning, so I recruited him to spend some time with me out in the back yard, finishing up some yard work. He left a little before 9am to meet up with his golfing friends, and I went inside to get a drink. I had quite a bit of paperwork and phone calls to get caught up on, and so I took a long, hot shower and then took my time putting on lotion and brushing my hair out. I eventually threw on a pair of comfy shorts and a tank top, and headed for my home office.

As I walked into the living room, I heard a voice say, “Hey, Mom.”

Sitting on the couch was Mandy. She looked nervous, and gave me an uncertain smile.

“Oh! Hey, Mandy, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You were in the shower, I think. I… I hope I’m not imposing, on anything? I wasn’t sure if you’d be at a showing, or…”

“No, not at all. I’ve got some paperwork to take care of but, it’s nothing urgent.”

“Gotcha. Jenna said she had plans with some friends, today, so I brought her home.”

“Oh. I see. Where is she?”

“She said she was going to take a quick shower and then take off.”

I thought for a moment, wondering if Jenna was meeting up with friends, or Leo… or… her sugar daddy?

At that moment, Jenna came walking out, looking quite beautiful. She had put on makeup and done her hair up, and had on a beautiful summer dress.

“Oh, hey, Mom… I just… was… coming home from Mandy’s, I’m going to meet up with some friends.”

“You look beautiful, are you guys going out somewhere fancy?”

She blushed, and in that moment I knew she wasn’t meeting up with friends. She was going over to spend time with her sugar daddy.

“Um, yes.”

“Well, have fun, see you when you get back.”

She smiled again, and walked out of the house. I turned to Mandy, and said, “So… what’s are your agenda for the day?”

“Not much… Trevor has to work today, so it’s just me…”

I took that as a hint, and decided to probe a little closer to what I thought was on her mind. “I’m sorry you walked in on us, the other day… it probably came as quite a shock. We should have been a little more careful about when and where we decided to get intimate.”

“Oh, no, it’s ok, honest. I mean, it was definitely a shock, like I mean it took me a while to believe what I was actually seeing, you know? But, yeah, I mean, I’m totally ok with it. It’s kind of wild, to be honest, but, yeah.”

“Thank you for being so open-minded. When your Dad told me about it, I was very concerned it would impact our relationship with you, as well as your relationship with Jenna. But from the sounds of it, you and Jenna… enjoyed some time together?”

She blushed and smiled and said, “Yes… yes, we did.”

“I can definitely understand that. She is a lot of fun to be with.”

“It’s kind of crazy, when you think about it. I mean, like I’ve been with women before, but I don’t think I ever fantasized about being with Jenna. I had thought a lot about Trevor and Jenna. He’s had a hard-on for her since he met her.”

“Your Dad mentioned he suspected Trevor found her attractive. I don’t think Jenna realized it. But I imagine it didn’t take much to convince either of them to give it a try.”

“No, definitely not. Jenna loved the thought, once she knew for sure that I was ok with it, which I am. It kind of blew Trevor’s mind, he was totally jazzed about it. They had a really good time while I was at work and then when I got home, we…” her voice trailed off, her face blushing, a brief smile crossing her face.

“You guys enjoyed some threesome action. It’s a lot of fun.”

“Yes. It had been a while since I had been with another woman, much less have a threesome. Bizarre it was with my sister, but at the porno videolar same time, it made it more… erotic, passionate, I guess. Taboo.”

“I know exactly what you mean. Did Jenna give you all the details about our threesomes with her?”

Mandy smiled again, and said, “Yeah, sort of. I think she got tired of me asking a lot of questions about it all. I think it was because it was so forbidden, and so kinky. It really got me… turned on.”

I gave her a smile, and thought for a minute, and said to myself, it’s now or never. I replied, “I would… love to spend some time with you, if you’re interested.”

“Yes, I mean… yes. I am definitely interested.”

