Cassie’s Love Ch. 02


Cassie lost any sense of her surroundings, as usual, while she rode Hector’s cock on their bed, the very last morning before she departed for school to claim their room in the co-ed dorms. It was damn near impossible to focus on packing or even the passage of time as they burned off the calories from their hearty breakfast of cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and raspberry pancakes. With this workout, they would certainly have use for the fuel, too.

As typically happened with Cassie when Hector was inside her, her brain seemed to suspend all activities unrelated to incredible, insatiable, and incestuous sex. Nothing but her body’s combination with his mattered at all to her at the moment. Everything else could wait until they were good and ready to attend to such things, once Hector and she were done gratifying each other first. For Cassie, Hector came first and vice versa. Nothing else could trump her love and attention to him.

For the twins, there was no question or debate over the issue of soul mates. Cassie was born from the same womb as her soul mate, an hour after he entered the world. Her spirit was bound to his, along with her heart, mind, and will. Her flesh could not help but follow suit. Her life belonged to Hector and his to him.

It was why she hated waking up alone, with him not there next to her. It was the reason that her skin crawled when it went long enough without touching his. They were linked in a way that few brothers and sisters could ever be. When they first noticed the opposite sex, it was by noticing each other. Their first and only lovers’ kisses were on each others’ lips. It was only normal and natural to them that their first, last, and only coupling would be with each other. They couldn’t bed anyone else, making love or otherwise. It was simply unthinkable to them. It was just how it always had been for them, the only way that it could be.

It was also why they dreaded the next month, as Hector fulfilled his responsibilities at his father’s firm. Everyone had agreed in principle that he should try to behave like a regular employee as much as possible, so as to learn more about the practical side of the business of editing and publishing, not to mention the importance of office morale. It was a time like this, however, which painfully tested such ideas, since it would force the twins to wait another month to be together again, Hector having given his formal notice to Dad.

Everything else was only a difficult parting for them, but separation from each other was a like a knife in the hearts of brother and sister alike. How could they stand not to fall sleep with each other, having made love to the point of exhaustion before snuggling? How could they cope with not spooning, engaging in pillow talk, and waking up in each others’ embrace? How could they handle showering and bathing alone, after so long of washing and drying each other on a daily basis? How could they deal with not comforting each other when sad, scared, or shaken from a nightmare?

In the meantime, the young couple soaked up as much pleasure and satisfaction from each other as they could. They practiced every position they could imagine, but this was one of their favorites, as it allowed them to look into each others’ eyes (and gave Hector an eyeful of Cassie’s breasts, to be frank). For Cassie, being able to control the pace at which she would slide on his cock helped a great deal in achieving her climax. Another favorite was missionary, but there was time enough for that before tomorrow morning and the much feared separation. For the moment, it was enough to enjoy each other with the time left in the bed they now shared.

Since moving into Cassie’s bedroom and making it officially theirs, Hector had felt a lot less anxiety and some nights they had been loud enough in their lovemaking that the rest of the family knew exactly what was going on. This prompted everyone else, especially Dan and Vicki, to grin and wink at them whenever they emerged from the bedroom to shower the next day. More than once, moans of pleasure from the master bedroom indicated that the parents took delight in knowing what their youngest twins did with each other.

In any case, Cassie right now couldn’t have thought of anything else if her life depended on it. Her mind was lost to the delicious experience of having Hector go deep inside her pussy from below. He seemed to reach everything, every time in this position, though she naturally had more than a little to do with that. He certainly had long since discovered her G-spot, much to her ecstasy so much of the time. His loving caress on her bottom as she straddled him always felt incredibly sensual to her.

It was no surprise that they were naked a lot in the bedroom together. They got dressed often just barely (pun intended) before they left the room, so that they could stay nude as long as possible. Hector couldn’t get enough of Cassie, from her lovely head of ginger hair to her soft, Isparta Escort smooth feet. Her skin was so silky and fair, so erotic merely to touch, that he had a hard time accepting that for a whole month, he wouldn’t get to kiss it and press his flesh against hers.

