Carrie’s Story Ch. 03


On Thursday afternoon, the team won their game as Kim had predicted that they would. On Friday, Kim watched as Carrie went through school in a daze.

Kim cornered Tommy in an empty hallway after his practice had finished. “Carrie and I will both be there tonight,” she promised.

“Excellent!” Tommy purred with a smirk. “So your ass might just be off limits after all.”

“You had better treat her good,” Kim warned, looking up at him with a glare.

“Oh ho! Having second thoughts about corrupting your innocent friend just to save yourself, eh?” Tommy laughed. “You don’t have to worry about that at all.”

“What do you mean?” Kim glared up at him, suspiciously.

“I know girls. Carrie may look the innocent but she is ready to get busy,” he explained. “Trust me. I can tell. All she needs is for me to break her in right while you give it up to the guys in the next room and then she will be ready.”

“Ready for what?” Kim asked, still suspicious.

“Ready for you to talk your best friend into fucking nine of her classmates just to avoid you having to take my dick up your tight little ass,” Tommy said with a leer.

Kim gave Tommy a wink as she turned away. “I’ll do my part.”

Tommy grabbed her arm. “I am aggressive with girls and I get what I want.. I cannot make you pull a train with the team just because you told me you would. So why are you doing this?”

Kim looked at Tommy’s hand on her arm and let herself be pulled into his body. She reached up and pulled his face down to hers and kissed him aggressively, pushing her tongue into his mouth. “I know I can back out at any time,” she said, enjoying enormously the brief look of horror that crossed Tommy’s face. “But I won’t,” she purred with a smoky, dangerous look in her eye. “I like the danger of it all, and I love playing a slut.”

“You are damn good at it, girl,” Tommy agreed.

“Carrie is just as ready as I was when you took me for the first time,” Kim continued, lust in her gaze. “I want to help you get her so hot and bothered that she begs to party with all you guys…”

Kim paused just long enough to reward Tommy with a lascivious smirk “… and with me.”

As she flounced off, Kim smiled to herself. The expression on Tommy’s face had up been priceless: one part horny, one part surprise and one part pure predator.

“That is one crazy chick!” she heard Tommy say quietly in an awed whisper, just loud enough for her to overhear.


Late Friday afternoon found the girls in Kim’s bedroom again. Kim was expertly applying the last touch to Carrie’s makeup as Carrie sat in the chair in front of Kim’s well-lit mirror.

“There!” Kim said with satisfaction, looking into the mirror at Carrie’s face with a proprietary gaze. “Perfect!”

Carrie gazed at her reflection in astonishment. Gone was the standard late teen, end of high school cute bookworm look, and in its place was a sexy, beautiful woman. Kim put her face down next to Carrie’s and they looked into the mirror together.

“Better than mortal man deserves,” Kim announced happily.

“Oh my God I feel so sexy,” Carrie said happily. “Thank you!” She hugged her friend and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Kim gave her friend a smile as she tried to tamp down her vague feelings of guilt.

“This week has been the best week of my life, Kimmie,” Carrie said, looking back in the mirror again. “I wore the lingerie to school on Wednesday under my normal clothes, and it was so sexy. The boys on the team kept checking me out… they knew that I was Tommy’s prize, I guess… and it felt so good! I was so wet all day that I couldn’t wait to get home and… take care of myself.”

Kim hugged her back. “I am so glad,” she said. “I love knowing that I am the object of their fantasies almost as much I love acting them out when they win a game.”

“I cannot believe I am actually doing this,” Carrie said again. “I am such a slut!” she concluded happily with a wicked giggle.

“Not yet you’re not,” Kim retorted, thinking to herself, “My God! Tommy and the boys are just going to eat her for breakfast.”

The girls helped each other into their dresses. Kim slithered into a slutty little black dress ensemble. It went barely to mid-thigh and had a plunging neckline that showed the inside slope of her breasts and hinted at the lingerie beneath.

As she bent to put on her heels, Kim’s dress gapped at the front and Carrie could see down her top to her barely-covered breasts. “The boys are going to go absolutely nuts when they see you,” Carrie predicted. “You are so hot.”

“Me?” Kim replied, pleased. “I don’t know who is going to be there tonight, other than Tommy, but since all the guys have at different times already spread my legs, they are going to be much more interested in trying you out. They are going to be sooooo jealous of Tommy.”

“Really?” Carrie asked, who had stopped getting her dress on and was peering into the mirror again, in only her makeup, heels and lingerie, her dress dangling forgotten Etlik Escort in one hand.