“Mandy, I just… I want to be careful. I love you so much, and would never want to do anything that would put our relationship in jeopardy, or hurt your marriage to Trevor, or…”

“Mom, I know. I love you too. I’ve thought about it, honest. From what Jenna has told me, she feels so much closer to you now, than before. She always felt like she was still a kid, around you and Dad. But now, she feels… like you guys see her as an adult. Like you have a whole new level of trust in her. A deeper relationship. I kind of want the same thing, to be honest.”

“It has brought us together; we are much closer than I thought we ever would be. And I can appreciate you wanting the same thing. Your Dad and I have talked about it… and would be interested in that as well. I just… don’t want to rush you into anything. I’m happy to wait, if you’d like time to think about it.”

“No, I… um… I think I’m good, I was… actually kind of hoping we could…”

I smiled and took a deep breath, and said, “Ok… why don’t we head back to our bedroom.”

She gave me a relieved smile and followed behind me as I walked down the hall. I really had no idea how this was going to go, but did my best to calm myself and just focus on the now. As I entered the bedroom and began to slip out of my clothes, a kinky thought crossed my mind. Some part of me knew I would be able to enjoy Mandy in a variety of different ways… so why not start off with something different?

I turned and watched as Mandy finished taking off her thong and bra, then said, “How about if you get up on your hands and knees, on the edge of the bed?”

She grinned and said ok. She positioned herself on the bed, head down, eyes closed, waiting for my first touch. Rather than just jumping in, instead I sat back and gently caressed the back of her thighs, running my hands over the smooth skin of her ass, feeling her firmness, admiring the view. The feel of her body trembling at my touch made me begin to get very aroused.

Mandy’s pussy looked equally as small and tight as Jenna’s did, and it looked like she had shaved herself smooth earlier this morning, a signal to me she was wanting what was about to happen, just as much as I wanted it. A clear, thick bead of wetness was just beginning to emerge from between her lips as I began kissing up and down her thighs and around her pussy, breathing in her scent deeply. It was sweet, like Jenna’s scent, but there was a hint of some musk as well. I could barely contain myself.

The bead oozed further out and began to slowly trickle down her lips, and I knew it was time for my tongue to begin exploring. I put my thumbs on either side of her pussy and gently pulled her lips apart, releasing more of her thick, clear wetness. Tasting her for the first time was amazing, simply amazing. As Mandy gasped in pleasure, a quick bolt of electricity shot through me as well. My nipples felt rock-hard and I knew I was getting very wet.

I took my time, savoring her flavor, her sweetness, her tanginess on my tongue. After lapping up the wetness coating the entrance to her pussy I began to probe deeper inside her, causing more gasps and moans. Feeling her body move, hearing her moan, and experiencing her flavor on my tongue and lips was almost enough to make me cum.

In my efforts to search out the last few drops of her wetness, my tongue collided with her clit, and she jerked hard and gasped loudly. I began to suck on her clit, causing her to groan loudly, then switched to pleasuring her with my tongue. I wanted it to last, but quickly realized she was already in the throes of an orgasm as her body shuddered and her breathing became heavy.

I continued to slowly lick and suck on her pussy as her orgasm faded, her moans softening. She eventually collapsed onto her stomach on the bed and I moved up to lay next to her, caressing her body gently. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at me, and said, “That… was mind-blowing… I mean… Jenna said you were… really good… but…”

I smiled and quietly laughed as she exhaled deeply, then said, “And it’s so… just… naughty. Taboo. Wrong, but yet… kinky. Doing it with Jenna first, I mean… was so much fun. It almost felt natural, like I kind of wondered why we hadn’t already messed around porno video izle before now. And it was really hot watching her and Trevor. I felt so bad for him, he told me at first when he and Jenna started messing around, he barely lasted like ten seconds before he lost it. By the time I got home, he was much more relaxed, and it was… mmmm. So good.

“And now, to be able to do this… with you… it’s so bizarre, and unexpected, but really fun, too, you know?”

“I think I know what you’re trying to say. I really struggled at first, to reconcile what I was seeing and feeling and thinking. This just isn’t what normal families do together. So why is it happening to us? And why now? I’ve spent a lot of time fretting over it, worried that people were going to find out. And eventually… eventually I got to the point where I knew I needed to just accept it and enjoy it.”

