Carol’s School Tales Ch. 12


Sunday was always a boring day. I found myself trying to keep busy just to stop thinking about last night. I did the housework and the washing. Oh yes I was still doing that while madam lazed around most of the day. They went down to the car boot sale just after lunch. I walked into the kitchen and started the washing up. The last time I stood at the sink came back into my mind. I smiled at how nervous Sean’s hands had felt at first. I was just as bad, all I kept thinking about was I was a married woman, and he was a young man of 18. I rushed to the house phone as it rang.

“Hi,” I said, hoping it was Sean.

My heart raced like a train as I heard his voice. 10 minutes later I was in floods of tears. Della was on her way to see him so we couldn’t meet up. He promised to phone me later when she had gone home. He never did. I resigned myself to thinking our brief fling was over.

Back at school on Monday I watched Della with him, if she was going to dump him why did they hold hands at lunch time? I exchanged the odd glance with Sean, I glanced in hope, and he glanced in regret.

I suppose this was a stupid way to act, seeing I was already married. But the whole situation was crazy. I had become so engrossed in being Becky I had forgotten who I really was! Hell I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be Carol from time to time. Could I cope when I had to return to being a housewife? That was a bad enough thought, but did I really want to be Jim’s wife when this all ended?

I watched Della and Sean come back from lunch. They were late again and Miss Newark wasn’t very impressed.

“Della it’s not fair to keep going with Sean if you’re dumping him,” I mumbled, as she sat down next to me.

“Well it depends on Tommy.”

I watched her shrink. She had never told me who she was dumping Sean for.

“Please don’t tell anyone,” she whispered.

“What about Sabrina? Christ Della she’ll kill you!” I hissed in hushed tones.

“Yeah but Tommy will look after me, he won’t let her hurt me, anyway it’s none of your business.”

I thought she was trying to convince herself more than me. By Wednesday I had told Sean about Della and Tommy. He looked hurt but a little relieved too.

“I’m sorry,” I said, giving him a cuddle.

Della grabbed me in the playground at lunchtime. She dragged me round the corner and slammed me against the wall. Sabrina stood behind her chewing her gum, and curling her silly ringlet as usual.

“See I told you Della, I told you she was after your bloke,” Sabrina sneered.

“You fucking cow! I fucking hate you. I made all that up about Tommy, Sabrina told me you wanted to date Sean again, and she saw him going to your house at the weekend you slag!”

I felt a slap to my face.

“Della please stop this,” I begged, “She is just playing games with you.”

“Sabrina is my friend and you are even jealous of that!” Della screamed.

She twisted my arm behind my back, and Sabrina appeared in front of me with a huge grin. She forced my mouth open and shoved a handful of dirt in and then pushed my bottom jaw up. I was crying by now as the dirt mashed into my teeth and gums. Sabrina took me over to the fence and kicked the back of my knee. I went down and felt several hands in my hair. My ponytail was pulled out and my head was pressed back to the fence. I felt someone tug at my hair, and it was twisted and pulled until I felt it tangled to the wire fence. They all Hatay Escort walked away as I sat crying, with my hair tied to the fence! I tried to get my hair untangled but it just seemed to get worse. The word soon spread and laughing kids came round to watch me struggle to get free.

“Keep still.”

“Pete, please get my hair off the fence,” I sobbed.

“I’m trying to stupid,” he replied.

Finally I was free and he picked up my bags for me. I thanked him and went to the toilet to sort my hair out.

“You OK now?”

I jumped not realising Pete was waiting as I came out of the toilets. He didn’t wait for my answer he just walked away.

“Pete, can you wait for me please?”

I half ran after him cursing as I dropped my bag, and my books scattered on the ground. I felt silly, stupid, and awkward. I just burst into tears again. Pete began picking my books up again.

“Come on lets bunk off for the afternoon.”

I stopped and looked at him.

“Go on Becky we’ve both got a free, and if you do anymore revising your head will explode. Besides I need your advice.”

