Carpenter , the Gloria Hole


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Adam Woods touched the test piece of rock maple with his wax stick and examined the filled nail hole to ensure that the color was the best match possible. It wasn’t. He put another nail in the hole and filled it with a pass of a different wax, then examined it. The process continued until he was sure the average viewer wouldn’t find the imperfectoin even when looking for it. He had a test for that too.

Gloria Miller, born Gloria Palazzo, soon to be matriarch of the clan she would bear at One Welsh Lane, a four thousand square foot Victorian, seaside mansion, watched the process from the doorway to her kitchen. She’d watched nearly every minute of every day for the last week and a half as this hunk of a carpenter built, assembled and installed their new kitchen cabinets. While her husband Harold worked each day on Wall Street, some hundred miles to the west of their new summer home in the Hamptons, Gloria longed for things to do and people to see. This kitchen project had afforded her time and opportunity to see something that made her kitchen better than anyone had a right to expect, while it intensified her loneliness and desire.

As she watched the carpenter work, her hand drifted down to her jeans, and inside the waist. She pushed her fingers down, over the narrow patch of trimmed, pubic hair, and around the corned.

She’d married six months before in a classic, ring-around-the-elite wedding of wealth to beauty. Gloria was as close to a pauper as one could imagine, her family ravaged by disease and bad luck. Harold was rich with doting parents and a penthouse apartment in New York City. His Daddy controlled a major independent investment firm and Harold would take over sometime in the next decade. Until then, his life was one of opportunity beyond most men’s dreams. He just didn’t know what to do with it. Harold was weak, obviously overconfident when not challenged, and a wimp when he was.

She leaned a bit further around the jam and tried to smell her visitor. On more than one occasion over the course of the project, she had happened by him and smelled the musky scent of a real man doing real work, the kind of smell she’d grown up around and missed. Even from this distance, his particular aroma wafted through her nostrils, prompting two fingers to pinch her stiff little clit. She shivered with the pleasure.

How her husband had managed to fall for poor girl Gloria instead of one of the many debutantes offered up for his choosing, was pure chance. It was at a “coming out” ball in Greenwich, CT, two years before. Gloria was catering, dressed to the “nines” as a kind of hostess for her employer, while the socially clumsy Harold thought she was fodder for the bulls. He insisted on dancing with her, and the moment he held her in his arms, perhaps the prettiest girl at the ball, he knew he wanted her in every way possible. And Harold usually got what he wanted.

His parents she knew, would do what they could to stop the marriage, but Harold gave her hope when he fought their disdain, supposedly for her. Gloria still figured it wouldn’t last, but that might be the good part. She did not want to be a pauper for life. She taught him about sex, a struggle but with its occasional rewarding moments. She taught him to curse and throw a fit, though he never did these things in public. She gave him energy and passion, and he managed to accept little of either.

She went along and signed the pre-nup only after it was sufficiently fattened in both initial and continuing settlement terms for each child she bore the man. She thus looked upon her servitude to Harold’s family as a temporary “job” she would vacate when she pleased, never to be a poor lonely wench again. A million upon divorce and a million bucks a pop, the lawyer speak in the agreement amounted to. And now she stood in the kitchen doorway, four months pregnant with her first and second millions assured, and her fingers working into her snatch. Life was getting better. She watched quietly as the muscular carpenter applied final touches to his work like a woman might add makeup to her eyes.

Gloria, pregnant or not, could not let this guy get out of her head, even at the end of each day. He was the next best thing to Adonis. Had Harold looked and carried himself like him, she might stay on forever. If he was half as good in bed as her fantasies of this hunk in his carpenter’s apron, she would kiss his feet every day too.

And now, a pivotal moment in time had arrived. The carpenter was nearly done. She was only seconds from a self-inflicted orgasm in the hall. He was about to leave forever. She was about to let herself go in front of a strange man in her home. When he bent down to fetch something else from his tool Muğla Escort box, she involuntarily swooned at the sight of his tight ass, and the unmistakable throws of orgasm overtook her.

“Mrs. Miller!” I didn’t see you there,” He lied, looking up from his tool chest. He couldn’t rise yet for his cock was at full attention in his jeans. Was she cuming?!