Well, he put that out of his mind for now, concentrating on ways to make sure that she lost herself as she so regularly did when he impaled her from beneath. When he saw the glassy look in her baby blues, he knew that he had done his work very well indeed, that he had sent her off to Paradise, at least for a short time. That sense of absolute bliss was what he loved to cause, the kind of rapture in his sister’s sweet face as she didn’t want to detach her body from his, ever again.

To Cassie, it was impossible to imagine life without this deep carnal, yet spiritual thrill, this oblivious sense of fusion with her brother, her lover, her man. That some laws had contrived to prevent her from formally calling him her mate didn’t change what he was to her and she was to him. They were man and wife at heart, and they were truly joined as one. There wasn’t a question of when they became a couple: they had always been one, as far as she knew. She fell in love before she knew what lust was, before she was aware of what their bodies could do together.

It didn’t matter to either of them where they lived. They would be at home wherever they shared a life, shared a bed, and shared their dreams. Home to Hector and Cassie was the life of being together, the permanent delight of working together, and the future happiness of having and raising children, even growing old together. It wouldn’t even occur to them to live apart, except for this brief time which unsettled both of them. Even this short-term separation seemed unnatural and dreadful. Could they even survive it without going mad? That was an open question for both of the twins, to whom each others’ company seemed as necessary as the air which they breathed.

The twins had now reached the absolute pinnacle of their ecstasy, the sweet gratification of their flesh and spirit alike. As Hector’s cock continued to invade Cassie’s pussy, reaching into the deepest parts of her wonderful body, the younger sister couldn’t resist her need to spill her juices all over his dick. She was in a trance, unable to think of anything but his hard cock within her, so close to her womb. She splattered her cum on her brother at last, a sensation that made any remaining blood in his body rush immediately to his dick and balls.

The other effect of Cassie’s climax was to make her muscles squeeze hard on Hector’s cock, increasing the pressure on him to cum as well. He felt his balls tighten up and his load push into his dick to explode from it into his sister’s pussy as it always did. This moment brought him once again unparalleled satisfaction, simply not attainable otherwise. It was his absolute favorite thing to do, bar none, to cum inside his sister’s sweet pussy yet again. While it left Hector shaky and drained for a minute or two, it was more than worthwhile to give his cum to the only woman who ever deserved it: his sweet Cassie.

“Is it just me, or is that your favorite position, babe?” Hector teased his sister, as they lay on the bed in each others’ arms.

“One of them for sure, bro. I like any position that lets me see your face. That’s what I really enjoy about making love to you, other than the act itself and our release. It’s how much I can see your love in your eyes and your smile, your pleasure as you enter me and merge our bodies into one. Nothing against certain positions for other people, but they’re not personal enough for me. Does that make any sense to you?” Cassie answered thoughtfully and candidly, feeling safe again with her twin to explain herself while they unwound from their lovemaking.

“Certainly, because when I see that look of complete bliss in your eyes, I am happier than I could be in any other situation. Your eyes glaze over and you seem to float above the clouds as you ride me. It’s utter abandon and you are too far gone at that point to even do anything but live in the moment. That’s the best part of making love to you, sis. I love to see your joy when we join together as if a single person, you and I. The next best part is this, lying here completely sated and pleased with each other, knowing that I’ve just coupled with my sweet sister. That’s definitely number two on my list,” Hector grinned when he heard his twin’s words. They echoed his own sentiments absolutely.

“Numbers three and four being gazing at my breasts and fondling my ass, right? Cassie teased her brother as payback for earlier.

“Of course. You’re the sexiest woman in the world, as far as I’m concerned. The biggest reason is that we love each other, but your physical charms don’t hurt, either. You know, I just realized something,” Hector winked at his twin as they snuggled.

“What’s that, love?” Isparta Escort Bayan Cassie listened with genuine curiosity as to what her genius of a brother thought of now.

“That if we smoked, not that we would, this would be when we lit up the after-sex cigarettes like in the really old movies,” Hector grinned at that thought.

“You know, there is an alternative to tobacco,” Cassie replied coyly.

“You mean candy cigarettes?” Hector asked, not sure what she meant.