She smiled and said, “I have to admit, I’m really surprised you’re so… cool about it. But Jenna told me about some of the things you and Dad experienced in your past, and I guess… I guess it kind of makes sense.”

“Thank you… I probably owe you the same apology I gave Jenna, about being such a worrywart and not being a good listener.”

“Oh, Mom. Thank you, but you don’t have to apologize. It’s just part of who you are.”

She smiled at me, then she said, “So… is it my turn? To… go down on you?”

I smiled back at her and said, “I’d love that, but only if you’re interested…”

“Oh, I’m definitely interested.”

I laid back and spread my legs for her, seeing a look of eagerness on her face as she got into position and moved in to begin pleasuring me. Her hands were warm on my thighs, and as soon as I felt the heat of her tongue on my pussy, I closed my eyes and let out a long, low groan.

She was much more methodical than Jenna, when it came to her eating me out. With Jenna, it seemed like her tongue was darting everywhere, trying to simultaneously please my clit and slide inside my pussy at the same time. With Mandy, her tongue strokes were deliberate, slow, focused. I lifted my head up and watched her for a few moments, still amazed at seeing my oldest daughter between my thighs, then closed my eyes and laid back, allowing myself to get lost in the pleasure.

Mandy seemed to be thoroughly enjoying my pussy, and slowly but surely began building me up, my body beginning to quiver almost non-stop. She must have sensed it, as she quickened her pace and focused more on my clit. It was all it took to trigger a long, slow-burn of a climax, my mouth open, my breathing fast and deep, then slowing as the pleasure began to ebb from me.

I felt her move up on the bed and opened my eyes. The look she gave me was unmistakable, one of pleasure and lust and satisfaction. I must have reflected the same feelings in her eyes, because the next thing I knew we were gently kissing, our tongues touching slowly at first, then more passionately. I could taste my pussy on her lips, and knew she was tasting her pussy on mine. We kissed for a few more minutes, and then she laid down next to me.

“Thank you, Mandy. That was incredible. You did an amazing job building up that orgasm inside me.”

“Thanks, Mom. It was fun. And Jenna’s right. You are delicious.”

I laughed and said, “Thanks! I haven’t had anyone complain yet.”

She laughed, and said, “This is just so… fun… and erotic… and weird… Jenna said it would kind of be a kick to the head, trying to reconcile it all.”

“That’s one way of putting it. It is fun, and I definitely want more. And I want to be open to… all the possibilities out there. But… we just have to be really, really careful. I would hate for relationships to be hurt or twisted because of what we’re doing.”

She looked at me, and said, “I get it. I was kind of worried about that as well… not that I think Trevor is going to leave me for Jenna, or that Jenna would steal him away… I know getting to fuck Jenna has been a fantasy for Trevor for a long time, but I don’t think she’s even interested in dating right now. It seems like… it seems like she’s really mostly just interested in… fucking.”

“That’s probably a good way of putting it, yes, considering her… friendship with Leo, and her…”

“Sugar daddies. You really don’t like her doing that, do you.”

“I don’t… it took me a long time to wrap my mind around it; but your Dad has really helped me see things from Jenna’s point of view, and after some of the things I’ve done, I have no room to judge. She’s smart and mature, just like you and Dylan. I need to see her as an adult and trust her judgement.”

“That’s pretty open-minded of you… I know she appreciates that. I have to admit… considering our financial situation… it seems like an appealing solution to helping us get out of debt and finally get some money in the bank.”

“I didn’t know you guys were in that bad of shape. Your Dad and I would love to porno video help.”

“I know. And I appreciate that. But in this case, I guess… Trevor and I kind of have the same mentality as Jenna. We know you’d be willing to help us out. But we want to be able to do it on our own. And to be honest, both Trevor and I kind of like the idea of me having a sugar daddy or two.”


“Oh yeah. Jenna told us about some of her friends that are on the website, guys will pay extra if they know you’re married.”