“Huh? Oh, yes.” She straightened, pulling her hand from her pants and standing off from the door jam she’d been leaning against.

“Would you come over here for a second?” He motioned for her to approach the cabinet where he had just stood. Her smell was unmistakable! This hot, pregnant gorgeous bitch had just cum in her hand watching him! “Can you tell me how many nail or holes there are on this piece right here?” He touched the piece of trim.

She looked, grateful for the distraction and counted three holes. “Three.”

“Nope. Now take a really close look.” He smiled, sucking in another wave of her scent.

She looked, somewhat distracted by the man’s chiseled jaw so close to her head. “Three.”

His smile broadened. “No. Take a look right here.” His arm crossed over her left shoulder and planted a finger near the end of the trim.

Gloria was totally distracted now. His arm was touching her shoulder. She could actually feel the heat from his skin, smell its musk. She looked closer, then back at his face, and then shook her long black hair back and stared intently where he pointed. “I see where you are pointing, but there is no hole there.” There is somewhere else though, she thought, and won’t he please do something about it!

He laughed and stepped closer beside her, “There are four, but thanks.”

She turned to face him, stepping into him as well. Her already swollen belly made first contact. She could swear that since she’d become pregnant she was hornier than ever. However, for the first time in her life, she’d also been abstinent, thanks to a wimp of a husband who cared only about money and heirs. The two conditions did not work together. Well, she thought, if she had anything to do with it now, that period of abstinence was about to end.

“Mrs. Miller, I, uh…”

“Shut up, carpenter. Can’t you see what’s happening here? Nail me, why don’t you? Not the fucking trim!” She tried to kiss him, but he withdrew.

“But you’re husband…”

“He won’t be home before eight, hours from now.”

“But your, baby…”

“The doc says to keep it slow and easy, but keep it up! For another month anyway. Now what else are you going to ask before I drop your shorts?” She began unbuckling his utility belt. The masculinity of it thrilled her.

Adam was no newbie to fucking the wives of his clientele. Husbands nearly all showed the same symptoms too – let the wife have her projects, while the men came home later and less often. What was it with guys, he wondered. They get married, and go looking for strange. It’s like you can’t have one without the other. And most women fought back with their own versions of hypocrisy, either spending, eating, drinking or getting laid just like their man. “Marriage,” he’d mumbled many times, “Hypocrisy personified.

Hey, who gives a shit! The world was full of hypocrites. Big deal. A fool was born every minute too. None of that was Adam’s fault! Was he not going to take a fool’s money when pushed it across the table at him? Was he about to turn down a terrific piece of ass? Hell no! He brought his hands up to the beautiful Italian’s shoulders and pushed her down toward the floor.

He felt his pants dropped, followed by his boxers. They fell in a heap around his ankles and the slut of a wife took immediate grasp of his meat. She looked closely at it for several seconds as if checking to see if it was worthy of her attention, only to look up and smile. Then she plunged. His dick filled her mouth in a heartbeat, and was instantly shoved right down her throat.

The woman was a slut! He’d suspected it from the start, her poor attempts at sounding sophisticated giving her away. She “Hoovered” his cock from tip to groin in one gasp and held it down her throat in a lock he’d never experienced before. The trill of conquest rushed through him. He truly was about to fuck this pregnant, rich bitch like there was no tomorrow.

Adam gathered up a handful of long black hair and pulled her head harder into his groin. She seemed to be able to hold her breath forever. His cock was so deeply buried in her throat, he knew she couldn’t possibly be breathing. Finally, he let her back off and take a couple deep breaths, before pulling her head back onto him. He could scarcely get over the intense sensation of her raspy throat choking the head of his cock.

Gloria was excited beyond her dreams in the first minute. The guy had balls, and all her own disdain for morals. He was an animal, and she his meat. He was going to abuse her delightfully, an act she longed for more than the carpenter could know. Gloria loved to be handled. She was not into pain, so Muğla Escort Bayan much as degrading acts. A man who could use her to please is own basest needs, was a man who could have her at will. Already she saw this carpenter was one such man. She tried to inhale his cock in response, the suction eliciting a deep groan from his mouth.