“Not exactly,” she winked at him as she reached for her quarter bag and pulled out some weed and Zig-Zags.

“When did you get those?” Hector reacted, never having seen Cassie smoke pot before in their lives. Then again, it was legal now.

“Karl and Kirsten left it on the bed while we showered this morning. I just hid it as a surprise for you, while you were busy shaving. What do you think, babe? Want to light up, like in the old days?” Cassie asked between kisses to her brother’s neck and chest.

“Sure, I’m game for it, honey,” he rolled up one and lit it up, taking a drag and handing it to her, so she could inhale as well.

Cassie found it an excellent way to relax and simply enjoy Hector’s company. She also loved the idea of sharing the joint, rather than each rolling their own. It was a way to make it a co-operative activity, instead of doing it separately. She liked knowing that her brother’s lips had been on the outside of the joint right before her own, that she tasted him as well as the end of the roll. It somehow seemed more sensual and loving that way, not just the acting of smoking pot.

“Damn, that’s real weed, there, baby!” Hector coughed, though he had to admit that he enjoyed the experience.

It was his first time, of course, but still he expected to use more of that quarter bag in the future, and other ones if he could find them. Cassie coughed as well, as they continued taking turns with the joint. They also noticed that both of them were hungry again. It wasn’t surprising, really. In fact, nearly everyone in the family tended to get the munchies after sex, and pot just intensified that sensation.

“Hey, Sis, want to get some snacks? I’m starving all of the sudden,” Hector suggested, feeling his belly growl.

“Yeah, me, too, Bro. Let’s go downstairs and raid the fridge,” Cassie grinned, rising to put on her bathrobe.

Hector naturally waited until after Cassie grabbed her clothes to get his own, since he hated to miss the sight of her lovely naked body on the way to the closet. She got him back by ogling him when he finally put it on. It was hard to tell who admired the other’s ass and legs more between them, as they were both in remarkably good shape despite their tendency to put away the food. Neither of them was a model, of course, but any fat on their bodies was a healthy amount, not too much or too little. In any case, they looked great to each other, and that was what really mattered to them.

The twins barely opened the door when they ran directly into Trevor and Jamie, who had evidently been in the shower together, judging from the towels draped around their bodies. Their marriage was apparently much happier than when Trevor had first moved back into the von Greiner mansion. They certainly seemed to be a very satisfied couple, albeit in the polyamorous tradition of most of the clan, rather than exclusive like Hector and Cassie. Either way, the twins were happy for the pair, who had clearly been up to much the same tricks as themselves.

Right about then, the smell from downstairs hit both couples, causing them to look at each other and grin. It was hot, delicious, and spicy, obviously coming from the kitchen. The four of them hurried down toward the source, quite eager to learn the cause of the wonderful scent.

They found Aunts Haley and Michelle busy with chicken wings and a giant deep fryer, not to mention three different sauces: butter, buffalo, and barbeque. There were also blue cheese and ranch dipping sauces on the side. From the busy way that the duo went at it, there would soon be several big bowls of hot and ready wings for the whole, hungry family. Dan and Vicki, for their part, pitched in with wet washrags, knowing that it was easier and cheaper to use those than paper towels. After all, the von Greiners weren’t known for eating chicken wings with the same decorum as they used for other dishes. The nature of the food itself made it more desirable to use one’s hands instead. It was part of them helping out in the kitchen, too, since they were a big, happy family, whatever their faults.

“Damn, this smells great! Aunt Haley, Aunt Michelle, you’ve done it again! Mom, Dad, thank you! What gave you the idea, though?” Hector spoke up, praising all four parents.

“Well, you’re very welcome and thank you for the compliments, sugar! Actually, your Mom, Dad, Aunt Michelle, and I all agreed that Cassie needs to get her fill of von Greiner Escort Isparta family cooking before she goes off to college and faces cafeteria food and takeout. It’s about you, too, but especially your sister. Hope you don’t mind, but she will have to do without it longer than you, so it is especially important to give her a series of delicious home-cooked meals before she leaves,” Haley explained with her usual syrupy endearments.