“Definitely kinky, I admit. I just…”

“I know. You wouldn’t want it to impact our marriage. And there is some risk involved in it. But… I’m seriously thinking about giving it a try. Jenna has already helped me get my profile up and running, I just haven’t messaged anyone back yet. Trevor and I are still thinking about it, he’s 100% in favor of it, and to be honest, it sounds like a lot of fun… but… even if I did it for just a few months, it would help us out so much.”

“Well, as I said before… it’s not for me to judge. I just want you to be happy, and safe.”

Mandy smiled back at me, then said, “Do you… want to play more?”

I gave her a searching look, then leaned in and we began to kiss gently, our lips lightly touching at first, then opening to allow our tongues to touch and intertwine as our kissing became more passionate. I began caressing her body, running my hands over her nipples, running my hand down her breasts and stomach and thighs, her legs instinctively spreading apart to allow my finger access to her pussy.

I ran the tip of my finger up between her lips to spread her wetness, then began to lightly stroke her clit. Her body tensed and shook a little, and she began kissing me deeper. She had moved her hand down to my pussy and was stroking my clit, causing me to gasp every now and then.

“Looks like you two are finally having some fun together.”

Mandy and I both looked up and saw Jenna standing in the doorway. She blushed slightly and looked at me, and said, “Can I… do you mind if I… join in?”

I glanced at Mandy and said, “I think we’d love that.”

It was such a mix of emotions, thoughts, feelings, knowing I was about to have my first threesome with my daughters. Was this really happening? Seriously? The thought of being in bed with both of them hadn’t ever really crossed my mind, and yet here I was watching my youngest daughter strip off her clothes and get into bed with me, while her older sister moved down to begin pleasuring her.

Jenna leaned in to kiss me, and I responded, opening my mouth so that our tongues could touch and move against each other as our lips locked together. Jenna had spread her legs wide for Mandy, and I had to admit I wasn’t surprised when I heard Mandy say, “Um… who’s cum is this I’m tasting?”

Jenna and I broke our kiss and she laughed and said, “Oh, sorry… I was up seeing my sugar daddy… it’s his.”

Mandy asked, “This is pudgy white guy, married with kids?”


“Well, he really unloaded in you… I can’t believe you’re bed-hopping all over the neighborhood. You’re such a slut, Jenna.”

“Look who’s talking, I’m not the one who got double-teamed at Shelly Taylor’s pool party.”

Mandy looked at me and said, “You told her?”

“It wasn’t me… it was your father. I barely remember the incident.”

Mandy went back to eating Jenna, and I told Mandy to get on top of Jenna so I could watch them 69. The thought made my head spin; what would it be like to see it in real life? Mandy agreed and moved herself over Jenna, settling her pussy over Jenna’s face.

It did not disappoint. Just watching got me aroused and dripping. They both were moaning and gasping as they pleasured each other. I sat back and watched, and saw Mandy lift her head and cry out as a brief, intense orgasm moved through her, then watched as she bent her head back down and continued to lick and suck Jenna.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I desperately wanted to be in the middle of them, and so I laid back and asked Mandy to eat me while Jenna rode my face. I could tell Jenna was working up to another orgasm, so took my time as I began to eat her pussy, spreading my legs open for Mandy to pleasure me.

Being connected to my girls like that was beyond erotic. I simply couldn’t believe it was happening. My body told me otherwise, as I felt an electric orgasm begin to brew inside of me. Jenna was on the verge of cumming as well, and I made sure she enjoyed an explosive orgasm first before I lost it and came all over Mandy’s face.

They laid down on either side of me and we enjoyed the quiet together, our breathing returning to normal, our bodies once again sated with pleasure. After a few minutes Jenna got up and looked at the clock. She said, “I’m going to go take a shower and then hang out with Leo this afternoon.”

I nodded and said, “I need to get cleaned up as well, I have a showing in about an hour.”

Mandy said, “I think I’ll stay here and… wait for Dad.” She blushed when she said it, an odd smile on her face. Jenna giggled as she walked out of the bedroom, and said, “Have fun…”

I laughed and said, “He will love finding you waiting for him… just make sure he takes a shower first, he usually doesn’t smell very good after he’s been golfing.”

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