Cary and Crystal: College Roommates


I walked into my dorm and my roommate, Cary, was on her laptop. The outlet to charge her laptop was too far over on her bed so she was sitting on mine.”Hi, Crystal,” she smiled.She was a very cute girl. Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. She had a small muscular build to her. I ended up developing a crush on her over the last couple months we’ve been living together. I’m bisexual, but she’s straight. I sat beside her on my bed. She was typing up her project for biology that was due in a few days. Music lightly played from the speakers.”Damn it I forget that guy’s name!” she said.She pulled up the Internet page and started to type. The first thing I noticed on her Internet history was multiple dirty pages including porn videos and sex stories.”Nice history,” I pointed out.”Oh my god! You weren’t Ataşehir Escort meant to see that!” she shouted.”It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” I assured her.She continued to search for her project. I couldn’t help to have noticed one of the videos was named “Busty Blond Eats Pussy Of Hot Brunette”. “So…are you sure you’re straight?” I asked.”What would make you think I wasn’t?” she answered.”I noticed one of your titles,” I pointed out.”Oh that? That was an accident.”She put her laptop to the side and decided to take a break from her work. She was laying on the pillow and I was laying beside her. I reached out and stroked her arm. She didn’t even look at me funny.”So have you broken up with him yet?” she asked me as I was still grazing over her skin.”No, Ataşehir Escort Bayan but I’m planning on it,” I replied.”All that dating drama is why I’m single,” she said.”But don’t you need sex?”She giggled. “I don’t need sex,” she stated.”Oh right you have those toys in your drawer,” I teased.She blushed and hid her face into the pillow. I moved her hair out of the way and she peeked an eye out to look at me. I stroked her hair while looking her in the eyes. I moved my face towards hers and we could feel each other’s breath. I leaned in and kissed her forehead. She unhid her face and we both leaned in for a kiss.She lay on her back and I climbed on top. We tore each other’s shirts and pants off. We made out rolling around in our bras and panties.I Escort Ataşehir took my time to admire her body before fully undressing her. I felt her breasts and kissed her abs. I made eye contact with her when I started to remove her bra in case she didn’t want me to. I kissed her nipples and gently tugged on them. I started to remove her panties.”Is this okay?” I asked.”Yeah, it’s fine,” she assured me.I got her fully naked and I rubbed her while she rubbed me through my panties. She reached up and unhooked my bra. “May I see you naked?” she questioned.”Yes,” I answered, removing my panties.She climbed on top of me and whispered in my ear, “Are you wet?””Yes,” I moaned.”Is it okay if I fuck you?” she wondered.”Yes.”She went into her drawer and pulled out a pink strap on penis. “Want this?” she asked.I nodded.She slipped it onto her waist and pulled my body onto her lap. The jelly penis slipped inside of me. I rode her lap, moaning and groaning until she almost had me screaming. Then she made me get on my knees and suck it clean.I lay back on the bed and she traced around my wet hole with two fingers.

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