Cassie blushed a great deal in response to that, realizing how much she was now the center of attention, but she hugged each of the parents in turn. Hector embraced them as well, after which they all sat down to eat. By now, Karl, Kirsten, Natalie, Bridget, and Diane were present as well, as were the kids. It didn’t take long before the whole family started devouring the meal, though the folks had thankfully made more than enough for Cassie to take with her to the dorm (in a cooler). In any case, they were all quite happy to dig in, and soon the washrags proved very handy indeed, to wipe off messy faces and hands.

This time, they were all too busy eating to worry much about conversation, so the lunch went by quickly without much in the way of table talk. Well, for Cassie and Hector, however, she stroked him a lot when she wasn’t eating. She just made sure to wash her hands with the rag whenever she needed another wing. By the time that the lunch was over, Hector was unable to focus on much, though he did his best not to reveal his hard-on to his parents while kissing them on the cheek. Naturally, especially with such a boner, he didn’t want to kiss them on the mouth. It might give them the wrong idea that Cassie and he were no longer exclusive.

Suddenly, however, Danielle smacked Claudia on the head, causing Vicki to turn her head slightly in response. The abrupt movement resulted in Hector’s lips touching his mother’s instead of her cheek. He turned beet-red when he realized that he had just planted one on his mom. She looked at Cassie and both of them burst out laughing. His redheaded twin, however, couldn’t resist needling her brother, mostly by pointing her finger in a scolding manner.

“Sorry, Mom, Cassie,” Hector stuttered.

“Hey, Bro, I was kidding. Mom knows that you didn’t mean to kiss her mouth. That was a freebie. Don’t make love to her, though. That’s hard to justify as an accident,” Cassie winked at her brother, before putting her arms around him to reassure him that she wasn’t upset.

“Alright, Sis. Come on. Let’s finish what you started, before I make a total fool of myself,” Hector led his sister to the stairs, making Vicki snicker as she noticed his hard-on. It was pretty clear that he was excited and Cassie’s grin made it apparent that she was at fault.

It wasn’t more than five seconds after the bedroom door closed behind them that the twins started making out and dropping their bathrobes. Cassie, taking full responsibility for her brother’s stiff cock, knelt before him and started sucking him off. She knew how badly he needed release and she determined to make things up to him in exactly the way that she planned along.

Hector’s dick couldn’t hold out for much more of this onslaught and it jerked along with his balls to shoot out his next load into Cassie’s mouth. She ravenously swallowed his cum, getting every last delicious drop down her throat with pleasure. If it had been another man, she would never have swallowed, but then she wouldn’t have sucked his cock, either.

“Damn, thank you, Sis, but now I need to get hard again to make love to you,” Hector reminded Cassie.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, Bro. I have just the thing for you,” she began playing with his cock once again, working both it and his balls to make him ready once more.

As Cassie stroked Hector’s cock and balls again, she also started rubbing his butt-cheeks, groping him to reinforce the pleasure from her hand on his privates. When that seemed to affect her twin, she resumed sucking his dick, getting him as deeply into her mouth as possible. She had the desired effect on him before she knew it, and he had to seize his chance to pull his cock away so that he wouldn’t get too close to the point, too soon.

“Sis, I need to save this one for your pussy. I want to feel it around my cock as we make love. Lie down on the bed and let me have you,” he urged his sister.

“Yes, baby,” she eagerly did as he bade her, lying on her back, with her smooth legs spread for him.

Cassie’s soft, wet pussy soon enveloped Hector’s dick as he entered her, making her legs stretch to rest on his shoulders. It wasn’t difficult at all for him to go deep inside his sister, filling her with his cock and making her even wetter now. She was pinned and stretched in a wonderful way, delighting both of them as they experienced how far he could go inside her body, claiming her depths as his own.

It wasn’t new, of course. He had been that deep before, but every time still jolted and shook them, especially her. The chills that occurred suddenly reminded Cassie that she was never in a happier and more satisfied state than when Hector took her like this. This time, it was both fucking and making love, as he thrust himself with a mixture of vigor and love into his twin’s pussy.

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