“Hell yes, girl,” Kim said, standing next to her again. “I wish I had your tits,” Kim sighed as she looked at Carrie in awe.

“I wish I had your legs,” Carrie said. “I should take some of your aerobics classes.”

“Pfft, right,” Kim said, dismissively. “You look amazing, and in that present outfit, adorably fuckable. Get your dress on and let’s get going.”

Carrie eagerly pulled the lavender dress over her head and settled it around her hips. It matched her new lingerie, a gift from Kim earlier that week. She adjusted the top and, moving her hair out of the way, turned around for Kim to help her with the zip up the back. Her dress was significantly less overtly sexy, but it had a low cut neckline which displayed her somewhat larger B cup breasts to great effect. The color perfectly set off her blonde hair and blue eyes.

Whereas Kim looked sultry and hot in her dress, Carrie was simply delectable.

Carrie put her heels on and the girls took one last look in the mirror, side by side. Carrie was blushing and bubbling with excitement. Kim looked at Carrie and pulled Carrie’s neckline down almost to the middle of the valley of Carrie’s breasts.

“Ooohhh,” Carrie breathed, looking at herself. “Better.”

Kim turned her head to peer at her ponytail in the mirror. When she had it all set to her satisfaction, she nodded to herself.

“Your hair is so beautiful,” Kim said, running her fingers through Carrie’s straight blonde locks, which were hanging free as usual, down almost to the center of her back, “but for tonight, let’s put it up in a ponytail.”

She pulled a black scrunchie from desk drawer and helped Carrie to fix her hair.

Carrie examined the finished product in the mirror. “I think I liked it the other way,” she said, frowning at her reflection.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed, “I think I did too, but the boys like a ponytail.”

“Really?” Carrie said, still frowning at her reflection. “Why?”

“Because the boys like it,” Kim replied vaguely.

Carrie gave Kim a look.

Kim sighed. “Because I know that Tommy likes to have a ponytail in his hand when he has a girl give him head,” she explained.

“Oh my!” Carrie said, her hands going to her mouth in surprise and her eyes lighting up. “I’m going to… we’re going to be doing that… to the boys?”

“You better bet your brass buttons that we will both be giving blowjobs tonight,” Kim replied cheerily. “But don’t you worry, it’s really fun and Tommy will teach you well.”

Carrie’s eyes were bright. “My first time… tonight. It’s just going to be with Tommy, right? If there are other guys there… you will…?” she stammered.

“C Baby, don’t worry,” Kim reassured her friend. “I get to play with the other guys, whoever they are; you get Tommy to yourself.”

“Okay,” Carrie said, checking her hair and makeup one last time, entirely unnecessarily. “Thank you.”

“You’re perfect, girl, let’s go!” Kim said, before Carrie could ask any more questions.

The girls slipped their camouflage sweatpants and sweatshirts over their dresses before going downstairs, saying goodbye to Kim’s parents and heading out. Carrie literally bounced down the stairs from Kim’s bedroom on the second floor of the house. Kim’s feelings of guilt were not entirely assuaged by Carrie’s obvious excitement.


“Have a nice time with Stephanie, girls,” Kim’s mother called to them as they left the house.

“We will!” both girls called back over their shoulders. The giggles exploded from them as Kim started up the car.

The girls were still giggling, even as Kim pulled over a few miles away to give them time to take off their camouflage clothing and recheck their makeup and their hair.

“You worked things out with Stephanie, right?” Carrie asked as she turned the rearview mirror so she could see herself in the reflection.

“Yes, of course,” came Kim’s muffled reply as she pulled her sweatshirt off and tossed it into the backseat before wriggling out of her sweat pants. “She’s going to the mall this evening, and she told her mother we would be with her.”


“Okay, Carrie,” Kim said, turning the mirror towards herself and checking her hair as she restarted the car, “Tommy’s father owns that big farm down by the mill.”

Carrie nodded, still playing with her ponytail. This was well known. Tommy and his older brothers had grown up working the farm and the mill. His brothers were all grown and gone from the area.

“He and his brothers fixed up the old bunkhouse for where the farm workers used to live back in the day. I think his older brothers used it as a love nest too, when they were in school here. It is half a mile from Tommy’s house, but it has a separate driveway and is set well back from the road. No one is going to bother us. Unless you remember that the house is still there, you probably wouldn’t even see the Keçiören Escort driveway.”