We walked into town and had a milkshake. He began to tell me about this girl he was seeing. That was all I needed now another relationship problem to sort out! He told me everything except who the girl was. He kept saying they had to keep it secret.

“Have you had sex with her?”

He nodded. I watched him pay the bill and we walked to the park, we sat under a tree in the shade. I could see a strange look in his eyes, he seemed close to tears. I took a deep breath.

“Pete I know who it is you have been seeing Miss Newark haven’t you?”

He just looked at me for a few seconds.

“I saw the way she looked at you when you played football. Then I saw you get into her car in the town car park at the last holiday.”

“She said she thought you had worked it out at the match. She was scared stiff in case you told anyone.”

He opened a packet of fags and gave me one. We sat smoking for awhile neither of us said anything.

“I suppose you think its sick me and her dating,” he mumbled.


“God isn’t it obvious, she’s nearly 26 and I’m 18, I’m a bloody schoolboy and she is a woman! I mean I couldn’t see you doing that if you were her age.”

I wiped a tear from his eye.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe if the boy was cute I might find it hard to resist,” I said.

I sat thinking about what I had just said. I smiled but he took it the wrong way.

“Fuck Becky I didn’t think you would laugh,” He said jumping to his feet, “I shouldn’t have told you, it’ll be all over the school and Gillian will lose her job.”

I grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

“Pete I promise you I won’t say a thing,” I said, looking deep into his eyes.

“Anyway it’s over now, she won’t see me anymore, besides all she wants is to play her little game, she isn’t interested in a proper relationship.”

“What do you mean her little game?” I asked mystified.

“You wouldn’t understand. She likes, well. I can’t tell you Becky.”

I rubbed his arm.

“I just wanted a normal loving relationship with her.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

He looked at me suspiciously, “you better not tell anyone.”

“I won’t Pete, I promise.”

I hugged him as he broke down and cried. Eventually we went our separate ways, and I was now cursing myself because to cheer him up, Hatay Escort Bayan I had told him I would go out with him on Saturday. So I had talked myself into another mess!

I saw Gillian Newark in different light now; I just didn’t think she would risk losing her job to date a schoolboy. I just hoped I could hide my new found knowledge from her. Pete had told me they went to great lengths to avoid detection, but they also took a few risks. He still wanted to see her but he knew it was over now.

Jim went away on holiday with his mates for a long weekend. Becky found me going through my wardrobe.

“Hey have you got another date with Sean?”

I looked at the clothes I had discarded on the bed. I suppose it was obvious that I was trying to look my best.

“It’s not Sean,” I mumbled.

“Oh who then?” she asked with a grin.

“His names Pete and it isn’t a date he’s just a little down. Besides with Jim away I think we should have a little time apart.”

“Oh very lame Carol, If you want to date another guy go on. You are only young once, well twice in your case. So this boy Pete is he nice?”

She pushed me out of the way, and then started rummaging through her clothes that for the last 5 months had become mine.

“Wear that, and this,” she spat, passing several items to me.

“God I can’t Becky, I’m not a slut,” I said shocked.

“Well if you don’t I’ll tell dad you went off with another guy.”

Cars blew their horns, men whistled, and some just leered. I wore honey coloured tights, a 3 layered pink ra ra skirt 8 inches off my knee, a black top with ‘SEXY GIRL’ on the chest in big pink letters, and pink sandals with a 5 inch stiletto heel. My hair was piled up on top of my head, and stuck out like a fountain. I was only glad my makeup hid my burning cheeks!

Pete looked a little shocked with my outfit, although as we walked together I felt him gently grip my hand.

“You know you really do dress weird.”

I shrugged my shoulders, fuck was I embarrassed!

“I like it I mean. Gillian started dressing in shorter skirts. She sometimes never wore panties at school.”

“I noticed the shorter skirts. She looked good in them and her make up got better too, but I just can’t imagine her without panties,” I replied.

We looked at each other and started to laugh. It seemed to relax him a little more. We walked to the café and I had a milkshake, Pete insisted it was pink. We went to the park and stood under the tree again.