The carpenter hammered the back of her throat with a dual attack. He pulled on her hair and pushed forward almost brutally with his hips and rammed his cock deep. Then he would pull both apart, her mouth and his dick, before shoving them right back together again. Gloria was especially pleased that he did this at unexpected times, ever keeping her guessing, wanting, needing to be used.

Adam decided to see just how much she could take before he let her up. She was pregnant, and he sure didn’t need, nor did he want to cause her trouble that way. He was admittedly a very healthy, horny, practical man, but not a bad man. There were more of these hungry, horny wives out there than he could ever service, or that could service him. There was no pleasure, or need to harm anyone.

Gloria felt his balls beginning to bounce in her hand. She always likened the first signs of tensing a load of hot jism to a bouncing a ball. She didn’t know why. Perhaps it was the explosive power of one of those “pink balls” of her street youth slammed with a stick bat. Or maybe it was the resonating hollow sound of a basketball careening off the floor before it scored for two. In any case, these balls were bouncing now, and this carpenter was about to give up his load.

Finally it came. First his ball sac tightened harder than steel. Then it released and she felt the bulge pass up his cock, through her lips, and right down her throat. The force of his explosion caught her off guard even with the warning, and she was barely able to control her urge to gag. But she took his entire initial spurt, not coughing up a drop.

The next spurt came a bit too soon and thus did catch her somewhat by surprise, but in a different way. It was a huge load, even bigger than the first, and too much for her to take it all down at once. She was also in need of some air, so she pulled her head back enough to breath, allowing several strings of hot white jiz to slip out between his cock and the corners of her mouth.

Before she knew it, she was wiping the errant goo off her face and smearing it on the man’s nuts. With her other hand, she was milking him like she as if she’d been milking her own tits. She slid her hand on the slippery sac and pulled to draw the next burst of cum up his shaft. It came and filled every empty space in her mouth. She knew immediately the only thing to do was to hold what she had and savor its taste on her tongue, while she forced the shaft right back down her throat.

Adam Woods’ woody was buried in velvet that clamped down on him like a pressure sleeve. “Ahhhhhhhhh, Damn! Yes! Take it all down you slut! Fuck that cock all the way down!” He pulled on her hair and drew her down on him hard. When he looked down at and saw the cum beginning to ooze from her mouth, he slid a finger down either side of his shaft and swiped a knob of the stuff up. He said, “Watch me bitch, and get it right.” He made sure she looked up, then brought the finger to his mouth and sucked it clean.

Gloria gasped at the sight, stimulated beyond any experience she could remember. She wantonly took the rest of his cum down her throat, all the while holding that second burst in her mouth. Finally the carpenter’s horny meat calmed and the attack subsided. She stopped too, though with his cock still in her mouth, and looked up and smiled even with her lips wrapped around his shaft.

She pulled her head back slowly, keeping her lips tight to milk anything left in his pole. Only when she was convinced he’d been drained did she rise, part on her own, and part helped by Adam pulling her up by the hair. When she reached her full height, still half a foot below his head, she looked up at him with wanton, yet satiated eyes.

Adam dropped his head and locked his lips on hers. He was instantly, and very pleasantly surprised by the load that was suddenly dumped on his tongue. This woman in heat, pregnant or not, was going to get fucked this day. And if Adam had any say in the matter whatsoever, it was going to be a fuck neither he, nor she would soon forget. He bent at the waist, picked her up in his arms, and said, “Where’s the fucking bedroom?”

She pointed, nodded, and smiled devilishly. Adam followed his new slut’s finger and soon found himself upstairs, standing in the doorway of a voluminous bedroom the size of many people’s homes. The far wall was one of curtains and glass, long, flowing, beige chiffon material draped from under a large, matching valance. Tied off to the sides in hourglass patterns, they let bright light in through at least twenty feet of floor-to-ceiling windows. Off to the left was a bed that appeared bigger than a trampoline, and off to the Escort Muğla right was a pair of doors that appeared to lead to “his” and “hers” bathrooms.

To the left of the big mattress platform, was a door that led to a walk-in closet the size of a garage, and all the walls in the bedroom where they were not used for some other function, were mirrored, in addition to the ten foot high ceiling. Adam was tempted for a moment to drop what he was carrying and marvel at the woodwork and joinery, but came to his senses just in time to save Gloria’s backside from the fall. He strutted right for first the bathroom. Time for something kinky, he thought, but still didn’t know what.