“That’s where we are going?” Carrie asked, excitedly.

“Yup. It’s not really much to look at from the outside, but they fixed up the inside pretty well. They put a wood burning stove in the main room so it will be nice and warm,” Kim answered.

“Sounds cozy,” Carrie said, her eyes bright.

Kim drove for a few minutes in silence, each girl lost to her own thoughts. Carrie was feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety so delicious she thought she might burst.

“There are going to be several guys there,” Kim said again as she neared the overgrown access road that she knew so well. “I don’t know exactly how many, but don’t worry, I will take care of them. You get Tommy to yourself.”

“Oh my God!” Carrie exclaimed, “I can’t believe I am really doing this.”

“You’ll be fantastic, sweetie,” Kim said, patting Carrie’s knee as she slowed the car and turned onto a wooded lane. “You are going to have a wonderful time.”

After a quarter mile or so, she turned a bend and there ahead of them, tucked away into the woods and next to a stream, was the old bunkhouse; a smallish, rundown and definitely ugly one story structure. The drive ended some 50 feet from the bunkhouse, and there was a small collection of older model cars, one pickup truck and Tommy’s mustang convertible parked haphazardly on the grass in front of and on either side of the building.

Carrie recognized all the cars from her high school parking lot.

Carrie stared at the bunkhouse and pointed to it with one perfectly lacquered little finger. “I am to lose my virginity, in that?” she asked, aghast.

“Yes, honey. It looks hideous from the outside, but it is comfortable inside,” Kim replied.

“Yeah. Hideous is a good word,” Carrie agreed.

“It is a bit rustic,” Kim conceded after a moment of further consideration of the building before them.

“Rustic?” Carrie said, looking at Kim as though she had two heads. “Hideous is the better word, but I was actually thinking more along the lines, though, of rural slum?”

Kim snorted. “You should have seen the place the first time Tommy took me back here to party. My God it was awful. I made them fix it up before I would come back.”

Carrie could only imagine what it had looked like before Kim had convinced the boys to “fix it up.”

The building was clearly old and had been neglected, but on further inspection Carrie could see that it had seen recent improvements and upkeep. She could see a steady stream of smoke from the chimney and there were lights on so at least it had power and heat.

As Kim stopped the car, the guys inside noticed their arrival and the girls could see them scurrying around the place, obviously tidying up for their arrival.

Kim rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Look at them go. Just about the only time any of them has cleaned a thing in their life.”

Carrie didn’t answer. Her face was pale and her hands clenched in her lap.

“Oh Carrie, don’t worry,” Kim said again, “Tommy is a great lover. You are going to have a great time.”

“But… but, there are so many of them!” Carrie said, her eyes wide as she surveyed the cars around the property.

“Hmmm,” Kim said, counting the cars for the first time. “Well, I will handle that.”

When Carrie did not respond, Kim leaned over and gave her friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Well, ready or not, here we go!”

Kim got out of the car and sashayed over to Carrie’s side where, with fumbling hands, Carrie had opened her door and gotten unsteadily out of the car. Her heels, while beautiful and sexy, sunk into the soft earth and made her feel clumsy. She clutched Kim’s arm for balance and wondered how many times Kim had made this trek from her car to this door and back again before she learned how to walk so well in her heels in the soft earth.

As they reached the door, it flew open and Carrie gave a squeak in surprise. The light from the room and the heat from the stove poured out into the cooler evening air.

Standing in the doorway were three of Carrie’s high school classmates, all also seniors and athletes on the baseball team. “Jimmy, Bill and Roger,” Kim said, approvingly. “I can work with that.”

The room, as much of it as Carrie could see given the large male figures blocking her view through the doorway, was actually pleasant looking. The carpet looked clean, and there was a comfortable-looking couch against the far wall to the left. On the right side was a door, presumably into a second room.

“And George,” came a happy-sounding male voice from the couch, blocked from view by the screen of large, eager males blocking the doorway. “Don’t forget about me!”

Carrie folded her arms around herself and shivered a bit in the cool, spring evening air. It was late spring but the evenings in this part of the world were still cool. Her flimsy dress did nothing to Kızılay Escort protect her from the temperature. The guys noticed and ushered the two girls into the room.

Kim clasped Carrie’s hand as the girls stepped over the threshold. “This is really happening,” Carrie thought to herself as the boys surrounded the girls and drank in their beauty.