“Gillian and I used to meet up here when it was dark. She lives just over there.”

I looked to where Pete was pointing.

“She said that if anyone saw us we could say we just met by accident. Sorry I suppose I shouldn’t talk so much about her, not when we are on a date. We are on a date aren’t we?”

I looked into his blue eyes. I mean I wanted to say no but he looked so hopeful. I held his hand and backed against the tree. I moved my other had up to his neck and pulled his head slowly to me. We kissed a little nervously at first. He backed away and I pulled him back to me. We kissed again then stopped. We just looked at each other and I felt his arm go around my waist. He pushed his body forward and pressed me against the tree. Well if we weren’t on a date before, the passionate kiss we shared definitely meant we were now! I could see why Miss Newark fancied him; just his kiss alone had me grabbing him not wanting Escort Hatay to let him go. I felt his lips on my neck as he kissed gently but firmly. I closed my eyes and just melted into him.

“Becky, will you go out with me properly, and could we see each other at school?”

I pressed his lips into my neck so he couldn’t see the hurt on my face. How the hell was I suppose to reject him? I know he was on the rebound, and I should have been stronger but I just couldn’t refuse him. Not only that but I was grabbing his tight firm ass and pulling it to me, and I knew the lump I felt wasn’t his lighter or fag packet. I looked around and pushed his zip down. We were back to kissing full on the lips. I just couldn’t help it my tongue was the one doing all the pressing now!

“Jesus Becky.” he panted.

I pulled his mouth back to mine, I didn’t want him speaking I just wanted passion. His cock felt hot in my hand as I gripped it. I began pulling it between us. Our tongues rubbed over each others, and my hand squeezed his hard dick. I began to toss him off, and my 12 jangling bangles began to chink softly together. I felt him press onto my fanny and a finger or two pushed between my pussy lips. I could feel my own wetness that had leaked into my panties now back on my pussy. Our kissing became stronger and more passionate by the second. We were both whimpering through our exchange of tongues, and the hollow sound of two gaping mouths sounded incredibly sexy.

“Becky I, I can’t hold,” he panted.

Again I forced my mouth to his. My bangles rang out faster and faster until they sounded more of a constant note. I felt his frantic fingers pulling the front of my tights and panties down. I gasped out loud as he pushed his cock head onto my cunt lips. I was still jerking him furiously, savouring the feel of his cock teasing with every touch on my soaked pussy. He began to gasp and his lips trembled against mine. Then I felt him shoot right over my clit! I could feel her pulsing as his hot spunk coated her. It was too much for me and I had a deep orgasm that had my legs buckling.

We quickly straightened our clothing, but my legs felt like jelly, and I had to hang onto Pete’s arm as we made our way across the field. I could feel his spunk in the gusset of my panties as we walked. I found it quite strange that we had been inches apart like that, and yet it was just as good as full sex!

“So are we officially going out together?” I asked, which somewhat surprised me.

“Do you really want to?”

I was a little disappointed by the tone in which he asked. It was like he was now having second thoughts. I don’t know why, after all I was the one who should have been reluctant to take this further. I had to run a little to catch up with him. I slipped my hand into his like a love struck girlfriend.

“Pete, wait,” I said, pulling him back.

Then I saw her in the distance, just staring at us. I slowly let go of Pete’s hand and he didn’t even notice. I just stood there watching him watch her. She turned to go back into her house with her head lowered.

“Becky…. I.”

“Go on go and talk to her then,” I spat.

I stood watching him walking towards her house. My tears fell, and the spunk in my panties suddenly felt like another sick reminder of my stupidity!

Monday Miss Newark and I shared a few awkward glances. How much she had seen, or what Pete told her I didn’t know, but I decided to keep quiet.

“Becky, where are you going?”

“Home Miss,” I replied a little shocked.

“It’s Parents Night Becky. Didn’t your stepmother tell you she is coming in?”

I sat in shock for the next few seconds. I couldn’t believe she was coming here!

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