Placing Gloria less than gently on the long countertop, he left a hand on her swollen belly as if to hold her there while he surveyed the room. Even if he’d missed the makeup, or the special mirrors or the dainty shower curtain or any of the rest of the feminine items around the twelve by eighteen foot room, the size he easily counted from the floor tiles, he could not miss the unmistakable, lavender porcelain bidet.

“Ever use one?” Gloria asked from her perch on the counter, seeing him stop on the sight.

“Hell no,” He said, “Always wondered why more houses didn’t install them though. Seems like it’d be a kick for a lady.”

“I think it might be more of a kick for a guy.” She grinned devilishly.

“Oh? Show me.” He pulled his shirt over his head and stood there naked.

Gloria held out her arms in obvious gesture for him to lift her down. He filled her wish and walked with her over to the bidet. “Sit,” She ordered.

Adam’s cock had wilted in the examination of the upstairs area, and remained limp as he sat on the strange device. “Now what?”

Gloria smiled and smacked her hand at the “On” switch by her leg.

The pressure was preset at her preference, nothing too strong, but it sure got Adam’s attention as a column of water reared up and smacked him in the crack of his ass.

Gloria watched his cock for signs of life. It pulsed once. “Tough guy,” She thought and looked at her carpenter. She giggled and said, “Silly! You have to move so the water aims up your ass.” She kneeled before him.

Adam trusted her, for some reason, perhaps from her unabashed lewd and brash behavior. He moved to shift the now warm fountain from just behind to directly under his rectal opening. Immediately it opened him up and began flooding his bowels. Gloria saw his cock erect faster than she’d ever seen a cock erect before. Now she was laughing.

“Nice! Huh?” She put her hands on his thighs.

“Yeah,” Adam said, pulling her up in front of him so she had to straddle the bidet’s front end. He dropped his head and leaned forward to begin tonguing the top end of her snatch. Just before he leaned, Gloria was able to see what she’d been looking for. Her carpenter’s woody had returned, and was standing at full staff.

She let him lick and tongue her for several minutes, knowing he was absorbing an all new experience in his ass. She smiled at her chance to broaden what seemed to be a very experienced guy’s repertoire. She pushed his head back and told him not to move. As she left the room and looked back to see he hadn’t disobeyed, she saw him adjusting the water pressure and laughed again and disappeared.

Within a couple minutes, Gloria was back. She pulled a couple large bath towels from the rack and laid one on the floor in front of an empty space on the counter, and the other on the counter itself. “Get up,” She ordered as she reached down to stop the satisfying flow of warm water.

Adam frowned at the sudden loss of pressure up his ass and let the residual water flow from his bowels before he slowly obeyed and rose. He’d never felt cleaner, nor hornier in his life. His cock stood straight out and bounced on its own natural pulses. When she pushed him toward the counter and finally face down on it, he felt like turning around and smacking the little slut like she deserved. But he held his reactions in check and lay forward for whatever the woman had in mind. Some lotion to sooth his wound, he wondered?

It was several moments before she touched him again, this time she form behind. The point of contact and the size of the intruder told him he’d just been hammered with a strapon dildo, fortunately well lubed, but also now well up his butt. This was one dirty woman indeed, and he loved it.

Gloria pumped a few times to elicit his first moans of pleasure. “You call ME a slut?” She yelled as she pumped away harder at his hard ass cheeks. “Take it all in, Mister. I’m gonna fuck now, like you should have been fucking me these last two weeks!” She increased her pace and rammed the eight inch dildo in, and in again. Each time she struck home, his body jerked with the satisfaction of penetration, compounded by the conical base of the plastic cock trying to widen his hole even further. “You truly are a slut, aren’t you carpenter? Huh? You really like this cock of mine up your ass, and the harder the better.” The second dildo on the strap on harness, located offset below and on the opposite side of the large one inside her carpenter and unbeknownst to the laborer, was working its magic on her pussy too. She sighed, rolling her eyes back while heaving fore and aft.

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