“Wow,” Billy said, looking at Carrie. Carrie gave him a shy smile. She had always liked Billy, and she was pretty sure he returned the feeling, but neither of them had had the courage to do anything about it. He was tall, dark-haired and cute, his frame lean and muscular from all his athletic activity.

“Carrie, you are stunning!”

Carrie blushed.

“Told you,” Kim whispered to her, “better than mortal man deserves.”

Kim raised Carrie’s hand in hers and the girls did a simultaneous twirl for the boys that caused Carrie’s dress to flare up to mid-thigh. As she completed the twirl, the door to the other room opened and Tommy joined the crowd. Carrie’s heart gave a little lurch. He was gorgeous.

The boys were all in their varsity jackets, T shirts and jeans. They were all beautiful, in various ways. Billy was long and lean and Carrie remembered seeing him last summer swimming at the lake. He reminded her then and now of being all sharp angles.

The other boys were of various sizes and shapes, but all were fit and handsome, confident, large, predatory and focused intently upon her.

Carrie felt each of them undressing her with his eyes, wondering what she looked like naked, how the inner core of her would feel if he were on top of her, between her legs, taking her on the couch, her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss even as her legs crossed across his back, pulling him into her, deeper, deeper…

She felt so alive, so wanted; it was intoxicatingly exciting. “I can see now why Kim has been enjoying herself so much,” Carrie thought to herself. “But I don’t want this to get completely out of control.”

Kim glanced at her and gave her a knowing smile and a wink. “Fun, isn’t it?” she whispered to her with a devilish grin on her beautiful face.

“Yes!” Carrie whispered back, hugging Kim to her. “Thank you!”

Kim hugged her back and took the opportunity to startle Carrie with a quick kiss on the lips which resulted, predictably, in a full-throated howl of male approval.

“Hell Yes!”

“Oh My God that is HOT!”

“Man, Tommy is so damn lucky tonight.”

Kim smiled and Carrie giggled against her friend’s lips. She gave Billy a lidded, smoky look and kissed Kim back. Kim immediately opened her mouth to accept Carrie’s tongue and the girls French kissed one another for the enjoyment of each other and all the guys.

For the next few moments all was silent but for the soft, peaceful crackling of the logs in the wood burning stove and the soft, wet sounds of the girls as they passionately kissed one another, their tongues entwined. The boys were entirely silent, and aside from adjusting themselves, did not dare move for fear of interfering with the moment.

Carrie’s arms were around her friend’s neck, pulling the little Asian siren into the kiss. Kim, a few inches shorter, had one gentle hand on Carrie’s cheek and, as they kissed, she reached her free hand between them. Kim felt soft, and delicate… and oh so sexy. Carrie had never thought she would enjoy kissing a girl.

Carrie moaned audibly as she felt Kim fondle her breasts. She could feel herself becoming even wetter and she broke off the kiss, reluctantly, holding onto Kim. She did not look at the boys, but whispered in Kim’s ear.

“I don’t want my first time to be a gangbang.” She was pleased to notice that Kim was panting slightly.

“It won’t be if you don’t want it to be,” Kim whispered back to her, kissing her on the lips again. “Every guy in this room would do almost anything to have you tonight, but you get to decide who you want.”

“What about you?” Carrie asked her friend, again in a whisper.

The boys leaned forward to hear what the girls were saying, but Kim waved them off and they backed away.

“Oh, I will fuck all of them,” she whispered back to Carrie. “I am going to do just about whatever they want, but don’t worry about me, I love it.”

Kim couldn’t hold the boys off for long. They were close around the girls now, and Carrie felt strong, male hands on her, rubbing her back, touching her ass through her dress and fondling her breasts. She felt herself being separated from Kim and clutched her hand.

“Kimmie,” she said, anxiously.

And then Tommy cut through the crowd. “She’s mine, boys,” he said in his deep voice as he claimed Carrie.

Carrie let herself be pulled to him. He brought a rough, strong hand to her cheek and bent down to kiss her. She kissed him back, eagerly, but he broke it off after a moment.

“Have fun, boys,” he said and Carrie felt and heard him give someone a high five behind her.

Safe in the circle of Tommy’s arms, Carrie turned to watch the rest of the room. George was still sitting on the couch, but Billy and the other two boys were standing near Kim and were rubbing their erections through their jeans. Billy had his free arm around Kim and was reaching around her. Carrie assumed that he was taking the opportunity to fondle her breasts. Kim looked up at him and smiled.

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